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NYC Park Officials Remove Snowden Bust. Activists Replace it.
As some of you may know yesterday a bust of Edward Snowden appeared about the Fort Greene area in Brooklyn. This morning it was removed by new york city's parks officials but was ...
Tool 04/08/2015 5 27 1 -
The Progressive Case Against Clinton
Many folks around these parts of the internet are tired ...
Tool 03/24/2015 108 31 - -
I Stand With President Obama
because after six years of Wall Street cronies pulling nearly all the levers of our government; all we have left are these beautiful photos. What else do we need? BTW: We still torture, spy, and ...
Tool 12/14/2014 210 30 - -
Rah Rah Rah
BOLD = Edited to reflect Tool's words QUOTE = Editorial We are in ...
Tool 10/29/2014 18 21 - -
NYC Pushes for 13.13 Min Wage. Take that 10.10.
New York City has one of the highest cost of living ratios in the country and thus peoples pay checks tend to be spread around quite thin if you are working a min wage job. Many folks work between ...
Tool 10/01/2014 12 14 - -
(Updated) People's Climate March (Photo Diary)
Today I had the opportunity to join a number of other Kossacks for the biggest march against climate change the world has yet seen. The point of the march was to get our elected leaders and those ...
Tool 09/21/2014 106 164 3 -
Gov 1% Snubs Teachout At the Labor Day Parade/Lawsuit challenging Dem Party Thrown out.
Earlier today Teachout and Wu attempted to file suit against Gov 1% and his conservative minion Hochul to stop the democratic party of working on behalf of their campaign for fund raising, ...
Tool 09/06/2014 15 28 3 -
Reflections of Privilege Past
In 1989 I was six years old and my family had decided to leave the suburbs of Atlanta so that my father could take a new job as a chef working at the Hilton in Ocala Florida. I remember the drive ...
Tool 08/25/2014 17 66 - -
Holy Smokes! RedState attacks a beloved Kossack.
Many of you have had the pleasure of reading posts over the years from RLMiller . She has posted prolifically on Climate Change, environmental issues and is pretty much beloved by this community. I ...
Tool 08/22/2014 40 150 - -
Please Stop the Spam! - Bring Back The 1 Day Wait!
DailyKos has over the years gone through many different incarnations to make the site more accessible to casual surfers and hardcore users alike. I'm one of the few who adored the recently ...
Tool 05/12/2014 28 19 - -
Less Bundy, More Net Neutrality.
Let me be clear here. For the past two weeks it has been entertaining to watch the implosion from Nevada as the faux cowboy Bundy has been revealed as a racist anti government conservative. It wasn'...
Tool 04/26/2014 65 87 - -
If you have ever loved or known someone with Autism please read this diary
During my time on Dailykos I've written a great deal about social justice, activism, economic issues and attempting to drive the discussion further to the left of where it stands today. However ...
Tool 04/15/2014 133 119 13 -
14 year old girl who sent a twitter threat to American Airlines has been arrested by Dutch police.
Terror threats are serious business and should always be regarded as such. A teen age girl in the Netherlands has learned this the hard way after she allegedly took to twitter and posted a mock ...
Tool 04/14/2014 31 4 1 -
An Actual Millenials Opinion Part 2
It is hard to deny that the last week on Dailykos has been a bit taxing to say the least in terms of arguing for the heart and soul of one of the only progressive outlets on the internet. First we ...
Tool 03/15/2014 87 44 1 -
NY Mom Writes Anti-Gay Tirade on 7-Year-Old's Birthday Invite
At times in our society we may believe that we are ...
Tool 02/13/2014 327 267 - -
Another Early Warning
Before the Great Depression the United States and other industrialized nations were subject to an extreme cycle of Booms and Busts in their economies. In a day investments and savings could be wiped ...
Tool 01/30/2014 21 13 - -
War On Poverty, Income Inequality, And Wealth Disparity IS A Winning Message
One of the fundamental miscalculations that I believe the chattering class, cocktail circuits, and wall street democrats keep pushing is that talking to regular folks about income inequality, ...
Tool 01/12/2014 23 26 - -
The Great Recession is over?
It is a harrowing truth to accept that since the financial collapse of 2007-2008 ...
Tool 11/02/2013 44 86 - -
In America - Dying Teen Denied Being on the Donor list due to Non-Compliance
According to Think Progress Fifteen-year-old Anthony Stokes has less than six months to live unless he receives an emergency heart transplant. But his family has been told that Anthony ...
Tool 08/12/2013 124 86 1 -
How Hollywood sold America Total Information Awareness
These guys would never violate the 4th amendment unless it was to keep us safe right? In America people like to think of their hero's as being unimpeachable in character and motivations. That these ...
Tool 07/07/2013 113 124 - -
I'm not comfortable with gutting the 4th Amendment
The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be ...
Tool 07/03/2013 257 285 2 -
It's like debating Auschwitz
When I see some of these debates here - I long to participate but sometimes don't. Why? Because it's like debating Auschwitz. At times it can be hard to articulate ones ideals, thoughts, beliefs,
Tool 06/25/2013 254 246 4 -
MayDay: Thousands of Workers gather in NYC/Wingnuts stage sad counter rally
Today is May 1st and is an international holiday in which workers come together to demand fair labor laws, wages, and bring the plight of the under class to the forefront of national attention. ...
Tool 05/01/2013 44 94 1 -
Hell No! Expand Social Security - Don't Cut It
Over the last few days the debate in our national media has centered around the president's budget proposal in which he offered to cut Social Security with a chained CPI formula, promulgated by ...
Tool 04/10/2013 18 83 2 -
Chuck Hagel Confirmed as Secretary of Defense
So in the end after all the kicking and screaming by senate ...
Tool 02/26/2013 37 32 - -
Obliterate Netroots Nation (Occupy!)
Well not quite! Last June I was fortunate to be able to attend NN12. It was my fist time at Netroots and I had never attended a convention that didn't involve comic books, D&D, music, at least ...
Tool 02/02/2013 57 62 1 -
16 year old girl gang raped - youtube confession & annoymous actions.
My High-school days were filled with many house parties, some underage drinking & general experimentation with life but I never experienced anything in which this young man describes. In the age of ...
Tool 01/05/2013 19 23 - -
200 Utah teachers get gun training
It is bad enough we have liberal Senators advocating for placing the national guard inside of our classrooms but now we have teachers seeking gun training. Not shocking that it happens to be ...
Tool 12/28/2012 29 11 - -
Dear Republicans - Stop taking orders from a man who collects barf bags & toilet paper.
Dear Republicans, Now that the "plan B - the morning after bill" has failed perhaps it is time you paused for a minute. If we go over the fiscal curb & and it is looking increasing likely that we ...
Tool 12/20/2012 14 10 - -
We Must Accept That All Progressive Ideas Have Failed.
Given that Mitt Romney has won the election it is only the most pragmatic view that we reaccessed progressive policies! We know that tax cuts for the rich create prosperity for all! Finally that ...
Tool 12/20/2012 43 21 - -
I'm willing to lose my Unemployment benefits.
It's been a difficult year for the unemployed in this country. Come the first of January I will be one of the 2.1 million Americans to loose extended unemployment benefits should congressional ...
Tool 12/18/2012 17 16 - -
Unemployed & The Republican War on Christmas
The Holiday season is a tough time to be unemployed. The pressure from society to spend is huge. Consumer spending during this time often accounts for 40% of our GDP or Gross Domestic product. ...
Tool 12/09/2012 6 15 - -
The Deficit Scolds.
Please stop the Scolds. Tis was the end of November The air ...
Tool 11/28/2012 5 8 - -
2016 Hopeful Gov Christie - Still in bed with GOP Fundies.
Last week we raised some noise when it was called to our attention that Sen. Rubio could not answer the question about the age of the earth. He answered by ...
Tool 11/21/2012 5 2 - -
Glenn Beck - Your tears are delicious. posted a video on Youtube of Glenn Beck reading some prepared comments on his radio show earlier this week. Forgive me if this has already been diaried but his comments are ...
Tool 11/20/2012 29 37 - -
House Republicans release Not Insane copyright reform paper then has a sad.
It appears that at least on one issue that the Tea Party lead House has decided to attempt a form of bi-partisanship that has not been apparent in their handling of fiscal matters. We have talked ...
Tool 11/18/2012 11 18 - -
(TX) Hardin County Republican Treasurer calls Obama voters 'racist', 'maggots'
Dear GOP, This is why your party has to have an honest conversation with itself over its future. If you want to go the way of the Whigs - be my guest but understand that Texas will be Blue in a ...
Tool 11/13/2012 13 15 - -
Yes Mr President - "That Would Be A Betrayal"
Dear President Obama, Last week you handily won election due to the determination, support, spirit, and hard work of millions of Americans. Not only did you win - but you also saw your senate seats ...
Tool 11/12/2012 506 635 8 -
Mississippi Students Riot Over Obama Victory
That didn't take long. Buzzfeed Students from the University of Mississippi took to the streets late Tuesday night to protest President Barack Obama's re-election, blocking streets and burning ...
Tool 11/07/2012 64 46 1 -
RedState Urges Continued Obstruction in the House
Good morning! Good morning! Still have not come down off the feeling of victory last night! Though I will be sad that Michelle Bachmann and Eric Cantor are still free to cast their reign of terror ...
Tool 11/07/2012 23 17 - -
Swat Teams Evict Elderly Lady
While the east coast has been struggling to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy I would ask that we can turn our attention westwards towards Denver. At first it was just a quick ...
Tool 11/03/2012 25 37 1 -
Please Help Ministry of Truth.
When we lobbied congressional offices and paid our respects to senator Bernie Sanders Over the past year I have been lucky enough to get to know one of my hero's. It wasn't Anthony Weiner, Alan ...
Tool 10/24/2012 60 76 1 -
Which Side Are You On?
On Monday September 17th thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of NYC to demand change to the 1%'s systematic war on the 99% or for today - The 47%. After hearing Mitt Rmoney's vile ...
Tool 09/19/2012 9 20 - 74
NYPD Assaults City Council Member Jumanne Williams During Eviction.
The violence is laced from the start of the video as you see an officer punch a demonstrator. City council member Jumanne Williams as assaulted @ 2:40 second. Yesterday marked the one year ...
Tool 09/18/2012 30 33 1 247
NOT BREAKING: NYPD Braces For OWS "Terrorist" Attack!
Since 9/11 our country has seen two wars, crippling tax breaks for the rich, congressional republican terrorists, healthcare costs skyrocket, and a massive foreclosure crisis that has left ...
Tool 09/15/2012 29 36 - 444
Punishing the Unemployed While Rewarding Wall Street
Yesterday I read a piece on Dailykos entitled Things That Need to Change: Punitive Attitudes Toward the Poor and it struck me this is a topic that is often on my mind but I seldom talk about. There ...
Tool 07/25/2012 45 71 - 416
Dear Bill Maher - Pay Attention
On Occupy Bill - please pay attention. It is hard to write a response to Bill Maher's New Rule segment without first uttering the words "Fuck you." - with love of course as an occupier. Over the ...
Tool 06/09/2012 595 189 2 1976
Live streaming the NATO Protests
Sorry for the quick diary but I am currently in Chicago covering the NATO protests. You may have heard of some of the events that happened yesterday - I witnessed many of them in the 10 hour march ...
Tool 05/20/2012 8 15 1 87
Occupy Hits Chicago Nato
I'm sure you've all heard the national news concerning the NATO - especially the preemptive raids against several activists this week or the thousands of Occupiers who have come to Chicago to lend ...
Tool 05/18/2012 164 81 - 450
MayDay Solidarity Video (I made) (photos)
Yesterday was a momentous event. I've participated in May Day actions before but never on this scale. The energy behind the movement was clearly present. I grow tired of all the talk of co-option ...
Tool 05/02/2012 12 13 1 57
Updated: May Day NYC - Things of Beauty (Photos)
Today has been an experience I will soon not forget. Occupy has transformed and changed my life for the better. Through activism I feel like I have begun to realize my potential and how I can play a ...
Tool 05/01/2012 64 123 3 474
MayDay OWS Liveblog All Day
By the time this diary is published I'll have started marching across the Williamsberg bridge in Brooklyn with Occupy Wallstreet. We'll end up in Bryant park where we with be joined by Tom Morello, ...
Tool 05/01/2012 11 31 1 179
We lobbied Congress in person to support Sen. Bernie Sanders Constitutional Amendment/Back to DC!
Last week Jesse LaGreca ...
Tool 12/14/2011 17 23 - 100
MinistryOfTruth occupies truth on The Ed Show - Bill O'Reilly calls him a "Pinhead"
Bill O'reilly has quite a bit to answer for in his life. He ...
Tool 12/08/2011 113 100 2 877
Shutting Down K Street with SEIU & OWS
This morning I woke up after an exhausting day which is entitled to its very own diary itself later to head down to the Mall in Washington Dc. After bidding Jesse goodbye in the morning since he was ...
Tool 12/08/2011 77 143 3 520
MinistryOfTruth on The Ed Show (Talking to conservatives over turkey)
Last night Jesse LaGreca appeared again on The Ed Show! This marks his third appearance on MSNBC and hope to see him as a regular nightly staple!
Tool 11/24/2011 42 98 2 596
MinistryOfTruth on The Ed Show (UC Davis) Destroys Newt.
From last night on the Ed Show! We were down at 30rock ...
Tool 11/22/2011 113 141 3 1265
MinistryOfTruth on The Ed Show tonight - Inside 30Rock.
Jesse LaGreca is about to appear on The Ed Show this evening!
Tool 11/21/2011 24 37 - 221
OWS drumming in pens peacefully near Mayor Bloombergs Townhouse 24/hour demonstration
Today OWS demonstrators are staging a 24 hour protest outside the Mayors Townhouse. I hope that there will be no more violence directed towards the 99% demonstrators. The demonstration began at ...
Tool 11/20/2011 27 42 1 350
#OWS A Love Story To Occupy Wallstreet Video - Part 2 Hope
After the events of 11-17-11 I had struggled with how I wanted to relate all the events that had happened in those hours. I witnessed many things - beauty - hope passion - brutality - pain - ...
Tool 11/19/2011 18 32 - 153
Police pepper spray students at Occupy UC Davis, chancellor called on to resign
Words fail. From Linda P.B. Katehi ...
Tool 11/18/2011 566 485 12 3445
The Following Took Place Between 7am and 7 pm #OWS NYC Part 1
I've just returned home from the city - It has been a long and exhausting day filled with tension, joy, sadness, hope and a chance to bare witness to the history of a people that has ...
Tool 11/17/2011 14 66 1 285
#OWS Karl Rove is Mic Checked @ Johns Hopkins University
According to the Baltimore Brew Karl Rove was Mic Checked during a speech at Johns Hopkins University! I got this video from the OWS twitter feed and it has brightened my day. Turd Blossum shows ...
Tool 11/16/2011 35 35 - 196
The Following Took Place Between 12 am and 11 am OWS Eviction - What Followed The Eviction.
I speak today in solidarity with my brothers, with my sisters, with all the 99 percent and those who came before and those who are not yet born. This evening near midnight ...
Tool 11/15/2011 83 326 5 1413
How DailyKos Ended My Eviction And I Said Farewell To Chase.
A few days ago I was liberated - not only from the confines of a banking institution that for the last 7 years has denied me a single line of credit - but from a weight that had been hanging over my ...
Tool 11/09/2011 22 43 1 229
Hey...About Occupy Central Park This Friday
This Friday could be one of the largest events to take place in New York in decades if New York decides to Occupy Central Park. I would go crazy if this was a three day festival filled with music, ...
Tool 11/07/2011 4 9 - 77
A Day In A Life At Occupy Wallstreet
Good evening from Occupy Wallstreet. The past few days have been a whirlwind of events - I just got off the phone with MoT/Jesse and he was having some drinks with Pinkflamingogirl in Seattle. So ...
Tool 10/23/2011 8 27 - 105
LiveLeak Posts Citibank Arrests from Inside/New Video
Good morning from OWS. Sorry for the post and run diary - but I wanted to get this out to Dailykos community. I have to leave for work in 20 minutes but I just finished watching this video of what ...
Tool 10/23/2011 16 30 - 161
BoA Mcdonalds Engage In Soft War On Occupiers
Before I start I just want to say thank you to all the Kossack's who have reached out to me. Just this evening the community has staved off my eviction by providing me with enough funds so that I ...
Tool 10/20/2011 27 37 - 236
Updated:MinistryOfTruth on the Young Turks
MoT asked me to post this because he is on the road to Boston - or he should be arriving pretty soon if not there already. Two days ago I went down to Occupy Wallstreet to get some lunch. The food ...
Tool 10/20/2011 74 188 3 1116
So I Saw Jesse The Other Night
No - not MinistryOfTruth. As many Kossacks know I've been camping out pretty much indefinitely down here at OccupyWallstreet. I've slept on the steps, by the media center, but the sides of the halal ...
Tool 10/19/2011 152 378 6 1436
WeAretheOther99: LIVE Blogging @ Times Square - Massive protest
Down at Time Square with MoT - We will be live blogging for the next few hours as thousands start to gather in Times Square - Will be updating with photos - comments every 15 minutes starting now.
Tool 10/15/2011 77 249 2 1839
The Unsung Heros Of OccupyWallstreet
"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, ...
Tool 10/10/2011 8 16 1 72
When We Woke Up And Lived #OccupyWallstreet
My voice is hoarse and strained. The constant Mic Checks - Singing - Poetry - Chanting - Conversations have left my voice gone but my mind and soul full. I have never felt this way before about ...
Tool 10/08/2011 16 41 - 114
Van Jones Addresses OccupyWallstreet
Van Jones just addressed the general assembly a few minutes ago. I am sorry for the short update but it is hectic down here and blogging from a phone is not fun! Love peace and a hope for a better ...
Tool 10/07/2011 12 5 1 195
It Started With An Eviction Notice #OccupyWallStreet
Actually it started with a dinner invitation. A week or so before Occupy WallStreet had taken off I reached out to MinistryOfTruth (Jesse) and Slinkerwink for a dinner in our home town. My ...
Tool 10/06/2011 49 317 5 1116
Racism In The Wake Of Irene (Updated)
It's not everyday that we experience what is to be one of the storm of the century. One thing we can always remember though in the American media is that no matter what the problem we can always ...
Tool 08/28/2011 120 130 3 1045
This is what I was sold.
My stomach churns. You can take that to the ...
Tool 07/22/2011 13 - - 118
The 80's Were Bolder
Last night after a lovely pasta dinner and a glass of wine my girlfriend and I began our search for a movie on Netflix to watch. We settled on two movies - the second being central to my posting ...
Tool 02/26/2011 7 3 - 56
Think You're Going To Be Covered Till 26? Think Again
Please follow me below for a recount of the past twelve hours and how I came to know the phrase: Insurance Audit I do not have a transcript of Howard ...
Tool 05/16/2010 39 17 - 34
The Price of Enabling Liars
I've been thinking about Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter for the past several days. It reminded me of 2006 and the campaign against an entrenched conservative incumbent and a sucessful liberal ...
Tool 03/07/2010 8 11 - 18
In One Hour I Lose My Health Insurance
As I write this it the times stands at 10:58 pm eastern standard time. When the clock strikes midnight I will be uninsured.
Tool 02/28/2010 44 37 2 191
BUSH's LIES: In his own words! 2000 Debate
Tool 02/21/2006 25 30 4 1
Wikipedia Nagin Mystery
Tool 02/20/2006 19 - - 4
Independant Radio and WDFH
Tool 01/03/2006 3 2 - 3
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