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OU Parents: Your son IS a racist.
Dear Parents of SAE members, I understand all this came as a tremendous surprise to you. You think your son is a wonderful boy, and you can't bear the thought that others might not share your view.
Tracker 03/11/2015 373 273 - -
Snowpiercer, a science fiction movie playing in limited release in the US is one of the best movies about class stratification I've ever seen. A short (no spoilers) synopsis: In the near future, ...
Tracker 07/07/2014 16 10 - -
Cycling: Road Rules
I've been meaning to write this for weeks, but I keep getting sidetracked thinking, "stupid things drivers do will get me killed one of these days!" And while I still maintain that the foremost ...
Tracker 06/17/2014 66 24 1 -
Bike Season!
Yes, for some of us bike season is all year. But for many, this is the time of year you bring out the bike, lube it up, and get back out into the fresh air. And many who don't have a bike ...
Tracker 05/21/2014 95 58 1 -
Are Political Parties Still Relevant post-McCutcheon?
It seems impossible to consider that people who embrace creationism, authoritarianism, racism, sexism and countless other negative "isms" could be our allies. But are our interests more closely ...
Tracker 04/08/2014 5 1 - -
Patriarchy, Conservatism, and Kind Masters
Tom P's excellent diary on conservative yearning for stories of kind masters summed up a lot of what I've observed in patriarchal families - ones where Father Knows Best. The kind, benevolent ...
Tracker 03/05/2014 7 6 - -
Monkeys and Income Inequality
This video , part of the TED series, has been making the rounds on facebook. To summarize for the video-impaired, the lecturer, Frans de Waal, a primatologist, ethologist, and professor of Primate ...
Tracker 04/25/2013 7 5 - -
Boston College: Students must stop dispensing condoms
It's not just Southern colleges that caught the crazy. Boston College threatens discipline against students distributing condoms . Boston College officials are threatening to take disciplinary ...
Tracker 03/27/2013 65 26 - -
Race (check one)
We went to the ER Friday night, for a long ordeal of tests and re-tests. My husband was having chest pains and we needed to get it checked out. Luckily, all the tests showed that he's fine but it'...
Tracker 12/03/2012 123 68 - -
Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren
I want you to beat Scott Brown. We need you in Washington, not just for Massachusetts, but for the country. Right now, both you and Sen. Brown are flooding the airwaves with ads. It's kind of ...
Tracker 06/13/2012 10 10 - 133
Open Letter to Paula Deen
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Paula Deen, she has a cooking show on Food Network. She has a loud, brash personality and specializes in tempting but not particularly healthy treats. One ...
Tracker 01/17/2012 45 15 1 296
Weightloss Kos: Holiday Edition!
Good news! Though I was annoyed to have weighed in at 186 on Sunday, it must have been water weight becuase I weighed in at 180 this morning. YAY!! My goal for year-end was to get to 179, the ...
Tracker 12/23/2011 9 8 - 49
Weightloss Kos - It's that time of year again!
I am so fed up with myself. I have been lax and lazy and over-indulgent for far too long. Even now, when I'm participating in a "keep it off for the Holidays" challenge, I GAINED 3 pounds in the ...
Tracker 12/18/2011 27 14 - 109
Have you heard of Paul Doty?
His obit wasn't major news, though it probably should have been because his life ...
Tracker 12/07/2011 4 5 - 54
Verizon fires 40 workers, claiming strike violence
I doubt this will stand up in court. Out of tens of thousands of ...
Tracker 12/07/2011 6 11 - 78
American Values
We pretend that honesty and hard work are American values. But from the news this week, it's evident that this is mere pretense. We value football over the well-being of children. We value anger ...
Tracker 11/09/2011 4 3 - 22
Hershey Exploiting Foreign Student Workers?
Hundreds of foreign students walked off their factory jobs in protest on ...
Tracker 08/19/2011 21 12 1 68
Intro to Cycling: Have you gotten on a bike yet?
And now for a break from the whole fiasco playing out in DC: The Cycling Series Returns! I haven't posted a cycling diary in a while, so it's time to catch up. I ride my bike almost every day. I'...
Tracker 07/28/2011 28 18 2 124
Weight loss catch-up
I haven't see much from Weight Loss Kos in the past few months, but wanted to check in about my personal struggles. I've lost about 70 ...
Tracker 07/21/2011 8 7 - 58
Back in the saddle again
The bike saddle, that is. Two weeks ago I was on vacation, and last week I was on the injured list. It feels good to be back in the saddle.
Tracker 07/18/2011 11 9 - 147
MA- WTF? House votes to restrict unions
Our governor's a Democrat. Our House and Senate are Democrat majorities. And they propose ...
Tracker 04/27/2011 14 14 1 103
Intro to Cycling: Group Rides
Group rides are so much fun! It's a chance to meet others with your passion for cycling. It's a good way to discover new routes or explore new areas you might not venture into on your own. It's a ...
Tracker 03/24/2011 29 44 6 204
Intro to Cycling: Rail Trails
I got so excited this week reading my issue of Rails to Trails Magazine , that I decided to buck the schedule and write about the ...
Tracker 03/17/2011 76 60 5 417
BWOW: Biking While OverWeight
Is exercise a chore? Do you think “drat, I’ve got to go to the gym” Is it boring? When we were kids, we didn’t drag ourselves through exercise, we played. We had fun. For me, the key to ...
Tracker 03/10/2011 137 113 16 714
Intro to Cycling
I posted this comment a few days ago, and now I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is. We should think about a series on cycling issues. * How to get started if you haven't ridden ...
Tracker 03/03/2011 254 123 16 695
Sean Penn, Tony Bourdain, and Haiti
Last night's No Reservations , Anthony Bourdain's show on the Travel Channel, featured Haiti. If you missed it, there are clips ...
Tracker 03/01/2011 16 15 1 122
WeightlossKos – Don’t Diet!
I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I lost 100+ pounds at 22, then again at 36, then again at 40. Last May at 46, I looked at my wedding pictures with horror and started fresh. I’ve ...
Tracker 02/24/2011 25 27 - 169
Breaking: 2,000 RI Teachers Fired
Union-Busting Hits Rhode Island in Providence with over 1,900 teachers getting pink ...
Tracker 02/24/2011 40 33 - 380
Getting the hang of DK4
I'll admit it, this is a shameless throw-away diary. I'm planning a real diary entry later this week and I want to test drive.
Tracker 02/15/2011 50 7 - 143
My Non-Political Husband
While watching a bunch of pre-election smear commercials sponsored by anonymous organizations looked at me and said, "WTF were the Supreme Court thinking? Didn't they know this would happen?" He ...
Tracker 10/19/2010 10 24 - 89
Going Galt- A comedy
The names of the individuals and the organization have been changed. The hilarity is all true. We belong to a biking club. Most of the people in the group are very laid-back, fun people. We're ...
Tracker 03/22/2010 8 8 1 18
Thanks for all the fish
Having grown up in Washington in the era of Watergate, I have always had a cynical approach to politics and politicians: there's no real difference between the parties; they're all corrupt; they're ...
Tracker 12/16/2009 9 4 - 16
It's not easy being Green
Thanks Kermit! You're right, sometimes it's tough being different but there are always great things about being just who you really are. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me, too ...
Tracker 11/10/2009 3 6 - 37
Hyatt follow-up
As I posted last Friday , Hyatt hotels in Boston ...
Tracker 09/22/2009 18 17 1 27
Hyatt Hotels Lay off Benefitted Housekeeping
Edited to add link to story I'm quoting. Hyatt Hotels Corp. laid ...
Tracker 09/18/2009 582 595 6 436
Whole Foods - Has Anything Changed?
Remember the recent flap over CEO John McKey's Wall Street ...
Tracker 09/15/2009 101 11 - 56
Kennedy Funeral liveblog - Daughter 1
Following Susan's liveblog , service is currently holy communion, with Placido Domingo ...
Tracker 08/29/2009 455 69 1 55
Whoever of you is pulling this "Orly Taitz" joke, it's not really funny any more. Yeah, yeah, Republicans are stupid, Republicans are gullible, Republicans will make stuff up to support their ...
Tracker 08/04/2009 18 1 - 3
Why aren't Corporations Clamoring for Single Payer?
I think most corporations would prefer not to have to provide health insurance benefits for their employees. The costs of administration must be staggering. ...
Tracker 07/09/2009 46 29 1 14
Banks Profiting from Unemployment
In the latest truth is stranger than fiction story,
Tracker 02/20/2009 30 17 1 22
Food Alert: Mercury in HFCS
The Washington Post reports that high-fructose corn syrup contains mercury. ...
Tracker 01/29/2009 34 9 1 10
One more hour
We can now start counting the final minutes of the catastrophic mistake that is the Bush Administration. The tv is on here at work, and the excitement is palatable. I know I'll cheer, I know I'll ...
Tracker 01/20/2009 15 3 - 1
Lesbian Necrophiliacs!
No, I'm not just trolling for attention. I wanted to talk to you about science. Discover Magazine's Top 100 Science ...
Tracker 12/15/2008 12 8 1 3
I contributed to the DNC and all I got
was this FABULOUS T-Shirt!!!
Tracker 11/10/2008 11 4 1 2
MA Ballot Questions
There's been a lot of talk about CA Prop 8 (NO!), but not a lot of buzz about other state ballot questions. MA has ...
Tracker 11/03/2008 22 5 - 8
Republicans don't want to win this.
I've suspected it for months. After all, the brand has been damaged by GWB, perhaps permanently. How can Republicans claim to be fiscally conservatives with the credit-card orgy of the past 8 years?
Tracker 08/29/2008 17 - - -
Sticker Shock at the Grocery: Goodbye Generics
Doing my usually Saturday morning rounds: First Costco for the necessities, then the grocery store for the few luxurious items that are better or have a better selection from Stop & Shop; bananas, ...
Tracker 07/05/2008 44 23 1 92
Republicans want Gephardt as Obama VP
In their latest " please don't throw us in that briar patch! " communication, a "key ...
Tracker 07/02/2008 39 3 - 4
Happy Earth Day!
Ok, let's make a list: What are Kossacks doing to reduce their carbon footprint? What would we like to do? Why aren't we doing it all? For me it's a question of money. Most of my carbon-...
Tracker 04/22/2008 7 4 - 7
Can Somebody Please Explain Billionaire Welfare?
My reaction to the Bear Stearns nonsense: Why the hell aren't the principals of the company, who have made billions off the company in recent years, not taking responsibility for pulling up their ...
Tracker 03/17/2008 32 16 1 6
It's Women's Fault
This morning I heard two distinct messages that women are to blame for men's mistakes. The tricky thing is, the messages came from polar opposites on the political spectrum.
Tracker 03/11/2008 99 7 - 9
Cherries for Change!
Buying votes with ice cream! I'm outraged! Criminal fat enablers Ben and ...
Tracker 02/19/2008 4 2 - 9
Got Heat?
I live in New England and have a natural gas-fueled furnace. My heating bill was $290 last month. I suppose that if I replaced the furnace my heating costs would go down, but I can't afford the ...
Tracker 02/14/2008 22 8 - -
The Hilarity Continues - 3 Rs Standing
The main thing I was worried about yesterday is that McCain would sweep, effectively sealing the nomination. Then we'd be in a tough spot with all the Republican noise machine focused on our ...
Tracker 02/06/2008 20 5 - -
Cutting Back on Prescriptions
I have asthma. My doctor has prescribed albuterol for emergencies, Singulair for allergies, and Advair for daily reduction in symptoms. I'm lucky to have good health and prescription drug coverage.
Tracker 01/24/2008 50 16 - -
Democratic Victory, in more ways than one
What the media and nearly everyone else missed about NH was that it was a clear victory for Democrats. 497,883 total votes 282,334 Democrat (57%) 215,549 Republican (43%)
Tracker 01/09/2008 1 - - -
Is Self-Sufficency a positive?
Lately I've been very attracted to the self-sufficency movement. Grow my own veggies! Raise hens for eggs! Put out a rain barrel! Ride my bike instead of driving! There are a lot of reasons this ...
Tracker 12/05/2007 11 4 - 1
ISO: Second Job
I'm pretty middle America. I make less than $50K per year. I own my home. I have one car. A cat and a dog. I have a good job with benefits. I'm not making it. My first thoughts were: How ...
Tracker 11/12/2007 26 31 1 142
25% of Homeless are Veterans.
As if we need something else to be ashamed of. Veterans make up one in ...
Tracker 11/08/2007 3 10 1 7
Prescription drug cost benefit
My employer offers a pretty good selection of health-care coverage. Four HMO choices and six PPO choices. I used to get my prescriptions directly through the HMO I belong to. I've had no ...
Tracker 10/30/2007 12 9 - -
NYT: Home Insurers Canceling in East
Fearing Hurricanes, Insurance Cos cancel homeowner policies It is 1,200 miles from the ...
Tracker 10/16/2007 16 11 1 -
Pootie Picture of the day
Note: this is not an attempt to replace, mourn, or otherwise cope with the loss of C&J. I would never claim to be as witty and charming as our dear BiPM. But a day without pooties is a day ...
Tracker 10/04/2007 27 11 - -
Petraeus and Crocker Report - Liveblog II
Hearings continue on the Petraeus Iraq Report. Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of the Multinational Forces Iraq, and Ryan Crocker, U.S. Amb. to Iraq, appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. ...
Tracker 09/11/2007 218 4 - 25
LA Homeland Security Crash
Or, how fetching do I look in this tinfoil hat? My first thought when watching the news this weekend about the computer glitch ...
Tracker 08/13/2007 10 4 - -
Are Republicans drifting too far to the right?
The day you hear that on the morning news, I'll eat my hat. But on a nearly daily basis I hear "Are the Democratic candidates leaning too far left?" MSM claims Democrats are bending over backwards ...
Tracker 06/20/2007 23 7 - 1
Republicans: Experts on Everything.
My few Republican friends have one thing in common: They know everything. They know more about global climate change than scientists. They know more about "socialized medicine" (as they call ...
Tracker 06/17/2007 23 5 - -
Food Supply Security: E Coli-tainted hamburger
Over the past few days there have been numerous stories about hamburger recalls around the country.
Tracker 06/11/2007 27 12 2 2
Dang! I agree with Fred Phelps.
The US flag is a lovely thing, but it's not sacred. OMAHA, Neb. - A member of the Kansas group that has drawn criticism for protesting at soldiers' funerals has been arrested for ...
Tracker 06/07/2007 83 2 - 7
Disease and Immigration: Senate Testimony
CSPAN coverage of HLS, CDC, and Andrew Speaker all saying "It's not my fault!" So far, they're all pointing fingers at ...
Tracker 06/06/2007 10 - - 1
How To Deal with Bullies
Kids picked on me all through school. I wore glasses since the first grade. I was bad at sports. I was unpopular. I grew to loathe the popular kids. When I was 12, I was walking to school one ...
Tracker 05/23/2007 7 5 - -
Darn it, General, RUN!!!
Don't get me wrong, I love Wes Clark. I think he's got the right ideas, the right message, the right experience for 2008. But he needs to get out as a candidate now. Right now, his rivals are ...
Tracker 02/21/2007 15 6 - -
MA-Gov: Soft-on Rapists: Willie Horton Redux
Tracker 10/05/2006 9 2 - 5
Tracker 08/30/2006 3 3 - -
Tinfoil Hat Brigade on Alert!
Tracker 08/10/2006 97 5 - 17
Doesn't Minnesota border Canada? w/ poll
Tracker 07/06/2006 9 6 - -
Asthma - Who has it?
Tracker 06/20/2006 34 4 - -
A++ Employer offers weekly farmer's market - w/Poll
Tracker 06/05/2006 9 8 - -
How to discourage use of public transportation
Tracker 05/01/2006 22 12 - 2
Sin: Poll
Tracker 03/12/2006 15 1 - -
I can't stand to see BD cry.
Tracker 02/25/2006 12 8 - -
Willful Suspension of Disbelief
Tracker 08/22/2005 2 1 - -
Most Don't Care about Rove Comments
Tracker 06/24/2005 27 1 - -
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