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Over the cliff I go. Not laughing.
I will try not to take too sanctimonious of a tone here, and probably fail. I understand why we're gloating at Boehner's failure. I respect that both as a matter of partisan strategy and good long-...
Transmission 12/20/2012 159 236 1 -
Big Moll, the poorhouse trial of 1881, and dehumanizing social dependants.
After years of whispered rumors, in June 1881 Indianapolis began investigating allegations of rampant abuse, negligence, and fraud in its county poorhouse. In spite of fears among the poorhouse’s ...
Transmission 09/19/2012 10 21 - 126
"They sleep on a pile of rags on the floor"
On March 26, 1880, Anna R. arrived at the door of a newly established charity. A widow, often sick, with no relatives in town and few means of employment to support her five children, she had ...
Transmission 05/29/2012 38 163 4 655
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