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#ShakeupWake (video)
We got it going on here in Wake County, the Triangle, and North Carolina. Watch, Share, and GOTV!
TriangleNC 11/03/2014 5 5 - -
Livestream Moral Monday in DC - Live!
Link here for Livestream of the event.
TriangleNC 07/28/2014 5 7 1 -
Live From NC - Moral March on Raleigh - Link
To follow up on yesterday's most excellent diary: Here's a livestream ...
TriangleNC 02/08/2014 24 16 - -
My Reply to Obamacare Sticker Shock Posting on Facebook (NC)
Here’s my response (below) to the following posting that appeared on my Facebook timeline yesterday. FYI- very close friend friend and son with bcbs got notice hospital insurance as of jan 1st ...
TriangleNC 10/30/2013 22 20 1 -
Changing the Narrative to "Tax the Rich!"
The recent bipartisan calls to remove the tax on medical devices demonstrates (once again) the stranglehold corporate interests exert on our democracy. You may recall that the tax was intended to ...
TriangleNC 10/12/2013 26 13 - -
Flash Mob at Raleigh Walmart (video) w/ update
Proudly Presenting for Your Viewing Pleasure (6 minutes)
TriangleNC 09/06/2013 129 303 7 -
This is what democracy looks like (video)
Story of America is there as six young voting rights activists are arrested in the NC Speaker of the House's office last evening. Take a few moments to view this captivating and compelling footage.
TriangleNC 07/25/2013 1 6 - -
Kossacks Unite! Help us in NC
The NC Association of Educators is calling for its members to attend the next (and last) Moral Monday in Raleigh on Monday, July 29th. Please watch this brief video and help make it go viral. (You ...
TriangleNC 07/24/2013 5 14 - -
Link to TX Senate Livestream
The special session of the Texas Senate begins at 2 pm Central Daylight time. And here's a link to view: Of course, we have our own soggy event ...
TriangleNC 07/01/2013 3 10 - -
Mega Moral Monday (video)
Here's a video to provide a slice of yesterday's mega rally of Moral Monday in North Carolina to follow on to today's earlier diary by ludkmr . Follow below the orange biscuit to view the 5 minute ...
TriangleNC 06/04/2013 8 15 - -
Wake up North Carolina! Wake Up! Wake Up!
“Wake Up, North Carolina! Wake Up! Wake Up!” was a rallying cry led by Reverend William J. Barber II on Monday, May 20 in Raleigh. “It’s time to walk, it’s time to march, it’s time to ...
TriangleNC 06/03/2013 6 35 1 -
IRS Scandal is Benghazi! All over again
The IRS scandal is Benghazi! All over again. But the target is the Affordable Care Act. And just like little is stated by MSM about how funding for security for embassies and such was less than ...
TriangleNC 05/13/2013 3 1 - -
Tonight’s Network Premier: “Escape Fire - The Fight to Save American Healthcare”
This is a “must see” documentary for our Kossack Community. Set your dvr to CNN at 8 pm this evening to record and view this most compelling and entertaining program. Escape Fire - The Fight to ...
TriangleNC 03/10/2013 9 6 - -
ISO Second Senate Sequestration Bill
Enough already with the "Obamaquester" ranting by petulant prognosticators of pablum. Here's what will shut them up (after the orange biscuit).
TriangleNC 02/15/2013 11 3 - -
Lyrics to "Your Ryan Lies" (sic Eagles)
h/t to elwior for reworking the chorus of the Eagles tune "your Lyin' Eyes" to "Your Ryan Lies." First appearing here as a comment in pittdem's ...
TriangleNC 09/05/2012 3 1 - 57
Romney-Ryan Pinnochio Graphics Needed
Maybe it's just me, but where is the iconic classic image of both Romney and Ryan together in their Pinnochio grandness? Can't "we" do better than (follow me past the orange squiggle) this?
TriangleNC 09/03/2012 4 1 - 45
Repeal Obamacare = Weaken Medicare
Paul Ryan will be using his own mother as a prop on his campaign stop in Florida on Saturday. She will let the crowd know that "Paul would never do anything to harm Medicare, would you Paul?." We ...
TriangleNC 08/17/2012 1 - - 11
Rev Dr William Barber's Speech to NAACP (video)(poll)
Yesterday’s Daily Kos diary by Denise Oliver Velez reported on the powerful speech delivered by Rev Dr. William Barber to the NAACP on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. His oratory followed the speech by ...
TriangleNC 07/13/2012 8 15 1 63
12 year olds tackle amendment one in nc (video)
Amidst the hate and the rhetoric of the fight to say "No" to NC's Amendment One, comes the exercise of civic duties by our youth. Follow below the squiggle.
TriangleNC 05/03/2012 13 17 - 112
Update: Brad Miller Considering Run for NC Governor
Reporter Bob Geary of reports that Brad Miller is thinking about running for Governor in North Carolina. You can read about ...
TriangleNC 01/30/2012 10 14 - 96
Ode to 2011. "This is so wrong..."
Good bye and good riddance to 2011. My year began in the emergency room and rehab center with Aunt El as she suffered a massive stroke. She is now confined to a wheelchair and needs assistance ...
TriangleNC 01/01/2012 19 7 - 75
#OccupyWallStreet: Haiku Contest
A diary titled " Poem: We are the 99% " by Killer of Sacred Cows demonstrates the depth of feeling ...
TriangleNC 10/07/2011 21 7 1 63
Our Royal Family (video)
Making and sharing videos is an expression of my passion and my artistic self. While ...
TriangleNC 04/30/2011 2 2 - 61
Fix it - Policy Solutions Found Here
All this wrangling over the Budget and attacks on entitlements is unnerving to me. If you want to talk about cutting back on entitlements, let's have the conversation. But let's open up the ...
TriangleNC 02/17/2011 7 1 - 31
Was it all a Dream? (video) (w/ poll)
"Was it all a Dream?" of course is the opening line of Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911 . I love that quote because it reminds me to put ...
TriangleNC 07/31/2010 5 6 - 53
Breaking: MSNBC Re-Broadcast Today at Noon
MSNBC is rebroadcasting yesterday's programming of President Obama at the GOP retreat in its entirety today at noon. Consider this a headline (in case you were not aware).
TriangleNC 01/30/2010 13 9 2 74
Liveblogging Sarah Palin Debut on Fox (n/t)
(n/t) as in "no text."
TriangleNC 01/12/2010 61 5 - 29
HCR bill and making lemonade outta this lemon (w/ poll)
Stardate September 1, 1997. The Kaiser Foundation releases Publication 1318 : "Retiree Health Trends And ...
TriangleNC 12/20/2009 6 2 - 25
HCR is Personal (w/ video)
It was eleven o’clock just yesterday morning in the board room of the North Carolina Association of Educators’ offices in Raleigh. Twenty or so community leaders were gathered for a ...
TriangleNC 12/09/2009 3 6 - 95
HealthcareWithHeart Video Documentary
This is to share a video documentary by HealthcareWithHeart of North Carolina featuring personal healthcare stories Kay Zwan of Wilmington and Rhonda Robinson of Durham.
TriangleNC 09/04/2009 1 - - 21
Amidst the rancor and the tumult and the seemingly endless (and mindless) riveting punditry presented by mainstream media, somehow the narrative of meaningful healthcare reform in America has been ...
TriangleNC 08/19/2009 4 1 - -
Health Care March (w/ video) Wilmington, NC
Some pundits wonder why Americans (read their viewing audience) have not been treated to demonstrations and marches in the streets for meaningful health care reform. Setting aside the fact that ...
TriangleNC 08/02/2009 9 17 - 37
Conversation with President Obama (with poll)
If you could ask a question of President Obama concerning the Health Care Reform Legislation slowly winding its way through Congress, what would it be? As fate would have it, President Obama [http:
TriangleNC 07/26/2009 16 8 - 19
Local Resolution Supporting Public Option: Available Here (with poll)
"So the need for reform is urgent and it is indisputable," , – President Obama says once again on July 20th. And yet, the American public is being treated to a bevy of ...
TriangleNC 07/22/2009 3 3 - 25
Announcing: Health Care for America Petition Drive
A [ Daily Kos Diary posted on July 11] suggested modifying and strengthening [
TriangleNC 07/17/2009 8 6 - 27
Revising OFA/Obama Health Care Declaration
Organizing For America lists three principles declared to be the "bedrock requirements for real health care reform" delineated by President Obama. Citizens can [
TriangleNC 07/12/2009 1 2 - 10
Senator Hagan: Time to ActBlue
Last week, your humble diarist scribed [ "The Hagan Disconnect – A Personal Story”], a chance meeting ...
TriangleNC 07/01/2009 21 18 1 139
The “Hagan Disconnect” – A Personal Story
Our Durham delegation of eight constituents left the NC Health Care for America Now Town Hall that was underway yesterday for a meeting with an aide to Senator Hagan. We were surprised to learn upon ...
TriangleNC 06/26/2009 24 20 1 179
Breaking: New Endorsement for Public Health Care Option
Health Care for America Now lists members of Congress that have endorsed a set of [ core principles] supporting a viable ...
TriangleNC 06/13/2009 21 35 - 72
Civil War Soldier Story - An Autobiographical Excerpt
My great-great grandfather was active in the South Carolina State Militia and served for a time as the Brigadier General of the Ninth South Carolina Cavalry Brigade. He was referred to as General ...
TriangleNC 05/24/2009 20 10 1 1
Obama Service Project - "Yes We Cans"
As we prepare for the Obama House Parties this weekend, this is to share a local community service project to be held in conjunction ...
TriangleNC 12/13/2008 5 9 - 13
Durham, NC - 58% RV Ballots Cast in Early Voting
On the Ground In North Carolina This story must be told. And where better to share it than with the Kossacks here at Daily Kos? It seems that not a single day goes by without a tear in the eye or ...
TriangleNC 11/01/2008 6 13 2 21
NC Early Voting Report
Early Voting began in NC this morning and will continue until November 1st. Here's a glimpse from the ground. Update: Just to share this informative and timely diary by SneakySnu with early ...
TriangleNC 10/16/2008 48 38 - 38
New Obama Ads Just Released
Here's a link to the new Obama ad titled "Still" Update - And another titled "Real Change"
TriangleNC 09/12/2008 65 4 - 1
Obama Video Musical Tribute from Triangle, NC
Why do so many of us follow the news of the presidential campaign so closely? (I'm only asking) It's not like you have yet to make up your mind, is it? Isn't there a better way to spend your time?
TriangleNC 07/22/2008 5 6 1 3
Open Thread For Obama's Economic Agenda Tour
Barack Obama’s “The Change That Works For You” tour begins today in the Triangle of North Carolina. And here is one Kossack that will report back (via update) after attending the ...
TriangleNC 06/09/2008 2 7 - 3
Obama Pride in NC (3 minute video)
There's a whole lotta love and a whole lotta pride and a whole lotta energy here in North Carolina for the change that the Barack Obama campaign represents. Here's a 3 minute video to commemorate ...
TriangleNC 06/08/2008 7 7 - -
Here's a Link to Live RBC Hearings on C-Span
Watch the RBC hearings live on C-Span beginning at 9:30 a.m.
TriangleNC 05/31/2008 11 10 1 -
Oil and Myanmar - Connecting the Dots
Does the U.S. need to invade Myanmar to save it?
TriangleNC 05/15/2008 10 9 1 -
Aftermath "Snapshot" of NC Primary
TriangleNC 05/09/2008 18 2 1 12
Why my Aunt Eloise (80 yo) Switched to Obama in NC
Why my Aunt Eloise (80 yo) Switched to Obama in ...
TriangleNC 05/08/2008 11 16 2 6
"The Power of One" Posted from NC
The Power of "One" posted by NC 4 Obama ...
TriangleNC 05/07/2008 23 35 3 32
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