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Why You Can't Blame Government for Health Care Reform Website Problems
Media Spin I have no insight into the details of the problems that have been widely misreported in the mainstream press. However, as a programmer I know the problem is not with government.
USSpinWatcher 10/25/2013 8 3 - -
Norway's Criminal Coddling Social Welfare State Has The Number 1 Economy In The World
Norway's big government, oil nationalized, criminal coddling welfare state has the number one economy in the world but their CEOs make a lot less money. Here are some statistics from this article .
USSpinWatcher 02/24/2013 39 11 1 -
Aaron Swartz Taken To Trial But Not 18 Banks Accused of Lending Discrimination
In recent years, banks (in particular banks that back the Republican party) have paid out billions to resolve Justice Department claims of gender, national origin, race and disability discrimination.
USSpinWatcher 02/22/2013 9 6 - -
Value Pinning Beats The GOP Every Time
The GOP has spent billions on public relations and marketing and now after losing badly in the election they are claiming they are bad at it . They still believe they need a new rebranding or ...
USSpinWatcher 02/08/2013 4 5 - -
Last Day of Stalking Awareness Month: Get The Facts And Spread The Word
If more people learn to recognize stalking, we have a better chance to protect victims and prevent tragedies. Less than 1/3 of states classify stalking as a felony upon first offense. Although ...
USSpinWatcher 01/31/2013 3 2 - -
The Social Psychology of Forum Behavior
Many forums and scientists. Much of the science was initiated by a famous study - The Stanford Prison Experiment in which some individuals were randomly assigned to play the role of guards and ...
USSpinWatcher 01/22/2013 6 - - -
So What is A Good Moderation Policy?
So several recent posts have brought up the issue of moderation but none addressed the question I want answered which is what is good moderation? Markos argues that less is better while others ...
USSpinWatcher 01/22/2013 24 2 - -
Massive Fracking Burnoff Can Be Seen From Outer Space
A reporter for NPR discovered a strange new light (see circled area above) where there used to be only North Dakota grassland. The light is produced by a massive 15,000 square mile area ...
USSpinWatcher 01/18/2013 30 60 1 -
So Far, All Identified Exoplanets May Be Uninhabitable
So far, scientists have said they have identified twelve planets that might be habitable. In fact, there are significant problems with every single planet identified to date. For a list of the ...
USSpinWatcher 01/10/2013 56 9 - -
Obama's 2013 Budget
President Obama proposed a 256 page budget back in February and congress has only passed a tiny fraction of what's in it. The budget includes more money for Medicare and Medicaid, jobs, education, ...
USSpinWatcher 01/06/2013 1 2 - -
Why Republicans Lack a Sense of Personal Responsibility
Conservatives frequently argue that liberals don’t take personal responsibility. For example, on Mitt Romney’s 47% tape, he argues Americans who paid into Medicare and Social Security are ...
USSpinWatcher 01/04/2013 4 10 - -
Interdisciplinary Group on Preventing School and Community Violence
The following are two statements by US scientists who are experts on violence in response to the Sandy Hook shootings. I felt the Daily Kos would like to see a scientific perspective on The Sandy ...
USSpinWatcher 12/28/2012 8 5 2 -
After Science Concludes That Violent Video Games Cause Violence, Congress Asks For More Research
If you want to know just how twisted our politics and media have become look no further than Senator Rockefeller's bill last week asking the National Science Foundation to study the effects of video ...
USSpinWatcher 12/27/2012 183 2 - -
Yet Another Example of How Corporate Governance Destroy Jobs and Businesses
The Verso Paper Mill exploded, killed one, injured five and cost 260 employees their jobs. In addition, the Verso paid $350,000 to the Sartell fire department for the cleanup and the structural ...
USSpinWatcher 12/22/2012 5 1 - -
President Obama Fantasy Policy Speech on Gun Control
Thank you all for coming hear today. Today, I would like to discuss with my administration's change in policies in the aftermath of the NewHaven Shootings and many similar mass murders with much ...
USSpinWatcher 12/17/2012 8 - - -
US Can Stop Mass Murders By Adopting Canadian Gun Laws
The Table at the bottom of this article shows the US mass murders for the last two years which took the lives of 93 people and injured another 123. There are three important points that can be ...
USSpinWatcher 12/16/2012 15 11 - -
Computerized Brain To Be Completed by 2020
Three ongoing research projects have convinced me that it's inevitable that humanity will create a computerized mind. For example, the IBM funded Blue Brain Project which is scheduled for ...
USSpinWatcher 12/04/2012 180 29 3 -
Government Doesn't Work But After 35 years & 11.5 Billion Miles Voyager is Leaving the Solar System
Yesterday, scientists announced that after 35 years and 11.5 billion miles, Voyager I is riding on a magnetic highway to the stars . The spacecraft is still operating and sending data back to ...
USSpinWatcher 12/04/2012 33 30 1 -
Why GOP Tough Talk is Weak
Republicans often talk very tough when dealing with foreign governments. Sometimes it even gets them points with an electorate that interpret this talk as indicating they will best defend U.S. ...
USSpinWatcher 12/03/2012 1 2 - -
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