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History for Kossacks: The First Crusade
Ah, the Crusades! Knights in shining armor, smiting swarthy Saracens (with their scimitars!) on the sands of Syria! The Christian take on the concept of the holy war, the code of chivalry in ...
Unitary Moonbat 02/08/2015 74 142 11 -
IPO of a Lifetime: Huitzilopotchtli, Inc.!
Welcome to Huitzilopotchtli, Incorporated! We’re a family-owned, faith-based company with roots in religious tradition stretching back to before the arrival of the European God on this continent –
Unitary Moonbat 07/20/2014 226 302 5 -
Hell No! I Am A Loco-Foco
I am a Loco-Foco. I was not always a Loco-Foco – until recently, I was content with the label "disaffected Dem." Alas, recent circumstances have compelled me to re-examine the nature of my ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/11/2013 90 136 5 -
NFTT: Back When I Was A Troop...
I was surprised, honored, and daunted (in that order) when I was asked about writing a diary for the NFTT Blogathon – alas, I’m better known for rattling off obscure historical factiods than ...
Unitary Moonbat 05/11/2012 47 48 - 153
History for Kossacks: Apocalypse 2012!
or We All Have Less Than A Year To Live!!! Yikes!!! In March, 2008 - ( the ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/01/2012 61 71 3 366
History for Kossacks: A Pagan Christmas to All!
Among the mouth-breathingest of mouth-breathing Republicans, it's a well-known fact that every November or so, we libruls gather in our covens and plot the paganization of Christmas. �In ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/18/2011 77 116 9 444
History for Kossacks: The Occupation of Washington, 1932
It must have had a dreamlike quality to it: a summer's day on the Potomac, the tanks and troops on the street accompanied by officers like George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower, led by none other than ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/06/2011 44 88 5 241
History for Kossacks: More Fascist Analogies
Republicans have a kind of game they play with Godwin's Law : they like to wait for their liberal opponent to mention actual, real,
Unitary Moonbat 07/03/2011 114 219 22 881
History for Kossacks: Fascist Analogies
In the course of modern political bloviation, we often allow distinctions between "big-R" and "small-r" republicans, as well as "big-D" and "small-d" democrats, to go unchallenged – it's perfectly ...
Unitary Moonbat 06/19/2011 119 235 35 1117
History for Kossacks: Atlantis
An Open Letter to all the Very Serious People who spent last week talking about Weiners of the capitalized and non-capitalized varieties instead of Governor Christie's abuses, the petering out of ...
Unitary Moonbat 06/12/2011 55 66 4 321
History for Kossacks: Modern Libya
It's funny: some of the places most unsuitable for human habitation are among the longest-habitated. �Libya's turned out to be one of those – a place that's been lived in since we ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/03/2011 17 55 3 160
History for Kossacks: Libya in the World Wars
When last we looked at Libya, American sails were disappearing over the horizon, leaving a bunch of shattered pirate egos in their wake – but that shouldn't be the only lesson we take from ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/29/2011 31 70 9 249
History for Kossacks: Medieval Libya
Tonight, the Cave of the Moonbat once again looks out over the desert shores of North Africa, to a land we’ve all been seeing in the news quite a bit recently, but probably know uncomfortably ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/28/2011 33 88 7 294
History for Kossacks: Ancient Libya
Some lands are so ancient, it's like they're forever new.  Libya's like that – from Neolithic times before the dawn of history, down through Egyptians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, and ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/27/2011 55 134 16 482
History for Kossacks: Community Spotlight
There's been a lot of talk about Community Spotlight in the short week or so since the Great Changeover – what is it, who are the people who get to decide what goes in it, and, perhaps most ...
Unitary Moonbat 02/20/2011 99 96 10 511
History for Kossacks: The Old Valley and the New Valley
And so it came to pass that the King came into the plaza and announced he had found a new valley in which the people would dwell. He had seen the new place – the Fourth Valley – in a ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/30/2011 84 82 8 104
History for Kossacks: Martin Van Buren – The White House Years
Thirty-six Presidents into the future, how will Barack Obama be viewed? Put another way, when another 175 years of history that needs to be crammed into the same-sized textbook reduces his ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/09/2011 28 42 6 571
History for Kossacks: Martin Van Buren - Before the Presidency
Unitary Moonbat 01/02/2011 108 181 8 335
History for Kossacks: A Pagan Christmas To All!
Among the mouth-breathingest of mouth-breathing Republicans, it's a well-known fact that every November or so, we libruls gather in our covens and plot the paganization of Christmas. �In ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/19/2010 189 309 38 817
Birthers Confront the Rubio-Jindal Paradox
I don't know why I do it, but sometimes it just seems to happen – I'll be surfing around aimlessly, then suddenly find my browser opened up to, the Internet's skeezy carnival ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/07/2010 239 418 15 146
History for Kossacks: Luddites
Perhaps, in the course of your own environmental evangelizing, you've come upon the term (i.e. you've been called) a "Luddite." Usually the accuser intends to frame (!) you as a John McCain type ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/05/2010 123 189 15 94
A Call To Arms Redux
I'm not normally one to rant – among the scores of diaries I've posted over the course of the past four years, only a handful are of the "screed" variety. The sort of diaries I usually do don'...
Unitary Moonbat 07/25/2010 46 50 3 42
History for Kossacks: The Imperialist Era's BP
It doesn't happen often, but every now and again, the mechanisms of the Free Market (peace and blessing be upon it) fail, and a private enterprise screws up so royally that governments are forced to ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/18/2010 51 54 12 295
Merit Pay for the Military!
Let's face facts: our military is broken. It's just not destroying stuff at the rate it used to. Despite simultaneous, neverending wars, too many servicemembers are shuffling through their hitches,
Unitary Moonbat 06/06/2010 38 39 1 60
Edu-Haters Still Rampaging in Colorado!
Opponents of public education emerged from under their rocks last Friday to celebrate the clearance of a hurdle by one of their favorite sons, Colorado State Senator Michael Johnston, D(INO)-33rd. ...
Unitary Moonbat 05/02/2010 46 32 2 99
Edu-haters on the Rampage in Colorado!
I don't know what it is that attracts them, but people who want to run experiments on other people's kids seem to like Colorado. Maybe it's the scenic vistas, maybe the skiing – more likely ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/25/2010 126 178 13 111
In the Second Year of The One
Book 3, Chapter 1, Foreword In those days, The One was lifted up by the people of The Land, and was seated upon the throne of power. And yea, there was great rejoicing among the ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/18/2010 318 447 40 115
Factions, Riots, and a Wonder of the World
The truly beautiful thing about history is the way it informs on such a multitude of levels. �Depending on the way one reads things, the same story can be anything from a simple, cautionary ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/11/2010 21 29 4 55
History for Kossacks: Field Guide to a Century Ago, Pt. I
In our ongoing battle to defend American values from the unceasing attacks of the conservatives who would burn our nation in order to save it, we progressives have, of late, found ourselves once ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/07/2010 77 187 18 85
(Possible) History for Kossacks: A XXII-century Textbook
About four years ago, I made my first attempt at a humor diary. The less said about the number of recs and comments it garnered, the better – I reference it now for the unique technological ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/31/2010 39 79 2 33
In the Name of History: To the Ramparts!
My normal shtick is history; it isn't often that I diary on contemporary cultural issues, to say nothing of issuing calls to arms. Nevertheless, every once in a blue moon (heh), these things do ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/03/2010 194 340 20 135
History for Kossacks: A Pagan Christmas to All!
Among the mouth-breathingest of mouth-breathing Republicans, it's a well-known fact that every November or so, we libruls gather in our covens and plot the paganization of Christmas. �In ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/20/2009 250 324 41 234
History for Kossacks: Afghanistan & the Great Game
If you hailed from one of the five or six nations that were playing the colony game in earnest, the Age of Imperialism was perfectly justifiable. Notwithstanding Dickensian horrors under Queen ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/29/2009 126 243 37 202
Mr. President, Please Stop Bowing on My Behalf
Mr. Obama, with all due respect, and speaking as only one of the sixty-nine-and-one-half million people who voted for you, please stop bowing before other world leaders. I understand what you're ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/15/2009 322 34 2 319
GreenRoots/History for Kossacks: We Are The Borg.
"Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/01/2009 30 28 1 194
Chomsky Executes a Full Godwin; Wingnuts Flip
I've never hidden the fact that I enjoy lurking around rightist websites, gauging the measure of wingnut resolve, trying to grok the depths of teabagger anger, and marveling at the neocon capacity ...
Unitary Moonbat 10/17/2009 418 526 15 380
History for Kossacks/Greenroots Special: Long-Distance Hiking Trails
There's something to be said for reducing the worries in one's life to a simple matter of putting one foot in front of the other – to think of days in terms of miles covered, shelters reached, ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/27/2009 78 82 8 109
History for Kossacks: Health Care is Our Waterloo
They say that even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day (or at least it did back in the primitive analog era), and in his recent comment regarding the health care debate being Obama's ...
Unitary Moonbat 08/02/2009 21 39 1 65
History for Kossacks: Blogging, 1936-1939
Back then, fascists had the "testicular fortitude" to call themselves Fascists, and Communists persecuted Anarchists who were ostensibly on their same side. Overseas, the totalitarians, for their ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/19/2009 97 115 12 66
The Neocon Socialist Enemies List
In the conservative mind, with its abbreviated sense of political philosophy and abridged understanding of economic systems, ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/15/2009 36 40 - 90
History for Kossacks: Medieval Korea
At the conclusion of our last episode , it was the late 9th century CE, and in Korea, the Silla ...
Unitary Moonbat 06/14/2009 28 51 7 328
History for Kossacks: Ancient Korea
Unitary Moonbat 05/31/2009 93 173 16 332
Boulder, CO, Teacher Negotiations Meltdown
"In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate." -- Chester L Karrass I shoulda remembered that four months ago, when I first sat as member of the Boulder Valley ...
Unitary Moonbat 05/17/2009 56 42 2 91
History for Kossacks: Europe's First Police State
So I know you were just sitting around wondering, "What are the origins of the modern police state?," and maybe, "Can an effort at genocide, if sustained long enough, actually work?," or ...
Unitary Moonbat 05/03/2009 187 287 40 972
History for Kossacks: The Nika Riots
The truly beautiful thing about history is the way it informs on such a multitude of levels. Depending on the way one reads things, the same story can be anything from a simple, cautionary tale, to ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/26/2009 47 65 4 250
I am Spartacus!
My fellow Kossacks, we have been called out (warning: this link and the next provide traffic/revenue ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/18/2009 329 191 2 22
History for Kossacks: Return of the Blackshirts
It's something out of a twisted wingnut fantasy: 25,000 identically-dressed, tough-looking men and a charismatic leader with a simple, strong motto (in this case, "Believe! Obey! Fight!") barge ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/08/2009 347 430 38 59
A Message from History: Democrats, Attack!
I'm not normally one to rant – among the scores of diaries I've posted over the course of the past three years, only a handful are of the "screed" variety. The sort of diaries I usually do don'
Unitary Moonbat 02/08/2009 258 492 34 101
History for Kossacks: The Akhenaton Treatment
He thought he knew better than his people; thought he could, through sheer force of will, change a public mindset centuries in the making. He was an iconoclast (literally) 2000 years before the ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/18/2009 106 153 19 153
History for Kossacks: Lizard People
My work as an historioranter occasionally leads me to visit some of the loonier extremes of the Internet – the chat rooms with the padded walls and such – but one ballot cast in ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/04/2009 235 318 27 231
History for Kossacks: A Pagan Christmas to All!
Among the mouth-breathingest of mouth-breathing Republicans, it's a well-known fact that every November or so, we libruls gather in our covens and plot the paganization of Christmas. In their ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/21/2008 249 449 61 389
History for Kossacks: Kenya
When future historioranters analyze the data from this past election, at least one thing will be abundantly clear: of all the nations in Africa, Kenya played the largest role in America's 2008 ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/23/2008 112 201 29 74
An Educator Hears A Dog Whistle in the Obamamercial
Senator Obama didn't spend a whole to of time during last Wednesday night's infomercial on education policy, but in the few seconds he did talk about it, he managed to send a chill down the spine of ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/02/2008 92 43 7 49
History for Kossacks: Georgia, Oglethorpe, and Stephen Camp (GA-03)
Unitary Moonbat 10/14/2008 17 36 1 80
History for Kossacks: Star Wars
Picture this: Thousands of warriors, clad in jaguar skins and the feathers of birds of paradise, armed with atlatls and obsidian-studded clubs, move steadily through a rainforest toward a distant ...
Unitary Moonbat 10/12/2008 45 58 3 182
History for Kossacks: 12th Amendment Nightmare Scenarios
All right, Chicken Littles. You wanna play "the sky is falling?" Okay, I'll bite. How 'bout these possible outcomes?: Cheney becomes Temporary President in January, 2009...or... casts a ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/21/2008 44 47 - 25
History for Kossacks: Luddites
Mention the term "Luddite" to most folks nowadays, and it'll conjure up images of John McCain types – elderly folks still mystified by the electric typewriter, with "12:00" blinking ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/07/2008 46 63 4 28
History for Kossacks: Cossacks
"What's in a name?" the Bard once asked. For a Republican, it's an easy question to answer: "Not a got-damn thing!" he bellows, too busy with tomahawk-chopping in support of his local baseball team ...
Unitary Moonbat 08/24/2008 185 179 16 204
History for Kossacks: Diego Garcia
WANTED: Extraterritorial location for indefinite detentions, torture of prisoners, and gigantic secret military installation. Island preferred, remoteness a plus; must be cleared of ...
Unitary Moonbat 08/10/2008 95 189 16 88
History for Kossacks: Bonus Expeditionary Force
It must have had a dreamlike quality to it: a summer's day in Washington, the tanks and troops on the street accompanied by officers like George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower, led by none other than ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/21/2008 31 47 6 308
History for Kossacks: American Expeditionary Force
From the plebian soldier's point of view, the social contract regarding wartime service isn't all that hard to comprehend. Every generation or so, your country goes to war, with the tacit ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/13/2008 98 95 5 36
Too Good to Be True
We here in the reality-based community often talk about how out-of-touch are the...people on the other side of the aisle, but it's difficult to grasp the depth of their obtuseness without once in a ...
Unitary Moonbat 06/19/2008 49 41 - 46
History for Kossacks: The Guillotine
A couple of weeks ago, your resident historiorantologist posited the idea that, in spite of where knee-jerk definitions might lead us, the three clowns who have occupied the Office of the Attorney ...
Unitary Moonbat 06/17/2008 67 48 3 118
Obama's Education Policy: In Need of Change, Pt. 2
Now with Executive Summary! Last night, I began telling the saga of the breakup of the Mapleton School District (Thornton, Colorado), and how Barack Obama'...
Unitary Moonbat 06/02/2008 34 33 3 229
Obama's Education Policy: In Need of Change
I had hoped my first candidate diary would be one of those ones that simply lavish praise upon a presidential hopeful – maybe a nice "Thank You, Barack, for Today's Beautiful Sunrise" – ...
Unitary Moonbat 06/01/2008 74 55 3 24
History for Kossacks: Enlightened Justice
Your resident historiorantologist has lately been puzzling over the matter of how it is that Alberto Gonzalez and the current rubber-gavel-wielding "Chief US Law Enforcement Official" have not been ...
Unitary Moonbat 05/26/2008 92 163 17 41
History for Kossacks: WAS BREAKING – Skylab!!!
Lately it's become apparent to some of us here in the Orange Forest that if one desires to see one's diary reach the rec list, one's chances are greatly improved if the title includes a hint of ...
Unitary Moonbat 05/12/2008 54 75 2 48
History for Kossacks: Role-Playing Games, the Crusades, and Moonbat's Book
This diary has its roots in the early 1980s, back when your resident historiorantologist was a diehard (or, to be more accurate, obsessive) participant in late-night sessions of Dungeons & ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/28/2008 144 47 34 243
History for Kossacks: Iran and the Ayatollahs
For anyone born before 1970 or so, there are certain images that are come to mind whenever the name "Iran" is uttered: stern, bearded men in black robes, angry crowds, graphics depicting blindfolded ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/20/2008 42 58 4 54
History for Kossacks: The Shahs of Iran
One would think that a person who has lived through as much history as John McThuselah would know a bit more about it, but as we are all too painfully aware, historical savvy isn't exactly a wingnut ...
Unitary Moonbat 04/13/2008 31 43 3 47
History for Kossacks: Persia and the Great Game
According to the latest wire reports, the verdict is in: even (and perhaps especially)
Unitary Moonbat 04/06/2008 78 121 14 24
History for Kossacks: Apocalypse 2012!
or The Really Real Reason Why '08 Is the Most Important Election Ever I've been around this big orange block long enough to know that writing a conspiracy-theory diary ain't a real ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/23/2008 260 217 38 40
John McCain: An Australian Manchurian Candidate?
Our friends over on the other side of the aisle are having quite a debate over middle names; watching the schism develop between the thinking conservatives and their knuckle-dragging cousins is ...
Unitary Moonbat 03/02/2008 42 42 1 142
History for Kossacks: Medieval Persia
Unitary Moonbat 02/24/2008 32 63 7 30
History for Kossacks: Islam Comes to Persia
At the conclusion of our last historiorant , we left off with the Sassanids in pretty dire straits. It was 636 CE, little ...
Unitary Moonbat 02/18/2008 40 75 3 28
History for Kossacks: Classical Persia
Would-be imperialists beware: You gotta be careful when you go to pick a fight with a country possessed of a 5000-year history, for inevitably, it will have in its historical record an example of ...
Unitary Moonbat 02/10/2008 132 217 31 30
A Grudging Tip of the Hat to My Foe
Admit it: You've done it before. No, not that; that's gross. What I meant was, every once in while, you creep over to the wing of the house that you've been told not to got to, the one about which ...
Unitary Moonbat 02/03/2008 34 32 - 7
History for Kossacks: Ancient Persia
There are two kinds of history going on in the Cave of the Moonbat tonight: that of an ancient Southwest Asian superpower, and the historiography of historioranting itself. I've been doing this ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/27/2008 190 359 57 73
Setting Priorities for De-Bushification
Assuming our patented circular firing squad doesn't wipe out too many of those who would otherwise cast a progressive-leaning vote in the general elections, we Democrats will win the White House ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/23/2008 59 66 4 35
History for Kossacks: Syphilis
Some diseases are worth bragging about – how many times, after all, have we heard Denny Crane blame something or another on his Mad Cow, or seen Peter Griffin utilize a bizarre ailment to ...
Unitary Moonbat 01/06/2008 56 69 3 16
History for Kossacks: Acoustic Pooties
The kids in my classroom don't remember the Cold War, most of them having been born after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The only enemy they've ever known are a few tens of thousands of religious ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/30/2007 85 84 3 44
Winger Vets of the War on Christmas: Why They Fight
Among diehard theocons, it's a well-known fact that every November or so, we libruls gather in our covens and plot the paganization of Christmas. In their Left Behind -style fantasies, we are ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/23/2007 41 48 3 20
History for Kossacks: A Pharaohship to Forget
He thought he knew better than his people; thought he could, through sheer force of will, change a public mindset centuries in the making. He was an iconoclast (literally) 2000 years before the ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/16/2007 106 169 11 35
History for Kossacks: Starting a Great War
Historical analogies that rely for strength upon generally-held assumptions – often exemplified by a folksy appeal to authority in the form of the phrase, "they say" – carry with them ...
Unitary Moonbat 12/02/2007 146 132 14 68
History for Kossacks: Vice Presidential Treason, 1807-style
"There! You see? I was right! I was only thirty years too soon. What was treason in me thirty years ago, is patriotism now." --- Aaron Burr, upon hearing of the Texas ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/25/2007 66 130 11 24
History for Kossacks: Aaron Burr, Dick Cheney, and Hyperbole
It's pretty telling that we as a nation, in our search to find analogies to describe the current occupant of Blair House, have been forced to turn to over-the-top characters from sci-fi movies –
Unitary Moonbat 11/18/2007 31 45 2 224
History for Kossacks: Sumerians
Part One of a collaborative two-diary, cross-curricular series – look for pico 's diary on Gilgamesh in Tuesday'...
Unitary Moonbat 11/11/2007 124 143 12 61
I Congresstrati
From the 16th century to the dawn of the 20th, a special choir sang at the pontiff's pleasure, grown men with the voices of angels and the range of female sopranos. There was a simple reason for ...
Unitary Moonbat 11/04/2007 59 49 7 240
History for Kossacks: When Mercenary Armies Go Crazy
One of the things that always troubled me about the application of the term "Machiavellian" to the zany antics of the Bush mis administration is the extent to which Rovian Math - and even ...
Unitary Moonbat 10/28/2007 114 209 17 32
History for Kossacks: When Kings Go Crazy
Hey, it happens. History is replete with stories where the good guys don't win in the end, where horrific acts go unavenged and unpunished, where leaders of nations descend into madness, dragging ...
Unitary Moonbat 10/21/2007 115 127 8 39
History for Kossacks: Strikes & Boycotts
Throughout the long ages, the proponents of societal reform have traditionally found themselves with the fuzzy end of the lollipop when it came to battling the entrenched Powers That Be'd, at least ...
Unitary Moonbat 10/14/2007 36 55 7 144
History for Kossacks: Progressive Epilogue
It was a third party that captured 22 electoral votes and 4 states in a presidential race, elected governors in 7 states, sent dozens of legislators to Congress, and controlled all or part of ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/30/2007 67 124 15 46
History for Kossacks: March of the Progressives
The little guy, whether he lived in a tenement in the city or in a ramshackle house on the plains, was getting trampled by the money trust and the captains of industry. Disgust with both major ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/16/2007 95 123 16 54
History for Kossacks: Delaware, Caesar Rodney, and possum
It's a little-known fact, but the Cave of the Moonbat does have a "BREAKING!!!" desk – it just doesn't get used much. Still, when I heard that my blog-friend, co-
Unitary Moonbat 09/09/2007 166 130 5 139
History for Kossacks: Plain Progressives
The idea of the rich and the powerful screwing the little guy is nothing new in American history, but until the ensconcing of the present maladministration, most of us probably figured that the ...
Unitary Moonbat 09/02/2007 60 84 12 33
History for Kossacks: Atlantis
An Open Letter to all Democratic Congresspeople (especially the Colorado ones), and the Democratic Candidates for President: You guys win. I capitulate. I was wrong to ever believe that arresting ...
Unitary Moonbat 08/12/2007 179 164 27 41
History for Kossacks: Of Grackles and Kingfish, Part II - Huey Long
A couple of weeks ago, in response to Bill O'Reilly's scurrilous attack on we Kossacks, I historioranted on Demagogues , then last ...
Unitary Moonbat 08/05/2007 45 53 5 20
History for Kossacks: Of Grackles and Kingfish, Part I
"Agrarian reform" just doesn't resonate with an American audience. It's kind of like soccer that way – no matter how many Peles or Manchester Poshes the people trying to sell it bring in to ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/29/2007 61 93 10 94
History for Kossacks: Demagogues
[Promoted from the Diaries by Meteor Blades] A few days ago, your resident historiorantologist was waiting for a flight in the southern part of our great nation. The airport had kindly ...
Unitary Moonbat 07/22/2007 160 145 27 54
Lessons of Impeachments Past: Johnson
The President's own party was in shambles, shattered by a failed war effort and powerless before an ascendant and vengeful opposition majority. The President himself was as obstinate a man as ever "...
Unitary Moonbat 07/09/2007 122 185 14 29
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