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SCOTUS death watch
I wanted to ask the community who is the next likely "vacancy" on the SCOTUS is. But then I figured, hell with it, I'll research it myself. (And no, little voice inside my head, it's not too soon.) ...
Vince CA 12/04/2012 52 5 - -
Orly vs. Feinstein
I've got my June 5th Primary voting guide, and I was giddy with excitement to see that Orly Taitz is on the ballot! Since it's an open primary, I'd thought I'd weight the pros and cons of casting my ...
Vince CA 04/28/2012 37 2 - 179
Res publica: Santorum
Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me (in a non-work setting, unless you're name is John Quaresma) knows that I'm a political junkie and Democratic partisan. The next logical question ...
Vince CA 02/28/2012 18 29 - 398
I love Keith on Youtube
While my respect for Keith Olbermann knows no bounds, I cannot find find any energy to protest his suspension.
Vince CA 11/05/2010 3 2 - 66
In full-throated defense of Play Dates
On Sunday, brooklynbadboy had a frontpage diary entitled In Praise of Let's Move . ...
Vince CA 06/29/2010 23 7 1 19
Thought experiment: 1900s -> 1950s -> 2000s
My house was built in 1954, in the new suburbs of a relatively insignificant Bay Area train-stop town. An onion field was torn up to make way for the development. Prefacing "sub" doesn't quite ...
Vince CA 05/14/2010 42 4 1 15
Boxer: Can you believe this?
From an email I received today encouraging me to donate to Boxer's re-election campaign: Late Thursday night, just as the Senate was poised to extend unemployment benefits to those ...
Vince CA 02/28/2010 60 13 - 33
How can I support the Democrats when they won't support me?
I receive several daily emails from various Democratic outfits and candidates. My Senator, Barbara Boxer, is up for re-election this November. She wants money. My President, who is not up ...
Vince CA 02/03/2010 36 23 - 26
Firearm-related death higher in AR than NY, PA, and CA
This is a short diary, but I was struck by something State Representative Janet Johnson said in response to ...
Vince CA 08/13/2008 18 7 - -
HR 2082 with Schiff Amendment passes in the House
HR 2082 passed the house of representatives 225 to 197 . This is a good, because ...
Vince CA 05/11/2007 2 1 - 26
Pollinator Sundays: Honeybees (w/ nutty poll)
Everybody knows the honeybee. Its familiar yellow and black body can be found in nearly every corner the globe. Its famous product, honey--the original sweetener--has been cultivated for millennia.
Vince CA 02/11/2007 41 12 4 25
Pollinator Sunday, Pt 2: Mason Bees
Last time, I talked about how global warming is going to affect our pollinators, and alter our food supply . Not only are water ...
Vince CA 02/04/2007 42 25 6 207
Global warming kills...
Bees, to be specific. Did you know that everything you eat is dependent on a tiny insect that you seldom see? And that global warming is threatening their very existence? I should know, I keep ...
Vince CA 01/27/2007 55 31 3 37
God, politics, religion, and atheists [UPDATE] w/ poll
Vince CA 10/07/2005 72 3 - -
2002 Dem Fundraising Numbers and 527's
Vince CA 04/22/2004 4 - - -
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