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Sins of the Fathers: Fascism, The Pauls and the Roots of the Tea party
Now that Rand Paul has officially announced his run for the Presidency, it seems appropriate to remind ourselves and others just what the so-called "libertarianism" he imbibed at his father's knee ...
WB Reeves 04/08/2015 8 7 - -
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing; Racism, Anti-Semitism and Fascism: Infiltrating the Left
Have you ever been in a discussion in an ostensibly progressive or Left venue only to suddenly find someone promoting a meme that seems drawn directly from the swamps of far Right extremism? Have ...
WB Reeves 03/17/2015 384 29 - -
On Leaving America
Few things strike me as more politically pathetic than ostensible Progressives who respond to a political defeat by nattering on about leaving the US.
WB Reeves 11/07/2014 240 28 2 -
What "Rule" ?
Is it against the site rules to question someone's integrity and good faith?
WB Reeves 06/07/2014 58 12 - -
Facing Hatred
The tragedy at Village Shalom once again exposes a virus of hatred infecting the US. Those murdered by Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross are only its latest victims. We cannot allow their deaths to be in ...
WB Reeves 04/15/2014 20 47 2 -
Love It Or Leave It?
Time for a political reality check.
WB Reeves 03/27/2014 31 11 - -
Moral Monday Georgia Revs It Up
39 arrested at Georgia State Capitol for demanding Medicare expansion.
WB Reeves 03/19/2014 3 12 - -
Attention N.Y. Kossacks: Right Wing involvement in the Occupy Movement?
There's been a lot of back and forth about Right Wing involvement in the Occupy movement. Here's your chance to get some facts.
WB Reeves 03/11/2014 47 - - -
Revolution vs. Revelation
What is revolution? Is it a social and historical phenomenon? Or does it fall from the sky like a religious epiphany?
WB Reeves 02/05/2014 12 8 1 -
Fascism, Ron Paul and the Roots of the Tea party
Lots of people like to toss around the word Fascism as an epithet for anything they disapprove of. It may be emotionally satisfying and politically convenient but it's a mistake that can have ...
WB Reeves 12/16/2013 82 140 11 -
Missives from Bizarro World: Uncle Sam as rapist
Just when you thought the Right Wing couldn't get any more twisted or perverse.
WB Reeves 09/19/2013 5 2 - -
Is someone trying to convince us that this is worth arguing about?
Here we go again.
WB Reeves 09/10/2013 40 16 - -
Barack Obama: Worst President ever! Part II
A mildly amusing side light on the ongoing Meta wars.
WB Reeves 09/08/2013 41 5 - -
Propaganda: What it is and what it isn't.
Lots of people are tossing around the word. Apparently with no regard for what it actually means.
WB Reeves 09/07/2013 79 12 - -
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is a paid Corporate Stooge
This just in, Governor Nathan Deal, his business partner and Daughter are on the pad for the "Healthcare" industry.
WB Reeves 09/04/2013 7 8 - -
An Open Letter From an Older Radical
In this time of war and rumors of war, perhaps we should give thought to oldest and longest war of all.
WB Reeves 09/03/2013 19 11 - -
A Song for Victor
This September will mark the 40th anniversary of the US Government backed military Coup against the Democratically elected Government of Chilean President Salvador Allende . Allende was a Marxist ...
WB Reeves 08/26/2013 12 10 - -
Of Nazis and Kosher Klansmen: A Georgia Cracker Speaks
My years infiltrating, researching and organizing against Right Wing hate groups.
WB Reeves 08/16/2013 13 14 - -
Whose fault is it?
Feeling hopeless? Looking for someone to blame?
WB Reeves 07/26/2013 13 5 - -
I Carried a Gun
I was once labeled as a vigilante.
WB Reeves 07/22/2013 16 28 - -
President Obama: One of the worst Presidents ever
Agree or disagree?
WB Reeves 07/21/2013 126 13 - -
Left Wing Follies #1
I'm a proud, apoplectic, left wing, radical!
WB Reeves 06/11/2013 14 6 - -
HOF: A Conspiracy So Immense!
They're out to get us!
WB Reeves 05/09/2013 242 1 - -
The Compleat Guide to CT
Find your Truth!
WB Reeves 04/22/2013 12 - - -
A Few Observations on the Boston Bombings
There's not a lot of solid information yet so what follows is speculative.
WB Reeves 04/15/2013 37 4 - -
The Urge to Purge
When supposed "defenders" of Democratic values abandon democracy.
WB Reeves 04/12/2013 50 8 - -
A Challenge for Progressives and the Left
This isn't a diary I'd choose to write. I'd rather it wasn't necessary at all but after four plus decades of Left activism, I've learned that one of the worst things you can do is remain silent when ...
WB Reeves 03/10/2013 31 2 - -
A Poem for a Birthday
Today is the National Holiday commemorating Dr. King's Birthday.
WB Reeves 01/21/2013 3 2 - -
PBS' The Abolitionists: A Flawed Experience
American Experience's latest series: The Abolitionists has much to recommend it. Unfortunately it also propagates the popular myth that American Abolitionism is synonymous with the career of William ...
WB Reeves 01/12/2013 37 12 - -
The Nature of the Beast: My Sean Hannity Adventure
Back in the early 90's, before his apotheosis as a Fox News superstar, Hannity was a second string Right Wing shock jock toiling in the Atlanta market. In the run up to the ill fated Atlanta Olympics,
WB Reeves 01/02/2013 17 36 - -
Secession and Southern Progressives
Can Progressives cross the sectional divide?
WB Reeves 11/30/2012 36 13 - -
A Hanging in Midtown
History hides at the edges of every day life.
WB Reeves 10/13/2012 14 48 2 -
Ghosts of Dixie
An odd thing happened to me the other night.
WB Reeves 10/01/2012 32 107 1 637
Gingrich's Slave Trader Mentality
Having had a worm's eye view of the rise of Newt Gingrich from Georgia politics to the National stage, his subsequent fall and resurrection, a few thoughts on the true significance of this self ...
WB Reeves 09/28/2012 7 11 1 85
"Vote for the War Criminal"
I received an article by email last week by someone who unhesitatingly labels Pres. Obama a war criminal and equally unhesitatingly calls for his re-election. An expression of clear eyed realism or ...
WB Reeves 09/26/2012 12 4 - 124
This September marks the 148th anniversary of the fall of the City of Atlanta to Union forces under the command of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. This pivotal event likely insured the re-election of ...
WB Reeves 09/15/2012 29 20 - 216
The Vacant Chair
This American Classic is hereby nominated as Willard's campaign theme song.
WB Reeves 09/01/2012 6 - - 43
What's So Funny About Debbie Wasserman Shultz?
Mike Huckabee's white ethnic humor.
WB Reeves 08/30/2012 16 12 - 223
Romney's Racism: Does It Matter?
From appeals to "common" Anglo-Saxon culture, to race baiting over Welfare, to attempts at the "niggerization" of President Obama, the Racism of the Romney Campaign becomes ever more apparent. Yet ...
WB Reeves 08/17/2012 6 - - 70
For the Union Dead: A poem for Independence Day
A memorial by Robert Lowell.
WB Reeves 07/04/2012 7 7 - 71
News Flash! Ecuador Pulling Out of the SOA!
Ecuador announces that it will no longer participate in the School of the Americas(SOA).
WB Reeves 06/28/2012 23 37 - 243
The Circular Firing Squad
Recently I stumbled into an ongoing catfight between what some describe as the "Obama Rox/Sux" crowds. Fair warning, neither side is likely to appreciate what I have to say.
WB Reeves 06/01/2012 49 18 - 242
FUDsterism Explained
It may just be that I'm simple minded but it seems to me the explanation for FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) diaries attacking President Obama, with dire predictions of his imminent sell out of ...
WB Reeves 05/16/2012 105 17 - 336
For everyone on the street.
We are in the fight of our lives.
WB Reeves 03/23/2012 3 - - 42
WB Reeves 03/20/2012 14 1 - 179
Conspiracy or Common Sense?
Our public and political discourse is awash in Conspiracy Theories. What are we to do about it?
WB Reeves 06/03/2011 3 2 - 42
Oh Yes They are Afraid
If you think that the right-wing isn't shaken by the Wisconsin movement take another look.
WB Reeves 03/11/2011 10 32 1 209
Gagging Black Dissent
One of the hallmarks of a white supremacist mindset is the assumption that African Americans constitute a undifferentiated, monolithic mass. It is measure of how much such assumptions permeate our ...
WB Reeves 10/12/2009 136 13 - 52
The Mystery of Andrew Sullivan
Sullivan is what you get when a typical conservative, middle class Brit discovers that his sexuality simply can't be fit into the dominant frame of social respectability.
WB Reeves 10/11/2009 123 9 - 63
Smoking Gun: The GOP's Tacit Alliance with RW Terrorism
Waiting for "mainstream conservatives" to "wake up" to the threat of Right Wing terrorism is comparable to waxing your ice skates in hell. They jumped the shark over a decade ago.
WB Reeves 10/08/2009 31 21 1 177
The "White" Man's Burden II
Personally, I'm sick to death of white identified folks "whining" every time someone calls out white racism.
WB Reeves 10/04/2009 39 21 - 63
Rahm Emmanuel in alleged human trafficking scandal
Now that I've got your attention.
WB Reeves 09/24/2009 41 14 - 35
The White Man's Burden
The Blindness of the White Eye.
WB Reeves 09/19/2009 100 40 1 91
US On the Threshold of a Progressive Power Shift?
As the fight over Health Care Reform has reached unexpected political dimensions, one commentator sees the potential for a seismic shift in the dynamic of our national politics.
WB Reeves 08/30/2009 57 47 - 22
Health Reform: Fighting the Last War or Fighting to Win?
With the inflamatory hysteria of the teabagging right that threatens to derail meaningful reform generating calls for progressive mass mobilization, some insist on clinging to a pre-2008 perspective.
WB Reeves 08/23/2009 3 5 - 17
Patriotism and Right Wing America Haters
With the renewed prostitution of patriotism by the rightwing, it might be worthwhile review what their version consists of. I wrote this piece sometime ago but I think it has relevance to present ...
WB Reeves 08/21/2009 6 5 - 4
Teabagger's Mega Event Mega Flop in Atlanta
Last Saturday saw two events in Metro Atlanta intended to swell the momentum of the Teabaggers/GOP's anti-public health crusade. You hadn't heard about them? Guess why.
WB Reeves 08/20/2009 42 46 1 29
Racism is Not a Disease
I read an excellent diary today on the racist subtext of the right wing's extended temper tantrum over Health Care Reform specifically and Obama's Presidency generally. The diary contains valuable ...
WB Reeves 08/16/2009 50 5 - 11
Turnout, Security, Squelch Disruptions at Town Hall
Last night there was Town Hall organized by Congressman (D,GA) Hank Johnson held at the campus of Georgia Perimeter College. What follows is a report drawn from various participants and observers ...
WB Reeves 08/11/2009 13 33 - 21
Zionism, Post Zionism and history
Is Zionism nothing more than the assertion of the right of self determination for the Jewish people? Or is it a complex political ideology whose history has ramifications for the present day?
WB Reeves 06/27/2009 339 12 - 23
Zionism, Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitic Memes
Has Anti-Zionism become conflated with Anti-Semitism? If it has, who bears responsibility?
WB Reeves 06/13/2009 144 7 - 5
Zionism, Anti-Zionism and Einstein
Over the weekend I took part in a discussion in which a great deal of ire was generated over the propriety of comparisons between Zionism, Anti-Zionism and Nazism. Reproduced below ia letter written ...
WB Reeves 04/28/2009 328 17 1 22
Secession is Entirely Logical
With the eruption of Secessionist rhetoric, the chickens of the "Southern Strategy" have come home to roost.
WB Reeves 04/23/2009 40 16 3 155
Secession: Bastard Child of Original Intent
This is something I wrote a while back. With the sudden eruption secessionist sentiment it seems worth repeating.
WB Reeves 04/16/2009 3 1 1 3
Atlanta Tea Baggers Estimate: 10,000 to 15,000
Totally subjective and nonscientific eyewitness snapshot.
WB Reeves 04/15/2009 52 5 - 28
The Federalist Papers Fraud
The framers were mortal rather than divine beings and the Constitution is a work in progress rather than holy writ.
WB Reeves 03/26/2009 47 9 - 1
Democrats and Mass Protest: The Radical Option
There has been a continuing tension on the Democratic side of the political divide over the efficacy of mass protest. Many have expressed the view that such activities are a waste of time and ...
WB Reeves 09/23/2007 3 10 - 180
Tough Questions About Impeachment
Is Impeachment practical? Are there workable alternatives? The stakes are high.
WB Reeves 07/21/2007 47 11 1 15
Politics or Parenting? Some critical thoughts on the debate over Lakoff
A review of George Lakoff's latest book, Whose Freedom? , sparked a spirited discussion over his views on the perceptial differences between Right and Left when talking about freedom, "America'...
WB Reeves 05/21/2007 4 1 - 19
A Note On Lieberman Apologists
WB Reeves 08/12/2006 19 5 - -
Lamont, Lieberman, Kerry and the Assassins of Democracy
WB Reeves 08/09/2006 6 9 - 1
Racism, Anti-Semitism and William Jefferson
WB Reeves 06/09/2006 79 8 2 1
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