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Ten in Prison for Life for Malala Attack
[ The arc is long but it bends towards justice], if we keep pushing to bend it. From the BBC: A court in north-west Pakistan has jailed 10 men for life ...
Wee Mama 04/30/2015 11 20 - -
Go watch this Fox video!
Yes, yes, I know the word "Fox" is offputting, but somehow a Fox station did an [ absolutely charming piece] on Juli ...
Wee Mama 04/24/2015 2 6 - -
A Wiccan invocation in the Iowa House
The Iowa House session recently opened with an invocation by a [
Wee Mama 04/10/2015 55 57 - -
Π Day Songs
Π Day Songs - enjoy! Still time to sing them if you're in the central time zone or eastward. 1. (tune: Happy Birthday) Happy π day to you, Happy π day to you, Happy π day, happy π day. Happy π
Wee Mama 03/14/2015 20 12 - -
Honoring Bob Reavis
Children see their parents’ friends through the eyes of children. My earliest memories of Bob Reavis are of a slight man, of medium height, with salt and pepper hair, skin darker than my parents, ...
Wee Mama 02/22/2015 9 15 - -
The Eighth Century Software That Saved The Classics
Wee Mama 02/17/2015 93 163 3 -
The universe smells of raspberries, or: Is carbon the only hope for life?
As we discover [ thousands of exoplanets], the interest in life outside our blue marble has renewed. The various searches for [
Wee Mama 02/16/2015 41 22 - -
♥ Three happy decades with my atheist sweetie ♥
I sometimes say that I live in a mixed marriage: I'm an Episcopalian and my sweetie is a gardener. That joke is a light-hearted way to express a reality. My sweetie was an atheist when we met, and ...
Wee Mama 02/14/2015 82 81 - -
The easy peasy way to send top comments
Folks may not know that anyone and everyone can send in top comments. The great crew that keeps those diaries going are always happy to have more nominations. Over the years I've refined the ...
Wee Mama 02/10/2015 52 34 4 -
Road trip!
It all started with the pleasant notion of driving our son to the bay area for a three month computer course. It ended up with 4,700 miles over the road, fifteen days, nine states, and fifteen ...
Wee Mama 02/02/2015 40 48 - -
Bárðarbunga is still erupting…
Remember back in August, those dramatic fountains of lava? The eruptions are less dramatic now, but the earth is still on the move. [ The gas ...
Wee Mama 02/01/2015 56 140 1 -
Blizzard Check-in, Tuesday
Blizzard 2015: New England Buried, NYC Lifts Travel Ban BLIZZARD '15: THE LATEST NYC lifts travel ban, subways back Tuesday morning 30-feet seas reported along Massachusetts coast Boston mayor: '...
Wee Mama 01/27/2015 232 64 - -
Blizzard Check-in, Monday evening
Hello, folks - in the past this group has run diaries to let people check in so we don't worry about them, and to share information that may help. This diary will be the first in the series for the ...
Wee Mama 01/26/2015 205 86 - -
Is it down right now?
I was trying to put together a photo diary about a road trip, when Photobucket went wonky. I wondered if it was the site itself, and discovered this wonderful site: [
Wee Mama 01/26/2015 14 19 2 -
Centuries Of Freedom
Stories are one way that families shape themselves and frame the present and future. From a young age I heard the family stories about ancestors who had exercised religious freedom, sometimes at ...
Wee Mama 01/16/2015 13 11 - -
When does opinion cross over into prejudice?
It is a truth universally acknowledged that unmoderated internet sites devolve into 4chan or worse. Daily Kos, like most sites that have continued to function for significant time, has rules for ...
Wee Mama 01/04/2015 742 71 4 -
Ineffable [POLL]
You have to love a language that has a word that means, "There is no word for it." Anything can be [ ineffable] if its fullness and particularity ...
Wee Mama 01/02/2015 53 26 - -
Something cheery for 2015: wind trees
This would make for a happier new year! What looks like a sculpture is actually a [ wind turbine with many ...
Wee Mama 01/01/2015 40 56 1 -
Peaceable Kingdom 2014
This is a day to think about peace on earth and good will to all people. Peace can break out between the most unlikely companions: but it can go much further than that!             ...
Wee Mama 12/24/2014 18 32 - -
We live in a very nice neighborhood.
Earth, I mean. A recent paper on [ the role of GRBs on life extinction in the Universe] uses recent data on gamma ray bursts to calculate how likely a ...
Wee Mama 11/28/2014 31 27 - -
I don't want to see these claims again. (Updated x2)
Science has shown that there is no god. No. Just, no. Read the diary on [ the limits of science]. Science also cannot show ...
Wee Mama 11/22/2014 785 225 6 -
That harsh master? Not Jesus.
You may have heard this today: Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus said, "For it is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to ...
Wee Mama 11/16/2014 43 21 1 -
Siglines! Wisdom in many languages [POLL]
مرگ بر دیکتاتور [down with the dictator] (e-10.00, s-8.87) by Texas Revolutionary E pluribus unum. by Plubius Ancora Impara--Michelangelo by ...
Wee Mama 11/13/2014 22 7 - -
The Snow Garden [Photos]
Oh, winter - that dark season of depressing storms and huddling inside, marking time until spring comes! Unless, of course you planted a snow garden, back in the late summer, as an act of faith. ...
Wee Mama 11/11/2014 29 34 4 -
Theists, Atheists, Apatheists, Antitheists: Which Are You? [POLL]
Theism in the [ broad sense] is the belief that one or more gods exist. But that brief definition embraces an immense variety! Belief in a personal god, in a ...
Wee Mama 11/06/2014 129 22 - -
Videos to brighten your spirits
Oh, heck, I have nothing serious to say, at least for now. Jump the cheeto for some videos that may lift your spirits.
Wee Mama 11/05/2014 20 13 3 -
If the gathering gloom is SADdening you, try this (update) [POLL]
If you're like me, the fall equinox is the beginning of a dark, sad time. We're not alone. [ Seasonal Affective Disorder] (SAD) affects many ...
Wee Mama 10/28/2014 58 31 - -
Joni Ernst is planning on pulling a Coleman
[Oh ho!] Two weeks before Iowa’s high-...
Wee Mama 10/23/2014 87 134 1 -
Siglines! The flowers of literature across the ages
Some literary siglines for your pleasure tonight - please share any I've missed! If you like the quote, the kog's link will connect you to their profile. (-6.25, -4.62) "Education is not the ...
Wee Mama 10/20/2014 113 80 7 -
Laughing Out Loud at Joni Ernst [ACTION]
I'm just off the phone from a political call. That's not unusual; here in Iowa you would think it's a presidential year from the flood of political calls. This one started getting funny because it ...
Wee Mama 10/09/2014 6 25 - -
Volcano Art [ACTION]
Darling [ Rei], who has done such valiant work documenting the Icelandic volcanoes, is resting and we hope recovering. To stave off volcano withdrawal and keep the ...
Wee Mama 09/22/2014 12 24 - -
Anglican Kossacks, Redivivus
A group for Anglican/Episcopalian Kossacks to discuss developments in the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church in the United States, the Church of England and the Anglican Church of ...
Wee Mama 09/07/2014 16 14 - -
A Garden of Meta [With Pooties]
Several folks have recently asked if I could compile some of my meta diaries for easy access. As we have many new members of the community, this collection may be of interest to them. Old timers may ...
Wee Mama 08/30/2014 27 47 8 -
Huge win for solar energy in Iowa
[ Great news!] The press release: WASHINGTON, DC – In a setback to the regulated utility model, the Iowa Supreme Court has ...
Wee Mama 07/12/2014 43 151 1 -
Flower garden or vegetable garden? [Photos] [Poll]
And in my fondness for the via media , my answer is "Yes!" Can you spot the six flowering plants in this picture? Can you identify the six flowers? To make the identification a little easier, here ...
Wee Mama 07/03/2014 112 30 1 -
Saving Some Siglines: A Florilegium
Our siglines - those succinct glimpses into someone's soul, or acerbic comment on the contemporary scene, or eternal truths - are going away. In Daily Kos 5, they will become popovers - no, that's ...
Wee Mama 06/24/2014 145 51 1 -
Rainbow cake comments; your daily smile
Here at the Great Orange Satan, we talk about monumental matters, life or death policy issues, ending patriarchy, inaugurating a new society, pooties…so no wonder that our comment threads ...
Wee Mama 06/20/2014 33 28 - -
You are a human being. [POLL]
I don't know much about you. I don't know whether you love Hillary or hate Hillary. I don't know whether you think Snowden and Manning are traitors or patriots. I don't know whether you think Wall ...
Wee Mama 06/18/2014 41 24 - -
What does my recommend on your comment mean?
It could mean any of many things! I thoroughly agree with what you said! Hi - nice to see you but no time to chat I'm recc'ing your tip jar to show appreciation for the diary, but I'm not recc'ing ...
Wee Mama 06/16/2014 251 166 - -
Measuring The Unmentionable [Updated]
[WARNING - MAY BE TRIGGERING] How can we know how common rape and sexual violence are? In the past few days we've had gut wrenching personal testimony to the pervasive experience of women and other ...
Wee Mama 05/26/2014 43 96 2 -
The Limits of Science
Science 1 has been an immensely powerful tool for revealing the underpinnings of nature and for giving us new ways to meet our needs. However, powerful as science 1 is, it has limits. It will serve ...
Wee Mama 05/21/2014 79 42 1 -
Concussion, Hillary Clinton, and the facts [POLL]
Even though Karl Rove is one of the lowest life forms on earth, like a stopped clock he is occasionally correct despite his best efforts to lie. I want to list the facts we know about Secretary of ...
Wee Mama 05/13/2014 51 9 - -
Edible Heirlooms: Recipes With Histories
As we broke our fast with Tall Papa's grandmother's pancakes, I began to mull over the various recipes we enjoy that have been handed down within the family or that come with a story behind them. ...
Wee Mama 05/11/2014 68 29 5 -
Iowa leads by decriminalizing HIV
In the eighties, fear of the new virus, HIV, led to some horrifying laws, ones which made [ HIV ...
Wee Mama 05/08/2014 15 17 - -
The "Where the Hell…" videos are an image of Eutopia
If you have watched any of the "Where the Hell is Matt?" videos, you know how inadequate a description of them this is: [ Matt Harding] dances in various places,
Wee Mama 05/04/2014 13 16 1 -
Want Some Good News? April 29, 2014
Good news can come like a breath of fresh air, like oxygen when you're running out of breath. So how about some good news? Voter ID has been struck down in lots of places - [
Wee Mama 04/29/2014 18 27 - -
For Earth Day: Recycling Tips
What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to learn new ways to recycle? Here are a few I've garnered across the years. Newspapers : amazing garden mulch. A layer of newspapers will [http://www....
Wee Mama 04/22/2014 11 14 - -
Bug Farts Nearly Killed Us
Before you get too worried, it wasn't the creepy crawly kind of bug, but the microbial kind - [ methanogenic bacteria], to be specific. And it wasn'...
Wee Mama 04/13/2014 34 69 2 -
The true fast for Lent
I have said these things, not that we may disparage fasting, but that we may honor fasting; for the honor of fasting consists not in abstinence from food, but in withdrawing from sinful practices; ...
Wee Mama 03/09/2014 46 23 - -
Why post a comment?
These musings on posting comments will likely be most useful to newcomers and lurkers who are gathering up their courage. I hope though that some of them may also interest the long timers, and I ...
Wee Mama 03/04/2014 223 177 6 -
Transgender Homecoming King - in North Carolina
[ Yup]. CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 17-year-old East Meck High School student has become the first transgender teen ...
Wee Mama 02/11/2014 11 22 - -
You Know A Survivor Of Sexual Trauma [POLL]
[CAUTION - MAY BE TRIGGERING] You do. You know someone who was raped, or assaulted. You know someone who was sexually abused as a child, perhaps multiple times or by multiple assailants. You likely ...
Wee Mama 02/07/2014 53 30 - -
Enough With The B******t, Already
Doesn't this sound exciting? …many women enjoy wonderful sex lives after they’ve passed the menopause. …a minority of women complain that after the menopause they simply lose their desire ...
Wee Mama 01/23/2014 144 61 2 -
So you think you know something about religion… [POLL]
Pew Research has an [online religious knowledge quiz]. Since its [summary of the results for surveyed Americans
Wee Mama 01/16/2014 301 42 - -
Smoking and Surgery
If you are a smoker facing surgery soon, read this. If you love a smoker who is facing surgery, read this. If you are a smoker who would like another motivation to quit, read this. In comments ...
Wee Mama 01/14/2014 22 38 2 -
About Those 1s… [POLL]
You may have seen in passing a comment with the subject line "1." The body is usually empty but occasionally has some expansion to clarify the 1. These succinct comments are my way of handling those ...
Wee Mama 11/30/2013 114 17 - -
Happy Birthday, Meteor Blades! 2013
Meteor Blades [ (UID #6)] I would use the word 'radical' but the word has been demolished by bad press. So, chalk me up as a Popular Front Democrat: way way ...
Wee Mama 11/28/2013 211 442 16 -
A Brief Discourse on Courage and Balls
Recently someone, again, showed confusion about why many here deprecate using the idiom of "balls" for courage. Although I have given a factual proof that this idiom is false in [http://www.dailykos....
Wee Mama 11/09/2013 112 48 2 -
Queerer Than We Suppose [Updated]
… the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. J.B.S. Haldane At present we know about 973 confirmed exoplanets, and some of them are very queer indeed. ...
Wee Mama 10/30/2013 73 113 4 -
A Mixed Marriage
She was a Democrat. He was a Republican. Yet I never remember my parents arguing about politics. That I suppose was a function of the time and place, and their temperaments. In the fifties and ...
Wee Mama 10/24/2013 8 28 - -
Bergoglio's List
A new book has uncovered the quiet but brave actions of Pope Francis during the dictatorship, when he saved the lives of many: Perhaps the single public figure on the planet right now least in need ...
Wee Mama 10/13/2013 17 22 - -
Please Fix Republishing [POLL]
Republishing diaries is a great feature of DK4 because it allows people to follow topics and it gets extra eyeballs for diaries that might otherwise be overlooked. However! It needs to be fixed. ...
Wee Mama 10/09/2013 19 11 - -
Michelle, ma belle
(Republished from August 2009 to wash away some of the nonsense said lately about the First Lady. Enjoy!) No deep thoughts, tonight. No paeans to Teddy, no aggressive plans to march on Washington. ...
Wee Mama 09/24/2013 65 73 1 -
The Powerful "Rule of Threes"
So many things come in threes - Graces, Fates, wise men, musketeers, stooges and much more. I've found a rule of threes that has helped me here at Daily Kos and thought it might be handy for others.
Wee Mama 09/17/2013 50 35 - -
Feel Free to Share
If you need more words, try [ here].
Wee Mama 09/05/2013 11 16 - -
Inexorable (updated)
Much about Syria appears to be inexorable, to some folks. [ But do complexity, and long memories, lead inexorably to conflict? ] (good ...
Wee Mama 09/02/2013 19 18 - -
The Responsibility to Protect [POLL]
Yesterday I raised some of the [ reasons to oppose intervention] in Syria. Today I want to consider a ...
Wee Mama 09/01/2013 74 20 1 -
11 Reasons Why We Should Not Attack Syria (updated) [POLL]
My deep thanks to the many folks who have shared their thoughts civilly here. I am particularly appreciative that people who support interventions or critiqued these positions have shared their ...
Wee Mama 08/31/2013 77 25 3 -
Courage Ride: An Iowa Vignette
Join me for a mellow bike ride through Mennonite country for a good cause. We'll spot some of the fruits of progressivism along the way, and you may end up penciling in the Courage Ride on your ...
Wee Mama 08/29/2013 16 25 - -
Make your case
An essay by Paul Graham on [ how to disagree] is summarized visually by [ this pyramid]: ...
Wee Mama 08/20/2013 154 153 10 -
Review of hidden comments
Some folks expressed concern when the new rules were announced that roving bands of vigilantes would lead to a flood of hidden comments, times outs and banned users. I thought it might be ...
Wee Mama 08/19/2013 100 14 1 -
Hanlon's Corollary
Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance or incompetence.
Wee Mama 08/18/2013 25 9 - -
The Flowers of August
Pass a little time guessing these flowers.They're all from our front yard garden today. Only one is not a vegetable or fruit. 1.
Wee Mama 08/14/2013 25 16 - -
Make History and Send Staci Appel to the House for IA-03!
For a sensible state like Iowa, it's odd that we have yet to be represented in the federal government by a woman. All that can change, and you can help! Staci Appel is running for the House for the ...
Wee Mama 08/01/2013 12 8 - -
Civility, Citizens and Siglines
[a reprise of this seemed timely] Civility embraces the manners used among citizens. Civility is not urbanity, those suave manners with a touch of world-weariness and often some cynicism that some ...
Wee Mama 06/11/2013 39 37 1 -
Sex, death, money and a whore
Gather around, children, for a bible story about Tamar. It has everything in the title and lessons for progressives and liberals, too! Genesis 38:1-26 ... Judah went down from his brothers and ...
Wee Mama 04/02/2013 28 17 - -
Companion Service for Terun Sabre Weed
At the request of those who cannot be with Bill (commonmass) in person today, this is an online service for those who wish to pay their respects for Terun and to offer comfort to Bill. As Bill is ...
Wee Mama 02/15/2013 143 219 3 -
Good News Miscellany 13.01.22
I like to read good news. Do you? All of these diaries can be reached through the [ Good News diaries list]. If you like reading good news, you can [...
Wee Mama 01/22/2013 8 9 - -
An Observance for those who died at Newtown
At the request of the Episcopalian bishop of Connecticut, many of our parishes, like many across the country, will be tolling their bells at 9:30 a.m today. and offering their space for quiet and ...
Wee Mama 12/21/2012 5 9 - -
Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?
My best friend when I was small was a Friend. Her parents were birthright Quakers active in prison reform and nuclear disarmament. As a child I saw the homelier side of Quaker practice - the ...
Wee Mama 12/17/2012 73 123 10 -
Any Interest in a Blue Iowa Meet-up or Group?
Iowa is in some ways a miniature of America. Doesn't this map look a tad fractal for the US? Iowa counties with their Obama votes, 2012 So it seems that Iowa deserves to have a Kog group ...
Wee Mama 12/13/2012 13 12 - -
(Almost) Everyone underestimated him
In Slate, a [ powerful infographic] shows how accurate ...
Wee Mama 11/09/2012 20 13 1 -
Sandy Check-In: Tuesday P.M. with current list
This is one in a series of diaries for folks to check in as safely out of Sandy's way. I have published check-in diaries in the am and pm for several days. This diary has a cumulative list of folks ...
Wee Mama 10/30/2012 22 32 - -
Sandy Check-In: Tuesday A.M. [big UPDATE]
This is one in a series of diaries for folks to check in as safely out of Sandy's way. I will publish check-in diaries in the am and pm for several days, and try to maintain a cumulative list of ...
Wee Mama 10/30/2012 159 105 - -
Sandy CHECK-IN: Monday P.M.
This is one in a series of diaries for folks to check in as safely out of Sandy's way. I will publish check-in diaries in the am and pm for several days, and try to maintain a cumulative list of ...
Wee Mama 10/29/2012 81 42 - -
Sandy CHECK-IN: Monday A.M.
This is one in a series of diaries for folks to check in as safely out of Sandy's way. I will publish check-in diaries in the am and pm for several days, and try to maintain a cumulative list of ...
Wee Mama 10/29/2012 195 97 - -
Sandy CHECK-IN: Mothership and Sunday
This is one in a series of diaries for folks to check in as safely out of Sandy's way . I will publish check-in diaries in the am and pm for several days, and try to maintain a cumulative list of ...
Wee Mama 10/28/2012 35 51 - -
Cranky Users: Diary "VIEWS" is broken. [POLL]
In a diary there is a link at the top left (list) which brings up a compact display of the author's diaries, with numbers for comments, recommends, hot listing, and "VIEWS". This last number can be ...
Wee Mama 10/15/2012 67 30 - -
Campus Takeover!
Now this is my kind of October surprise! Obama is going to [ take over campuses] for early voting. The ...
Wee Mama 10/15/2012 12 22 - -
14292 (updated)
That's how many hits [ Romney lies debate] recovers on Google News, five hours after the debate. ...
Wee Mama 10/04/2012 9 6 - 120
Which Iowa Voters Will Need ID on Election Day? [POLL]
Iowa fought off voter ID for everyone (and [ the good judge blocked the voter purges]) but I had seen ...
Wee Mama 09/21/2012 17 13 - 110
Feckless Moochers
Wee Mama 09/19/2012 68 192 1 790
Good, Green News out of Oklahoma
$3.5 Billion Wind Power Line Approved for Oklahoma   The Plains and Eastern Clean Line wind power transmission line in Oklahoma was [
Wee Mama 09/15/2012 13 26 - 88
Breaking: Iowa judge blocks voter suppression [updated 2x]
[ Good news!] A district court judge said Friday that Iowa ...
Wee Mama 09/14/2012 67 334 2 1867
Notable Eunuchs
Notable eunuchs Artoxares: an envoy of Artaxerxes I and Darius II of Persia. Bagoas (4th century BCE): prime minister of king Artaxerxes III of Persia, and his assassin. Bagoas (4th century BCE):
Wee Mama 09/06/2012 51 37 3 218
Solar awnings - a fantasy
In 2025, most small children have always known the convenience of the solar awnings. Few know how they came to be so commonplace. For a stroll through their past (our future) join me over the fleur ...
Wee Mama 07/31/2012 43 23 - 176
A Montréal photo diary
An amiable ramble through photos from a pleasant trip to a socialist city… Follow me over the fleur-de-Kos if you have the bandwidth.
Wee Mama 07/23/2012 30 23 - 138
Some good news on the equality front (update 2) [BFD]
Adding the bfd up here, so folks don't miss it: #GC77 A049 passes HoB! Same-Sex Blessings going to HoD. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church has just passed several resolutions that ...
Wee Mama 07/09/2012 23 9 - 121
I am not human and do not deserve a name.
\ Round I'm-tired-of-counting of the federal government taking away my name or limiting my rights. What this time? This time, I discovered two weeks after applying for a passport book and card that ...
Wee Mama 05/28/2012 98 49 - 391
Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?
My best friend when I was small was a Friend. Her parents were birthright Quakers active in prison reform and nuclear disarmament. As a child I saw the homelier side of Quaker practice - the silent ...
Wee Mama 05/23/2012 45 136 13 1181
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