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Photographic Evidence of Christie's Corruption
New Jersey is having its election for governor on Tuesday, and right now it looks like incumbent Chris Christie is going to win in a landslide.  This despite the face that the state's economy ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 11/01/2013 22 14 1 -
The Current "Scandals" In Proper Perspective
By all accounts, this last week has been a bad one for the Obama administration, mostly because the GOP has finally found the "scandals" they have been looking for to discredit and obstruct the ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 05/18/2013 29 37 1 -
The Romney Campaign's Strange Embrace of James K. Polk
One of the strangest tendencies of conservatives in recent years has been to invoke names from the distant past of American history in order to justify retrograde policies in the present. �Often, as ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 08/25/2012 13 7 1 115
The GOP's Devil's Bargain With the Tea Party
The recent Todd "legitimate rape" Akin debacle is just another episode in the continuing saga of the Tea Party getting its candidates nominations for important races, only to have them embarrass the ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 08/23/2012 4 3 - 71
The Party of Bad Ideas
Since Paul Ryan has entered the race as Mitt Romney's running mate, I've had to hear two long-standing tropes that just annoy the hell out of me.  The first casts Mr. Ryan as some kind of "thinker,"
Werner Herzogs Bear 08/21/2012 7 9 - 75
What If...Barack Obama Behaved Like Mitt Romney on a Foreign Trip?
Introduction: Mitt Romney is currently traveling abroad, and has so far managed to offend his British hosts with his comments on the London Olympics, and soon after arriving in Israel, insulted ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 08/03/2012 5 4 - 66
How the "I Side With" Quiz Shows Potential Problems for Romney and the GOP
There's a pretty good online quiz at a site called "I Side With" that determines how much one's political beliefs match those of the various candidates for president.  I've always liked these ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/30/2012 11 8 1 201
Voter Suppression in Historical Perspective
In case you haven't noticed, several states controlled by Republicans have been aggressively paring the voter rolls and passing laws making it much more difficult for groups that tend to support the ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/24/2012 13 31 1 176
Why Attacking Public Workers Instead of Banksters is "The Socialism of Idiots"
One of my favorite political quips of all time is "anti-Semitism is the socialism of idiots," spoken by August Bebel, the leader of Germany's Social Democratic Party in the late 1800s. What he meant ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/19/2012 6 15 - 87
How the "Firms" Ad Shows Dems Have Learned from 2004
I have often accused the Democratic Party of consistently bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Their performance in 2010, when the Republicans unleashed the Tea Party and the Democrats were always ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/16/2012 4 15 - 173
The REAL Job Creators (Bastille Day Thoughts)
Like Mike Myers from the Halloween movies, the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy -largely responsible for our current deficit- still live to strike again despite the attempts to kill them. Yet again, we ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/14/2012 7 6 - 42
After Last Week's SCOTUS Decision, It's Time for Progressives to Fight, not Celebrate
A note to my progressive brethren: I know you are happy about last week's SCOTUS decision, but this is no time for gloating or complacency.  Remember back in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected?  ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/02/2012 4 3 - 31
Chris Christie's New Jersey Hustle
Back when I lived in Texas and my wife was up here in New Jersey, I often asked myself which governor I disliked more, Rick Perry or Chris Christie.  Although Perry's political actions might be ...
Werner Herzogs Bear 07/01/2012 8 31 - 182
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