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The Bachmann Cometh
On my walk home tonight I found my self thinking about Mitt Romney, as I do from time to time, and I found myself laughing. The laughter was a result of thinking about Willard standing next to ...
Zain 06/14/2011 13 5 - 109
'I Am a Jew, I Have Always Been One' - Imam Rauf
Jeffery Goldberg at the Atlantic knows Imam Rauf, is sure Imam Rauf is not ...
Zain 08/19/2010 239 478 10 572
Wednesdays Front Pages. International Edition. (updatedx1)
After an emotionally draining day, here is what the World has made of what America has accomplished. He said today: And so to all other peoples and governments who are ...
Zain 01/20/2009 283 656 90 4875
What are you listening to this evening?
In my diary yesterday i described my fragile emotional state and how everything Obama and Inauguration related was ...
Zain 01/17/2009 91 9 - 21
From The Mouths Of Babes.
Tell me if this sounds ridiculous, really tell me if it does. For the last four days or so my emotional state has been teetering firmly on the edge. I know this sounds stupid, but i find myself ...
Zain 01/16/2009 15 11 1 39
Four More Days.
Midnight January 16th 2009. Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four More Days.Four ...
Zain 01/15/2009 13 4 - 1
Time Person Of The Year: Barack Obama.
Zain 12/17/2008 116 57 5 17
Obama to use middle name at Inauguration
Zain 12/10/2008 53 20 - 25
Obama Unveils National Security Team - Video (Updatedx2)
Zain 12/01/2008 359 110 4 45
President Elect Obama First Press Conference (Full Video Added)
[This was formerly a live thread]
Zain 11/07/2008 835 292 16 30
Wednesday Newspaper Front Pages(Updatedx5) US and Worldwide Edition- PRESIDENT OBAMA
Check it out, will update as more countries come in. ...
Zain 11/04/2008 299 722 120 1983
Do it for the emancipators this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people ...
Zain 11/03/2008 - 2 - 2
GOP Mailer: McCain Is Inheritor Of Hillary Movement
So today we have this story courtesy of s am stein at huffpo , The Republican Party of ...
Zain 10/30/2008 8 4 - 2
Late night Obama - LIVE with added Bubba! NOW!!! (recs for liveness?)
Obama night continues tonight with a late night rally with Bill Clinton starting at 11pm est Right now on stage President Matt Santos (Jimmy Smitts) is introducing the former and future presidents.
Zain 10/29/2008 158 49 1 22
New SurveyUSA Poll: "Palin Speech Moves Independents"
SurveyUSA were pretty good during the primaries, they just released this : Palin ...
Zain 09/04/2008 184 8 - 79
New IN & NC polling [update]
In addition to the Zogby and Rasmussen Polls released earlier:
Zain 05/05/2008 134 16 1 17
40 years
Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary since the murder of Dr King. I am posting this today because tomorrow i am busy at the Graduation for my Masters degree. 40 years to the day the man was killed i ...
Zain 04/03/2008 6 7 - 6
Obama gets zero net delegate gain from Miss.
Via TalkLeft and The AP The AP has released new delegate totals. As a result of New York ...
Zain 03/13/2008 100 4 - 22
Clintonites Returns Watching Thread II
So we take RI Looks good in OH so far, still very early. and getting tight in texas UPDATE: HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON WINS OHIO.
Zain 03/04/2008 295 30 - 20
Gallup 2/5 Daily Tracking C-47 O-42
From Gallup Daily Tracking just released: PRINCETON, NJ -- Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama remain fairly closely matched in national Democratic voters' nomination preferences, ...
Zain 02/05/2008 38 7 - 2
Rasmussen And Gallup Daily Tracking, Mixed Messages- UPDATED
Post debate the Uptick Continues in Rasmussen Daily tracking. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday Hillary Clinton with an eight point lead in the race ...
Zain 02/03/2008 97 38 - 7
Malkin Blog Debates Merits of Genocide
This is a diary about a post on Michelle Malkins HotAir Blog, please do not read it if you dislike analysis of comments sections from Right Wing Blogs, or if this isnt conisdered news for you. ...
Zain 05/09/2007 63 5 - -
Virginia Tech, LGF and dKos.
First, i want to offer my condolences to the American people for the great tragedy that has befallen them these past days. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost, and with those ...
Zain 04/17/2007 27 5 - -
LGF'rs Sniff out New Muslim Terror Plot!
This made me laugh today, the following is in a LGF comments section, #7 Earthwirm 3/23/2007 09:14AM PDT OT: Anyone think this smells of an act of "lesser-jihad" [Link:
Zain 03/23/2007 24 - - -
Video: For MLK (belated)
So i know this is a bit late, and MLK day was yesterday, but since his message trancends time and his memory should be kept at the fore especially at these times, I made a short video about MLK or ...
Zain 01/16/2007 2 2 - -
Ready the Bullshit Repellent! Bush to admit mistakes, Tonight!
In another attempt to squirm his way out of the mess he got himself into, The great leader will tonight attempt futher obfuscatin, in an attempt to justify his ESCELATION of this war.
Zain 01/10/2007 23 5 - -
Christmas HATE from Little Green Fu*kmuppets
Christmas Hate from LittleGreenFootballs, Here in britain on Christmas day, channel 4 does an alternative Christmas message, which is broadcast at the same time as The Queens message, this year ...
Zain 12/26/2006 30 6 1 1
LittleGreenNazis - new lows for our friendly neighbourhood supremacists.
Hello all, this is my first Diary at DailyKos, i have been a long time reader and occassional commentor, today while surfing the darker edges of the internet i felt compelled to finally speak. Now, ...
Zain 12/03/2006 93 28 1 15
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