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Pressurized Solar Steam Test!
For the last half dozen years or so I've been studying solar power. I've been actively attempting to convert my book knowledge of optics, electrical engineering, physics and computer science into a ...
ZenManProject 04/24/2013 36 33 - -
WTF?! $30 Billion to end hunger?!
I'll be honest, I've never taken the time to consider what it's really like to starve. Let's take a minute out of day and think about starving. I'm not talking about skipping lunch hungry. Starving.
ZenManProject 01/08/2013 97 154 1 -
Give to Solar on Giving Tuesday
I have been a DK lurker for a looong time, this is my first diary in about 8 years. I joined DK, under a different username ages ago. I normally just read all of the wonderful diaries here, I'll ...
ZenManProject 11/27/2012 5 2 - -
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