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Congratulations - you all have been hired
Oh yeah – you all got a job!!! You just started working for Wal-Mart or for that matter in any other store with self-check-out stands. You know the wonderful self check out cashier stands? Don’...
agermanfullofhope 10/20/2013 115 18 - -
Copy – Paste & Forward Share – Like – and so forth. This big, catching, creeping, free thoughts, brain activity and spirits killing avalanche disease of our days. And I just wish there ...
agermanfullofhope 10/06/2013 41 35 1 -
This, that and the other RANDLE MOMENTS
Instead of doing the dishes my better half seems to come up with the weirdest ideas and making his point in little cartoons. I would love to share this one here with you guys and hope that your ...
agermanfullofhope 09/05/2013 5 5 - -
Help! I am going to my first town hall meeting!
Here I am, writing my first dairy with sweaty palms, because I am not even sure if my question is worth a diary. On top - the majority of all the other diaries I read before show profound knowledge ...
agermanfullofhope 08/04/2013 57 28 - -
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