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Brothers and Sisters: Father of the Bride
When you read this, my younger daughter will have arrived home for a holidays visit after completing her first semester of law school. It will be very, very important to engage her in conversation ...
algebrateacher 12/21/2014 8 13 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Thanksgiving, 1863, and now
Sarah Josepha Hale is responsible for the national holiday "Thanksgiving" that we'll be celebrating in a couple of days. Go look her up; then you'll know who wrote "Mary Had A Little Lamb" after ...
algebrateacher 11/24/2013 24 30 - -
WYFP? The Gettysburg Address
For California eighth graders, taking the United States Constitution test has been a rite of passage since before I was in eighth grade myself and that was more than forty years ago. When I began my ...
algebrateacher 11/16/2013 64 26 - -
TGR: First Year As An Orphan
When I think of an "orphan," I think of Oliver Twist. Or I think of images on the television of children far away from me. I think of children. I don't think of a fifty-five year old man.
algebrateacher 09/30/2013 17 18 1 -
Brothers and Sisters: Permission to not be afraid and to rest
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious language, but may ...
algebrateacher 09/15/2013 14 16 - -
WYFP: Don't tell me I should be paid more
WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, pootie pictures, favorite adult beverages, and anything else that we ...
algebrateacher 09/14/2013 65 46 1 -
Brothers and Sisters: Temporary Friends
Temporary Friends Consider: “We have three types of friends in a lifetime: friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime.” My young twenty-something daughter is making ...
algebrateacher 07/28/2013 16 17 - -
The Grieving Room: Dear Mom,
Dear Mom, This letter is a two-fer. I volunteered to write for a community diary about grieving at Daily Kos (I told you about them) and my grief therapist suggested I write a letter. As a matter ...
algebrateacher 05/20/2013 21 23 - -
Brothers/Sisters: Afterlife matters
Very short diary but, perhaps, something to think about and share your thoughts: What would have to be in an afterlife for it to matter?
algebrateacher 05/05/2013 85 18 - -
WYFP: Casualties
I hate looking at the list this year. I know it has to be published because you never know, someone just might be waiting for their shot. And the contract (for sure) and the law (I think) say the ...
algebrateacher 05/04/2013 60 25 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Lincoln
Easter Sunday, one hundred, fifty-two years ago, March 31, 1861, there had been no American Civil War. The firing on Fort Sumter would occur in less than two weeks (April 12). People of the time ...
algebrateacher 03/31/2013 33 23 - -
WYFP: Marry Me
At 7:00 this morning, I was in a store buying a forty. Malt liquor is not my thing; I was buying the bigger box of Tampax Super-plus for Mrs. algebrateacher so that she wouldn't run out before I got ...
algebrateacher 03/30/2013 109 153 3 -
That Opening Chord and Dancing
This is when I learned to dance: OK, it's not the opening chord to "A Hard Day's Night." That chord is probably the most recognized chord in the history of music and it practically demands that ...
algebrateacher 01/20/2013 55 16 - -
Let's Arm The Teachers
I see that Oregon is looking into arming its teachers. I see that Virginia is ...
algebrateacher 12/18/2012 49 13 - -
WYFP Post-sex glow monkeys
When I signed up for today's WYFP, I knew I was screwed. Nothing I was going to write was going to make a damn bit of difference to anyone because everyone would be overwhelmingly f*****g happy ...
algebrateacher 11/10/2012 113 32 - -
Grieving room: Those we've lost but they're still here
I lost my Dad sixteen years ago. I know what it is like to lose a loved one. What's odd, now, is being in a place where I'm grieving for people I've lost, but they're still here. I feel like my ...
algebrateacher 10/08/2012 27 25 - 172
Brothers and Sisters: The Afterlife
There is no way I am going to address the afterlife as a whole. Whew, (draws wrist across his brow), talk about looking for trouble. On the other hand, filmmakers (and other artists of all kinds, ...
algebrateacher 10/07/2012 58 23 - 193
WYFP? From the Archives w/poll
WYFP? has quite a history of bringing up and airing out family problems. I could use this diary to air out my own and get some perspective except that I'm just too damn tired of thinking about and ...
algebrateacher 09/08/2012 117 31 - 233
WYFP: Captivity
Captivity “You send hope to the falling and healing to the sick; You bring freedom to the captive and faith to those who sleep in the dust.” -Avot V’lmahot (The Prayer of Redemption), Gates ...
algebrateacher 02/25/2012 113 54 - 300
WYFP:  Thinking About Reflecting
Matthew Harrison Brady: I do not think about things I do not think about. Henry Drummond: Do you ever think about things that you do think about? ---Inherit The Wind, 1960. “Provides ...
algebrateacher 07/31/2010 213 50 - 48
In Case I Die Later Today: Education, Energy, Infrastructure
Education, energy and infrastructure...and updated. I certainly don’t plan on being dead later today. It just happens to be the third anniversary of my very first stress test, which ended ...
algebrateacher 07/06/2010 28 28 1 202
The Shooting Season Has Begun
There has been a school shooting in Littleton, Colorado. Again. This new event has taken place just blocks from Columbine High School. At Columbine, a brave teacher gave his life to save ...
algebrateacher 02/24/2010 18 14 - 40
The Holidays and Sleep Apnea: Change a Life w/poll
It's time for you to change someone's life, even save it. Perhaps you are the one who needs the change. Maybe it's time for your father, your brother, your best friend. Lack of good sleep can ...
algebrateacher 12/20/2009 97 35 6 230
Boehner Must Apologize To Students And Teachers
House Republican Leader Congressman John Boehner (R-OH) must apologize to the nation's students and their teachers for his failure to distinguish between the Declaration of Independence and the ...
algebrateacher 11/05/2009 69 38 - 128
Alive! Defibrillator, CPAP, a bicycle and art.
The Saddleback Mountains block the dawn each morning when I ride my bicycle to the bus stop. The darkness and the early hour help me focus attention on the sound of the hum of my tires on the ...
algebrateacher 10/25/2009 55 32 1 216
Stop Supporting Secession
I posted a lot of what follows as a comment in a current front page diary. I think it's important enough to stand on its own. I know folks here get angry with right wing cultural stuff and it's ...
algebrateacher 08/22/2009 38 7 - 28
He thought this was his last letter, 65 years ago. w/poll
My Dad was twenty-two years old the first time he went into combat as a navigator aboard a B-24 flying out of Horsham St. Faith, England, near Norwich. He was the eldest son of a laundry owner and ...
algebrateacher 07/20/2009 19 16 - 21
Obamas, Puberty and That Damn Math Class. w/poll
It is with a mighty "heh" that I register the information that President Obama will not seriously consider education reform until sometime between the mid-term elections (2010) and the re-election ...
algebrateacher 04/01/2009 50 10 1 22
Tutoring Room/8th Grade Fumbling to Elegance w/poll
I had lots of pimples in eighth grade. It wasn't horrific but it certainly wasn't good as practically all of my peers were still baby-faced and unblemished. I took my share of abuse for it, too.
algebrateacher 03/25/2009 32 10 - 15
TTR: What every 8th-grader knows, w/poll
Educational standards are individual to the States and are adopted by each State legislature. If, someday, there are national education standards, it will probably require an Act of Congress that ...
algebrateacher 03/18/2009 41 15 2 24
Can We Rec Up An Education Diary?
Don't rec this diary and don't give me any tips. Thousands of California teachers are receiving their "pink slips" by this Sunday, March 15 (California law requires school districts to inform ...
algebrateacher 03/13/2009 11 7 - 15
Turn The Schools Into Homeless Shelters W/Poll
There is an estimated 1,000 families living in motels in Orange County, California. Businesses are failing, companies ...
algebrateacher 03/11/2009 54 20 - 36
WTF do you want from public education? w/poll
Public education has no friends on the right. None. If any right-side politician shows any interest in public education, his or her interest is most likely show for the voters. If you can't be ...
algebrateacher 03/04/2009 116 25 1 16
I Challenge Obama and the Teachers' Catch-22 w/poll
You have entered The Tutoring Room. President Obama has asked Americans to commit to at least one year of school beyond high school. He has equated dropping out of school without a high school ...
algebrateacher 02/25/2009 55 13 2 32
Jim Beam Got My Mom Pregnant w/Poll
With the advent of Bad Economic Times, whiskey sales are up.,0,1032377.story It's not all whiskeys, either. It's the bourbons, the ...
algebrateacher 02/19/2009 98 22 - 20
The Tutoring Room Goes Up The Down Staircase
Young, idealistic teachers needed to save society. Up The Down Staircase is forty-five years old. I am not talking about the movie; I'm talking about the best-selling novel. "Up the down ...
algebrateacher 02/18/2009 9 12 1 14
The Tutoring Room: Gripped By Fear w/Poll
Imagine. Imagine a thirteen year old girl (or a boy; there is no difference). She's dodging back and forth on one side of a street. Sometimes she comes close, other times she scampers away. ...
algebrateacher 02/11/2009 22 12 - 24
The Tutoring Room: Your History Sucks; So Does Math
I have planned an entire school year several times. That doesn't mean I knew every day what I was going to teach, but I knew pretty much by the week. When I was a fresh-out-of-the-box history ...
algebrateacher 02/04/2009 87 24 1 28
The Tutoring Room: You Will All Change w/Poll
Every year, I tell my students that it will take a while for me to learn their names. I have to make room in my brain to put their faces and the names that go with them. First I have to forget all ...
algebrateacher 01/28/2009 25 14 3 32
The Tutoring Room: Teaching Methods w/poll
Teachers are not supposed to hide what we're teaching our students from the students, but we seem to wrap it in hot fresh tortillas and dust it with sugar. Teachers are taught how to begin a lesson,
algebrateacher 01/21/2009 62 20 3 31
What Do Teachers Do On This Day Of Service? w/poll
While waiting for my coffee to be ready, I realized that I will never say to another human being, never say without irony, "You're a smart person. Why aren't you a teacher?" Like thousands and ...
algebrateacher 01/19/2009 46 22 - 18
The Tutoring Room: The Effect of Language w/Poll
*The Tutoring Room* is based on the idea that Daily Kos is full of very smart people and very smart people sometimes have questions or need help with something they're working on. Very smart people ...
algebrateacher 01/14/2009 91 22 - 24
Floods Hit Twilight Land; Cullens In The Trees
There's a better diary about this if you follow the link: When 30,000 Americans are told to leave their homes because the water is on ...
algebrateacher 01/08/2009 7 4 - 13
The Tutoring Room
May I help you with that? The Tutoring Room is a place where people can ask questions. Daily Kos has some very smart people as users and it makes sense for them to have a place to share. Despite ...
algebrateacher 01/07/2009 110 18 5 27
Tutoring Room- an apology diary
To those who have emailed me or otherwise said they looked forward to the next installment of the Tutoring Room, I apologize. This is a link to the first Tutoring Room. The diary explains its ...
algebrateacher 01/06/2009 19 15 - 12
The Tutoring Room
May I help you? (If not me, I'm adding links! See below the fold...) The Tutoring Room is dedicated to one purpose: it is to help those who need help with their studies. You could be a student or ...
algebrateacher 12/30/2008 109 35 15 183
First Monday Not Working w/poll
No, I did not lose my job. This is a diary about No Child Left Behind, it won't make the Rec List and I'll be preaching to the choir. It is the first Monday of Winter Break. I have several manila ...
algebrateacher 12/22/2008 30 13 2 35
Up to $36 million in cuts in my school district. Now.
Do I have to be heroic? My school district has to cut up to $36 million right now. Call me crazy, but I think these kinds of cuts will affect scores on the ...
algebrateacher 12/13/2008 65 31 1 30
Let The Schools Go Dark Since There's No Money
At our most recent faculty meeting, the Principal advised the teachers to be sensitive this month to what may be very trying times for our students. Many of our students have parents who have ...
algebrateacher 12/05/2008 59 18 2 22
Please Rec the CA fire liveblog w/link The fires are not out. In fact, it looks like the Brea fire is expanding and threatening Diamond Bar and, if any wind kicks up, we ...
algebrateacher 11/16/2008 1 3 - 3
Please Rec Up the CA fires liveblog; link here There are evacuation links and news links. The KNBC link is particularly good. The Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda fire is burning a number ...
algebrateacher 11/15/2008 5 11 1 13
Make the list of things conservatives have to suffer through!
I am sick and tired of the center-right myth and the blather about how Obama has to go slow about things and be bipartisan. I want to crack a bull whip at anyone and everyone who starts saying what ...
algebrateacher 11/10/2008 55 8 - 1
Watching the hard times grow before the change w/poll
Circuit City has finally filed for bankruptcy. I used to shop in there; in fact, I'm fairly certain that the television in my younger daughter's room (no shaking fingers at me, parents; she earns ...
algebrateacher 11/10/2008 25 6 - 2
Peggy Noonan Versus My Daughter (w/Poll)
To my daughter, whose vote now equals my own: Not too long ago, a speechwriter-turned-pundit named Peggy Noonan questioned whether you should vote at all and, if you do vote, whether your vote ...
algebrateacher 11/02/2008 34 44 1 185
Steve the teacher wants to be an "average American."
OK, my name is not Steve but since Obama used it for his middle name and polls show that women think it's sexier than my real name, I’ll use it. I am a straight, white, Anglo-Saxon-Viking ...
algebrateacher 10/18/2008 38 33 1 173
I worry about McCain's health and the safety of those
around him. If he hasn't yet, he's going to explode on somebody. If he doesn't, then he will explode. At some point, the stress of what's below the fold has got to catch up with him. Please ...
algebrateacher 10/06/2008 9 5 - -
You would cut him off, protect your sister and her kids
Your sister and your brother-in-law are sitting in your living room. They've come to you because they are in bad financial trouble. You saw this coming but now that they've laid the facts out for ...
algebrateacher 09/21/2008 10 11 - 1
Please help: Food bank closes because it is out of food.
Below the fold is a copy of a call for help that was relayed to the membership of Temple Beth El in Aliso Viejo, California. I know the Temple will strain to meet the challenge though it's earlier ...
algebrateacher 09/06/2008 32 43 - 19
My Sex Diary Because I Felt The Earth Move
The earth moved for me today. It really wasn't all that exciting but the media went nuts about it, just as they do whenever any form of thrusting or rolling around occurs. The media wouldn't let go.
algebrateacher 07/29/2008 38 14 - 26
Response to the "New HS Course Requirement" diary
I'm a bitter, burnt-out veteran of thirteen years teaching in the public schools who has a passionate desire to do one thing with my students: make them better than they were when they walked in. I ...
algebrateacher 07/16/2008 181 29 3 35
BTW, a lot of California is on fire
More than a thousand separate fires. Danger of even more fires this weekend as "dry" storms are predicted. Worst air pollution situation in years and it's spreading anywhere the wind blows. This year'
algebrateacher 06/26/2008 45 20 - 16
Extremely talented politics on display
I can do this without you. That is the biggest message sent today by the Obama campaign to the Clintons. Despite what some writers are saying about Gore being late with his endorsement, the timing ...
algebrateacher 06/17/2008 13 17 - -
An indulgent memory of my dad for Fathers' Day w/poll
One of the things I choose not to bring up with my mother is how she missed my father’s fiftieth birthday. He came home from work and, as it became more and more obvious that nothing special ...
algebrateacher 06/15/2008 37 19 - 30
White tribes and full-blooded Americans w/poll
This diary acknowledges that tribalism and race are playing big parts in this year's presidential election. There are Americans who are deeply threatened and, because they are threatened, they are ...
algebrateacher 05/18/2008 84 12 - 34
I Will Stay At Kos. I Will Write At Kos. I Will Read Kos.
I will continue to write at Dailykos. I will continue to read diaries at Dailykos. I will avoid diaries that only want to damage a Democratic candidate for President. I don't feel bad about not ...
algebrateacher 03/14/2008 40 38 - 24
Do you care that teachers are losing their jobs?
According to California law, if a public school district cannot guarantee a teacher a job in the next school year, that district must inform the teacher by March 15, which is this coming Saturday. ...
algebrateacher 03/11/2008 44 43 3 19
A Well-Connected Citizenry and a Rebirth of Democracy
The following is a draft of a presentation I will make to a group of Democratic Party activists. I will very likely make cosmetic changes in order to make it a deliverable speech; nevertheless, the ...
algebrateacher 03/08/2008 12 4 - 1
Play The Political Blogs University Game! (w/poll)
Nearly half of all Americans turn to the internet for their news and seventy percent believe traditional media is out of touch. I'd say ...
algebrateacher 03/02/2008 20 5 - 24
Waterboarding and the near-death experience (w/poll)
Occasionally, when I'm in the shower I'll grab a quick gulp of water. About a month ago, this action caused me to gag, cough and generally feel terrible for a few seconds. And I remember the ...
algebrateacher 12/10/2007 34 6 - -
Vice President Hillary Clinton
The nomination celebrations were still going on downstairs. Nevertheless, there were several people in the hallway outside the nominee's suite of rooms. Some looked nervous, some looked tired but ...
algebrateacher 10/17/2007 21 6 - 11
Why Gore Will Not Run
Disclaimer: I want Gore to be President. That said, he does not have to run for the Presidency. No matter how strongly some people here at Dailykos call for his candidacy and no matter how ...
algebrateacher 09/27/2007 95 10 1 21
Waaaaay too much fun in the operating room (all better)
This, I hope, is the last time I will write about my experience with VT: Ventricular Tachycardia. Links to the others:
algebrateacher 07/21/2007 81 17 - 27
I have to do a surgical do-over (w/blame and a poll)
Recently, I shared my experience with V-Tach (runaway heart beats), my hospital stay (Fox News scares me by how much it wants to scare me) and receiving a defibrillator, my own crash-cart to carry ...
algebrateacher 07/18/2007 53 14 - 26
I almost died, but I didn't (w/bad humor and a poll)
This is a narrative of what happened to me in these last few days. In the spirit of dailykos, a political blog, I have included some observations of Fox News and the real difference between the ...
algebrateacher 07/13/2007 49 27 - 17
The Assault on Reason forum, #4, with poll
This is a weekly discussion forum about the ideas in and thoughts inspired by Al Gore’s: The Assault on Reason. It is not a “Run, Al, Run” diary and participants are asked to ...
algebrateacher 06/22/2007 25 14 7 150
The Assault on Reason forum with poll
Partially due to last week's 505, this week's diary has two parts. There is a link below to a diary posted earlier this week. Please consider the "Gore" part of that diary as part of the overview ...
algebrateacher 06/15/2007 33 18 5 137
The Devil Has No Sympathy with poll
Al Gore, in his book: The Assault on Reason, says this about the Bush political coalition: "...we have a political faction disguised as a religious sect, and the president of the United States is ...
algebrateacher 06/12/2007 6 4 1 6
The Assault on Reason series with poll
This diary has information about the series and an updated question on Chapter Two. I am grateful to Susan G. for mentioning this diary in her review. I had part three ready for my discussion ...
algebrateacher 06/10/2007 10 11 1 9
Discuss ideas: Gore's The Assault on Reason w/poll
From last time, for Chapter 1, consider these questions: 1. Since the beginning of the Bush presidency, what events have actually caused you to feel fear? 2. Have there been events during the ...
algebrateacher 06/01/2007 113 21 3 11
Discuss ideas: Gore's The Assault on Reason (w/poll)
This is not a will he? or won’t he? diary. This is not a draft Gore diary. Please. This is the first of a series of diaries about the ideas in, and the ideas inspired by, Al Gore’s ...
algebrateacher 05/29/2007 41 12 - 8
Left-handed in a right-handed world (w/ poll)
“You don’t think like other people.” For most people, I would guess, having someone say that to them, even as a compliment, would be uncomfortable at best. I would guess the ...
algebrateacher 05/15/2007 159 25 1 10
California: Death by Algebra (with poll)
Dailykos is a political blog. This post is a political post. I am a teacher. I commit political acts every day by teaching. I am a patriot. I believe teachers are society’s last line ...
algebrateacher 05/01/2007 110 24 - 147
Military-themed letter to my Republican Congressman
Below is a draft of a letter I will send to my Republican Congressman. There is nothing in it that I don’t believe would not be just as useful with a Democratic Congressman, a Senator or a ...
algebrateacher 02/19/2007 13 5 - 8
Senator Susan Collins to replace Cheney?
Recently there have been diaries regarding the possible resignation of Vice President Dick Cheney. While I doubt Cheney would ever resign, there is a possibility if he is part of a trade that would ...
algebrateacher 01/29/2007 47 2 1 8
Hyperventilating over Clinton, Obama, Gore...
It's January of 2007. The new Democratic Party-controlled Congress has barely had its first hundred hours. There are people who are trying to get someone, anyone, to take the lead in impeaching ...
algebrateacher 01/15/2007 22 - - -
"Frosty" nutjobs
Is there something about the name "Frosty" that makes someone unhinged? Frosty Hardison is an activist in Federal Way, WA, trying to ban use of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" in the classroom. ...
algebrateacher 01/13/2007 4 - - 3
Releasing the inner Eeyore
algebrateacher 11/08/2006 9 2 - -
For all teachers/believers in our constitutional republic
algebrateacher 09/30/2006 6 3 - -
Prove you're patriotic. I want you to vote.
algebrateacher 09/28/2006 4 8 - -
When did Bush jump the shark?
algebrateacher 08/20/2006 124 19 - 6
A sick, twisted idea that will piss off quite a few of you-discuss
algebrateacher 08/17/2006 63 12 - 7
Thanksgiving, the 1345th day: Iraq War equals World War II
algebrateacher 08/15/2006 2 7 - -
Are we retreating into Baghdad?
algebrateacher 07/25/2006 139 39 1 2
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