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12 Million forest trees died last year in California and more almond trees got planted
As different as agricultural trees are from the forest, the California drought is devastating to the entire ecosystem with varying effects relative to the state's economy. The areas that will feel ...
annieli 05/06/2015 5 8 1 -
The Cliven Bundy Theory of GOP representative democracy: "Plymouth Rock landed on us"
annieli 05/05/2015 8 10 - -
High Concept, Low Cost: Daesh "claims" responsibility for Garland TX shooting
As expected in the kingdom of the one-eyed, Fox News tries to connect dots where none exist for farm-raised, catch-and-release violent extremists. Perhaps one of the now dead suspects was ...
annieli 05/05/2015 5 5 - -
Two Guys martyring themselves for mostly middle-school art class projects
In the tradition of the 19th Century Salons des Refusés (sic). RWNJ Pam Geller and AFDI paid as much for police protection as she awarded to the winner of an art competition that mostly featured ...
annieli 05/04/2015 30 13 - -
Garland TX: What if you set up a violent blasphemy provocation and no violent extremists showed up
Je ne suis pas Pam Geller So if a RWNJ sets up a deer stand surrounded by 40 off-duty cops (police presence coming close in numbers to event attendees) and attracts gun-carrying wannabee Euro-...
annieli 05/04/2015 20 14 - -
Bernie Sanders's DIY campaign
Is buying Sanders an ad on reddit really the best use of funds? OTOH, if the specter of married gay pizza in Indiana can crowdfund nearly a million dollars, perhaps it can happen, although ...
annieli 05/03/2015 7 9 1 -
(sic) = sic erat scriptum, "thus was it written" - or: "Yo G, that Thug (sic)!"
But nevertheless, thug is an interesting word, and to the extent that we need to be able to hear it as more than some antique, static, dictionary definition, then I think that that's part of the ...
annieli 05/02/2015 7 5 - -
Victory for yet another Successful DK Wildcat Strike!
The Wildcat Strike is over! The GOS is back spreading disinformation and chaos among RWNJs. With the defeat of communist thugs attempting to implement DK3 and dry server blades at the Ground ...
annieli 05/02/2015 8 14 - -
Fox News reporter(sic) 's fee-fees severely damaged in confrontation with Al Sharpton
A Fox News Reporter got shoved by someone in Baltimore but at no point was shoved into the back of a paddy-wagon for a "rough ride". Fox News reporter Leland Vittert reported yesterday that law ...
annieli 05/01/2015 7 9 - -
Facundo - Civilización y Barbarie! Another Wildcat Strike of DK at 8am PT Saturday May 2
Due to an impending invasion of ...
annieli 05/01/2015 11 19 1 -
after being called out by POTUS, CNN's Brooke Baldwin proves him correct
After being called out by name during the WHCA dinner as a joke about the lack of real journalists at CNN, Brooke Baldwin proves the degree of underlying truth in PBO's remarks.
annieli 04/30/2015 4 11 - -
e-books for low-income students
Now if they would just put down the Xbox controller... The availability of such e-books on smart phones could make a real difference if reading could only be made like ...
annieli 04/30/2015 13 5 - -
Sanders for President: can the far-fetched not also be McGovern / Mondale
More quixotic progressivism at its best and worth so many bits/bytes of rux/sox in DK, and acceptable only if the party runs a complete 50-state campaign to retake Congress as well. Sanders is ...
annieli 04/29/2015 19 6 - -
Tweeting, where the only good internet citizen is a self cleaning oven
. @BarackObama sent 7 security guards to #WWIIMemorial this AM to keep out our vets. Sadly, that is 2 more than were present in Benghazi. — Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) October 2, ...
annieli 04/29/2015 6 8 - -
All you need to know about the RW - "Baltimore quiets down as residents obey all-night curfew"
Obedience - yeah that's what the Other should do, after looting pharmacies and liquor stores. The streets of Baltimore were eerily quiet Tuesday night into ...
annieli 04/29/2015 5 11 - -
Cops sell out their permanent enemy to rationalize their potential escalated violence
Police blaming gangs as if this were an actual opportunity to ...
annieli 04/28/2015 2 10 - -
Imagine watching the documenting of your beating or shooting on your mobile device as you die
Imagine that you could watch the documenting of your beating or shooting on your mobile device as you get killed. This has happened numerous times to news photographers / camera operators / ...
annieli 04/28/2015 2 4 - -
Iran observes "international act like a pirate day" & seizes ship in Straits of Hormuz
The tip for tap maritime/naval provocations between the US and Iran continue for largely regulatory ...
annieli 04/28/2015 16 12 - -
Soon, a way to defeat DNA tests?
Unfortunately only supervillains will be able to afford this "get out of jail free" method and then there are the inevitable surgery addicts looking for a shortcut. Combined with cloning, an ...
annieli 04/27/2015 21 4 - -
VP Biden swears in Loretta Lynch as AG
Probably a low-key reason for not having video on WH website. Video is on C-Span 46 VIEWS Program ID: 325606-1 Category: Public Affairs Event Format: Ceremony Location: Washington, ...
annieli 04/27/2015 7 15 1 -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Salt of the Earth, The Hollywood Ten, and Cultural Work
Esperanza Quintero: Whose neck shall I stand on to make me feel superior, and what will I have out of it? I don't want anything lower than I am. I am low enough already. I want to rise and to push ...
annieli 04/26/2015 33 16 - -
WYFP? selling gags to great dictators
WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, pootie pictures, favorite adult beverages, and anything else that we ...
annieli 04/25/2015 80 23 - -
Can't Hold It? TPP will not have trickle down effects like leg urination is rebranded rain
Trans-Pacific Partnership is trully is a load for a variety of reasons including intellectual property regulation, net globalization effects and that free trade has never been "free", just like a "...
annieli 04/25/2015 2 4 - -
Looter Air: building your own airline from scratch
No truth to the reality TV rumor that this is the basis of a new History Channel program titled "American Airline Pickers", although A&E might consider this for another airport-themed program that ...
annieli 04/25/2015 2 10 - -
Coming soon: no more 'imperfect best guesses' of drone warfare
Every independent investigation of the strikes has found far more civilian casualties than administration officials admit. Gradually, it has ...
annieli 04/24/2015 9 5 - -
FoxNews's Todd Starnes, the social justice warrior
Probably the best we can get from Todd's mimicking the coverage of the racist University of Oklahoma frat. Todd's finally become a social justice warrior. Although if Todd showed up on my lawn, he'...
annieli 04/24/2015 4 2 - -
Imperialism & Colonialism's dead hand tickles the ivories of terrorist granny pianos
MONTPELIER, Vt. – Supporters of a proposed ban on the sale of ivory and rhinoceros horns in Vermont are upset by a move to insert ...
annieli 04/23/2015 6 5 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 04/22/2015 inter rusticos: Syringe in flagrante delicto sine trepidatione*
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So ...
annieli 04/22/2015 55 31 - -
TED and the shame of Vampire Squid ink
Political spectacle should not proliferate like the infotainment seminar - Fox News and now the 2016 elections campaign is Mike Huckabee's low-overhead megachurch and this week is Godwin week on ...
annieli 04/22/2015 10 4 - -
The perfect storm for dismantling DEA - Make a war on illegal/legal drugs more accountable
In so many ways the FDA and the DEA needs to be more connected as regulatory and research agencies rather than tactical police tools because of the abuse of Big Pharma, the growth of marijuana ...
annieli 04/21/2015 6 7 - -
The Spectre of Lani Guinier haunts NC gerrymandering
As noted elsewhere ,
annieli 04/20/2015 4 8 - -
Frying the Friendly Skies on the Corporate no-fly list
Find myself on a 737/800, lets see Box-IFE-ICE-SATCOM, ? Shall we start playing with EICAS messages? "PASS OXYGEN ON" Anyone ? :) — Chris Roberts (@Sidragon1)
annieli 04/20/2015 7 8 - -
which side are they on - disaffected Millennials and Daesh
Is it the attraction to make the entire area of CE 750 West Asia / North Africa like the libertarian paradise of Somalia or are there simply existential and generational reasons no different than ...
annieli 04/20/2015 16 5 - -
You talkin' to me, Grover Norquist? Performance Art in Williamsburg, VA
In March 1981, he embarked on a cross-country odyssey driven by his obsession with the actress Jodie Foster. After seeing the movie Taxi Driver, he became convinced that he could impress Foster by ...
annieli 04/19/2015 2 2 - -
Faux Hunting: 21 "fringy" GOP candidates in New Hampshire
At present it's a very crowded summit with everyone trying to plant a flag but having no base in which to stick it, except for Rick Santorum, perhaps. The New Hampshire Republican ...
annieli 04/19/2015 8 9 - -
Oz thwarts Daesh-inspired terror plot
Considering the outcome ...
annieli 04/18/2015 7 12 - -
handgun Open Carry ready to become law in Texas - Rootin' becomes Tootin'
Only in Texas, the state which gave us George W Bush and "Mission Accomplished" could give the world an Open Carry law for handguns that requires a concealed-handgun permit, making the concept of ...
annieli 04/18/2015 36 15 - -
Sharknado-ism: another sign of the end of civilization
If ESPN's Michelle Beadle can get cast, everyone will eventually appear in a version of a Sharknado film.
annieli 04/17/2015 5 2 - -
Faux Hunting: seeing risks before exploitation - sweaty palms and airline Wi-Fi
More things to worry about - the hipster next to you might take the plane down with his Apple Watch because he's a gray hat hacker. And people who whistle in close quarters should be tased anyway.
annieli 04/17/2015 10 5 - -
"A woman who was able to leave the home told officers that it was a family dispute gone wrong"
No robots or robocops shot any person in the back during this event. Five people were found dead inside a north Phoenix home after a shooting Thursday in a suspected family dispute, police ...
annieli 04/16/2015 11 9 - -
Pootie Division Street: America - "No Catcall Zone" signs go up around New York City in April, 2015
Now with the "No Kardashians" parking violation signs , we have reached new and interesting places with signs demarcating (insert favorite problem)-free zones. If only the ...
annieli 04/16/2015 3 6 - -
Faux Hunting: HRC's Grandfather an Anchor Parent!
Hillary Clinton visits with Iowa residents at a coffee shop Wednesday. (...
annieli 04/16/2015 6 5 - -
Uber-Oakies: No pizza-loving geyhs in my backseat
The GoFundMe IndieGoGo pages for straight victims of entrepreneurial discrimination go up in 5,4,3.... This is no longer about public accommodation but simply posturing by stupid people and ...
annieli 04/15/2015 7 12 - -
“No sane person would do what I’m doing,” Postal worker lands Gyro-copter on Capitol lawn
is this the best way to promote campaign finance reform Yeppers, sanity - misusing the logo of the USPS as well as being sane enough not to be anti-aircraft target ...
annieli 04/15/2015 34 15 - -
if we close our eyes, wish really, really hard, and clap our hands together
In the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard, Francisco Franco, Mary Shelley, and Ronald Reagan, keep the Faith. A Texas woman has been charged in an ...
annieli 04/15/2015 9 5 - -
#Fords150: This is the kind of sesquicentennial that seems unnecessary to commemorate
Right now: Thousands gathered outside @fordstheatre in #washingtondc #Fords150 #lincolntribute #lincoln
annieli 04/14/2015 5 5 - -
As if buying a lottery ticket weren't risky enough
Will Robert Redford get to play him in this version of The Sting III or did he expect his thumb drive to automatically destruct in a puff of smoke. The former security boss of a lottery in the US ...
annieli 04/14/2015 15 14 - -
imagine a map of unjust police shootings
If only we could make maps of the abuse of police powers. So, are these ugly encounters between police and civilians becoming more common, or is technology simply making them easier to capture? ...
annieli 04/14/2015 4 9 - -
More reasons to reform DHS
In the wake of post-9/11 paranoia and the seditious 47 Ronin Reaganites who want to bomb Iran, the real problems have been festering in the massive DHS bureaucracy created by the surveillance ...
annieli 04/13/2015 4 7 - -
The unbearable dopiness of Fox News
The Daily Cellar's take on Scooby C'mon FoxNews, try for more substance... SCOOBY DOO OR SCOOBY DON’T? HILLARY TRIES FOR ...
annieli 04/13/2015 9 2 - -
A Hillary Clinton administration's military policy cannot be a PBO policy, nor can it be Clintonian
annieli 04/13/2015 20 5 - -
The GOP's inability to nominate a female POTUS, where men are men and demon sheep are nervous
Yep, calling you out, you patriarchal cowards, just try nominating one for 2016, or is it like equal wages, something you'll do in 2058 since it does seem like it'll take 50 ...
annieli 04/13/2015 12 9 - -
It will take a Village, Hillary - make your campaign reflect how you will govern
It takes a village is more than a proverb or a book title - it will take a campaign that while the temptation is to make it about individuals - you need to show your campaign is inclusive without ...
annieli 04/12/2015 4 6 - -
For Hillary, it has to be more than wearing purple
Hillary, it's gotta be more than that, more than celebrating experience, more than the stupid economy, it has to be what so many of the Boomer generation want and expect - the sense of possibility ...
annieli 04/12/2015 13 7 - -
Who are the Hillary alternatives "Atlanta brûle-t-il ?"
Bernie Sanders, a draft Elizabeth Warren effort, all noble but not even close to the insurgency needed since RFK/McGovern, Run Jesse Run, Teddy, and ...
annieli 04/12/2015 15 10 1 -
No signs of life for websites grifting money for killer Michael Slager
Warning complete shooting footage:
annieli 04/11/2015 45 68 - -
"Suspenseless conclusion" - Hillary to announce candidacy on social media tomorrow
Let the Rux/Sox pie fights begin. At present my vote awaits Zombie Harold Stassen to throw his musty toupee into the ring. If 2008 taught her anything, it should be that newer strategies should ...
annieli 04/11/2015 137 10 - -
One American image for the 2016 elections
There are certainly enough images that make one take a moment to think of the comity in the US and this one should remain fresh throughout the 2016 election cycle And lest you think that there ...
annieli 04/11/2015 2 12 - -
Victory! The million blogger wildcat strike of the GOS for 15 hours is now over!
Over a million bloggers cried out as the GOS imploded for 15 ...
annieli 04/11/2015 35 35 - -
Join the 15 Hour Wildcat Strike of DK at 9pm ET Friday 04/10/2015!
Because of the banning of edscan, errinf, and for the honor of Tom Tancredo it's time to have a strike of Daily Kos for 15 hours starting at 9pm ET / 6pm PT Tonight !
annieli 04/10/2015 46 17 - -
Sh*t you can get away with: crimes against humanity
"OK, I had some help from a duplicitous vice president, Dick Cheney. Then there was George W. Bush, a gullible president who could barely locate Iraq on a map and who wanted to avenge his father ...
annieli 04/10/2015 3 6 - -
Todd Starnes claims victory for Paddington Bear's speech rights
The usual illogic of Todd Starnes is featured on Fox News claiming that he was the cause of a reactionary response to an overreaction of a student showing of American ...
annieli 04/10/2015 3 3 - -
Merry End of the War of Northern Aggression Day
Not, alas a National Holiday , and perhaps not in the interest of national unity, but I may go out and get a bottle of Rebel Yell today. Even before Lee's surrender at Appomattox, it was clear ...
annieli 04/09/2015 5 18 - -
Jail time for racial thrill killing conspirators
Plea bargaining for crimes that seem more customary than isolated. Two young white women, part of a group who repeatedly ...
annieli 04/09/2015 8 14 - -
For Santorum, the 2016 election water needs to be tested
In a country where victims of imaginary crimes can make nearly a million dollars on GoFundMe, and bitcoins can fund a presidential campaign, the more griftable liquidity the better. Former ...
annieli 04/09/2015 17 7 - -
No Department of Eddie Haskell with a Rand Paul Presidency
In pandering to the GOP's Reaganite torch holders, Rand Paul devolving education regulation to the states would promote more privatization, more entrepreneurial charter school fiefdoms less ...
annieli 04/09/2015 3 7 - -
If they do decide to bomb Iran, the target list could get crowded
Just when you thought the signs of the Apocalypse had become too banal. Several "No Kardashian Parking Anytime" signs have popped up in spots around Hollywood, and the street artist ...
annieli 04/08/2015 7 6 - -
Goodbye Stan Freberg 1926-2015 - The greatest mAdman ever
Putney Swope and Stan Freberg made me want to create an anti-capitalist ad agency that made nothing but transgressive, subversive advertising, if only to avenge the death of my ...
annieli 04/08/2015 32 59 4 -
Alaska Airlines frightened of chemo cooties
On one hand an extra day in Hawai'i is not so bad, OTOH seems like someone freaked out prematurely. A California woman with cancer and her family were kicked off an ...
annieli 04/08/2015 102 34 - -
"I stand with Rand" just like the bitcoin is like a kruggerand
Perhaps it's one way of liquidating banksters by at least the year 2140 . OTOH, our descendants will all be wearing wellies to visit the Atlantic beach in ...
annieli 04/07/2015 9 13 1 -
Join Rand Paul, get a brown shirt, even if he's "siding with Obama"
For some members of the RW, Aqua Buddha does not advocate brown enough shirts and is even too Blah(sic) for some members of the GOP as a new ad tries to do to Rand what his supporters tried to do ...
annieli 04/07/2015 4 2 - -
The Easter Bunny's got Meth!
Easter egg rolling takes on a new meaning in that state whose US Senator throws balls of snow in the legislative chambers.
annieli 04/07/2015 9 6 - -
N.H. Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s state director resigns after prostitution sting arrest
A lonely fishing season in Nashua for law enforcement. David Wihby, 62, the state director for New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, was caught in a prostitution sting, ...
annieli 04/07/2015 7 9 - -
Judge says Brooklyn woman can use Facebook to serve divorce papers
The best way to marry that Nigerian Prince and use Western Union for your dowry. Next step, photo speed-trap tickets via Twitter. A Brooklyn woman scored a judge’
annieli 04/06/2015 13 4 - -
¡Jeb! "The Brown One" Bush
It's actually pronounced "Heb" Bush. — Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria) April 6, ...
annieli 04/06/2015 16 13 - -
The unbearable frothiness of 2016 presidential logic: God Hates Idiots
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum floated a new comparison on Sunday in the debate over the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts passed ...
annieli 04/05/2015 15 10 - -
GoFundMe: grifting for bigotry in a country where people go hungry
So far 2000 asshats with disposable income have donated and who would do better in terms of Christian ideology and practices to give their money to those who really cannot feed themselves of have ...
annieli 04/05/2015 15 12 - -
Required qualifications: high school diploma and 2 years of college coursework
The ..... Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education at .... University is looking for an individual to operate a large particle accelerator system in a scientific research laboratory.
annieli 04/05/2015 3 9 - -
What Would Homeless Jesus Do in Detroit?
The real stigmata is of course homelessness itself. A Canadian sculptor wants to install his controversial “Homeless ...
annieli 04/05/2015 9 6 - -
Parents kept their kids in cage - what did their wedding cake look like
And one wonders how parricide moves beyond watching Greek tragedy. And what did their wedding cake look like?
annieli 04/05/2015 11 10 - -
TMZ & DMZ in postcolonial Asia: Pleasure Squads, Comfort Women, Sex Tourism
So Fox News's lede keeps the RW "Axis of Evil" meme afloat without discussing how the sex trade operates on both sides of the DMZ or why the cultural history of such human trafficking has its ...
annieli 04/04/2015 3 4 - -
Iran nuke agreement pushes the GOP-led attack back to the 2016 US election campaign cycle
The #47 Ronin Reaganite senators, authors of the seditious open letter to Iran, will remain warmongers and idiots as the real timeline for producing Iranian bomb-grade nuclear material still can ...
annieli 04/04/2015 26 9 - -
Socotra: Another island that won't get Gitmo prisoners
Another one of those rarely mentioned cool, tiny places in the world, although in this case the recent strife in Yemen has prevented its conversion to another rendition site.
annieli 04/04/2015 5 8 - -
Indiana is a "Right-to-Straight-Pizza" state
With some Hoosier pie parlors under police protection , we can only hope that the Godfather of Pizza, the hardest working 2012 former GOP ...
annieli 04/03/2015 19 8 - -
'splaining why some folks think planet is only 6000 years old
annieli 04/03/2015 51 24 - -
147 dead at Garissa University assault in Kenya
1. Militants enter the university grounds, two guards are shot dead 2. Shooting begins within the campus 3. Students attacked in their classrooms while preparing for exams 4. Gunmen believed ...
annieli 04/03/2015 96 88 1 -
A new feature? Stupidest Police Agency in the US: first nominee - Texas DPS
The policeman iz your frashizzle As if one had to put up with the racist brutality, poor Constitutional judgment, pathetic shooting discipline, and base unprofessionalism of the average American ...
annieli 04/02/2015 12 15 - -
The Bonfire of LoFo American Apartheid: Voter-ID, Redlining, Credit checks, Lookism, Weed
The 1% and its LoFo facilitators in the GOP 'bagger set simply want dominion at any cost and that they can employ so many willing wage-slaves to systematically make profit from it is more reason ...
annieli 04/02/2015 3 7 - -
All of the players in Security Theater: From American Taliban to American Daesh in NYC, Again!
We now have a complete theatrical production - a mass audience willing to believe simplistic notions of religion, willing reality program participants willing to strap on an exploding box, and ...
annieli 04/02/2015 2 5 - -
Lando Cotton still worried about Iranian Death Star and blowing up the bunker on Endor
Not unlike B-1 Bob Dornan of the 20th Century, Tom "Lando" Cotton is positioning the US into committing B-2 and B-52 delivered MOP ordnance to strategic bombing of Iran.
annieli 04/02/2015 9 12 - -
"Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there" Conservatives have better Gaydar?
A whole new set of cottage industries will flourish with the Indiana RFRA - is Grindr or Tinder an App for that? Here's an interesting question: How do conservatives arrive at their assumptions ...
annieli 04/01/2015 4 7 - -
"LifeZette" (aka Wonkette for Fascists): a New Laura Ingraham Website
Not an April Fool's Day joke and there's no truth to the rumor that rejected names were HuffandPuffandBlowyourHousedown Post, Daily Drudgery, or Dinesh D'souza ex-squeeze ...
annieli 04/01/2015 4 7 - -
Cosmic Ontological Proof: Hell is on planet Mercury or in Indiana
Hell might not be on Earth and even on Venus but definitely a little bit closer to the Sun, and Mercury's cries of anguish must be about Eistein's mistakes about the Perihelion Motion of ...
annieli 04/01/2015 7 2 - -
Mars attracts! Flying Saucer TO Mars
annieli 04/01/2015 7 15 - -
We now know what Putin was doing during that week he was away
In a village in the Russian republic of Dagestan, a lamb was born with distinctly human-like qualities, the Daily Mail reported. Video of the animal (see below) shows an eerily human-...
annieli 04/01/2015 7 6 - -
Warren's latest speech at major awards ceremony will be the final word on a 2016 Presidental run
Today, it was reported that Senator Elizabeth Warren will attend the first annual award show celebrating the table tent and will ...
annieli 04/01/2015 6 5 - -
Jennifer Granholm for President 2016
After all, she's been a Canadian less than Ted Cruz , and never been a Hawai'ian, an Indonesian, or a Kenyan. She has previously ...
annieli 03/31/2015 56 8 - -
Martha Stewart roasting Justin Bieber in a fine sauce, fava beans, Chianti, Yo.
From the recent Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber . M&M covered vanilla ice followed for dessert. "I know you are all wondering why I'm here tonight.
annieli 03/31/2015 13 17 - -
man killed by Mother-In-Law's gravestone
Stephen King was nowhere to be seen at this incident. A Pennsylvania man was killed Monday after the gravestone he was decorating for Easter fell on ...
annieli 03/31/2015 29 14 - -
Most GOP 2016 candidates back Pence "Ensuring Religious Freedom" with RFRA
Pence answers critics, potential 2016 candidates respond to Indiana law in WSJ op-ed
annieli 03/31/2015 14 11 - -
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