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Gone for a year
I haven't visited Daily Kos for close to a year. Last year I found myself getting increasingly upset about the news, politics and our opinions regarding each. I made a choice to remove myself from ...
arlandbaee 10/01/2014 17 - - -
Privatized Medicaid.
For the first time today, I've heard that several Republican states have accepted the Medicaid expansion under the ACA due to their privatization of their states Medicaid programs. I sincerely ...
arlandbaee 11/20/2013 4 - - -
I can't believe the media
Is criticizing the rolling out of Obamacare when the government was shut down during the entire time.
arlandbaee 10/18/2013 7 1 - -
Every time Democrats receive
Praise for anything DKos is invaded by an unbelievable number of diaries and comments trying to undermine that praise and kindle doubt and suspicion upon the Democrat's intentions and position.
arlandbaee 10/17/2013 10 4 - -
Republicans have shut down the
US Government despite thei constant and insistent claims they didn't want to. So I think it is time to start considering that shutting down the US government was their goal and even start ...
arlandbaee 10/08/2013 3 2 - -
Why did Lavabit destroy everything?
Now I don't know what Lavabit was doing with its e-mail service nor do I know what kind of person Ladar Levison is but one thing I do know is that very few people would actually destroy their own ...
arlandbaee 08/24/2013 82 1 - -
I heard the crazies are back.
During the 2010 elections, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller and Sharon Angle were three crazy political hopefuls which overtook the media's and America's attention away from the House of ...
arlandbaee 08/12/2013 7 1 - -
About student loans.
What is the current interest rate on private student loans? I keep reading how Obama's government is profiting from student loans, but the House of Representatives refused to stop the student loan ...
arlandbaee 08/03/2013 13 2 - -
Lawrence O'Donnell called
Anthony Weiner a liar on his show the other night, but tonight he did everything but call Governor McCrory a liar. McCrory was perfectly clear that he would not sign any bill that restricts ...
arlandbaee 07/31/2013 4 1 - -
Why do new "smart phones"
Consistently get reported as a news story on the Internet? Every new phone somehow gets reported as a newsworthy story. Today it's the new Google Moto X. Soon to be released. Highly anticipated ...
arlandbaee 07/19/2013 19 4 - -
Every article I've read about the
Increased surveillance by the NSA, et al, presumes that the Executive branch is the sole recipient of these powers. Just reading HR 6304 fills me with dread.
arlandbaee 07/09/2013 3 3 - -
Est. 14,000,000 protestors
In Cairo today and the so called Democratically elected President refuses to stand down.
arlandbaee 07/02/2013 12 2 - -
How long does an autopsy take?
James Gandolfini died on Wednesday in Italy and his autopsy and toxicology report are already completed. Michael Hastings died last week ...
arlandbaee 06/21/2013 35 2 - -
PRISM is an interesting name for government program.
It looks like a government acronym. If it is a government program as many people are claiming, then what does it stand for? If anyone knows, please help me out. When I googled PRISM government ...
arlandbaee 06/08/2013 16 1 - -
My education and experience has
Taught me that humans must be taught how to be selfless and compassionate. We are born with a survival instinct that's selfish and greedy. We must be taught how to share, how to be kind. We must ...
arlandbaee 06/01/2013 23 - - -
Everyone believes that health insurance premiums
Are increasing by 15-30% each year since the ACA became law. I hear it everywhere and from everyone in the media. I haven't heard a single article or report that questions that premise. Even ...
arlandbaee 05/30/2013 24 7 - -
"Be On The Lookout" to hinder or aid?
After reading the IG report and everything related to this scandal it really appears that in 2010 the IRS was on the lookout for Tea Party applications to approve them rather than disapprove them. ...
arlandbaee 05/21/2013 3 1 - -
I'm still waiting for the media
To rectify the last 8 months of accusations toward the WH and the State department regarding Benghazi. Instead I read that Republicans have come to the WH's rescue by cautioning their party against ...
arlandbaee 05/19/2013 14 1 - -
Why do Americans who say
They want to shoot someone, I.e. Hillary Clinton ,get a 1st amendment pass? If a foreigner sad such a thing they wold be arrested and imprisoned for a crime. Why can Republicans get away with ...
arlandbaee 05/19/2013 11 - - -
It's hard to believe the difference an e-mail can make.
I don't know what is true regarding what happened in Benghazi. One thing I do know is prior to the WH releasing their emails, a whole lot of Republicans were claiming that the WH and the State ...
arlandbaee 05/19/2013 13 7 - -
6 Democrat Senators
Are planning to retire in 2014. All 6 from either conservative or swing states. 1. Tom Harkin from Iowa 2. Carl levin from Michigan 3. Max Baucus from Montana 4. Frank Lautenberg from New ...
arlandbaee 04/23/2013 45 - - -
Jeb Bush? All I read is shock.
What I'm not reading are any comments from people who would again vote for another Bush. Where are these people? I know they are here. I know they are willing to vote for yet another Bush. I ...
arlandbaee 04/20/2013 18 2 - -
The President is giving all Democrats a bad name.
Reading that President Obama is once again putting SS on the table in his budget negotiations has finally pushed me over the line. I can forgive the number one elected Democrat in this country once,
arlandbaee 04/05/2013 25 18 - -
Chief Justice John Roberts' fairness today
When Chief Justice today stopped Mr. Olson today from getting into the 'Merits' of the prop 8 case being heard in front of the SCOTUS, he said, "Mr. Olson, I cut off your friend before he could get ...
arlandbaee 03/26/2013 22 8 - -
Scott Proudy, if you are out there
Watching "The Last Word" tonight I was very sad to hear how much he politicized your actions regarding your video. Knowing that Lawrence O'Donnell can afford $50,000 for a political dinner and ...
arlandbaee 03/14/2013 8 1 1 -
On Tuesday, I voted alone.
I left work at 5 pm. I got home at 5:45 pm. I walked into my community's polling place at 5:50 pm, talked with a volunteer, signed my name, voted, and was about to leave and go home when it dawned ...
arlandbaee 03/07/2013 11 14 - -
“all-around anti-liberal provocateur" NYT's replacement name for "liar"
The New York Times has described Michael Goldfarb, the 32-year-old founder of conservative site Washington Free Beacon as an “all-around anti-liberal provocateur,”a “hawkish magnet of liberal ...
arlandbaee 02/24/2013 9 6 1 -
The real reason behind America's
Failing education system. The re-privatization of education is the means to limit education, it is not the cause of the decline. The reason why education is on the decline is due to the transition ...
arlandbaee 02/23/2013 2 8 - -
The Postal Service is being systematically destroyed.
In 2011, the Post Office was denied a one cent increase in the price of stamps. The very same day FedEx increased its prices and the next day UPS followed suit. What is going on here? Where is ...
arlandbaee 02/06/2013 234 174 3 -
Idea for an Energy Policy Initiative.
According to the CIA's global oil reserve statistics and the current global oil consumption rates, oil reserves may last only another 35 years. There are people being born today who may never ...
arlandbaee 01/28/2013 5 - - -
Can Dem Senators complain
About Republican obstruction any more? I can't see how any Democratic Senator who helped defeat Filibuster reform has any grounds to complain about Republican obstruction from this day forward. It ...
arlandbaee 01/25/2013 2 4 - -
Is the US Post Service doomed?
Why is it that health insurance rate increases continue to get Government approval? Year after year my health insurance raises their prices. The price has gone up every year for the past 8 years. ...
arlandbaee 01/18/2013 51 9 - -
Watching and listening to Obama
Today, I felt the greatest surge of pride for our country than I have felt in a long time. I found myself standing up and inching closer to the TV. It felt like the closer I got to the TV the ...
arlandbaee 01/16/2013 4 7 - -
Changing Medicare age isn't
Only about Medicare. It's about Social Security as well. How many people could truly afford to retire at 65 without receiving Medicare? I don't think it's the majority.
arlandbaee 01/14/2013 14 5 - -
It's called Monetary Immunity.
If the Walton family got pissed off about something... What couldn't they do if they so inclined? Is it really that surprising that the wealthiest people receive special treatment? I've known ...
arlandbaee 01/10/2013 5 - - -
How Social Security has benefited me.
I grew up in a large household. I have 10 brothers and sisters of one kind or another and during my childhood my father worked two and three jobs at any given time. One could argue that his ...
arlandbaee 01/10/2013 30 78 - -
For crying out loud, it's getting hot!
I'm glad I'm not in Australia. How hot is hot? Temperatures in the hundreds aren't a rarity in deserts. They are and have ...
arlandbaee 01/09/2013 2 5 - -
Every day I drive by a gas station
whose advertised gas price is about $0.50/gallon higher than nearly every other gas station in the surrounding area. These stations are usually in very high traffic areas and relatively close ...
arlandbaee 01/03/2013 40 2 - -
Democrats vote for tax decreases for the wealthy!
Nearly every media outlet is saying the fiscal cliff deal is a good debt. As Lawrence O'donnell said tonight that it is the 'best' deal that Democrats could negotiate from Republicans. That is ...
arlandbaee 01/02/2013 31 4 - -
I am not one to cast blame
But if what I heard is true and the Senate democrats voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, I will finally believe that Democrats are no better than Republicans. What good is voting for ...
arlandbaee 12/31/2012 13 - - -
Mitch McConnell wants a deal?
At least 20 times today, I've heard that Mitch McConnell is the driving force behind a fiscal cliff deal. The House goes home while the Senate stays and the Senate has every responsibility for ...
arlandbaee 12/31/2012 1 2 - -
Is being a wealthy politician a
conflict of interest when it comes to raising taxes? For a fair decision on this the person would have to be either so wealthy, taxes no longer mattered to them, or they would need to have a true ...
arlandbaee 12/31/2012 1 2 - -
President Clinton's error.
Clinton should never have accomplished a budget surplus. That surplus gave Republicans a defensive argument to cut taxes. Perhaps Government shouldn never run a surplus, I don't truly know, but ...
arlandbaee 12/31/2012 6 1 - -
Congress is at fault if there's no deal
but the Senate is responsible for making a deal? Article after article reports that 'Congress' is at fault if no deal is reached, but only the Senate is responsible for making a deal. This is a ...
arlandbaee 12/31/2012 9 - - -
Every product which harms children
is either regulated, subject to child safety improvements or made illegal outright. Every product except for guns.
arlandbaee 12/30/2012 19 3 - -
The House of Reps seem to be
trying to get the Senate to overstep their bounds. All bills increasing revenue must originate in the House, so why did Boehner ask Senate Dems to get a bill on the floor instead of House Dems? ...
arlandbaee 12/29/2012 7 2 - -
If the Senate passes a tax bill
and then appears to force the House of Representatives to pass said bill, all with the President's approval, what would be the consequences of said actions? Impeachment proceedings perhaps? If I ...
arlandbaee 12/28/2012 26 - - -
To legislate or not to legislate!
Seriously, I've been watching Republicans in Washington for years now and in my opinion I rarely if ever see them actually write legislation. At least legislation that benefits this country. What ...
arlandbaee 12/26/2012 2 - - -
According to my home insurance plan
wind and storm damage is an act of God and therefore covered under my insurance plan. Flooding on the other hand is not an act of God. Even though, according to the Bible, God created the greatest ...
arlandbaee 12/25/2012 43 12 - -
Where are the Economists?
I'd like to hear from economists. I'd like nothing more than to hear from economists in the news. I'd really like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS and ABC to get expert opines from economists. I'd like ...
arlandbaee 12/21/2012 12 7 - -
Perhaps, just perhaps, Boehner
and his brethren understand that the Bush era tax cuts absolutely must expire if America is going to recover. And perhaps, just perhaps, everything up to this point has been for appearance sake. A ...
arlandbaee 12/20/2012 6 1 - -
Here we go, Democrats are getting blamed already.
Republicans are demanding cuts in SS, Medicare and Medicaid and the moment Democrats begin to consider compromising on the issue, all citizens, Republican and Democrat alike, start the Democratic ...
arlandbaee 12/18/2012 28 21 - -
Chief John Edwards tonight on
Rachel Maddow was asked about what he learned at a national summit to help prevent mass shootings and help deal with them once they occur. Chief Edwards was one of the responders to the shooting ...
arlandbaee 12/17/2012 8 3 - -
It's time we realize that Republicans don't feel guilt if their decisions end badly.
For years I've listened to Conservatives demand freedoms for speech, religion and gun ownership to name a few. Personally, I agree with all three of those and I will assume that most Americans do ...
arlandbaee 12/16/2012 17 29 - -
Have guns become as lethal as bombs?
I was thinking about this while listening to the news tonight. After coming to grip with the tragedy tonight in Newtown Ct, I thought to myself, 'Isn't the number of deaths today the equivalent of ...
arlandbaee 12/14/2012 5 2 - -
Is this the real difference?
On 12/11 I watched Cent Uygur say this about one man punching another in Michigan. "That is crazy, that never should have happened, punching him is out of control, totally unacceptable..." Even ...
arlandbaee 12/13/2012 3 - - -
Bradley Manning vs HSBC
On one hand we have private Bradley Manning serving in the US Army, observing military obscenities and deciding to blow the whistle and wake the world up to what was really going on. He turned ...
arlandbaee 12/13/2012 31 12 - -
The people I know who disagree with unions
Give the argument that union workers are lazy, but in my experience the loudest protestors against unions are the workers who think they are better than they actually are.
arlandbaee 12/12/2012 13 15 - -
HSBC committed multiple crimes.
Crimes of money laundering of Mexican cartels. Ignoring UN sanctions on countries and banks tied to terrorist organizations. And who knows what else. And the world sleeps on.
arlandbaee 12/11/2012 10 2 2 -
My sister was a factory worker
In Wisconsin. Fifteen years ago she belonged to a union. She didn't attend college, instead she went immediately to work after high school. She worked very hard. I was there when she worked the ...
arlandbaee 12/11/2012 4 20 - -
The Right to Work?
What does that really mean? The right to $8.88/hr at Walmart? No health insurance, no protection against corporate malfeasance, no assurance of equal protection and safety? What does Right to ...
arlandbaee 12/10/2012 5 7 2 -
Medicare age from 65 to 67...
Who wins and who loses? The media and politicians keep suggesting that raising the Medicare age by two years will save huge amounts of money. This idea was begun back in the late 1990s right ...
arlandbaee 12/07/2012 45 15 - -
Human advancement is community education
and interaction. Human education, learning and progress stem from humanity's ability to collectively interact, discuss, debate and combine ideas. The ability to idealize, articulate, theorise, ...
arlandbaee 11/30/2012 2 1 - -
Where can I shop?
I'm an American and I like to shop as mush as the next person but it's becoming more and more difficult for me to shop and maintain my humanitarian integrity. I refuse to spend money, if possible, ...
arlandbaee 11/24/2012 20 3 - -
Perhaps Patraeus's decision
was so his personal affairs wouldn't have any affect on the Presidential election. Personally I believe that General Patreaus remains an ethical and moral defender of America despite the ...
arlandbaee 11/12/2012 39 1 - -
If Obama wins-If Romney loses?
I am so tired of pundits trying to pre-legitimize the Presidential election. Howard Fineman tonight on Chris Matthews said that if Obama wins it will because of Obama's organization. Before that ...
arlandbaee 11/05/2012 7 2 - -
Education is the ultimate equalizer.
Two years after I graduated, my high school stopped teaching world history and European history (which is really American history in the making). Today, my high school only teaches US history as an ...
arlandbaee 11/04/2012 2 1 - -
Has anyone else noticed the
tenor of the diaries on Daily Kos lately? The number of diaries trying to imply one thing while saying another has increased 10 fold. I wonder what the statistics on this are? Am I wrong?
arlandbaee 11/03/2012 56 - - -
Ryan was spanked!
And it wasn't his Birtherday!
arlandbaee 10/11/2012 5 3 - -
America has a big problem.
My experience is that voting costs money. Our Democracy should NOT be based on cost but in the past 10 years I have seen a significant increase in the price of legislation. It costs money to enact ...
arlandbaee 10/10/2012 2 1 - 52
Who can we believe?
This is a serious question for everyone who is truly interested in America's future. The debate between Romney and Obama was like listening to a debate about the existence of Bigfoot. On one side ...
arlandbaee 10/10/2012 8 - - 56
The Crime of Health Care Insurance
According to my calculations my employers and me have paid at least $90,000 to health insurance companies in the last 20 years, for myself alone. $90,000 for just myself for health care insurance I ...
arlandbaee 09/01/2012 13 3 1 72
Like History, the Future is now in the control of revisionists.
I did a quick poll of my employees yesterday. The question I asked was: "What caused the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11?" Out of 11 people, 10 had terrorist in their answer. 1 ...
arlandbaee 08/31/2012 12 6 - 89
The lies are really getting to me.
I have a real problem with lies. All my life I've calling out liars on the lies they tell. But I just can't keep up. I really can't keep abreast of the lies any more. They are so many and so ...
arlandbaee 08/27/2012 32 8 - 133
Bank Bailout money
I received a message from a friend today who has been investigating the banks who received money from the 2008 bailouts. According to him and his research, the banks receiving the most money in ...
arlandbaee 07/26/2012 4 - - 45
Climate change is a hoax?
Really? The US has had one of the hottest years in history and southern Europe is no experiencing the same heat wave. 97% of Greenland's ice cap has recently undergone a melting spree. Corn and ...
arlandbaee 07/24/2012 16 6 - 146
Not a word about climate change
Here is an article about the ongoing draught in America. How it has occurred so quickly and how widespread it is becoming.
arlandbaee 07/17/2012 12 8 1 92
Creating a database of confirmed liars?
Would this be a good idea? The Supreme Court decided recently that lying about receiving a Medal of Honor isn't against the law. Lying is protected as free speech in the constitution. In response ...
arlandbaee 07/15/2012 8 - - 88
There's pain in being misunderstood.
Two days ago I posted a diary about private health care and how I became a member in that institution. When describing my personal experience I used words that created a startling negative reaction.
arlandbaee 07/06/2012 58 2 - 305
The LIE about private Health Care Insurance.
For 25 years my chosen profession has been America's health care industry. My career began as a Navy corpsman, petty officer third class. After 6 years of active duty I continued working for the ...
arlandbaee 07/04/2012 251 88 5 1628
Whatever reasons John Roberts based his decision upon doesn't matter.
What really matters is that the SCOTUS of America ruled 5-4 that the individual mandate is a tax. How long will it be before people protest about paying a tax to private insurance companies. I can'...
arlandbaee 06/29/2012 28 - - 166
Is Health Care more like a gun or more like broccoli?
If SCOTUS had scuttled the ACA, Romney's new slogan would have been something like; "I succeeded where Obama failed". Now that SCOTUS upheld the ACA, Romney can say "I did it first". Are these ...
arlandbaee 06/29/2012 9 - - 43
Most of my family live below the poverty line.
I grew up in a very large family. Both my parents were from large families. All 4 of my grandparents were from large families. I have come to realize this was the norm for farmers which my family ...
arlandbaee 06/27/2012 26 25 1 175
If the House of Representatives find our US Attorney General in Contempt of Congress
next week, what repercussions will that have? This is a question people should be asking themselves and each other. There is a reason behind this utter madness that no one is talking about. Why ...
arlandbaee 06/21/2012 43 7 - 249
What is the best way to judge political actions?
Personally, I use the common sensometer. It's quite similar to Willie Wonka's eggdicator. When you listen to politicians speak, what does your common sensometer tell you about those words? ...
arlandbaee 06/20/2012 10 - - 34
A sales rep came to talk to me
yesterday. She wanted my company's business. I've met her before and her company provides a moderately good service. I've sent some business her way in the past. But yesterday I was taken by ...
arlandbaee 06/19/2012 27 23 - 295
Paul Krugman on PBS, the narrator
aggrandized his joke about aliens and tried to deride his position with sneering commentary. People should listen to the narrator of this program and how he adds his own opinions about what Krugman ...
arlandbaee 06/18/2012 15 2 - 217
My name is Lisa Brown,
ask me again and I'll knock you down. Dear Mrs. Brown, I loved what you did yesterday in Michigan. You and your colleague were inspirational. But you did get shut down. Like most women you were ...
arlandbaee 06/14/2012 3 17 - 137
What Chris Hayes didn't say.
If everyone who dies during war is a hero, how can anyone (parents for example) complain about their son's or daughter's death? Seriously, it must be difficult to complain to your government about ...
arlandbaee 06/08/2012 17 22 1 234
Chris Hayes may be one of the most
intelligent people of my generation. It has been a privilege to listen to his ideas about our society. His perspective on the path America has taken in the past and the path America is currently ...
arlandbaee 06/07/2012 43 31 1 334
Work today was abysmal.
The first shadow that arose was when I realized how few was the number of people I work with who actually voted yesterday.
arlandbaee 06/06/2012 4 2 - 123
Republicans are certainly doing one thing right.
When they are elected into power nearly every action they take undermines the security and stability of those already teetering on the edge. They ignore the wealthy and those already living in ...
arlandbaee 06/05/2012 8 2 - 106
What is wrong with Waukesha
County. Every election for the past 4 years they are one of the last counties to send their results in. For a county that has one of the highest medium household incomes in the state of Wisconsin, ...
arlandbaee 06/05/2012 8 3 - 149
Wisconsin's turnout tomorrow.
I've read that Wisconsin's minority, youth and low-income votes won't be there tomorrow. I've heard this from so many diarists, I can't count them all. I just want to say this to all of those ...
arlandbaee 06/04/2012 6 1 - 229
Recently, I've had an idea for a product
which could help everyone everywhere. The idea is technological in nature and I found myself struggling to encapsulate my idea into today's technology.
arlandbaee 05/31/2012 19 2 - 128
The Time difference between
Republicans and Democrats. How many times must one hear a Republican say Obama hasn't done anything in his first 4 years in office and then turn around and suggest reform over a 10 year period?
arlandbaee 05/30/2012 3 2 - 24
How do we 'fight' without fighting?
This question continues to baffle me. As a liberal I would never countenance physical violence but I am continually flummoxed by this seeming contradiction. The very idea that significant change ...
arlandbaee 05/23/2012 13 4 - 67
I want to express my feelings about equal rights.
The NAACP recently expressed their support for same sex marriage rights. The CEO equated discriminating against same sex marriage with discriminating against African Americans.
arlandbaee 05/22/2012 7 6 - 83
Perception vs reality of a forced haircut
Think about getting a hair cut for a minute. The only times I remember getting a hair cut during my teens was when it was a bad hair cut. Especially a really bad hair cut. I received a hair cut ...
arlandbaee 05/13/2012 14 12 1 118
Log cabin republicans criticize President Obama.
President Obama proclaimed his support for marriage equality for gays and lesbians. An incredibly courageous statement for any citizen much less a politician much less the President himself. ...
arlandbaee 05/11/2012 8 4 - 144
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