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If the ACA was meant to penalize states that let the feds set up exchanges, why no penalties?
Alternative title if we could write longer diary titles, to really drive the point home: "If the federal government wanted to penalize states that let the federal government set up an exchange for ...
asdfwasnotavailable 03/04/2015 4 2 - -
So, let's say it's my sincerely-held religious belief that tax rates aren't progressive enough...
I think there's some excellent support in the Bible for the idea that food should be given to the hungry, clothes to the naked, etc., which I believe translates to a general societal obligation to ...
asdfwasnotavailable 06/30/2014 18 14 - -
No Trillion Dollar Coin / Could this lead to maybe throwing Republican House members in jail?
To answer the sensational question first, I'm going to sigh deeply, and say that even though not raising the debt ceiling would seem to be breaking the law, jail would probably never happen in the ...
asdfwasnotavailable 01/13/2013 26 3 - -
Actual Fiscal Curb Deal #'s - or - Why the angst re: $400K/$450K when the CED rates are ~600% worse?
Newly-added very short summary: CED rates are capital gains/estate/dividend tax rates. In the "Fiscal Cliff" deal, the CED rates cost us about $660 billion in revenue versus not addressing them at ...
asdfwasnotavailable 01/09/2013 33 32 - -
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