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Freddy Gray: Critical Condition and Induced Coma After Arrest by Baltimore Police
Add another one to the list: (Reuters) - A man was in critical condition in the hospital on Monday after being arrested by several Baltimore police officers in an incident that was at least partly ...
astral66 04/14/2015 16 6 - -
Amercian Singer Songwriter J J Cale Has Died
One of the great masters of American music has passed. From the BBC: An announcement on his personal website said he had passed away at a hospital in La Jolla, California, on Friday. Born in ...
astral66 07/27/2013 17 31 - -
Breaking: Teacher's Aide Shot in Erie, PA, Elementary School
This is horrible: Erie School District officials are allowing students to leave McKinley Elementary School, but only in the company of their parents. Erie police said a teacher's aide was shot this ...
astral66 05/10/2013 42 90 2 -
The Malignant Tumor Known As Guantanamo: Mr. President, Shut It Down!
I can't believe we are in the second term of the Obama presidency and this cancer is still festering in the body of the American politic: MIAMI (AP) — Months of increased tension at the ...
astral66 04/13/2013 47 4 - -
Conn. High School Football Players Charged With Rape, 13-Year Old Victim Already Being Harrassed
I haven't seen this being reported anywhere else. Keep the light of day on this one: Two members of the Torrington High School football team have been charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old ...
astral66 03/20/2013 201 208 1 -
Politics (from Greek politikos "of, for, or relating to citizens")
Having first watched this clip this morning: Joe Scarborough Destroys Rep. Tim Huelskamp: 'We Can't Even Talk About [Gun Control] Without You ... Insulting Me Personally? (VIDEO) Joe Scarborough ...
astral66 12/21/2012 4 4 - -
An alien spaceship lands in the midst of the GOP House caucus...
An alien spaceship lands in the midst of the GOP House caucus. The aliens step out and say to the Republicans gathered there, "Take us to your leader"... ...someone help me finish the joke here.
astral66 12/20/2012 29 7 - -
Will There Be A Protest At The "Meet The Press" NBC-4 Studio In Washington D.C. This Sunday?
David Gregory will be hosting NRA Crime Family Head Wayne La Pierre on "Meet the Press" this Sunday. To this writer, this is equivalent to Iranian President Ahmadinejad addressing the United Nations.
astral66 12/20/2012 14 7 - -
Breaking: Michigan Gov Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill
A moment of sanity from Michigan! Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would have allowed gun owners with extra training to carry concealed weapons in schools and churches, ...
astral66 12/18/2012 25 35 - -
Also Breaking: Indiana Man Arrested with 47 Guns after Threatening to Shoot Up School
And now this, also from Talking Points Memo: An Indiana man was arrested Saturday after allegedly threatening to kill people at an elementary school near his home, the AP reports. Police officers ...
astral66 12/16/2012 191 100 1 -
Breaking: Bomb Threat at Newtown, CT Church
UPDATE: Police have given the "all clear" sign at the church, according to NBC News. From Talking Points Memo: AP: Churchgoers Flee Over Possible Threat In CT Churchgoers quickly left services ...
astral66 12/16/2012 17 15 - -
This is Victoria Soto, She Gave Her Life to Save Her Students
I saw this in the diary of VetGrl, as posted by Clytemnestra: This is what a hero looks like.
astral66 12/15/2012 70 258 3 -
Crumbling Infrastructure: Bridge Collapse in NJ Dumps Hazardous Chemicals into Creek
A perfect example to support President Obama's call for more infrastructure spending. A railroad bridge in Paulsboro, NJ, collapsed this morning, causing a serious hazardous chemicals spill: Four ...
astral66 11/30/2012 95 195 3 -
McCain Can't Think of a Single Republican Credible Enough to Negotiate for Peace
Sen. John McCain (R-Senile) has been receiving praise from some circles for proposing Bill Clinton as peace negotiator for the current troubles in the Near East: McCain spoke in an interview on CBS,
astral66 11/19/2012 17 12 - -
Before You Start Bashing Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) Read This
Rachel Maddow had a great segment on her show the night after the election. It concerned Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, who is currently being bashed in a diary on the rec list here at Daily Kos: ...
astral66 11/11/2012 293 616 6 -
My $3 Beat the Koch's and Rove's $3 Billion!!! (w/ poll)
How cool is that? Granted I also kicked in $5 and $10 a few times, but that $3 donation was the first one this year, and it felt so good to give a little, the next time I gave a little more. Part of ...
astral66 11/06/2012 9 13 - -
BREAKING: OH SOS Husted Busted - Installed Uncertified & Untested Software on OH Voting Machines
From the Columbus Free Press: At 9am Election Day, a federal judge will decide whether untested and uncertified secret software will remain on Ohio’s vote tabulation and reporting systems in 39 ...
astral66 11/05/2012 524 684 13 -
I Have Only Checked Nate Silver's 538 Site About 270 Times Today (w/Poll!)
Actually, the number is probably higher than that. I know that at any minute he is going to update it, and the numbers for Obama will be even better. It hasn't updated, so I know it will any second ...
astral66 11/03/2012 27 7 - -
Mitt To Tell Obama To "Man Up" On Libya Tonight
"Nothing But Sleaze" is how Josh Marshall at TPM just summed up the appearance of Romney foreign policy adviser Richard Williamson on Fox News earlier today. Richard Williamson is Mitt Romney’s ...
astral66 10/16/2012 51 19 - -
Mitt's Story About George Romney Walking Out Of '64 RNC Over Civil Rights Revealed To Be A Lie
“[My father] walked out of the Republican National Convention in 1964, when Barry Goldwater said, 'Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,'" he told Bay Windows, a LGBT interest magazine ...
astral66 10/16/2012 14 22 - -
Flip-Flop Whiplash: Romney Contradicts Himself on "Hope is Not a Strategy"
Words are funny things. Right now, the headline of the Washington Post reads "Romney: Hope is Not a Strategy in the Middle East" (from his "foreign policy" address at VMI today). And yet in the ...
astral66 10/08/2012 2 - - 55
Obama's Approval Rating Hits 54%, Highest in Gallup Poll Since '09
Gallup's daily tacking poll released Thursday shows that 54% of American adults approve of President Barack Obama's job performance. This is his highest mark since November 2009. His disapproval ...
astral66 10/05/2012 21 22 - 284
update: A Complete Disaster for Romney (now with poll!)
Romney spewed more lies tonight than any of us could possibly list, but the journalists will be poring over them for the next week, and matching them up with Romney's previous statements. Obama hung ...
astral66 10/03/2012 629 592 5 6562
Breaking: Obama's Campaign Co-Chair Did Not Quit Today
In a bizarre twist to today's news items, it appears to have gone completely unnoticed that President Obama's campaign co-chair DID NOT QUIT TODAY!!! This is excellent news for the Obama campaign, ...
astral66 09/20/2012 12 8 - 281
Midwest Farmers to Romney: "Dear Mitt, You Don't Put The Windmill 'On' The Car...
Having driven across places like Kansas with mile after mile of wind farms, here is the TV ad I would like to see the Obama campaign go up with: Kansas/Iowa/ etc... farmer standing with wind farm ...
astral66 08/17/2012 18 22 1 152
Thank You Russ Feingold!!!
Russ just conceded. Damn. I guess this is now a big THANK YOU diary. A real class act: "The people of Wisconsin have spoken, and I respect their decision," Russ Feingold told ...
astral66 11/02/2010 314 593 3 269
George W Bush to Speak in Erie, PA, on June 17
What did we do to deserve this? Pennsylvania went for Obama in a big way, Arlen Specter just jumped ship and joined our ranks, and now we have the Torturer-in-Chief deciding to set foot in the dear ...
astral66 04/30/2009 55 16 2 27
Oh Noz! Tonight's Leno Gaffe, Friday's Obama Scandal (w/ poll)
As most of you are aware, Obama will appear on Jay Jeno tonight. Of course, the show was already taped, and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC Countdown just let it be known that part of Obama and Leno's chat ...
astral66 03/19/2009 267 12 2 20
Limbaugh Republicans vs. America
Election season in the US never really stops, does it? No sooner had Nov. 4 passed and the 2010 election talk started. This past week all eyes were on CPAC and straw polls looking even further ahead ...
astral66 03/04/2009 4 8 - 14
Bobby Jindal, Undertaker (w/poll)
Watching Bobby Jindal end his national aspirations in under ten minutes last night was a moment to behold. I can't think of a worse Republican response to a presidential address, ever. His tone ...
astral66 02/25/2009 38 6 - 14
"B" Hoax Photographer Only Gave Photos to College Republicans and Police
Huge update: The photographer who took the photos of Ashley Todd's self-inflicted injuries, only gave copies of the digital photos to the Pittsburgh police, and to her employers, the College ...
astral66 10/25/2008 44 42 2 38
Send Matt Drudge a Sympathy Note!
Will there be any repercusions for Matt Drudge's help in perpetrating the "McCain Volunteer Mutilated" hoax on the American public?
astral66 10/24/2008 49 7 - 1
McCain Camp in Legal Trouble Over POW Clip: McCain's Bad Day Just Got Worse
The McCain campaign finds itself having to defend itself in its use of the POW interview footage. The Telegraph has a story up today titled, "
astral66 10/23/2008 36 28 - 15
Next Spin Cycle: Iran 'Prefers' Obama Presidency
Here we go again. First we had the "Hamas Favors Obama" story a few months ago, which the McCain campaign spun as a "terrorists love Obama" smear. This week we had the "Al Queda Endorses McCain" ...
astral66 10/22/2008 19 2 - 2
Fayetteville Observer: Tires Slashed on 30 Obama Supporters Cars at Rally
The Fayetteville Observer reports that the tires of thirty cars at the Obama rally last night were slashed.
astral66 10/20/2008 527 701 12 100
Obama's Career Launched in the Living Room of a Rabbi
"...We had the first coffee for Barack," Rabbi Wolf said. The Republicans have been very effective in their smear campaign against Obama to always use the phrase "...
astral66 10/14/2008 42 38 - 120
Barack Obama Video by Cocoa Tea
Here's a great tribute song to Barack Obama by Jamaican reggae artist Cocoa Tea. The 7" vinyl single came out about a week ago and sold out almost immediately.
astral66 04/21/2008 16 8 1 1
Standing Room Only at Obama Town Hall in Erie, PA
I just got back from the town hall meeting with Obama in Erie, Pennsylvania, held at the Penn-State Behrend Campus sports arena. Tickets were sold out early yesterday (they were free of course, but ...
astral66 04/18/2008 171 403 9 93
Big Crowd Shows Up for Obama Tickets in Erie, PA
Barack Obama is holding a Town Hall Meeting in Erie, PA, on Friday, April 18th at 10:30am.
astral66 04/16/2008 10 12 - 5
Kentucky Republicans Play the "Boy" Card
Gotta love those Kentucky good ol' boys! As has been pointed out elsewhere today, Northern Kentucky's 4th Congressional District Lincoln Day Dinner, that was held on Saturday night, was full of pot-...
astral66 04/14/2008 22 2 - 7
Bitter and Angry in Rural Pennsylvania: Obama's Reality vs. Hillary's Fantasy
Maybe there aren't many Bubbas driving around in pickup trucks with the classic bumper sticker "God, Guns and Guts Made America Free" where Obama's detractors live, but here in rural Pennsylvania ...
astral66 04/12/2008 554 838 39 241
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