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Wisconsin: A Rail Line Runs Through It
A few weeks ago I wrote a diary about Enbridge Line 61, an expansion of an existing pipeline that Enbridge would like to run Tar Sands dilbit through. This pipeline runs right through Wisconsin, and ...
badscience 07/08/2014 8 13 - -
HALP! No more Univision for World Cup streaming?
HALP! The Univision site seems to be no longer streaming World Cup now that we are in the semi-finals. What is a poor girl without cable TV to do? Any recommendations from World-Cup-Watchers out ...
badscience 07/08/2014 23 4 - -
Wisconsin: A Pipeline Runs Through It
Enbridge Energy is quietly working on a significant expansion of their pipeline Line 61 to carry toxic "tar sands" oil through Wisconsin, putting the watersheds for Lake Superior and Lake Michigan ...
badscience 06/25/2014 37 58 2 -
WI Open Source Project:
Hello Sconnies! A fellow citizen is working on an open-source timeline of Walker's abuses to the good State of Wisconsin. You can find it at . Note the adorable favicon.
badscience 04/21/2014 13 29 - -
New Rules: This Is Why We Love Wisconsin's Activists
Today was the mandatory public hearing on the proposed new rules put forward by the Wisconsin Department of Administration. "The rule order amends Chapter Adm. 2, relating to use of state buildings ...
badscience 02/21/2014 38 90 5 -
Stop Hatin' on 80s Music!
I know, I know… people's musical loves and hates are profound and personal, but a few comments in musical diaries last week got me all riled up, defending music from that "detested decade." Sure, ...
badscience 11/30/2013 197 25 2 -
Weather Radio Still Works! Despite Gov't Shutdown
There's a thunderstorm outside, complete with juicy gray-green clouds, lightening bolts and fat raindrops. Just a moment ago, I heard a horrible digital bleeping sound that sent the cat streaking ...
badscience 10/05/2013 4 5 - -
My Weather Radio Alarm Just Went Off
Everyone in the house was like "What is that awful beeping noise?" and I proudly said, "That is our new weather radio!" And now there is thunder rumbling outside. The digital display is scrolling ...
badscience 05/30/2013 49 94 - -
Unsecured Gun Cache in My Peaceful Suburb
You never know what is going on in your behind your neighbor's closed doors, but sometimes when you find out, it scares the crap out of you. I live in a fairly calm suburb of Milwaukee. Most of ...
badscience 02/23/2013 348 237 1 -
Amazingly hokey, clueless and racist pro-mining video
This is a video documenting a conversation between Shirl LaBarre of Hayward, WI and what must be a tree face come to life . The production values are laughable but that isn't really the story here.
badscience 01/28/2013 15 13 - -
UPDATE: Husband is in custody (tentative murder charge)
Update: 3:00 press conference for which I am trying to find a link has occurred. Local press has covered itself in glory, once again, by blaming the victim. From a fb status of a friend who listened ...
badscience 12/27/2012 322 203 2 -
OLB on a Friday Night: Massive Law Enforcement "Crackdown"
Something about last night's message sure got under someone's skin. Perhaps someone powerful. Perhaps someone with skin in the game who isn't in the public eye. Or perhaps someone in law enforcement ...
badscience 08/25/2012 39 70 1 326
Action Diary: Call the DNC about Wisconsin (updated with links to White House contact forms & more)
The Scott Walker Recall in Wisconsin is nearing its final stages; we have not-so-great poll numbers in the fight against Scotty, and we have almost no money to fight his Super PAC funded campaign of ...
badscience 05/16/2012 18 24 1 110
Meet the Poverty Possum! Alive and Unwell in Wisconsin. (artistic action update)
So just who is this Poverty Possum? Semi-serious update: Call to Artistic Action! Some commenters below have been discussing the Power of the Possum as a symbol ...
badscience 01/27/2012 51 102 - 643
Scott Walker Billboard Fail (another Bwuhahaha moment)
photo from See "Ol' Dead ...
badscience 01/11/2012 118 332 2 2806
Dozens Rally in Support of Gov Walker. Bwuhahaha!
WISN (local ABC affiliate) reports that "dozens of people" rallied in support of Governor Scott Walker. Dozens, eh?
badscience 01/08/2012 161 220 3 1619
The Boycott and the Ban Hammer
Like any community, the DKos community is a complex thing. I love the richness of offerings that have blossomed under the initial umbrella calling for "more and better Democrats." I learn a lot here,
badscience 09/11/2011 6 31 1 193
WI Recalls: Republican Unrest (update with Act Blue link)
There's a little bit of thrashing in the shallow end of the Republican political pool. Republican Assemblyman Robin Vos has ...
badscience 08/11/2011 91 199 4 1595
Recall Walker Yard Signs: Illegal?
I am heartened every day when I see "Recall Walker" bumper stickers and yard signs. I am particularly chuffed when I see them in my neighborhood. I live in Wauwatosa, where that SOB Walker lives ...
badscience 07/27/2011 52 36 1 351
Voter Suppression in WI (video)
This is not my story, although it is everyone's story in a society that claims to be democratic and free. madtowngirl2, a mother in Madison, recently took her son to get his free voter ID card at ...
badscience 07/24/2011 42 54 1 277
Walker is His Own Reward
I am a state employee in Wisconsin. As you can imagine, I get a lot of email in my inbox from top-level State and University list-serves. You can also probably imagine that much of it ends up victim ...
badscience 05/02/2011 17 26 1 192
Darling Recall: some demographics and statistics
As an “invigorated” (incensed, outraged, enraged) citizen of Wisconsin, I have become involved in a range of activist activities. One activity is the Recall Alberta Darling campaign. In an ...
badscience 03/24/2011 35 66 - 444
Update: Today! ~LABOR DOLLARS~ Madison WI Saturday 12 March
[edit on Saturday morning] It's today, so if you're in Madison, drop by!
badscience 03/11/2011 10 23 1 175
"Obama Operatives" and "Union Thugs" Behind Darling Recall
This will come as no surprise to anyone - in Wisconsin or beyond our borders - that the narrative about the recall efforts against Republicans in the state senate is being cooked up, financed and ...
badscience 03/09/2011 94 162 4 1002
In Which Poppa Sensenbrenner Sends Us to Bed Without Supper
My husband and I went to a town hall meeting with our representatives this evening at the Wauwatosa (WI) City Hall and Public Library, hosted by Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R, WI) with newly-...
badscience 03/07/2011 48 115 4 420
Town Hall in Wisconsin
This is my partner's story. He attended a town hall meeting/listening session this evening in Wauwatosa WI, held by our State ...
badscience 02/16/2011 8 13 - 67
My email to my students
I work at a state university, and as such have significant (and appropriate) restrictions put upon my potential "electioneering activities." But I also believe that it is my right - and even perhaps ...
badscience 10/15/2010 13 11 1 60
The End of WAR - AK Legislature Votes "No" to Palin's AG Nominee
I don't have much, but here is Celtic Diva's Blue ...
badscience 04/16/2009 110 313 3 38
National Bankruptcy Day
On February 10, 2009, what appears to be a fairly draconian solution to unsafe children's clothes/toys will be enacted. While I am not involved in making children's toys or clothes, many of my "...
badscience 01/03/2009 14 4 - 23
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