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The Decline of Falsifiability and the Rise of Ideology
Recently there has been much discussion and debate on the revelations of government surveillance programs. While I think the specifics of those revelations, and the debate around them, are ...
barath 07/21/2013 21 9 2 -
The Best Climate Policy is Also the Simplest
We need climate policy beyond individual action---that seems indisputable given the scope of the challenge. And maybe, just maybe , Whitehouse officials are now planning out what it might look like.
barath 01/23/2013 61 85 3 -
Tree Debt
Lately I've been listening to some talks on climate change, such as this one by Prof. Kevin Anderson , and the news, not surprisingly, keeps getting worse. Anderson discusses many factors that have ...
barath 11/22/2012 6 15 - -
How to Repair the Voting System: Sec. Debra Bowen's Answer
President Obama mentioned last night that we need to fix the voting system. Yes, definitely. Fortunately, making our voting system work better isn't hard, we just need to look to people who've ...
barath 11/07/2012 302 561 24 -
There's No Emergency Room for the Planet
The metaphors in that statement really hit home for me: most of us living in wealthy nations know, somewhere deep-down, that if something bad happens to us that there'll be something and/or someone ...
barath 11/01/2012 22 32 - -
A Hole Atop the World
I'm a contrarian, so I tend to believe that it's darkest before dawn about a lot of things. And things are pretty dark when you look at how the climate is changing, when even the IEA is saying ...
barath 05/23/2012 74 64 6 536
Free Energy Does Not Occur in Nature
[F]ree energy does not occur in nature... There's one thing about that Orlov quote that has struck me over the years: how it applies more broadly than he originally meant it. It's not just that ...
barath 05/14/2012 23 12 1 151
Weekday Vegetarian: some Whys and Hows and Whats
Hi everyone - this is my first time posting about something I think is very important: taking that next step after doing meatless Mondays : saving meat for the weekend .
barath 05/07/2012 17 26 3 152
The Wisdom of Deathbed (Nuclear) Conversion
In 2005 it seemed that everything had changed. And then in 2007 it happened again. All of a sudden the only thing to expect was the unexpected. I'm talking of course about the weather, and the ...
barath 04/22/2012 39 5 - 99
Bill McKibben on the End of Growth
We all know Bill McKibben---one of the shining lights of the national (and international) environmental community, who's been educating us about climate change longer than most any journalist. His ...
barath 04/08/2012 151 221 18 1093
MIT team: global economic collapse by 2030
The latest look at a classic global ecological analysis from MIT: Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030 : A new study from researchers at Jay W. ...
barath 04/05/2012 246 267 30 1962
If Only We Had Free Energy
I thought I'd do a thought experiment. Suppose tomorrow morning a hypothetical university---let's call it T.I.M.---sends out their weekly press release claiming a "revolutionary breakthrough" that ...
barath 03/20/2012 25 15 - 150
Message from bonddad: Please Stop Writing About Economics
Bonddad, who was a long-time diarist here at Daily Kos, has a message for political bloggers (on the right, but also the left): stop writing about economics. I've asked him for permission to post ...
barath 03/02/2012 1064 147 7 2514
Oil: In perpetuity no more
Recently we've heard from many U.S. media outlets that drill-baby-drill is the answer to our oil woes, and we've heard from Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich an echo of this point of view. Maybe it ...
barath 02/22/2012 47 17 1 172
The Clean Energy Dividend
We need climate policy above and beyond individual action; that much seems indisputable given the scope of the challenge. However the usual approaches are a bit wanting. The most common two ...
barath 02/12/2012 15 9 - 80
Are We Facing Growth or Decline, Utopia or Collapse?
It seems there are many camps when it comes to our energy and climate future. Some don't think there's a problem. Some think we'll not only solve our problems, but produce even more energy more ...
barath 02/09/2012 30 9 2 114
Jeff Masters: the Climate Has Shifted to a New State
The media is talking about the weird weather we've been having, but they tend to ignore the elephant in the room. ...
barath 02/06/2012 280 525 18 2866
Dealing with a Volatile World: Buffers
Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most powerful. In a more volatile world, one brought on by the converging challenges of energy, environment, and society, one such concept might be of a lot ...
barath 02/06/2012 20 37 2 258
Huge Green Energy Breakthroughs from MIT?
There have been a bunch of exciting new green energy developments that are real breakthroughs that could solve our energy and climate crisis. Or at least they look like they could have been real ...
barath 02/04/2012 39 55 6 495
Computing in the Long Emergency
Where will computing go in the coming years? I thought I should find out, so I watched this ...
barath 01/31/2012 8 7 - 139
A Real Energy Agenda for the SOTU
You may have read that President Obama is going to propose energy as a key piece of his agenda ...
barath 01/24/2012 23 7 - 116
On "Wealth Creators" and Inverted Pyramids
In a recent discussion online, a somewhat calm conservative commenter made the following claim: Obama is a decent man...but fundamentally misundertands the key to wealth and job creation.
barath 01/22/2012 22 12 1 145
One longer game Obama has yet to play
I've loved watching critics flail in their attempts to take down Sullivan's recent Newsweek cover story on President Obama. Sullivan lays out ...
barath 01/18/2012 24 12 - 232
Texas Mandates Climate Denial in School
Just when you thought climate denial hadn't already pervaded every arena of public and private life... Texas and Louisiana have introduced education standards that require educators to ...
barath 01/16/2012 25 14 - 190
Ecological Limits: the Role of Progressivism
What is progressivism? What is it to be a progressive? The history of the concept goes back a few hundred years to the enlightenment, and in one ...
barath 01/15/2012 85 19 2 270
The Murdoch energy lie that went around the world
...while the truth is putting on its shoes. The Wall Street Journal reported some exciting news not that long ago---you might have heard about it. We no longer have energy problems.
barath 01/11/2012 13 18 1 143
An Oil, Energy, and Alternatives FAQ
Over the past two years I've had the chance to give presentations on energy in front of different audiences, and have enjoyed the discussions that followed. However, I've found that there's a lot of ...
barath 01/08/2012 29 24 9 169
Persistent Pervasive Pollutants
Recently I read McKay Jenkins's What's Gotten Into Us? . The book, like many others in recent years, attempted to catalog the ways in which we've invisibly transformed our lived environment ...
barath 01/01/2012 39 63 6 368
Do we work for the Market, or does it work for Us?
Which of these two statements is more accurate? The market system will automatically bring us the future we want. We must decide for ourselves ...
barath 12/27/2011 28 23 1 205
Climate Change vs. Peak Oil
I've been wondering for the past year about the interactions between climate change and peak oil. They're twin problems, rooted in our dependence upon fossil fuels (and oil in particular). But there'
barath 12/18/2011 134 68 9 571
A Psychological Carbon Tax
There's plenty of understanding that efficiency measures can sometimes (often) fail if they fall victim to Jevon's Paradox . The common ...
barath 12/12/2011 30 13 - 169
The End of Wall Street: a Steady-State Economy
Last week I established why we're at the end of economic growth as we know it . With that comes the end of Wall Street as we know it. The protests going on now may hasten that end, but the end is ...
barath 10/09/2011 79 91 11 711
Richard Heinberg's MEMO TO THE #OCCCUPY MOVEMENT (A Post Growth Economy)
Everyone's asking the question - what comes next for #occupywallst? Let's say we wrest control from the banks. What then? Richard ...
barath 10/05/2011 7 12 1 71
The End of Economic Growth
You might have heard the news: we're at the end of growth. Growth of the economy, of consumption, of wealth. That this would happen isn’t news to those who’ve followed the writings of Meadows, ...
barath 10/02/2011 188 104 14 899
BREAKING: New Recession Guaranteed says ECRI
The head of ECRI announced today that the U.S. economy is guaranteed to be entering a new recession . (Video below the fold.) Who is ECRI ?
barath 09/30/2011 31 5 1 194
The irrelevant stock market: the DOM index
There's no better evidence that the stock market has no connection to the lives of Americans than the fact that the Dow has been tanking of late. As of the close on 9/9/11 it's down about 14% over ...
barath 09/10/2011 8 4 - 58
ACTION: Time to make some Jobs calls
It's time to start flooding the phone lines in Washington. It's time to call our senators and congresspeople. Tell them you heard what President Obama said last night, and you want them to pass ...
barath 09/09/2011 19 33 - 184
Big Zero: Why Today's Jobs Report is Old News
The big news today is that no new jobs were created in the past ...
barath 09/02/2011 28 6 - 198
The roads to our alternative energy future
A while back I tried to figure out whether we can keep running things the way we're running them: do we need to ...
barath 08/24/2011 58 30 4 263
The "Oil Choke Collar" on the World Economy
There's been a lot of discussion of late of an imminent downturn or a double-dip recession. Some blame the debt ceiling fiasco and the GOP's hostage taking. Others blame Euro-zone debt and banking ...
barath 08/09/2011 5 3 1 76
How much energy does the Internet use?
At the moment I'm using the Internet, as are you. In many ways, the Internet is the largest and perhaps most successful global system ever built by humanity. And yet because of the way it was built-
barath 08/03/2011 17 29 8 288
Invisible waste (part 1): Water
Environmentally aware individuals are perpetually bombarded by the worst sort of false choice, one that's been drilled into us even by environmental activist organizations. You know the sort of ...
barath 07/16/2011 26 29 - 164
Towards a better measure of Everything
Can there be a good single metric that can measure everything we care about---the things that make human life good? Probably not. But maybe we can try for less bad. Right now the metrics we use ...
barath 07/13/2011 15 19 3 184
We have an Energy ceiling, not a Debt ceiling
A good rule of thumb is that when there is consensus on an issue in Washington (or Wall Street), it's probably wrong . There's a real consensus right now in Washington, even though ...
barath 07/09/2011 93 47 4 333
You and I own some Oil
You and I own some oil. It's in the ground in Texas and Louisiana. Much has been made of the recent decision to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Some are for it, others are against it. ...
barath 07/05/2011 11 12 - 187
Blindspots of the Green Energy Movement
Can we run our society on alternative / green energy? We know we need to get off of fossil fuels. So what should we do? I think it's possible that the green energy movement sees ...
barath 06/26/2011 150 61 5 607
Nine Pitfalls of Alternative Energy
We're at the end of economic growth as we know it. Not everyone has realized this yet, but it has arrived nevertheless as I discussed in recent diaries [
barath 06/12/2011 15 13 1 132
Transportation After the End of Economic Growth
We're at the end of economic growth as we know it. Not everyone has realized this yet, but it has arrived nevertheless. A few weeks ...
barath 06/05/2011 14 6 - 87
Life After the End of Economic Growth
We're at the end of economic growth as we know it. Not everyone has realized this yet, but it has arrived nevertheless. In past weeks I ...
barath 05/22/2011 143 72 5 561
Why we need optimistic pessimism: the End of Growth
We're at the end of growth. Growth of the economy, of consumption, of wealth. Below I'll describe in brief why this is the case and the beginnings of what we might do about it.
barath 05/01/2011 94 59 7 474
Alternative energy won't save us from Exxon or speculators
The other day Talking Points Memo had a gallery of "green tech" under the heading "Gas Prices Blues? ...
barath 04/27/2011 18 11 - 184
Boycott BP Now.
We need to boycott BP. It needs to go viral. It needs to start now. It’ll send a message and will focus the media back on what the oil companies do and don’t do. After ...
barath 05/02/2010 12 3 - 99
Obama on PBS: GOP abusing Filibuster
Obama is done with the GOP and its filibustering ways. I know a lot of folks think he might not have noticed, but he has. He just finished an interview with Lehrer on PBS:
barath 12/23/2009 75 41 1 76
Scientists *Prove* Toxic Assets are Impossible to Regulate
And the question now is: how will Washington respond? The title may not make sense - how can scientists (computer scientists, in this case) prove that it's impossible to detect bad assets or ...
barath 10/18/2009 268 264 15 263
Obama's School Speech Text
Obama's speech isn't some indoctrination plot after all - who would have known? Here's the full text of his speech, as just ...
barath 09/07/2009 203 103 3 165
Kennedy's Medicare for All act
Every media outlet is going to claim to know what Kennedy would have wanted on health care. Now, if there ever was a time, we (you!
barath 08/26/2009 10 19 1 64
We need Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate torture
Things are inching towards the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate torture. My concern all along has been that we need to ensure that the investigations don't derail important ...
barath 04/22/2009 46 12 1 55
Draft Debra Bowen for Governor of CA update
A few months ago ...
barath 03/30/2009 36 20 - 34
Bring back the REAL Filibuster
Have you been wondering why even though Dems have had a majority for two years and will have an even bigger majority for the next two, it seems like the GOP holds all the chips in the senate? Why ...
barath 12/12/2008 76 37 1 19
Draft Debra Bowen for Governor of CA
Two days ago I made a case for current CA Secretary of State Debra Bowen to be Governor of CA. Much interesting ...
barath 12/04/2008 8 10 - 16
Zero unemployment: A 3-point Back to School Program
We're worried about the potential for massive unemployment, right? Most estimates put it at 8% unemployment next ...
barath 12/03/2008 32 8 2 9
The Anti-Arnold: Debra Bowen for CA Gov.
If you're like me, you've been thinking about the problems many states are facing; few are worse off than CA. Huge budget shortfalls and political stagnation are crippling the state. Arnold seems ...
barath 12/02/2008 71 16 1 67
Republicans Jump Ship - the (un)official list
Republicans are jumping ship on the McCain campaign at an ever increasing pace. ...
barath 10/13/2008 62 33 1 19
REC UP: Anti-McCain / Pro-Obama debate DONATION thread
The GOP is taking the low road, and you know McCain's campaign is raising some solid money from their fundamentalist and, dare I say it, xenophobic base tonight. Let's get a Obama/Biden '08 ...
barath 10/07/2008 18 43 - 65
Ohio may come down to ONE vote
Al Giordano is on the road right now, reporting from swing states, and has ...
barath 10/03/2008 10 13 - 34
REC UP: Anti-Palin / Pro-Biden debate DONATION thread for Obama
The GOP is ready with the dirtiest ads yet, and you know McCain's campaign has raised some solid money from their fundamentalist base tonight. Let's get a Obama/Biden '08 money bomb thread going.
barath 10/02/2008 142 404 1 54
JedReport: Palin Is A Better Debater Than You Think (VIDEO)
Jed can't cross post this thanks to his new HuffPo job, but I can. He's compiled a video of Sarah Palin debating, and, well, it's not what you think. Sarah ...
barath 10/01/2008 90 45 - 25
Let's show Sen. Obama we have his back (Debate MONEY BOMB)
The GOP wants uncertainty, they want FEAR. It's what they always thrive on. "Voters - be fearful and vote Republican" has been their approach for a long time now. Today, instead of ...
barath 09/26/2008 12 27 - 54
What would Barack Obama do?
I think this is a message our whole community needs to hear. .............................. What would Barack Obama do? ..............................
barath 09/24/2008 4 - - 10
Did McCain's Campaign Just Violate McCain Finance Laws?
Reporter Bill Conroy (who recently uncovered the Palin tanning bed story with Al Giordano) found that McCain has been billing his campaign for air tickets to, and luxury spas in, Southeast ...
barath 09/21/2008 40 51 3 26
It's the economy, stupid.  Have a FLYER.
We need to hammer home our message on the ground in the coming weeks. Here are several flyers to hammer home our message, in simple terms. Print them out. Knock on doors. ...
barath 09/17/2008 17 12 7 14
Calling out the last 8 years of FAILURE, visually
Inspired by posters from The Huffington Post from over a year ago, I've created a flyer/poster that concisely expresses the failures of the Republican party, George Bush, John McCain, and Dick ...
barath 09/11/2008 5 4 - -
ACTION: 10 Wedge questions for McCain/Palin
The GOP has gotten good at taking advantage of wedge issues and wedge questions, but so often they're on the wrong side of the issues. Now is our chance to take it to them. After the fold ...
barath 09/07/2008 29 12 1 43
Where should you VOLUNTEER to make the biggest impact?
Volunteering is going to make or break this election. And like it or not, some states are more important than others for the next 60 days. I've been asked many times "where should I ...
barath 09/05/2008 57 69 1 61
REC UP: Anti-McCain DONATION/VOLUNTEER thread for Obama
Let's get our final anti-RNC Obama/Biden '08 money bomb thread going and donate in response to the disgusting display we've seen tonight.
barath 09/04/2008 19 64 2 13
REC UP: Anti-RNC DONATION thread for Obama
Before Sen. Obama's historic speech on Thursday, I tried to get a money bomb/donation thread going, but it didn't work out. Now that the RNC is in full swing, and McCain's campaign has raised $...
barath 09/03/2008 454 944 12 51
REC UP: Anti-RNC DONATION thread for Obama
Before Sen. Obama's historic speech on Thursday, I tried to get a money bomb/donation thread going, but it didn't work out. Now that the RNC is underway, and McCain's campaign has raised $10 ...
barath 09/02/2008 31 41 1 24
MONEY BOMB thread for Obama's speech
As we're ticking down the time to Sen. Obama's historic speech, let's get a Obama/Biden '08 money bomb thread going. DONATE ...
barath 08/28/2008 24 34 2 18 - What's your Obama Tax Cut?
I'd like to promote the new, awesome site (please use this ...
barath 08/27/2008 36 59 1 25
I'm "concerned" about John McCain's money (chain email!) (by request)
Here's a viral email about McCain - please email it on to independents / Republicans you know. (Even to Democrats.) Especially send it out to folks you know who seem to like forwarding chain emails...
barath 08/24/2008 14 23 1 53
CA-50: Help Nick Leibham take down GOP lobbyist Bilbray
In 2006, a corrupt GOP lobbyist, Brian Bilbray, took over the congressional seat of another corrupt GOP lobbyist, Duke Cunningham. Both are buddies of Jack Abramoff. Bilbray faces a tough re-...
barath 08/15/2008 11 7 - 14
Closed captioning on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC: what it tells us
To help keep pace with all of the election coverage on the 24/7 news channels, Jed has been archiving ...
barath 08/14/2008 39 31 9 360
Obama Birthday "MONEY BOMB" thread
Alright folks - it's Obama's birthday, and folks are aiming to have a "money bomb" today of epic proportions. (I've heard some say the goal is $10 million in donations.)
barath 08/04/2008 35 20 - 23
I'm concerned about John McCain's money (chain email!) (updated)
Here's a viral email about McCain - please email it on to independents / Republicans you know. (Even to Democrats.) Especially send it out to folks you know who seem to like forwarding chain emails...
barath 07/30/2008 202 316 38 145
10 forgotten candidates you should help
The netroots / blogosphere has picked its favorites , be they Rick Noriega or Darcy Burner or Scott Kleeb. (All three of whom are great candidates.) In this diary, I wanted to ...
barath 07/07/2008 22 18 - 77
Action diary - independence weekend - let's get to work
50 days. That's the amount of time we have until the Democratic National Convention - when Sen. Obama gets officially nominated and the election goes into a crazy free-fall until the election.
barath 07/04/2008 9 20 1 38
The Math: overcoming media bias, 527s, and voting machines
We're up against 3 formidable independent forces in this election: a complacent (or complicit) media pushing pro-McCain, anti-Obama stories , 527 groups that are ...
barath 06/29/2008 25 14 1 27
Al Giordano on Obama: No More Drama
Al Giordano has a brilliant analysis of the social movement that Obama has led to get us where we are today as a campaign. When others doubted ...
barath 06/05/2008 19 43 4 29
Flashback: Obama, Iraq, 2002.
"I think you'll be able to imagine many things Senator McCain will be able to say," she [Clinton] said. "He’s never been the president, but he will put forth his lifetime of ...
barath 03/31/2008 16 16 5 80
Clinton tax returns released...maybe.
In a stunning move, the Clintons have released the first page of their 2006 tax returns (digg link) . OK, but ...
barath 03/29/2008 61 24 2 21
And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea
Alright folks. �This is something that became very clear to me yesterday: �John McCain will be very very bad for this country - the country that we as Democrats are fighting to save ...
barath 03/26/2008 12 5 - 9
Hillaryis44, illegal pharmaceuticals, and hacking?
Does the title of this diary not make much sense? Well, it shouldn't, but it appears as though the folks that run (a vile but popular site, for those who don't know) are not ...
barath 03/13/2008 22 16 1 67
Florida and Michigan: making lemonade out of lemons
Yesterday I read about the first solution to the Michigan and Florida delegate crisis that I am willing to accept as an Obama supporter, and I'd like to share this compromise with you in the ...
barath 03/12/2008 31 2 - 2
Bring back the Dodd talk clock...for CNN
We need to bring back the Dodd talk clock. No, not for debates, because, if we're lucky, there won't be any more of those in the primaries. We need the Dodd talk clock for network news ...
barath 03/09/2008 7 4 - -
Obama helps us track $17,550,300,000,000 of federal spending
Americans had a hard time finding out where their hard-earned tax dollars went. Until December 2007. Now we can track contracts, grants, earmarks, and loans, thanks ...
barath 02/14/2008 21 34 10 115
Tracing Obama smear emails: a computer science approach
The win in South Carolina was great. But it's just a start. All of us know that the opposition will just grow more determined and aggressive. And the smear emails will keep going and ...
barath 01/27/2008 45 23 1 7
Spreading the word on Obama: 1 page flyers
How do we tell voters what Obama stands for, but do it in a way that isn't burdensome? The answer: 1 page flyers. The problem is that the campaign has not ...
barath 01/09/2008 13 12 3 25
Caucus Live Blog from Lisbon, Iowa
Greetings from Lisbon, Iowa. I'm here in the high school cafeteria and we're just getting started with today's festivities. Read on for liveblogging of the evening's events. Disclaimer: This ...
barath 01/03/2008 460 195 8 26
Obama helps us track $1,000,000,000,000 of federal spending
Americans had a hard time finding out where their hard-earned tax dollars went. Until 2 days ago. Now, thanks to , a site created by ...
barath 12/15/2007 145 207 15 1190 and Obama's reform track record
I've posted a substantially revised version of this diary here Today witnessed the launch ...
barath 12/13/2007 37 45 1 43
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