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Daily Schafenfreude! Drinking the tears of wingnuts, one glass at a time...
We had some fun on today. New pics, including an animated gif to die for. Here's a sampling! This is the part of the evening where wingnuts like to eat their fingers to make ...
benjaz 11/28/2012 16 17 - -
"Arizona Republicans Found Out Barack Obama Won Re-Election, and Things Got Very Awkward"
Wow, this may be the most fun I've had reading since Harry Potter. The title of the article on the Phoenix New Times site is "Arizona Republicans Found Out Barack Obama Won Re-Election, and Things ...
benjaz 11/20/2012 5 18 1 -
The Obama campaign wants to know what to do next
I'm sure many of you have received the email survey from the Obama campaign asking, "what now?" It's a wonderful gesture on their part, and fitting. It gives us ample room to express our thoughts ...
benjaz 11/18/2012 40 19 1 -
SadRepublicans uncovers Romney concession speech on Obama HQ screens. Yummy!
The Find of the Day over at SadRepublicans has to be this video of our brothers and sisters watching Romney give his concession speech to tens of thousands of pumped up Obama HQ partiers. No talking ...
benjaz 11/18/2012 19 9 - -
FUN PICS! SadRepublicans looks for sad Republicans so you don't have to...
Here are some of my latest posts on I'm having more fun than Romney bullying the pool boy, folks! Drop on by for a daily dose of Schadenfreude, GOP STYLE! (click the images for ...
benjaz 11/17/2012 14 24 1 -
Jan Brewer on Election night 2012. PIC OF SAD! Yummy. Omnomnom...
Short Diary. As I plumb the filthy depths of the WWW in search of despicable Romneyites at the moment of Agony 2012, I found a gem on the Arizona Daily Star's site. Jan Brewer, suffering so. A Gold ...
benjaz 11/16/2012 23 18 - -
SadRepublicans is my little corner of Schadenfreude
I just had to do it. When it hit me that we won, we reallyreally won, my obsessive poll hunting had transformed into a new hobby. GOP Sad. To those who don't like gloating, I'm sorry, but after ...
benjaz 11/15/2012 12 9 - -
GOP fears the Latino vote. Do Latinos believe in tax fairness?
Okay, so the GOP is clearly running scared after being rejected handily by Latino voters. The only CORRECT lesson the righties have learned is that they need to understand this segment of our ...
benjaz 11/08/2012 3 2 - -
Is our early vote advantage enough? Messina & Axelrod talk NV, IA, NC
An interesting point was made by Obama campaign guru, Messina, in a conference call to reporters today. It addresses a concern I've had about EXACTLY HOW our stellar early voting numbers make it ...
benjaz 10/31/2012 9 14 3 -
OH tied? BULL! Help spin the poll! FREEP!
If you don't like the new OH poll from you can help spin it our way. They have an online poll accompanying their front page story on the "tied" race. Currently, the bad guys are ...
benjaz 10/28/2012 17 16 2 -
National Journal: NV is loving Obama
The National Journal released an article this morning that has some nice tidbits re: Nevada. This is the nugget I like: Republicans consistently run behind Democrats among early voters in Nevada. ...
benjaz 10/22/2012 6 14 - -
Looks good to me! Charlie Cook's poll updates (with private pollsters' input)
I didn't see this diaried yet. Charlie Cook updated his rundown of where the race stands, and it looks like O improved a little. I don't have the previous rundown to compare it to, but it seems like ...
benjaz 10/22/2012 17 26 1 -
Will Romney reveal details on day of debate?
There's been a lot of talk about "zingers" and hail marys and gaffes these days. It's what fans of politics like to watch with their popcorn. But what if Romney's hail mary/zinger comes to us in the ...
benjaz 10/01/2012 19 3 - 115
EDITED: LEAKED VIDEO of Mitt Romney fundraiser covered by Political Wire
NOTE: Please use the following post as the default post on this topic. The writer has found other mainstream sources picking the video up. Whether we like it or not, this story may have an impact on ...
benjaz 09/15/2012 33 17 - 685
GOP boos Puerto Rico at convention! Chants "USA! USA!" UPDATED W/PARTIAL RETRACTION
Short post, but it doesn't take much to uncover racism. What the hell is going on down there? First there's word of food being thrown at a member of the media, then there's this piece in Harpers. ...
benjaz 08/28/2012 234 134 2 2160
Obama's electoral map revealed by Obama campaign
I'm sure many of you have received the Obama mailing which includes the campaign's electoral map options. For those who haven't I figured it would be a good idea to share. The mailing includes a ...
benjaz 02/11/2012 31 20 - 344
Biggest Gaffe of All: Mccain "regrets" abandoning Afghanistan in the 90s! He's 0-2!
Did anyone notice that McCain admitted he regretted leaving the fight unfinished in Afghanistan in the 90s? That's a big deal. Remember, there was a CIA-funded front in ...
benjaz 09/26/2008 8 7 - -
Contract With America - read it and learn
benjaz 11/07/2004 3 - - -
New Gallup state polls maybe kinda point to Kerry victory
benjaz 10/31/2004 10 - - -
benjaz 10/30/2004 46 9 - 6
Does anyone know this ambivalent Bush supporter?
benjaz 10/24/2004 1 - - -
How Kerry can win without FL or OH
benjaz 10/16/2004 18 1 - -
benjaz 10/08/2004 12 3 - -
"Save the base for last" - Pun intended
benjaz 09/24/2004 3 4 - 1
LOL! Kerry gets "Fool me once" saying right!
benjaz 09/21/2004 7 - - -
SurveyUSA poll has OH within MOE
benjaz 09/09/2004 13 - - -
144,000 jobs made and 5.4% Unemployment
benjaz 09/03/2004 34 1 - 1
Today's Elephant in the room - CNN poll
benjaz 08/01/2004 54 - - -
CEO Bush is a bigger failure than President Bush
benjaz 05/08/2004 4 - - -
New MushyBushy comic strip for your perusal
benjaz 04/23/2004 - - - -
Rasmussen poll's hidden number
benjaz 04/22/2004 2 - - -
Best Anti-Bush Ad to date
benjaz 04/16/2004 6 - - -
Condi let it slip out...
benjaz 04/09/2004 17 - - -
The only poll that matters - White House Press
benjaz 04/06/2004 8 - - -
New Zogby poll
benjaz 04/05/2004 16 - - -
Am I high?
benjaz 04/02/2004 9 - - -
benjaz 03/29/2004 68 - - -
President Bush is about to...
benjaz 03/10/2004 6 - - -
Buses to Florida on election day?
benjaz 03/08/2004 3 - - -
Bill Clinton for VP
benjaz 03/03/2004 15 - - -
Kerry goes for the jugular...again
benjaz 02/27/2004 7 - - -
Kerry CNN interview VERY impressive
benjaz 02/19/2004 27 - - -
I have a secret about George W. Bush and I don't feel like hiding it any longer
benjaz 02/09/2004 19 - - -
Bush cooks books like his buds at Enron...
benjaz 02/07/2004 2 - - -
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