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Meanwhile in the world of the invisible president...
Hello The president of the United States - the one who actually won the election - is in Asia these days, trying to repair the damage done by the president who did not. Yet, guess which one was ...
blackwaterdog 11/11/2010 917 274 17 401
He is isolated! (Or maybe not)
Hello It didn't take the media long to start produce obituaries for the Obama presidency. Politico's experts explained this morning that the president is completely "isolated" heading to 2012.
blackwaterdog 11/08/2010 450 415 12 181
President Obama in India - Day 2 (Photos, videos, photos, photos).
Happy Sunday everyone Enjoy the colors.
blackwaterdog 11/07/2010 180 233 5 185
President Obama in India (News, photos, videos, links)
Hello The President and the First Lady first day in Asia under the cut.
blackwaterdog 11/06/2010 315 380 6 213
It's the black man in the White House, stupid (IMPORTANT Rachel Maddow update!)
Hello Last minute thoughts to follow. ETA: Rachel Maddow's FANTASTIC opening segment from tonight, Please make it go viral now. It deserves a top-rec-list diary and i hope someone will do it ...
blackwaterdog 11/01/2010 886 761 29 701
All we need is love and to GOTV. (Gazillion photos)
Happy Sunday everyone One final injection of optimism and damn HOPE, before Tuesday.
blackwaterdog 10/31/2010 177 337 10 172
Unbelievable, simply unbelievable
I read this morning that experts expects Democrats to lose between 40 to 70 House seats next week. But then i read another piece of news and my first reaction was: You know what, people deserve what ...
blackwaterdog 10/29/2010 1003 691 19 149
Meanwhile, in president Obama's world....
Hello Cold day mishmash ahead.
blackwaterdog 10/28/2010 257 406 13 340
I wish he wasn't so unpopular
Because then i could post more than just 40 photos of apathetic, discouraged and exhausted crowd.
blackwaterdog 10/22/2010 372 393 9 511
They told me he was done (Updated)
There's this teabagger who likes to bug me from time to time. I don't really care, it can be amusing (even if mostly scary) to get a glimpse of the world these people lives in. A world of Fox ...
blackwaterdog 10/21/2010 351 511 16 261
Barack Obama and 35,000 friends
There was a moment yesterday on the stage at OSU - right after she finished introducing the president and before getting a loving hug from him - in whice Michelle Obama made this quick gesture to ...
blackwaterdog 10/18/2010 214 378 11 155
Enthusiasm in, Gap out!
Let's see:
blackwaterdog 10/16/2010 325 430 4 188
An evening with Joe Biden, Chicago Unions and hope!
Hello Last night we went to see VP Biden leads a rally with many Union groups for Governor Pat Quinn in Chicago. With the "enthusiasm gap" firmly in our minds, we really didn't expect much. Oh ...
blackwaterdog 10/13/2010 175 293 8 97
In which the enthusiasm gap is shocked! Shocked!!
Hello 18,500 photos - one for each person in the crowd in Philadelphia today - right below the cut. Dial-Up people, i love you. I really do. Have a great weekend.
blackwaterdog 10/10/2010 403 387 5 304
In which there are no scapegoats and no gap. Only enthusiasm.
Hello Warning: If a photo worth 1000 words, then this might me the longest post in DK history, but there were more than 26,000 people yesterday in Madison, they demands justice, and justice will ...
blackwaterdog 09/29/2010 697 514 17 181
"We've ended needless American isolation. It's a dramatic change"
Hello A very lengthy mishmash ahead. Have a nice weekend.
blackwaterdog 09/25/2010 329 316 10 137
Meet Gail O'Brian. She is not exhausted. She's recovering.
This is how change and progress looks like.
blackwaterdog 09/22/2010 649 434 12 218
"The last election was a changing of the guard. Now we need to guard the change”
Hello President Obama's feisty address at the CBCF Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner last night - Video and photos to follow. Watch the video! :) Enjoy.
blackwaterdog 09/19/2010 746 422 12 180
President Obama: "It's the most insidious takeover of our Democracy. We won't let it happen"
Hello Friday mishmash to follow.
blackwaterdog 09/17/2010 565 622 19 152
"Get in gear, man!!"
I really really really hope you've seen VP Biden talking to Rachel yesterday. If you didn't, you really should. I don't know what more can be said.
blackwaterdog 09/16/2010 341 428 11 176
President Obama indoctrinating students: Be kind to each other!!!!!!
While avoiding the divisive statement from last year: "Wash your hands!!!" - the president still came up with some pretty radical stuff during his second annual back-to-school address.
blackwaterdog 09/14/2010 209 206 4 412
Presidential 9/11 (Photos, videos)
The president was at the Pentagon, the First Lady in Shanksville, and the Bidens at Ground Zero. Photos from AP and videos to follow.
blackwaterdog 09/11/2010 200 345 8 236
"One of the best answers of his presidency" (Updated)
For a second today, i could swear that president Obama intentionally left the last question in his press conference to Faux News - Because these jerks are so predictable and the president really ...
blackwaterdog 09/10/2010 622 686 24 205
Mr. Boehner, meet Barack Obama. (Video, photos)
His Orangeness already measuring suit, but i guess he still haven't met Barack Obama, so today he did. I lost count on how many times the president mentioned the name "Boehner" during his speech ...
blackwaterdog 09/08/2010 300 515 12 253
In which the DOG bites!!! (Photos, Video)
This is an annex to TomP' terrific diary. You did not see anything like that since the 2008 campaign. This was something. Enjoy.
blackwaterdog 09/06/2010 414 519 19 292
Dear Time Magazine, will you marry us? (The Koch brothers)
Hello Time magazine is running with a story titled 'How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular'. More under the cut.
blackwaterdog 09/03/2010 80 88 1 83
You want to see what the president has done?
Hello Clapping to follow. BTW, the bible of Gallup tells me that on August 15-17, president Obama stood at 41/52. Today he's at 47/45.
blackwaterdog 09/01/2010 1007 537 16 152
Updated: "A shameful breakdown in government, abandoning countless men, women and children"
Hello Video, transcript and photos of President Obama's visit to New Orleans and his speech marking 5 years to Hurricane Katrina, today at Xavier University. ETA: The president's excellent ...
blackwaterdog 08/29/2010 290 351 11 156
Change HAS come to Washington
Hello The persistent positive mishmash ahead. Have a good weekend.
blackwaterdog 08/27/2010 1426 523 20 123
"Democrats should be proud of Barack Obama" (Update X 2)
Hello A late summer mishmash to follow. ETA: Stimulus new report. ETA 2: Rachel's piece about Credit Card Reform.
blackwaterdog 08/24/2010 709 500 18 452
Senator Obama, July 14, 2008 (Updated)
Hello A mishmash ahead. ETA: A touching CNN interview with the wife of a soldier who's coming home from Iraq.
blackwaterdog 08/19/2010 368 324 7 229
Heads Up: President Obama stump for Sen. Murray LIVE NOW:
This is the shortest "diary" ever.... Seriously, don't dare tip it....:):):) But i thought people would like to see the president in a partisan atmospher...
blackwaterdog 08/17/2010 24 31 1 48
The first family in the Gulf (gazillion photos)
Hello and happy Sunday Warning: One giant fluff to follow.
blackwaterdog 08/15/2010 413 396 8 297
"One of the finest moments of Obama's presidency" (Updated with pic of Obama in the water :):):)
Hello Saturday Mishmash to follow. Have a good weekend.
blackwaterdog 08/14/2010 683 478 10 771
Being wrong while being right
* * * *
blackwaterdog 08/10/2010 803 402 3 90
President Obama: Republicans have forgotten I know how to politick pretty good (Photos)
The president went to Dubya's state today, for couple of DNC events - and had one message:
blackwaterdog 08/09/2010 511 464 11 144
When it comes to Barack Obama, only bad news is good news
The latest case in point: The Gulf oil spill.
blackwaterdog 08/07/2010 635 455 10 105
James Carville eats his hat, and the president just keeps going and going
43 American presidents + 234 years = Two women in the Supreme Court. Barack Obama + 19 months = Two women in the Supreme Court. Oh, well.
blackwaterdog 08/05/2010 587 646 10 146
President Obama's birthday presents to others
Hello Many videos and photos to follow. ...
blackwaterdog 08/04/2010 156 385 11 270
Happy Birthday, Barack Obama - DK free hugs photo-diary
Hello Welcome to this humble celebration of Barack Obama's 49th birthday, due tomorrow. All images by AP. I hug this great president and great human being, and i hug this special community. ...
blackwaterdog 08/03/2010 452 510 12 773
"They don't have one single idea that is different than George Bush"
President Obama was in Atlanta today, for two good spirited events. More under the cut.
blackwaterdog 08/02/2010 370 400 8 213
How the GOP saved the auto industry
They have no shame, and why would they. After all, they get away with every lie, so why not keep doing it?
blackwaterdog 08/01/2010 356 456 16 354
(Updated) "I want the 'just say no' crowd to look you in the eye and say you were a bad investment"
Hello Friday mishmash ahead. Have a good weekend. Added vid from the second appearance in Detroit today.
blackwaterdog 07/30/2010 512 522 17 1244
In which the mishmash is too long for a title...(Updated)
Hello A lot of this and that... ETA: Few photos from the taping of The View this afternoon.
blackwaterdog 07/28/2010 453 422 5 213
Pres. Obama: On issue after issue, we try to move forward and they try to take us back
Hello Sorry for the very short diary, but I didn't see this here and i think it's important.
blackwaterdog 07/26/2010 355 366 4 189
President Obama can't talk about Boehner without laughing
Hello End of the weekend quick mishmash ahead. Have a good week, everyone.
blackwaterdog 07/25/2010 350 384 6 126
Barack Obama is weak? Barack Obama is scared? No shame.
No shame at all.
blackwaterdog 07/22/2010 1273 578 7 514
The new big bleeping deal
"The last time any president did this much in office, booze was illegal. If you believe in policy, if you believe in government that addresses problems, cheers to that".(Rachel Maddow)
blackwaterdog 07/21/2010 369 385 6 92
If one voice can change a room...
Hello A mishmash under the cut. * Please, take a moment to look at this petition to stop forced evictions of Haiti's earthquake victims. Thanks.
blackwaterdog 07/20/2010 290 374 8 90
The party who brought you George Bush, and their servants in the media...
Present this:
blackwaterdog 07/17/2010 486 414 9 352
"He has done what he promised. He's transforming our country"
Hello A very long, heavy on videos and photos, celebratory diary ahead (with a nod to askew - thank you, mate).
blackwaterdog 07/16/2010 718 588 37 510
"It's like a lecture on sobriety from drunken sailors"
Hello A mishmash.
blackwaterdog 07/09/2010 694 455 10 590
It's all about the kids (Photos)
Hello Lots and lots of kids and one president. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
blackwaterdog 07/04/2010 587 297 8 436
“This experience is restoring my faith in the ability of government"
Hello Heavy photo-mishmash below. Happy 4th Of July to you all.
blackwaterdog 07/02/2010 629 472 11 70
(Updated w/ video) Bill Clinton: Obama is brilliant, exceedingly empathetic and not getting his due
Having just finishing Jonathan Alter's "The Promise", these comments from Clinton almost knocked me of the chair.
blackwaterdog 06/28/2010 1319 537 10 107
(Updated): "It's been 18 months and they're still surprised"
President Obama kicked ass in his press conference in Toronto right now. Incredibly confident and he actually got applause in the end. ETA Mark Halperin's comment: "This was one of the ...
blackwaterdog 06/27/2010 747 444 7 121
The audacity to get sh...stuff done
The president barely finished his remarks regarding WS reform - a bill he didn't even sign yet - when a reporter asked: "What's next Mr. president? Immigration?" Yep, even the media begins to ...
blackwaterdog 06/25/2010 760 471 9 146
Obama is no wuss! Obama is the man!!! (Updated)
Hello A lengthy mishmash. Update: About the critics over the title - I was mocking the media response, i thought it was clear. I'm sorry if the snark didn't work, but i'm going to ...
blackwaterdog 06/24/2010 719 468 5 661
"There's no crop!! We're gonna starve!!!"
Do you remember way way back, many years ago, the president signed a massively historical Health Care Reform bill into law?
blackwaterdog 06/22/2010 321 374 5 122
Please help the president to overcome his emotional maimedness
Really, good people, this is urgent: The president has some serious psychological issues - President's personality disorder is a very difficult problem - and he needs help.
blackwaterdog 06/20/2010 632 297 5 51
"Something no president has ever done. A mind-boggling accomplishment"
Hello Lengthy mishmash ahead.
blackwaterdog 06/17/2010 983 800 29 153
Dear Rachel Maddow
A few words, if i may.
blackwaterdog 06/16/2010 1542 705 12 110
Photos: When the cold and detached president met the angry people
"So, yes, we’re emerging from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Yes, we’re a nation at war. Yes, we’re now battling the worst economic -- environmental disaster ...
blackwaterdog 06/15/2010 633 620 11 3496
The REAL enemy
Just a reminder.
blackwaterdog 06/13/2010 921 513 9 81
"The best environmental president we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt"
Hello Saturday mishmash.
blackwaterdog 06/12/2010 586 321 12 81
Dear seniors, check your mail. It's not a death panel, it's MONEY!
Hello A mishmash below the cut.
blackwaterdog 06/10/2010 453 373 5 369
(Video): "This is not a theatre. I don't have time to perform for the benefits of cable shows"
The media wanted to see president Obama angry, well, they got it. Dear media, the president just drank your milkshake.
blackwaterdog 06/08/2010 521 536 17 267
(Video) President Obama to Matt Lauer: "I want to know whose ass to kick".
This is just a short video, but i figured people would like to see it.
blackwaterdog 06/07/2010 859 397 6 334
President Obama in the Gulf (Photos, updated with videos)
It was actually nice to hear someone like Bob Woodward goes on Larry King' right after his interview with president Obama on Thursday, and saying that a lot of the criticism against the president ...
blackwaterdog 06/05/2010 835 360 8 232
One man with a sign
A mishmash.
blackwaterdog 06/03/2010 659 751 22 133
Repeal that! (And highly upbeat economic mishmash)
Plus, Michelle Obama and Harry Reid having fun in Vegas....
blackwaterdog 06/02/2010 396 339 3 236
"The political world created whole new rules for Barack Obama"
President Obama was schedule to participate in Memorial Day ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill., but a huge storm canceled the event. When he returned in the evening to ...
blackwaterdog 06/01/2010 1014 698 32 995
Krugman: Corporate America really, truly hates Obama
Some day more people will understand who's the real enemy. I don't know when exactly it'll happen - and by then it might be too late - but it will happen. And we're all going to ask ourselves, how ...
blackwaterdog 05/23/2010 1530 665 18 322
President Obama, today at West Point: Iraq combat will end this summer
Hello and good weekend.
blackwaterdog 05/22/2010 481 253 5 181
NYT: How Obama’s 16 Months Has Changed Washington
Hello Friday light mishmash ahead. Edited to change the title.
blackwaterdog 05/21/2010 557 454 12 307
"We'll grind it out, district by district, race by race. We have a good story to tell"
Hello A mishmash.
blackwaterdog 05/19/2010 612 403 4 87
What happened to Obama's Armageddon?
Hello A mishmash under the cut.
blackwaterdog 05/17/2010 580 548 10 134
No, Obama did not "scrap" Iraq withdrawal
Hello Friday mishmash ahead.
blackwaterdog 05/14/2010 372 287 4 137
"I have to run for a second term, otherwise...’ll mean letting someone like Mitt Romney step in and get credit for the good stuff that happens after we’ve been through all this crap.”... More mishmash under the cut.
blackwaterdog 05/13/2010 350 428 8 282
Facts. Just facts.
Hello Recently, the debate over how to label Barack Obama, reached new heights of fierceness. Seems like the most important thing right now, is to decide where to place him on the line between ...
blackwaterdog 05/12/2010 655 336 23 266
WH new drug policy (and a lot more)
Hello Tuesday mishmash for the interested. UPDATE: Edited to change the title.
blackwaterdog 05/11/2010 396 294 5 113
From Washington to Hampton - Weekend photo-diary
Hello Many images to follow. Enjoy.
blackwaterdog 05/09/2010 273 277 2 79
Tennessee Gov.: WH response to the flooding is like i've never seen
A bit more under the cut.
blackwaterdog 05/06/2010 326 579 10 72
Making life a little better every day
With very little fanfare, president Obama today signed an incredibly moving legislation.
blackwaterdog 05/05/2010 442 351 6 86
Practicing hope mongering
Hello and welcome to the mishmash.
blackwaterdog 05/04/2010 186 327 7 126
The b******t 'Obama's Katrina' non-stop memo (W/ Video)
15 months in office, and this president is the proud owner of a whole bunch of Katrinas.
blackwaterdog 05/02/2010 777 641 9 323
92,000 people, and one brilliant speech
Hello HEAVY photo-diary to follow.
blackwaterdog 05/01/2010 372 445 20 179
Saying a teary goodbye to Dorothy Height (Videos, photos)
Hello The very moving funeral service and farewell to a great lady under the cut.
blackwaterdog 04/29/2010 161 263 7 424
Mr. Obama goes out of Washington
Hello Here's the mishmash.
blackwaterdog 04/28/2010 291 360 7 190
"Superman and Batman reached out to their Muslim counterparts"
Hello Packed mishmash ahead.
blackwaterdog 04/27/2010 358 389 8 85
President Obama eulogizes 29 miners (Video, Photos)
All under the cut.
blackwaterdog 04/25/2010 403 398 12 397
"He deserves the rest because now we have health care".
Hello A little bit from the Obamas weekend in Asheville, N.C, where they finally see "real Americans"!! And those "real Americans", for some strange reason, seems to really like the president.
blackwaterdog 04/24/2010 700 353 5 67
Pelosi: It's glorious to be the Speaker when Barack Obama is the president
Hello The mishmash to follow.
blackwaterdog 04/23/2010 490 375 4 336
Gallup: Economy added 1.5 million new full-time jobs last month
Hello Thursday mishmash ahead.
blackwaterdog 04/22/2010 1350 449 11 98
(IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION) Enough with the threats already!
Hello A quick mini rant under the cut. * * ETA: Wow, i went out, went to sleep, came back and i see that a fire broke out because of me. I didn't mean any of it, it was just a ...
blackwaterdog 04/20/2010 1704 584 12 193
BBC world survey: "After a year, the 'Obama effect' is real" (and much more)
Hello Full mishmash of good news ahead.
blackwaterdog 04/19/2010 481 575 10 119
He really can't be their president
Hello I don't really follow any "Tea Party" news, non-stop illogical coverage. And I definitely stay as far as I can from their hateful, lame signs (how could that NYT poll find teabaggers to ...
blackwaterdog 04/18/2010 389 764 14 98
When a president is all heart
This will be short, but i just bumped into this clip that brought me to tears.
blackwaterdog 04/16/2010 443 601 9 546
"Let me be blunt: We've already been to the moon. Now we're going to Mars"
Hello A mishmash to follow.
blackwaterdog 04/15/2010 474 564 14 359
The Obamas: Making the world a better place, one day at a time
Hello The mishmash to follow.
blackwaterdog 04/13/2010 718 768 16 515
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