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Help! Does anyone have Pop Vote?
I can't find latest popular vote numbers anywhere in terms of complete breakdown with percentages including third party candidates. At last count I see the Prez is up by almost 4 million votes (so ...
bluedonkey66 11/19/2012 19 - - -
We Owe Joltin' Joe Biden
How quickly we forget how terrible we all felt after the first Romney-Obama debate. We progressives tend to go into panic mode. I think it's just in our nature. A few days later, our Vice-President ...
bluedonkey66 11/15/2012 18 35 - -
Romney 50 Obama 49 in FLORIDA
Romney must be in trouble in Florida if hack republican pollster Gravis Marketing only has him only up 1.
bluedonkey66 10/25/2012 31 6 - -
Race Was Always This Close
There was a great article in Huff Post UK edition that went under the radar. It spells out how the race was always going to be this close. It also shows how Obama has the edge going into the ...
bluedonkey66 10/23/2012 16 10 3 -
Rasmussen Sending Out Anti-Obama email
Hi everyone, I'm new to the cos. On October 11 I received an email with the header: Obama Movie Could Spell Disaster for His Campaign - Get DVD Now. No this email wasn't from the GOP, but rather ...
bluedonkey66 10/22/2012 39 13 - -
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