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Walter Scott's murder disproves dogma "GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE"
The video of the Walker Scott murder produced a black swan to the theory that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." I'm sure it is pretty obvious that while standing stationary Micheal ...
buckshot face 04/09/2015 10 - - -
Would America's Healthcare Costs Plummet if We Followed Sweden's New National Dietary Guidlines ????
Lots of diaries about Obamacare and healthcare costs lately. There was also a diary about how Republicans claim Obamacare causes diabetes. Well, what if I told you that a condition called Metabolic ...
buckshot face 03/25/2015 56 15 1 -
Scientific Evidence Why America's Ideals Are Correct And Israel's Ideals Are Wrong.
Here's a link that everyone should view at least once in their lifetimes. It scientifically explains why America was built on the correct ideals/principles and why, no matter what side you stand on ...
buckshot face 03/23/2015 19 1 - -
Black man hung in Mississippi. Racism trending in US.
Here's the link...... What the fuck is wrong with this country?
buckshot face 03/19/2015 88 46 1 -
Please don't insult me Mr. President.
Here's the video containing the "We should be ashamed" statement by the POTUS. ( Go to 38:50 into it) Is anyone else insulted ...
buckshot face 06/11/2014 62 1 - -
Do Occupy Wallstreet supporters now support Wall Street forcing the Republicans to stand down?
I keep reading the posts on this site joyous that Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce will force the Republican's hands. How quickly have we changed our minds. Or is the enemy of my enemy always ...
buckshot face 10/11/2013 17 1 1 -
80 Wingnuts Can't Shutdown Congress.
I haven't heard anyone mention the mathematical fact that 80 votes doesn't make a majority in a House of 435 votes. How 80 wingnuts can be scapegoated as the reason why a House of 435 voted to delay ...
buckshot face 10/01/2013 13 3 1 -
This Is Disturbing: Israel Intelligence confirmed Assad regime behind alleged chemical attack.
Here's the Foxnews Story. The disturbing part is we're about to go to war over ...
buckshot face 08/28/2013 57 7 - -
The answer is, it doesn't say that. So basically, we just make stuff up as we go along in this country while along the way discriminating against the mentally ill. We interpret "the constitution" ...
buckshot face 12/19/2012 87 3 - -
Guns Don't Kill People, Gunshot Wounds From Bullets Kill People
How do I know that gunshot wounds kill people??? Because if you look at a medical examiners report after a fatal gun shooting, the CAUSE of death is always "a gunshot wound to the ( fill in body ...
buckshot face 12/18/2012 8 3 - -
Second Amendment Gives Right to Bear a Musket and black powder pistol.
I know this has been said many times but it is worth repeating. The Second Amendment was written during the times of muskets and black powder , single shot pistols. Anyone trying to extrapolate the ...
buckshot face 12/17/2012 33 6 - -
FDIC, a socialist concept, is foundation of American Capitalism.
Next time you're talking to a rightwinger, ask them how they feel about the FDIC? I'll bet that most of them will say "I haven't really thought about that". That's the answer I got from 3 of my ...
buckshot face 11/08/2012 6 5 - -
Fox News already talking about voter fraud.
As I said in a post on Oct 24, the right is going to claim voter fraud if Obama wins. The rightwing media, by saying Romney is winning has set up the allegations nicely. Here is a link to the ...
buckshot face 11/05/2012 19 1 - -
Massachusetts #1 in Education under Romney.
Is that why Massachusetts hasn't voted Republican in a Presidential election since 1988? It looks like Massachusetts is extremely well educated indeed. Thank you Mitt Romney. Now if we could just ...
buckshot face 10/23/2012 13 2 - -
CNN opinion shreds Fox News.
Presented without further comment.
buckshot face 09/28/2012 2 3 - 267
OWS should be a way of life .
People, there are things happening fast in the financial world. MF Financial has declared bankruptcy and BOA has rescinded their $5 ATM fee. BofA is also trying ...
buckshot face 11/02/2011 2 3 - 28
Occupy Your House in solidarity with OWS.
For those of you who can't get to an Occupy event or for those of you not sleeping in a tent at one of the Occupied sites there are things you can do at home to be in solidarity with the OWS ...
buckshot face 10/21/2011 21 19 - 163
The Hardest Part In Fixing A Problem ........ Correctly Diagnosing The Problem.
I ran across a great opinion piece by Paul Farrell on ...
buckshot face 10/19/2011 10 3 - 64
UPDATE #2: OWS supporters losing grip on reality. On the border of Delusional.
"WHO'S STREET, OUR STREET!" No, it's NOT your street. It's NOT my street. It's NOT Fox News' street. It's NOT Obama's street. It's everyone's street and that includes people not associated with OWS.
buckshot face 10/17/2011 134 - - 618
And Now For Something Completely Different. How About OWS Protesters NOT Getting Arrested?
How about OWS condemning the protesters that get arrested? Of all the grievances OWS has listed, the NYPD is not listed anywhere. Why are the protesters taunting the police? What do the police ...
buckshot face 10/14/2011 17 2 - 138
Take action America. Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg.
I hear many people getting angry over what transpired last night in Wisconsin. I hear people yelling general strike! Recall! What I believe is the correct response is BOYCOTT. The money is what is ...
buckshot face 03/10/2011 1 - - 11
EXCLUSIVE Video: Gov Walker holds top secret Republican strategy meeting.
buckshot face 03/05/2011 9 9 - 204
Jon Stewart compares teachers and Wall Street.
I don't see this posted. These are some of Stewarts best. Enjoy.
buckshot face 03/04/2011 1 - - 36
Citizen United ruling great for America and US Unions..
Steve Herrington in the Huffington post wrote this interesting article about the effects of the Citizen United ruling on the rights of unions.
buckshot face 02/22/2011 3 - - 45
Heathcare is not a free market.
That is the problem. I've heard no one arguing that point. Why are healthcare costs rising when most of the treatments have been around for years? Why is an insurance based system the only solution ...
buckshot face 02/18/2011 10 1 - 25
Authorities fear a War on Cops going on. What a surprise.
Fox news reports authorities fear a war on cops is going on. 11 police officers killed in 24 hours. Does anyone think people view cops as part of the gov't??? Would they be viewed as the military ...
buckshot face 01/24/2011 22 1 - 71
Capitalism's Financial Blue Screen of Death. A Computer Analogy
I wanted to add to the Capitalism fails when the Banks become too big to save.
buckshot face 01/20/2011 2 3 1 41
Beck: "The radicals reveal themselves. "
Glenn Beck said this on Tuesday November 8th. He was right, except, he is always guilty of projection. Did Beck know his rhetoric was inflammatory? You make the call.
buckshot face 01/11/2011 11 8 - 57
O'Reilly admits he's a dope.
O'Reilly proclaims he's a dope in his own words. Here is the whole article. O'Reilly begins with..... Many ...
buckshot face 01/08/2011 12 4 - 77
Tax bill will smother recovery.
With the new tax bill, the deficit will rise. Already interest rates are rising in anticipation of the higher debt levels. The fact that the US gov't will have to pay higher interest rates on their ...
buckshot face 12/09/2010 1 3 - 40
Why even have a Congress? Obama circumvents our Democracy.
The Republicans ran right around the House and negotiated a deal with the President on an issue that is the responsibility of the House . Why isn't there more outrage about this aspect of this "...
buckshot face 12/07/2010 29 1 - 63
Obama does know what he is doing. A Wall Street analogy to why investing in Obama may be a good move
According to contrarian trading practices used on Wall Street, the time to buy is when everyone is selling and the time to sell is when everyone is buying. Not only is that the theory but, the ...
buckshot face 12/03/2010 41 11 - 54
It's all About Iran and the Constitutionality of the Military.
This will be a short diary with no links to back up my position. It is an observation/opinion/conspiracy theory which I have not heard yet from any pundit.
buckshot face 10/27/2010 39 - - 27
Since I'm a liberal elitist, I am a bigot.
I find the Juan Williams incident extremely interesting. I think both sides have missed the point completely. On the left, Juan is guilty of bigotry. On the right, NPR is guilty of suppressing ...
buckshot face 10/22/2010 120 - - 76
What are the Democrats talking points?
The reason why Obama and the Democrats haven't communicated with the American public effectively is because the Democrats have no talking points.
buckshot face 09/24/2010 27 7 - 26
Rove Trashes Hannity on Fox News.
The Republican Party is splitting, splitting badly.
buckshot face 09/15/2010 56 12 - 51
Give CFL light bulbs for Christmas and Hannakah
I feel like I'm back in middle school with all the rules that accompany creating a diary entry. How else do you diseminate an idea on Daily Kos besides creating a diary? I don't have 3 paragraphs ...
buckshot face 12/18/2009 21 3 - 53
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