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Is Chuck Hagel a Republican anymore?
Seriously, of all the possible reasons to oppose Hagel's nomination, the issue that he MAY be a republican may be the most asinine. But even that is suspect as this interview from this past March ...
calchala 01/05/2013 105 9 - -
Anyone have predictions into how the court will rule on the ACA?
I thought I would do just a random opinion poll here on Dailykos. Everyone knows the Supreme Court is likely to rule on the ACA next week (either on Monday or as late as Thursday). The question ...
calchala 06/23/2012 29 3 - 151
Breaking: Mitt selling access to lobbyists for Inauguration
We're in what, April? With 7 months until the election, Romney is ALREADY selling access to lobbyists for his presumed inauguration in January. Inauguration Access Nine Months Early.
calchala 04/15/2012 50 117 - 829
Catholic Bishops pushing for Partisan War in the Summer
Per Ed Kilgore, it appears that the Catholic Bishops will be calling for "disobedience" and outright partisan war during the summer over the birth control mandate. This story ain't going anywhere ...
calchala 04/14/2012 52 17 - 242
Action Needed: Rove & Koch Team up Against O
Big Problem, coming up, as I noted above, Liberals are really going to need to kick things into gear. Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are teaming up against the President. Crossroads/AEA team up ...
calchala 04/10/2012 5 3 - 63
ACTION ALERT: Karl Rove Starting 200 Million + Attack Ads on O
As the title suggested, beginning next week, Karl Rove is starting up his planned 200 Million dollar attack ad onslaught against President Obama. We're going to need to be ready to counter it and ...
calchala 04/08/2012 42 23 1 216
Alan Grayson, runs red light and hits Bus
As the title indicates, Fmr. Rep Alan Grayson, while driving his mercedes ran a red light and crashed into a Bus, and injured some folks on it. Alan Grayson runs red light and crashes into ...
calchala 03/11/2012 179 15 - 1189
Romney Invested in Swiss Francs, Hedged against US Dollar.
Yep. It's safe to say that Romney's Swiss Bank Account issue is going to get FAR FAR Worse, thanks to an interview by the Boston Globe with Romney's Investment Advisor.
calchala 01/30/2012 84 55 4 420
WSJ: WH has power to Appoint Cordray to CFPB
As noted above, the WH feels it has the power to confirm Richard Cordray to the CFPB and thus overcome partisan objections. This is going to turn into a big fight because the precedent will be set.
calchala 01/03/2012 56 35 - 270
David Weprin Might Lose ---NEEDS HELP!
David Weprin, a mostly progressive democrat running for Anthony Weiner's seat in NY might go down in defeat unless Progressives start ramping up their efforts to get him elected. He's losing ...
calchala 09/08/2011 21 9 - 116
AP: Goodwin Liu Heading to Defeat; What you can do!
Goodwin Liu, the 39 year old wunderkind who's got brilliant written all over him looks like heading toward defeat tomorrow according to the AP.
calchala 05/18/2011 15 29 - 226
Breaking: IRS to go HARD after American Crossroads/Priorities USA
According to Ben Smith at Politico, the IRS is about to do something HUGE with regards to anonymous funding. This may end up killing (or at least drying up a good chunk of their funding) before ...
calchala 05/10/2011 240 571 12 3945
Can this meme Die Now? WH Won't Slash SS Benefits
As we've frequently seen from commentators on various liberal blogs. There's been this concern that the WH would "slash" SS Benefits. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind such "concern-...
calchala 02/14/2011 61 17 - 157
Harman retiring = Panetta gets DOD Job?
Today's news that Jane Harman, blue dog from California, retiring is welcome news to those who have wanted to replace her and she is likely to become the next President and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson ...
calchala 02/07/2011 8 5 - 140
Spill Report: Journos tried to create "Obama's Katrina"
In a new low for even journalism, the oil spill report has come out and though it berates the government and BP along with other companies, it also attacks Journalists who incited individuals ...
calchala 01/11/2011 27 33 2 65
Overreach: Jon Kyl vows to "KILL" New START
Okay, I've think we've reached a tipping point. I haven't come back to dailykos for a myriad of reasons, and I'm only coming back today to get people to focus on New START. It's likely to begin ...
calchala 12/14/2010 74 87 1 73
Obama cuts "It Gets Better" Ad
As was asked when Secretary Clinton cut her ad, many questioned whether Obama would cut an ad. As things are becoming tenuous with the gay rights base, the timing should not be lost on anyone.
calchala 10/21/2010 96 146 3 65
Ambinder: 3 Women to Watch in WH (Post 2010 Elections)
According to Marc Ambinder, reporter for the Atlantic and soon to be WH correspondent for the National Journal there are three women who need to be watched for possible promotions within the WH. ...
calchala 10/18/2010 17 10 1 56
McCain/Graham Opposed to DADT Repeal/Dream Act
Yep, looks like the next couple of weeks are going to be very partisan. John McCain, despite his primary being over, has come out against DADT Repeal (again) and the Dream Act. Why? Because they ...
calchala 09/14/2010 35 19 - 57
Katrina @ The Nation:  WH to Nominate Elizabeth Warren
I don't like to say I told you so, but according to Katrina at the Nation on Twitter, it was just confirmed that Elizabeth Warren will be nominated next week at the WH to head the Consumer ...
calchala 08/09/2010 482 380 4 257
NPR: OLC Frontrunner is Virginia A. Seitz
After Dawn Johnsen dropped out, folks have been wondering whether Obama would replace her with an individual would give him more power on the executive authority front. That question is still ...
calchala 08/04/2010 9 9 - 127
Van Jones to Netroots:  Quit Beating Up Obama
Van Jones, who is idolized by the netroots and whose departure from the WH was blasted far and wide has a message for those same Netroots. QUIT BEATING UP BARACK OBAMA. 100% Agreed.
calchala 07/23/2010 1644 574 7 121
WaPo's Big Opus Hits:  "Top Secret America"
The gist of the article looks at the redundancies within the intelligence arenas and how they've expanded since 9/11 UPDATE: Having just read it, personally while the numbers are large ...
calchala 07/19/2010 53 25 3 62
Geithner via Barr: "Warren EXTREMELY Well Qualified"
This is significant. Yesterday's reporting doesn't appear to be the final word in regards to Elizabeth Warren getting nominated to the CFPB and contrary to HuffingtonPost's reporting, Assistant Sec.
calchala 07/16/2010 679 292 4 67
Bair, Coakley, Madigan, Frank Push for Warren as CFPA Head
I posted a diary a couple of days ago in regards to the WSJ pointing to a list of candidates as the CFPA head that will be created when the bill is signed. Thus far, a couple of them have taken ...
calchala 07/09/2010 12 21 - 36
WSJ: Who will head up the new Consumer Agency?
Yes, the bill hasn't even been signed into law, but people are asking who Obama will appoint to be the new CFPA head that would be stationed in the Federal Reserve.
calchala 07/06/2010 11 14 - 31
Defense Spending & The Tea Party: Sec. Gates v. Sarah Palin
Sec. Gates as people have been aware, has been trying to cut lots of excess defense spending that the military doesn't want, including trying to cut 100 billion from the defense budget over 5 years.
calchala 07/03/2010 22 8 - 96
The Hill: House, Senate may have votes to lift Cuba Ban
I've been trying to intermittently pay attention to this the last couple of days and I think this is going to be rather surprising to folks, but apparently the votes are there in both the House and ...
calchala 07/01/2010 58 26 - 40
BIG:  Gates calls for 100 billion in cuts to Defense Budget
I want folks to remember this, this is why President Obama kept Robert Gates. Only Robert Gates, a former republican, would have the ability to do what he's doing right now to the defense budget.
calchala 06/28/2010 630 462 5 399
Breaking:  Dem Witnesses/Rep. Witnesses for Kagan Hearings
Here's a list of witnesses who the majority and the minority will be calling to supporting Elena Kagan. Not included in the majority list will be the two senators introducing her: John Kerry and ...
calchala 06/25/2010 22 13 - 165
Fox &WSJ:  McChrystal & Aides slam Biden, Eikenberry, Jones
Holy Crap! We're going to have a fun couple of days in regards to this. I'm predicting that Gen. McChrystal is going to have a rough couple of days, weeks and be a MAJOR story. Yes I'm linking ...
calchala 06/21/2010 100 34 - 141
Rahm on Barton/GOP: "That's [the GOBP] Philosophy"
The one thing you could say about Rahm, is when he's wrong he can be very wrong, but when he's right, he's very right. This is one of the latter circumstances. Bashing against Joe Barton's comments,
calchala 06/20/2010 39 37 - 68
Michele Flournoy: 1st Woman US Sec. of Defense?
All throughout the last couple of months, it's been hinted at and almost roared that Robert Gates would be leaving the DOD position at the end of the year. The question has been who would replace ...
calchala 06/16/2010 28 11 - 50
NYT: Vast Minerals FOUND (Lithium, Gold) in Afghanistan
Here's the article on this amazing NYT gamechanger. I don't know what it'll do for the war but damn. Afghanistan is now an incredibly wealthy country:
calchala 06/13/2010 492 260 6 374
Source: HUGE Federal Gulf Public Works Project Coming
Apparently, according to historian, Douglas Brinkley there is a huge federal gulf recovery act being planned by the Obama administration and by Congress that would be on the scale of Tennessee ...
calchala 06/11/2010 533 581 9 492
Skelton (D):  Give me my F35 Engine or DADT Repeal Gets it!
Well looks like DADT Repeal got another challenger, this time from the head of the Armed Services committee, and democrat, Ike Skelton.
calchala 06/08/2010 30 15 - 48
Breaking:  Wikileaks Leaker Arrested by US Military
Apparently a 22 year old intelligence analyst by the name of Bradley Manning in Kuwait was arrested for leaking classified information to Wikileaks.
calchala 06/06/2010 348 106 3 121
Murkowski's Anti Science Power Grab has the votes?
Just unbelievable. Sen. Murkowski's disapproval amendment which essentially takes away the power of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions has 41 co-sponsors and is set to pass this week ...
calchala 06/06/2010 38 29 - 50
FT on FinReg: Replace Lincoln swaps w/Merkley-Levin?
Looks like that's what the plan is going to be along with some other adjustments but the plan in conference will be to take out Lincoln's plan on swap trading and replace it with Merkley-Levin (...
calchala 06/04/2010 8 8 1 25
The Atlantic:  Robert Wexler likely next Amb. to Israel
I hinted at this in another diary about a week ago regarding Robert Wexler, and the problem was whether he would accept the position or not. It looks like he has and he's willing to go to Israel.
calchala 06/02/2010 96 32 - 66
McCain takes first shot against DADT repeal?
Senator McCain, inconsistent blowhard from Arizona who is in the midst of a tight re-election may have already attacked the DADT repeal measure in the Senate bill. It's true that he issued his ...
calchala 05/29/2010 35 20 - 40
Politico:  WH wants Wexler for Ambassador to Israel
The term for the ambassador to Israel is currently ending and the WH wants a high profile pick to go down to Israel and be a public face. The WH is going to Obama buddy and former Representative ...
calchala 05/26/2010 35 20 1 120
Politico/WAPO: DADT Repeal Compromise endorsed by WH
According to many reports floating around today, there was a compromise measure on Don't Ask, Don't Tell that was floating around today about DADT. It's now officially endorsed by the WH and looks ...
calchala 05/24/2010 653 190 - 115
Frank: "We're having a public conference" on Fin Reg
According to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who both just got out of a meeting with President Obama, both concluded that there would be a public financial regulatory conference in regards to the house ...
calchala 05/21/2010 7 10 - 28
Breaking:  President Obama to FIRE Dennis Blair, DNI
Interesting news popping up according to Jake Tapper. President Obama is about to Fire DNI, Dennis Blair.
calchala 05/20/2010 115 62 - 117
Is Cantwell withholding her vote for a made up problem?
According to the Huffingtonpost, Cantwell and Feingold are supposedly filibustering financial reform. It was believed that Sen. Cantwell was voting against cloture because of her glass steagall ...
calchala 05/19/2010 21 4 - 29
Breaking:  GOP Blocks Merkley-Levin (Volcker Rule) Vote
Senate Republicans have done something quite interesting. The Volcker Rule was scheduled to be voted on as a separate amendment under Merkley-Levin just now. Unfortunately republicans blocked it.
calchala 05/18/2010 15 18 - 49
WSJ:  Final Four Amendments to Watch on FinReg
According to the WSJ, these appear to be the most anticipated amendments to watch for FinReg. I don't know the order of these amendments or whether they will come up for a vote, but these are the ...
calchala 05/17/2010 26 17 - 13
Reuters: Most Dangerous FinReg Amend. May PASS
The amendment in question has to do with consumer protection. In particular, Sen. Carper and a bunch of other "moderates" are saying that the federal government should trump the state rights for ...
calchala 05/16/2010 24 32 - 28
FL-SEN:  Kendrick Meek tied to CRIMINAL FRAUD case
Um not looking good for the democrat down in florida either. Is everyone corrupt down there or what?
calchala 05/14/2010 142 11 - 30
WaPo:  US Sticking with Iraq Withdrawal
Hmm...Throughout the last couple of days we've seen multiple diaries (see here ...
calchala 05/13/2010 20 30 - 33
NYT/TNR:  Kagan's Jud. Philosophy is the same as Stevens'
Throughout the time that Justice Stevens has been on the bench, he's been known as a perfect tactician. He's been able to pull together both sides and thread the needle in forming an opinion. This ...
calchala 05/13/2010 33 26 - 30
Hotline: Gov. Gregoire to be new Solicitor General?
The WH is actively looking for a potential replacement for Kagan should she get the Supreme Court position (it's basically a lock at this point). So they've been looking actively for those who ...
calchala 05/12/2010 59 9 - 103
Judge Wood learns she's not the pick?  
According to above the law blogger (a prominent legal blog), David Lat learned that Diane Wood was told yesterday that she wasn't the pick. The information is on twitter and is not readily ...
calchala 05/09/2010 134 12 - 168
WaPo: Senate/Obama WH MAY Ratify Landmine Treaty
According to the Washingtonpost, 68 senators (dems and republicans) sent a letter to the Obama administration regarding landmines. Stating that they would support the ratification of the landmine ...
calchala 05/08/2010 53 85 - 48
Is Obama leaning to (has he picked?) Judge Wood?
I don't know if Obama will actually pick her, but there is a lot of recent speculation that Obama may just pick her. The first was delineated in this recent article by Above the Law, a prominent ...
calchala 05/05/2010 34 25 1 102
NYT:  Obama interviews Judge Wood
According to Robert Gibbs, President Obama has just interviewed Diane Wood at the WH today, making the total amount of nominees that the President has personally interviewed at the WH, four.
calchala 05/05/2010 44 14 - 22
Elena Kagan in '81: "I absorbed liberal principles early"
As we learn more and more about SCOTUS picks, there has been a bemoaning of a fact that we don't know what Elena Kagan, Obama's solicitor general, stands for. The Daily Princetonian went an ...
calchala 05/03/2010 25 14 - 44
CBS/NYT: Indep. APPROVING of Obama's handling of Economy
According to a new poll that came out from the CBS/NYT, the public's view of the economy is improving. CBS/NYT Shows ...
calchala 05/03/2010 239 240 1 176
AP:  Obama interviews Judge Sidney Thomas
According to the AP, Obama has interviewed Judge Sidney Thomas of Montana for the Supreme Court. He was a bit of a dark horse, so it's VERY interesting that the WH chose to leak this interview.
calchala 04/29/2010 33 16 - 85
Obama warns of "Judicial" activism; Newsweek's top 5 SCOTUS picks
Newsweek has listed the top five contenders of who they want to see on the court and why they should be picked. None of the names jumped out with the exception of Elizabeth Warren, who I thought ...
calchala 04/28/2010 35 18 - 38
RNC:  Obama engaged in "class warfare and race"
RNC is coming hard at President Obama for well, um, calling for an increase in Latinos/African Americans and Young to the polls.
calchala 04/27/2010 61 53 - 39
WSJ: Ben Nelson trying to Start New Cornhusker Kickback
The WH is engaged in a bit of war at the moment between the Senate and Ben Nelson and Warren Buffet on the matter of derivatives. Specifically, Warren Buffet is looking for an exemption and the ...
calchala 04/25/2010 34 23 - 49
Haaretz: Obama gets Indirect Peace Talks in May
The Obama administration gets its' indirect peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis which begin in mid May according to Israeli Newspaper, Haaretz.
calchala 04/24/2010 33 14 1 71
Ambinder:  DADT Repeal in Late 2010/Early 2011
Marc Ambinder has done a most excellent job of refuting the so-called "conspiracy" against Gay Rights Activists. In his latest, Marc Ambinder is refuting that somehow Jim Messina is against the Gay ...
calchala 04/23/2010 130 21 - 39
Breaking: Blagojevich seeks to subpoena POTUS
I predict this will be on the news for the next couple of days as fmr. Gov. Blagojevich is saying that President Obama's testimony is "essential" to his defense at trial.
calchala 04/22/2010 79 14 1 48
NYT: Diane Wood Profile for the Supreme Court
Tomorrow's NYT will show a front page picture of 7th Circuit jurist, Diane Wood of Chicago. Judge Wood has been profiled as a high persuader in the NYT and that could do VERY well for her chances ...
calchala 04/21/2010 27 21 1 105
Politico:  Goldman hires Greg Craig to defend from Obama SEC
Wow. Goldman Sachs is playing for keeps here. They just hired Greg Craig, yes the ex-WH counsel (who was supposedly terminated due to GTMO) to defend itself from the SEC.
calchala 04/19/2010 55 17 - 50
NYT:  Obama to make #FinReg McConnell's "Waterloo"
According to the New York Times, President Obama is going to be stumping the country in support of financial regulatory reform similar to the way he sold HCR in the closing months.
calchala 04/18/2010 50 50 - 33
Gibbs/WH: We offered to END "Off-The-Record" Sourcing
Last week the press was complaining (new right?) about President Obama ditching them after apparently neglecting to inform them via his secretary that he went to see a soccer game with his kids. As ...
calchala 04/18/2010 51 23 - 27
Clinton SG v. Greenwald: Kagan is a Progressive on Exec. Power
Clinton Solicitor General, Walter Dellinger refutes Glenn Greenwald on Elena Kagan on views of Executive Power. Clinton SG v. Glenn Greenwald on Elena ...
calchala 04/16/2010 68 18 - 101
Breaking: Fmr. CIA Director backed destroying CIA Tapes
Just up on the NYT, Porter Goss, former CIA director backed destroying the CIA tapes of interrogations in 2005. Porter Goss ...
calchala 04/15/2010 22 44 - 50
Ultimate SCOTUS List III:  Elizabeth Warren being vetted?
Until President Obama chooses a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens, I'm going to try to write a diary per day on the possible successors to Justice Stevens. I hadn't been planning on writing ...
calchala 04/13/2010 43 38 - 102
Colbert Grills Wikileaks Founder on "Collateral Murder"
I'm interrupting my SCOTUS diaries for this outstanding interview that Colbert had conducted. I'm definitely watching the remainder that's going to be posted online tomorrow. Suffice to say, I ...
calchala 04/12/2010 33 8 - 169
Ultimate SCOTUS Watchlist Part II: The LONG List
Until President Obama chooses a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens, I'm going to try to write a diary per day on the possible successors to Justice Stevens. Today, I'm starting with the "long ...
calchala 04/11/2010 88 34 2 108
Ultimate SCOTUS Watchlist Part I: Elena Kagan
Until President Obama chooses a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens, I'm going to try to write a diary per day on the possible successors to Justice Stevens. Today, I'm starting with the "...
calchala 04/10/2010 51 17 - 91
TPM:  Dawn Johnsen withdraws nomination
According to Talkingpointsmemo, Dawn Johnsen, the nominee for the head of the Office of Legal Counsel has withdrawn her nomination for the position.
calchala 04/09/2010 73 17 - 45
WaPo:  Obama Developing Mideast Peace Plan
In his column for the Washington Post, David Ignatius details the comings and goings of the administration and how they're likely to develop a peace plan for the middle east due to Israeli ...
calchala 04/07/2010 56 35 - 47
VA-Gov Bob McDonnell: April is "Confederate History Month"
Despite previous denials to do so by other former Governors of the state of Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell has declared that April is "Confederate History Month". Worse, he doesn't even mention ...
calchala 04/06/2010 74 21 - 95
TNR: WH Going for 'Street Fight' on Financial Reform
According the New Republic, which is documenting the latest fight between the WH and the Banks to get Financial Reform through the Congress, there's several things going on behind the scenes. The ...
calchala 04/04/2010 84 46 - 35
WH: Dean Minow Surfaces as a Poss. Supreme Ct. Nom.
According to Bloomberg News who interviewed an "anonymous Obama official", several names popped up as those who would be considered for the Supreme Court should Justice Stevens Resign (which is ...
calchala 04/03/2010 51 28 1 140
Politico:  What will O choose?  His Agenda or  the S. Ct?
As I've published repeatedly and it has been documented elsewhere, Justice Stevens is set to retire as early as this month. This has been no surprise to the Obama administration. There have been ...
calchala 04/02/2010 83 12 - 42
ABC: Missing Iran Nuke Scientist DEFECTED to USA
Whoa! This is a BIG deal in regards to Iran's attempts at getting nuclear weapons. A key award winning scientist who went missing in Saudi Arabia and who, Iran accused of being tortured by US and ...
calchala 03/30/2010 220 305 2 37
WSJ:  AHIP Cries "Uncle" and HHS/Dems Win
As to the recent uproar between AHIP and HHS, we have a winner, and the winner is HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
calchala 03/29/2010 216 434 2 87
TNR: The Importance of Craig Becker's Recess Appt.
Craig Becker, the labor lawyer for the ACLU and SEIU was recess appointed by President Obama this morning. On the face this is merely a throw back to Labor for dealing with the Excise tax and for ...
calchala 03/27/2010 122 241 3 44
Obama's Supreme Court:  The Present and in the Future
All presidents throughout their tenures get to nominate individuals to either an appeals bench or at the district level who would be seen as possible stepping stone to the United States Supreme Court.
calchala 03/26/2010 30 13 - 21
Why DADT is Dead: Gates & Mullen Blast Gen. on Gay Ban
Here's why "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is dead. It's all a matter of timing. I understand there's a belief that since we'll lose seats we won't have a better time for doing this. Time is on the side ...
calchala 03/25/2010 34 39 1 53
Liz Warren to POTUS:  "You had me at Predatory Lending"
The NYT goes through a glowing profile of Elizabeth Warren's efforts in regards to creating a Consumer Financial Protection Agency and hints that Obama will probably place her in that position if it ...
calchala 03/24/2010 229 539 5 35
NYT:  HCR=Beginning of the "End of Era of Reagan"
According to the NYT's economic correspondent, David Leonhardt, the healthcare passage is the biggest attack on wealth inequality that the United States has undergone in decades. Essentially, ...
calchala 03/23/2010 26 34 1 42
Pres-2012: HCR Passage Destroys Romney & Jindal's Chances
With the passage of the historic healthcare bill last night, it also did two things effectively to two very influential candidates on the right. It ended their chances of running for President in ...
calchala 03/22/2010 104 31 2 54
Rep. Lynch, you've got nowhere to hide!
I'm elated at the news that the House has passed the Senate bill into law. I'm absolutely astounded that they did that while passing a reconciliation fix bill which includes Student Loan Reform. ...
calchala 03/21/2010 13 19 - 51
NYT:  Pelosi & Obama REVIVED Health Care Reform
The NYT went through an article going through the motions onto how we got where we are today. The process was pushed primarily by two people. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi.
calchala 03/20/2010 122 100 2 85
Boston Globe RIPS Rep. Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch, one of what has turned out to be a large amount of Reps who have tried to say they wouldn't vote for the bill and then eventually are backing it was ripped by the biggest newspaper in ...
calchala 03/18/2010 116 40 - 55
Breaking: HCR Reconciliation Bill Online
Here's the link from Congress: HCR Reconciliation Bill ...
calchala 03/18/2010 40 41 - 29
GOP: Fin Reg will pass NEXT YEAR; Will be WAY to the Right
To show you why time is of the essence and why the majority can't get things done, here's the problem. John Boehner speaking in front of the banking associates predicts that the House and Senate ...
calchala 03/17/2010 31 20 - 25
FrumForum: GOP LOBBYIST(?!?) Supports HCR
I think people know where I stand with regards to the Healthcare Reform. I'm a pragmatic progressive, and I disagree entirely with Dennis Kucinich (who may switch his vote tomorrow) and Michael ...
calchala 03/16/2010 33 11 - 31
Petraeus-Biden: Israel's actions are endangering US Troops
Assuming the background information is accurate, and it's notable that it's coming from the Israeli press and not the American Press, but Biden tore Netanyahu a new one behind the scenes.
calchala 03/14/2010 725 349 3 140
WSJ:  Dodd Unveils his Bill (sans Corker)
Chairman Dodd showing his bill as less expansive than his original idea, but still significantly better than what he had originally designed with Corker.
calchala 03/14/2010 21 18 - 28
538:  Kucinich "least valuable democrat" in Congress
Wow. Nate Silver really lays it down thick on Dennis Kucinich and why a primary for him shouldn't be out of the question. Contrary to the article on the rec list, Dennis Kucinich is a purity troll ...
calchala 03/13/2010 186 39 - 42
WH/Senate Dems going for Twin Win:  HCR and Student Loans
Looks like the WH and the Senate are on a path to push for Healthcare Reform and for Student Loan changes to give money to the students.
calchala 03/11/2010 26 36 1 35
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