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US NEWS POLL: Bernie to win nomination
With currently a staggering 829 votes ... Bernie Sanders is expected to win the nomination 61.52% to 38.48% . **
cdub24 05/05/2015 208 101 1 -
(UPDATE) BREAKING: BERNIE RAISES $1.5 Million in 24 hours :)
Great news via CNN : Bernie Sanders' nascent presidential campaign announced Friday that it raised more than $1.5 million in its first 24 hours, a number that far outpaces what Republican ...
cdub24 05/01/2015 224 271 2 -
ATTN MoveOn - She's NOT RUNNING. Support Bernie now!
Frankly, this is getting a little embarrassing. Whenever I hear people still pining for Warren to run I cringe. She's not running folks. It's getting into tin foil hat territory. Liberal groups ...
cdub24 05/01/2015 25 17 - -
Tea Party Blogger switching vote to Hillary BECAUSE of OBAMACARE!
I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed today: (apologies if it has already been posted) WATCH: Terrified ‘Tea Party Patriot’ realizes he could lose Obamacare if GOP wins in 2016 A ...
cdub24 04/15/2015 135 165 5 - "Make Election Day a National Holiday"
"It would be transformative if everybody voted. That would counteract money more than anything. If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map of this country." - President ...
cdub24 04/07/2015 7 3 - -
2015 House Budgets still PRIVATIZES MEDICARE
Forget the lead in the main article on the site "Surprise! House Republican budget repeals Obamacare" ... the real headline is that this budget still has the goal of PRIVATIZING MEDICARE . The plan ...
cdub24 03/17/2015 8 13 - -
Chuck Norris and now Romney is going to fight Holyfield? Is it April Fools?
Ok this is insane. Did someone move April fools up 2 weeks? First Chuck Norris endorses Bibi.... and now ROMNEY IS GOING TO GET INTO THE RING AN FIGHT HOLYFIELD!?!? WTF? http://talkingpointsmemo.
cdub24 03/16/2015 17 5 - -
RICK PERRY - "We don't settle political differences with indictments in this country."
A steamed Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Saturday decried a Travis County grand jury's indictment of him on two felony counts, saying allegations that he abused his power by threatening to veto funding ...
cdub24 08/16/2014 35 12 - -
OBAMACARE - The albatross that will destroy the GOP
Boehner's going to regreat these words: Today’s ruling is also further proof that President Obama’s health care law is completely unworkable. It cannot be fixed. Ummm... it could be fixed in ...
cdub24 07/22/2014 4 7 - -
If corporations are people... does that mean they can get married?
So now that T-mobile and Sprint are talking about tying the knot? Should we hold a ceremony? Or maybe not because they're of the same "sex" (phone companies) and that just isn't right. They'll ...
cdub24 07/01/2014 9 3 - -
WRONG - A "REALITY" show like "Undercover Boss" does not prove anything!!
I work as an editor for reality TV - in fact I should be cutting right now instead of writing this - so I should know. (I have never edited "Undercover Boss") This diary by Vyan draws the correct ...
cdub24 02/13/2014 22 19 - -
CoveredCA almost gave me a heart attack today
On December 14th, I signed up - through a buggy and a poorly designed site - and was able to purchase health care for a family of 5 for $870/month no subsidies in CA. I ended up choosing the Blue ...
cdub24 12/26/2013 17 3 - -
Boehner says there's no deal: House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told House Republicans in a closed meeting this morning "that there is no deal to reopen the government and hike the debt ceiling, ...
cdub24 10/12/2013 91 109 - -
Why does Kaiser have the highest rates on the CA exchange?
I was shocked to see this comment from QuarterHorseDem : Kaiser just raised my premium 40%! There is virtually no competition in Northern CA(Aetna dropped out of the market for self employed ...
cdub24 10/03/2013 39 8 1 -
BAM! Obama tells it like it is! "Keeping people uninsured the centerpiece of [the GOP's] agenda"
Bam! What did I say in this diary here: ROPE-A-DOPE 101: How it's all going to go down on October 1st TPM has the scoop : President Obama blasted Republicans Tuesday for their crusade to ...
cdub24 10/01/2013 2 1 - -
ROPE-A-DOPE 101: How it's all going to go down on October 1st
The rope a dope is coming - I can see it. The government shuts down and Pres. O. comes to the podium for a statement. "The Republican party just shut down the government in an attempt to prevent ...
cdub24 09/29/2013 188 362 3 -
We're going to win back the House in 2014
I promise you. Here it goes: 1. Republicans in the House refuse to extend the Middle Class Bush tax cuts. Everybody's taxes go up. 2. Obama campaigns and pounds relentlessly and runs ads in 2014 ...
cdub24 11/14/2012 16 9 - -
Saw this: Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling says they'll be releasing 2016 primary polls for Iowa and New Hampshire later ...
cdub24 11/08/2012 11 2 1 -
Why isn't this bigger news? 2 more senators and one more house member if it's approved by congress. Puerto Rico voted ...
cdub24 11/07/2012 43 50 - -
MOTHER JONES: 4 of 5 Town Hall Debate Undecideds Now Support Obama
Now that's a good omen: At the second presidential debate, a town hall forum held at Hofstra University, 11 undecided voters from Long Island asked President Obama and Mitt Romney questions on a ...
cdub24 11/05/2012 8 24 - -
"Someone paid me to vote for Romney"
I was doing calls into Ohio... spoke to a male in his 20s and that's what he said. "Someone paid me to vote for Romney" He didn't sound happy about it. I just said "ok" and marked him down for ...
cdub24 11/04/2012 31 15 - -
What's up with the RAND roller coaster?
Yes we're still leading... but the sudden drop over the last few days is a little disconcerting... But if you look back - roller coasters every 10 days or so. Hopefully tomorrow it'll stabilize ...
cdub24 11/03/2012 34 1 - -
Pollster: Undercounted Cell Phone Users Hide Obama's Lead
Playing devil's advocate here... but isn't this what we said when we were losing in 2004 and 2010? Granted it's been 8 years since 2004 and I've changed to a cell phone only family in that time. (...
cdub24 10/29/2012 21 2 - -
DKOS Virtual Phonebank (Sunday 10/28) - STOP obsessing over polls. CHANGE THEM!
Ok... I'm sick of all of the fretting. (myself included) I always think that its better making calls with other people. So... let's do it! Yesterday I got 2 people who weren't going to vote in ...
cdub24 10/28/2012 4 3 - -
Soledad O'Brien: 68% (11 of 16) undecideds "now support Obama" after watching debate
Want to know how much Obama took command last night? Our undecideds thought pres Obama won. Some wanted to keep their vote private but 11 of 16 said they now support Obama. 9 still undecided — ...
cdub24 10/23/2012 18 9 - -
NYT: Voters With Questions at Debate Still Have Them
Very interesting article on NYT: Mr. Ladka’s question, about the attack that killed four Americans last month in Benghazi, Libya, spurred one of the most replayed exchanges of the evening.... On ...
cdub24 10/17/2012 12 7 - -
BOUNCE OVER? Obama leads Nationally again!
A couple of things of awesomeness: The ABC Poll out late last night: 49-46 The new Politico/GWU Battleground poll released this morning: 48-47 And the new Newsmax/
cdub24 10/15/2012 50 25 - -
Obama's FIRED UP and AWESOME in Miami, FL
I watched this live on a livestream... and man... he's raring to go. He's on his game! Best line: He's trying to go through an extreme makeover. After running for more than a year in which he ...
cdub24 10/11/2012 116 248 4 -
This is freaking awesome. Run this ad 24/7!!!!!!! TPM : The Obama campaign has a new ad set to air in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia tying Mitt Romneys' remarks decrying the 47 percent of Americans ...
cdub24 10/09/2012 114 240 - 2108
GOOD NEWS from GALLUP buried in the story
Did you notice this little nugget? Although Gallup's main focus is on seven-day rolling averages, a breakdown of interviewing over shorter periods can be helpful in understanding the short-term ...
cdub24 10/09/2012 12 8 - 210
KOS PPP Poll - Romney in the Lead
Not to douse anyone's hopes: This week's dkos/SEIU weekly poll has Romney in the lead. Bulk of calls were made Thu & Fri, after R's post-debate bounce. Details Tuesday — Markos Moulitsas (@markos)
cdub24 10/08/2012 92 14 - 1108
Nate 538 is betting on Romney?
Maybe this is just worded very strangely... BUT: The FiveThirtyEight forecast did show a clear shift toward Mr. Romney on Friday, giving him a 15.1 percent chance of winning the Electoral College —
cdub24 10/05/2012 152 5 - 1372
RAS Swing state Daily Tracker: OBAMA 50-45
Some heartening news: This is now the fifth day in a row that the president has been at the 50% mark or better, the only time either candidate has done that well in this survey. But Romney now ...
cdub24 10/05/2012 18 2 - 327
OBAMA: Romney was "Fact Checked by his own campaign!"
HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! :) Awesomeness. During his appearance just now in the DC suburbs of northern Virginia, President Obama referred to that part of Wednesday’s debate when Mitt Romney ...
cdub24 10/05/2012 18 32 - 254
Some disheartening news this morning: Ohio: Romney 47%, Obama 46% (We Ask America) (last poll was 48-40 Obama on 7/24) Florida: Romney 49%, Obama 46% (We Ask America) (last poll was 49-46 Obama on ...
cdub24 10/05/2012 81 5 - 866
PPP: Modest bump for Romney but no game changer
Some samples from their Twitter feed: We do 4 day fields so no final numbers until Sunday but early indications that Romney may have gotten small, but hardly game changing bump — ...
cdub24 10/04/2012 62 45 - 602
OBAMA: Romney Will Ignore Wall Street, "Crack Down On Sesame Street"
This is awesome. Would have been awesome-er if he said it LAST NIGHT. But that doesn't change the fact that it's awesome. President Obama made fun of Mitt Romney's debate call to cut off federal ...
cdub24 10/04/2012 10 24 - 178
GALLUP jumps to 54% Approval - highest since July 2009
Gallup jumped to 54% approval today from 50% . Disapproval is at 42% from 44%. A full 6 point jump folks. The last time he had a 54% approval was July, 26th 2009!!! I know this doesn't take into ...
cdub24 10/04/2012 14 12 - 292
OBAMA TIP: "If you judge a debate by who LIED the most, then yes Romney won."
What I would say if I was Obama: *** "If you judge a debate on who lied the most, the yes Romney won last night. But the American people didn't win last night. If you judge a debate on who ...
cdub24 10/04/2012 4 1 - 52
12 point SURGE in North Carolina - SurveyUSA 49-47
Woohoo. :) Survey USA finds Obama has gained 12 points in 3 weeks in North Carolina:… — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) October 2, ...
cdub24 10/02/2012 14 17 - 389
Just keep DIGGING... just keep DIGGING! (Mitt on NBC)
Oh my... this guy is the stupidest person on the planet. Who was it that said that Obama is lucky in his opponents. From the NBC interview: “[D]on’t forget — I got everybody in my state ...
cdub24 09/26/2012 149 213 2 3012
PPP IOWA: Obama leads with EVERYONE 51-44
WHAM BAM: Obama leads with both men and women, within every age group, and with independents in Iowa now:… — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) September 26, ...
cdub24 09/26/2012 29 25 - 304
GALLUP aligns....50-44 - 6 POINT LEAD
But but but but .... Gallup! That was all we heard last week. It's neck and neck in Gallup! The bounce has recedded. There's no impact from the 47%.... That changes today. Gallup 50-44. 6 POINTS UP.
cdub24 09/26/2012 103 138 2 1809
Claire McCaskill unloads a WORLD OF HURT on Todd Akin
You just have to see this ad to believe it. It is.... "eviscerating" as we say around here: Todd Akin in his own words... On March 18th, 2011, Todd Akin said he didn't like Social Security. ...
cdub24 09/25/2012 122 456 2 4049
$7.2 MILLION difference between Romeny's 2011 preliminary & final return
What's he hiding? There's a $7.2 MILLION dollar difference between the preliminary return that Mitt Romney released earlier this year and now: Mitt Romney apparently adopted a new tax strategy at ...
cdub24 09/21/2012 14 37 - 338
BOOM! Obama smacks Romney again. “We Don't Need An Inside Job In Washington”
Woah... he smacks him down hard. “What kind of inside job is he talking about," Obama asked. "Is it the job of rubber-stamping the top-down, you’re-on-your-own agenda of this Republican ...
cdub24 09/21/2012 5 12 - 164
The 47% Fallout SURGE BEGINS!
A couple of data points.... First... PPP's Wisconsin new poll: Obama's lead on our Wisconsin poll is the largest we've found for him there since February — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) ...
cdub24 09/20/2012 14 18 - 392
Wow - he looks extremely nervous. He's saying that people should self deport and he likes the AZ immigration law and people are cheering? He must have shipped them in. Watch live here: https://...
cdub24 09/19/2012 12 11 - 377
ANVIL TIME - Senate R's kill Veterans Job Corps Act
You read that correctly... The Republican Senators just killed the Veterans Job Corps Act! Veterans won’t be ...
cdub24 09/19/2012 5 8 - 83
PPP - Wisconsin - HUH?
How do these three tweets correlate? Did the polling they did change to favor Romney over the past day? Or are they being sarcastic? PPP twitter yesterday: Wisconsin first place we've polled since ...
cdub24 09/19/2012 38 2 1 516
Obama is trouncing Romney 58-42 in the 7-ELECTION poll (UPDATED)
Stop the presses! Obama is trouncing Romney in the 7-ELECTION poll 58-42 Can I repeat that? 58-42 In each of the three previous presidential elections, the poll has accurately predicted who will ...
cdub24 09/18/2012 33 22 1 704
NATE 538 - "Our senate forecasts will be a bit "newsy"
Our senate forecasts will be a bit "newsy". Pretty clear trend in the polls over the past few weeks. — Nate Silver (@fivethirtyeight) September 17, 2012 That's translatable to perhaps... Dems on ...
cdub24 09/17/2012 11 20 - 617
OUCH! Burn! Obama: "You can’t stand up to China when all you’ve done is send them our jobs"
That's gotta hurt!. From TPM President Obama will attack Mitt Romney's credibility on the issue of trade with China in a campaign speech Monday in Ohio, where he plans to announce a new trade ...
cdub24 09/17/2012 77 212 4 1678
AWESOME PPP POLLS...Obama VA 51-46, Warren MA 48-46 (UPDATED)
Yes oh yes.... And once again we find Obama with a decent sized lead in Virginia- has been the case every time we've polled there this cycle — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) September 16, 2012 ...
cdub24 09/16/2012 244 228 3 3629
Hillary & Obama briefly hold hands at moving ceremony at Andrews AFB
Obama and Clinton briefly hold hands in midst of moving repatriation ceremony at Andrews AFB — Paul Adams (@BBCPaulAdams) September 14, 2012 Photo to come?
cdub24 09/14/2012 23 16 - 355
Elizabeth Warren's KILLER new ad "The Fighter"
This ad is awesome: This is the kind of ad she needs. From the e-mail I received: Art is the owner of Ramalho's West End Gym -- the Lowell boxing gym made famous by the hit movie The Fighter. ...
cdub24 09/13/2012 87 257 4 1911
via TPM - Jon Kyl: Embassy Statement Was Like Telling A Raped Woman She ‘Asked For It’
Are you AKIN crazy? "It's like the judge telling the woman who got raped, 'You asked for it because of the way you dressed.' OK? That's the same thing. 'Well America, you should be the ones to ...
cdub24 09/12/2012 35 19 - 370
GALLUP - The BOUNCE continues - 50-43 - SEVEN POINT LEAD!
The sugar high feels good: Approval rose to 51/42 (from 50/43). The head to head went to 50/43 (from 50/44) THAT'S A SEVEN POINT LEAD LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! :) Mitt Romney is unfit to be our ...
cdub24 09/12/2012 13 10 - 194
GALLUP - Obama moves to 6 POINT LEAD 50-44
Short but sugary sweet: Obama increases his lead to 50-44 (was 49-44) over Romney. Obama unfavorables move down a point while favorables stay the same at 50-43 (was 50-44). SWEETNESS. :)
cdub24 09/11/2012 30 23 - 405
HOLY $%^# - We can take back the House... LOOK AT THIS CHART!
Sorry for the short diary... but I just mentally screamed the above title and my jaw dropped when I saw this chart on Sully's site :
cdub24 09/10/2012 33 22 - 791
Since the GOP didn't talk about their platform at the RNC... we should simply do it for them. It's simple.... someone should walk out to the podium holding the document below and just read straight ...
cdub24 09/03/2012 58 99 2 563
GALLUP: Romney's speech polled worse than Bob Dole's
Again via Josh Marshal at TPM : Gallup has only been tracking the question back to 1996. And Romney’s fared worse than any of the convention speeches back those 16 years. In other words, Dole’...
cdub24 09/03/2012 10 6 - 103
via Josh Marshal at TPM - I generally despise the counter-intuitive pundit take (pace TNR). But I think there’s a chance this renewed focus on the ‘4 years ago’ question could backfire on ...
cdub24 09/03/2012 1 1 - 35
MITT ROMNEY: “When we had the lead, we let people down"
via WSJ via Mother Jones : Mitt Romney said Saturday that his party had fallen short on its fiscal promises even as he campaigned alongside a top Republican congressional leader.... “When we had ...
cdub24 09/02/2012 16 21 - 333
It's official. Earlier it was leaked. They didn't change it. It's in the official doc. READ: The full Republican platform The first step is to move the two programs away from their current ...
cdub24 08/28/2012 1 6 - 78
HUGE: GOP Details Huge Medicare Change In Leaked Platform
In relation to my earlier diary ... this is HUGE. The platform, snagged by Politico on Friday night after the Republican National Committee accidentally posted it to its website before taking it ...
cdub24 08/27/2012 229 557 9 3555
MEDICARE - Are the Republican lies working?
You have to wonder? Registered voters nationwide narrowly trust Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama to handle Medicare, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday. - ...
cdub24 08/27/2012 16 5 - 97
BAM - Gawker Posts 950 Pages Of BAIN Documents
BAIN PAIN! Gawker has posted a whopping 950 pages of purported internal documents from Bain-related entites, claiming the trove of information includes new details on Bain's offshore Caribbean ...
cdub24 08/23/2012 6 11 1 114
If you work hard, Romney and Ryan want to TAX YOU.
How to reframe the Romney/Ryan budget (and Ryan Plan) into an attack on jobs and taxes. (like we need any more Anvils that this Ryan VP pick is giving us - and boy is it giving us them) If you work ...
cdub24 08/15/2012 1 1 - 21
Obama To Give Speech On Ryan Budget Tomorrow
From TPM: President Obama will deliver a speech Tuesday on the new House GOP budget, a White House official confirms to TPM. He'll speak at the American Society of Newspaper Editors convention in ...
cdub24 04/02/2012 21 11 - 125
Inspired by the I was the freak in Citibank today. At least,
cdub24 11/09/2011 12 6 2 163
BOEHNER - Obama's American Jobs Act is a "Gimmick"
John Boehner just handed President Obama some "gold": In speech to the Economic Club of Washington, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Thursday called the tax cuts in President Obama’
cdub24 09/15/2011 19 11 - 107
#FINREG Senate Cloture Fun LIVEBLOG (UPDATED - PASSED 60-40)
No one else seems to have done it. So here it is... Post updates here....
cdub24 05/20/2010 32 17 - 13
How to WIN BIG in November
On Sunday something extraordinary happened. The Democratic party went from being a party that couldn't get anything done (why is another topic) to a party that passed the most sweeping overhaul of ...
cdub24 03/23/2010 14 9 - 23
TPM is reporting that Cao may vote yes. This was reported yesterday too.. but hopefully this is a new development.
cdub24 03/19/2010 73 31 1 25
Kucinich To Hold Presser Tomorrow To Announce Vote
via TPM and Jamie Dupree via Twitter ...
cdub24 03/16/2010 302 13 - 86
Progressively Pro-Life
This may sound like an oxymoron - but it's probably the best way to describe my beliefs right now. As a man, I was raised in a Democratic Protestant family and have been progressively Pro-Choice ...
cdub24 02/28/2010 239 4 - 25
Triggered PO Ok by me if Exchange is open to EVERYONE
So it seems the senate is too conservative to get this thing done with a nation PO. Sad but true.
cdub24 11/21/2009 73 5 - 87
Stop the DEMOCRATIC Health Care Filibuster
As David Waldman pointed out in his excellent diary post... the Republican Filibuster is a myth. We need to get the word out so people know who is really blocking Health Care Reform.
cdub24 10/15/2009 9 5 - 29
In tonight's episode of Jay Leno, Rush Limbaugh lives out his wildest fantasy...
cdub24 09/25/2009 50 2 - 37
ACTION: Rebrand the Public Option to MEDICARE FOR ALL
This is truly what I believe needs to be done. I know it's been said many times on DailyKos... BUT we need to start a movement calling for this. MEDICARE FOR ALL needs to be not only our rallying ...
cdub24 08/18/2009 44 24 1 30
APM: The Story on the "ruins" of Detroit
I heard a very interesting piece last night on NPR about Jim Griffioen, a stay at home Dad living in Detroit who decided to photograph the decay and abandoned buildings in Detroit. To photograph the ...
cdub24 04/15/2009 34 16 - 84
Forget Drudge and Zogby: 7-11 poll O 60, M 40
They got it right in 2000 and 2004! :)
cdub24 10/31/2008 35 15 1 23
Obama to Wolf Blitzer: McCain doesn't know how to capture Osama Bin Laden
I apologize if this has already been diaried - but damn saw this excerpt from the Blitzer interview:
cdub24 10/31/2008 33 28 - 22
CALL TO ACTION: Will you Drive for Change in NevAda in my stead?
I'm a phonebanker volunteer in CA. It's pretty easy as the Obama CA HQ is a block from my apartment. I have a 9 month old child and my wife is supportive of me leaving her with him for an hour or ...
cdub24 10/25/2008 6 2 - 10
Oh the drama of poll watching. I used to spend every day waiting for 10am (I'm in CA) to look at the latest Gallup daily numbers. 10 more days to go... and I'm beggining to think we might be able ...
cdub24 10/24/2008 15 1 - 5
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