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What's Wrong with Nate Silver's Rankings
Nate Silver and New York Magazine have posted a neighborhood ranking article and interactive widget that make some misguided assumptions and miss a huge opportunity. Kos referred us to it in his ...
cityvitalsigns 04/18/2010 18 5 - 104
Action: Wingnuts "Cripple the Census"
Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) have proposed an amendment (S.AMDT 2644) to the FY10 Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill (H.R. 2847), which includes funds for ...
cityvitalsigns 10/12/2009 44 36 - 42
BREAKING: Safire dead at 79
More as details unfold. Safire, known for the "On Language" and for his editorial post at the New York Times, has died at age 79.
cityvitalsigns 09/27/2009 81 25 - 18
I (we) took on the School system and won!
We did it! In Shorewood, WI, with the mighty help from some like-minded parents and the inter-tubes and social media and ideas from DKos, we were able to get the Presidental Address broadcast on a ...
cityvitalsigns 09/08/2009 18 25 - 55
My position on the Presidential Address
I live in Shorewood, Wisconsin, a city that voted 74% for Obama. It seems one email from one right-winger got the superintendent in a snit, and we won't be airing the presidential address. I found ...
cityvitalsigns 09/05/2009 6 7 - 19
How Economies Grow and Why Health Care Doesn't Help
I'm an economic development professional. And I'd like to tell you how and why the health care industry contributes mightily to the economic crisis. To understand will take a little background on ...
cityvitalsigns 08/17/2009 37 4 - 12
My friend, on Badger Care, is against Reform
I am so upset right now I can't even see straight. I hate this. The mother of a friend of my kids who just dropped him off is One of Them. The wing-nuts. The it's Socialism. The Government-is-...
cityvitalsigns 08/15/2009 27 4 - 10
A Portrait of Eunice
As we all have heard, Eunice Kennedy Shriver died this morning, August 11, at the age of 88. What you might not know is that Kennedy Shriver is the first portrait commissioned by the gallery that ...
cityvitalsigns 08/11/2009 17 15 - 183
See, Insurance Company wanted its money back: COB and a rallying cry for single-payer.
I know that we are supposedly giving up on a single-payer system. The "compromise" seems to be that at least we'll get a public option. But IMHO, one of the largest money-sucks in the current ...
cityvitalsigns 07/27/2009 15 19 - 18
How to get a job: what's missing from resumes I'm reviewing  Update X2
I'm in the really weird position of having job openings at my non-profit for which we are recruiting and hiring. We are deluged with resumes and I thought it might be helpful to share a few ...
cityvitalsigns 04/15/2009 464 695 194 341
Enzi is blocking Solis' nomination for Labor Secretary (Update X2)
I've discovered that the hold for Solis' has been placed by Mike Enzi, WY. Thereisnospoon diaried about this yesterday. After I found ...
cityvitalsigns 01/29/2009 213 607 7 207
B of A, Republic Windows Sit-In, W/pics
I believe most everyone knows the issue -- the collapse of housing construction severely cut into the company's business. Bank of America refused to grant credit and the plant closed. This is a ...
cityvitalsigns 12/08/2008 39 51 1 19
Wisdom of Crowds and solution for short diaries predicting EVs
No short diaries trying to predict EVs - join the FaceBook group called "Call the Race". Now, I'm an old fart but one of my nephews got me to join this group. It asks you to upload a picture of ...
cityvitalsigns 10/30/2008 1 2 - -
Registering Inmates, WI.  Voter Suppression?
A real ground game, this is. Every vote. Every voter. A swing state. Hence I spent the afternoon registering voters and applying for absentee ballots on the part of inmates at a correctional ...
cityvitalsigns 10/14/2008 30 22 1 11
Pssst ... yes, you, there buddy ... tell me: how can I lose this thing?
Look, I just can't do this thing. I mean, I really didn't think I would actually WIN in the primary. And I thought for sure that if I did, I'd be facing Hillary, not this guy. I'm even thinking ...
cityvitalsigns 09/25/2008 7 1 - -
Action: WI canvassing tips (w/gender differences)
Hi. I canvassed for Obama today in Wisconsin. The first time I've ever canvassed for anything. A few things surprised me, and made me realize how DailyKos colors my world. Even in my liberal town ...
cityvitalsigns 09/21/2008 99 30 2 100
Understatement found on Another Web Site
I've been reading Another Web Site to see what the right-wingers have to say about the economic crisis. First, they are trying to find any evidence they can to point the finger at Obama. (Obama?) ...
cityvitalsigns 09/18/2008 13 9 1 -
ACTION: How I am winning Republican voters--Health Care
As we all set out to our various phonebanking activities, I wanted to share a theme that has been surprisingly successful in winning over Republican and Independent Voters I've come into contact with.
cityvitalsigns 09/14/2008 18 29 7 33
ACTION: How I am winning Republican voters--Health Care
As we all set out to canvass this weekend I wanted to share a theme that has been surprisingly successful in winning over Republican and Independent Voters I've come into contact with. It's ...
cityvitalsigns 09/12/2008 22 25 4 8
Positive message not "Change" but "Hope" (and shamelessly pimping Jeffrey Feldman)
You ever have that "ah ha" moment? When someone says something and it just hits you like hot nails through cold steel, and you just can't get it out of your head? That happened to me today. I read ...
cityvitalsigns 09/09/2008 5 - - 16
I know you, Sarah Palin
I know you, Sarah Palin. I don't have to know you personally, but your speech last night told me who you are. You see, Sarah, I also am the mother of a special-needs kid. That doesn't qualify me ...
cityvitalsigns 09/04/2008 35 45 1 16
Report from the field: Breast Cancer 3-day walk
This is from my sister - our mother had breast cancer before age 50 (she's still alive and kicking), and this sister herself suffers from Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (caught early). She trained for ...
cityvitalsigns 08/12/2008 2 2 - -
Obama fundraising outpaces McCain in conservative Milwaukee counties
This article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Haven't gotten around to diarying it til today (I've been recovering from post-Romania jet lag):
cityvitalsigns 07/30/2008 8 6 - 12
Thanks dKos, Obama, the Democratic groundswell, Bill Moyers, and more, for making me a better mother
I think I might be writing this diary more for myself than for anyone else, but it might also be the case that my musings take you somewhere. Some of you may have noticed I have kids. I have two,
cityvitalsigns 07/01/2008 22 28 - 164
Obama is a shill for Oprah: senior vote
"Oprah put him up to it." No kidding. That's what my white, 76-year-old mother told me today. I am so depressed. And I don't know how to answer her. It started when she called to thank me for a ...
cityvitalsigns 06/09/2008 65 3 - 30
Need Reco for Big Summer Book - Romania
Ok, this diary probably breaks several Dkos diary rules, but I really need a good read for the summer. See, I'm off to Romania ...
cityvitalsigns 06/05/2008 21 2 - 3
Obama: he understood the math
From Stephen Ohlemacher at the AP, via Yahoo, the truth about Obama's campaign. He's a charasmatic leader but also a ruthless rule-player, and that combo is what's getting him his win. His ...
cityvitalsigns 05/30/2008 27 15 1 4
How dare the leadership of the Democratic Party turn on Hillary Clinton!
I'm sure many of you have already read this piece by Jill Iscol , via Huffington Post. It tries to lay ...
cityvitalsigns 05/27/2008 35 14 1 30
I've made peace with HRC
No matter how's it's asked: "is she taking this to the convention?" "what does Hillary WANT?" "why won't she drop out?" "does she really think she can win?" it's all the same question, really.
cityvitalsigns 05/23/2008 12 13 - 4
Paul Ryan and the new Republican road map (w/poll)
Paul Ryan, the ranking member on the House Budget Comittee, introduced a budget bill yesterday that has conservative circles acting like he's the cat with the catnip. Given the beating Republicans ...
cityvitalsigns 05/22/2008 2 1 1 9
The Thirty-day Look Back
I've been keeping random screen shots of RCP delegate counts since, oh, mid-March, right after the VT/RI/OH/TX/WY/MI week. After Pennsylvania Tuesday, I'd thought I'd take a look at how far Obama ...
cityvitalsigns 04/24/2008 - - - -
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