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This trial lawyer is damn proud of Joe Biden...
I am a trial lawyer. For nearly 30 years, I have been in the heat of the battle. In the battle for civil rights. In the battle for justice. In the battle on behalf of the consumer. These battles get ...
clark101857 10/12/2012 8 28 - -
Update from Texas--San Antonio has gone bonkers over the President -- outside--BAD FOR ROMNEY...
Texas has gone totally crazy for the President of the United States. The President has just concluded his remarks in front of more than 1000 folks who paid a minimum of $250.00 for the luncheon. I ...
clark101857 07/17/2012 220 428 2 3407
Welcome to San Antonio, Texas, Mr. President!!!
On Tuesday, the President of the United States will be attending a major fundraiser in San Antonio, Texas. The response to the fundraising luncheon--where the least expensive ticket is $250.00--has ...
clark101857 07/15/2012 11 18 - 108
A voice from Texas--prepare for Perry NOW!!
As I write these words, the Governor of my state, Rick Perry, has been a declared candidate for a little more than a few days. The pundits have been following him all around Iowa and have been ...
clark101857 08/27/2011 455 465 13 2468
Did Supreme Court vacate the circuit court opinion to preserve Bush v. Gore or has it overruled it?
Like everyone here, I am totally elated the Supreme Court vacated the GOP's recent win in the lower circuit court opinion that would have effected the Ohio election on the issue of Standing. After ...
clark101857 10/17/2008 14 6 - 15
Secret Service should warn McCain/Palin
Like all of you, my stomach just turns at the sight of these Palin pitch-fork laden thugs shouting hate speech at the Palin rallies. I believe these rallies have transformed from mere political ...
clark101857 10/09/2008 17 7 - -
The Palin Dilemma
Like most of us, I cringe when i hear the voice of this brainless version of an "attack dog." Sarah Palin is much more than a mere attack dog. Palin is a conglomeration of Richard Nixon, the late ...
clark101857 10/06/2008 13 2 1 14
Investigative reporters/You Tube clips revealing Palin massive LIAR on bridge story--more to come!,0,5932587.story Great analysis of how Gov. Palin has one story when she fights for earmarks and a totally different story as the GOP ...
clark101857 09/07/2008 7 4 - -
John McCain--portrait of desperation
I have lost all respect for John McCain. I admit--I lose most of it when he literally cuddled with George Bush like Bush was a long lost girlfriend. But the recent attacks on Obama have revealed ...
clark101857 07/31/2008 5 6 - -
Why an 86-year old former Hillary supporter is now solidly backing BO
An interesting moment occurred a few weeks ago in my family. My mother--at the age of 86--was a classic HRC supporter. She never dreamed that a woman would be so close to being the nominee of a ...
clark101857 07/26/2008 20 39 - 24
HRC Supporter says--Enough is enough!
As a moderate Democrat, I have supported HRC since the early days of the campaign. I think a review of the few diaries that I have written will confirm this. It was a difficult decision--I ...
clark101857 04/19/2008 466 745 17 67
What would an Obama administration look like? Pick the cabinet
Before anyone flames me--I am not putting the cart before the horse. There are plent of threads that have been submitted about a possible VP choice for Obama. In this thread--I go one step further-
clark101857 02/25/2008 104 6 2 5
Welcome to Austin, Texas! This state will never be the same
Great stories documenting tonight's debate are found in major Texas newspapers. For out of state readers I would recommend Austin American Statesman, Dallas and Houston newspapers.
clark101857 02/21/2008 11 13 2 -
The only person who can unite the Democratic Party--Hillary Clinton
In the weeks to come, we face an increasingly destructive and bitter campaign battle that portends the grim future of an impotent Democratic Party that loses to McCain in November. There is only ...
clark101857 02/19/2008 84 22 1 6
2008 Democratic National Convention--a recipe for total disaster worse than 1968
The past week, I have become increasingly alarmed by the Democratic Party. My views are simple. First,as a supporter of HRC, I am also impressed immensely by Obama. I will be equally satisfied no ...
clark101857 02/15/2008 57 5 1 10
Texas primary may prompt 'fat lady' to get her throat spray ready because she may be singing soon
State law provides how delegates are divided among presidential candidates. Because Texas almost never has any role in making this ultimate decision, its bizarre and outdated set of "rules" will ...
clark101857 02/11/2008 12 5 - -
Obama and Hillary--welcome to Texas--a roadmap for victory
Demographics in Texas can be a nightmare for a national campaign. Texas has not been targeted in either general elections or in primary fights at the presidential level for many years. Usually, the ...
clark101857 02/06/2008 28 5 - -
Thought about Obama but will support HRC
Obama's critique of HRC's Iraq war vote suggests that she is disqualified to be Commander in Chief. A deeper analysis of this charge suggests that BO's "new" type of politics is really nothing ...
clark101857 02/04/2008 153 33 1 15
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