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ABC connects extreme weather to climate change
ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos began with a segment on extreme weather in the U.S. After a run down of the blizzards in the east and drought in the west, there was a panel discussion ...
cocinero 02/16/2014 15 32 - -
Americans for Prosperity and Steve King came to my small town.
The Koch Brothers funded group, Americans for Prosperity, is conducting a series of town halls in Iowa attacking Congressman Bruce Braley . They call it the "Big Government Braley Tour." Braley is ...
cocinero 08/07/2013 7 6 1 -
IA Senate: Steve King not running
Steve King announced via Twitter late Friday that he will not be running for Senate. Since Tom Harkin said he would not be running for re-election, there has been speculation about who would run ...
cocinero 05/04/2013 12 8 - -
Cheating Scandal
The latest result of high-stakes testing. In all, 35 teachers, principals, and administrators were named in the 65-count indictment, mostly under racketeering charges, which painted a broad portrait ...
cocinero 04/02/2013 1 7 - -
Steve King for Senate?
Earlier today (3/25) Steve King (R IA04) told reporters that his odds of running for the open senate seat being vacated by Tom Harkin are "a little more than 50-50." Congressman Bruce Braley (D IA01)
cocinero 03/25/2013 8 7 - -
Coordinated GOP Attack on Medicare
Yesterday I received a large-size post card mailing from my representative (R). He claims he is going to "save and strengthen" Medicare. The model in the picture looked familiar. Sure enough, it'...
cocinero 08/15/2012 2 4 1 77
Who's teaching the kids? The corporate takeover
A recent article highlighted the growing scam of for-profit corporations using tax dollars to provide substandard education via online learning. Two companies are advertising on television in Iowa ...
cocinero 02/19/2012 13 16 1 94
Goodbye "Gold" Dollars
In my one previous diary , I advocated replacing paper one-dollar bank notes with coins. ...
cocinero 01/21/2012 41 7 1 190
Change Change
The November 4th election was about change. Barack Obama made change a central theme of his campaign. Even John McCain echoed the "change" theme. One thing that should change is change itself, i.e. ...
cocinero 01/07/2009 2 - - 25
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