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I'd Love To Volunteer, But...
I've just received the n th message in several days from the Organizing For America mailing list, urging me to call prospective voters using the DNC's virtual phone-bank tool. I'd totally ...
codeman38 11/02/2010 11 1 - 19
Action Alert: Research on Healthcare and Disabilities
If you're at all familiar with my previous entries, you'd know that I tend to focus on disability rights, and particularly the rights of individuals on the autistic spectrum. It's only natural; I'm ...
codeman38 01/12/2010 2 5 1 12
Captioning is not a bonus feature: or, 'Up' to no good
(This is adapted from a LiveJournal post which was featured by Consumerist . I figured this ...
codeman38 11/15/2009 31 13 - 44
Macon, GA's ABC Affiliate Wipes Out
I'm originally from the Macon, Georgia area; it's also where I attended college. So I tend to keep up on occasion with what's going on back in my hometown. As I was browsing the news today,
codeman38 10/30/2009 40 12 - 228
Autism Speaks Hits A New Low
(cross-posted, with slight modifications, from my personal blog ) If you've been reading my blog or my diaries here, you ...
codeman38 09/23/2009 152 22 2 85
Obama's education speech and accessibility
So we've all heard about it by now: President Obama is going to be giving a speech to schools across the nation (well, some schools, anyway) that will be simulcast via cable, satellite and ...
codeman38 09/03/2009 9 1 - 8
More English-Only Absurdity
OK, so I'm a week late with this, but it still deserves to have a diary about it even this late after the fact. Here in Georgia, there was a bill recently passed by the state Senate which would ...
codeman38 03/18/2009 39 14 - 26
When Transit Systems Don't Consider Their Users
Well, it's going to be yet another boring weekend. At least I've got a good bit of entertainment available to me here in the apartment— which is a good thing, since I won't be venturing all ...
codeman38 01/18/2009 55 11 - 1
Giving Thanks for Accessibility
I'm surprised, to be honest, that nobody has commented on this as far as I can see on DailyKos. Did anyone notice anything particularly interesting about the video of Obama's Thanksgiving address ...
codeman38 11/29/2008 6 3 - 2
Slackers Deserve Subtitles, Too
Dear Michael Moore, I appreciate the fact that you decided to release your latest documentary onto the Internet for free, in an open, un-DRM-encumbered format for anyone to download. However, I'm ...
codeman38 09/23/2008 5 2 - 34
An autistic says 'mea culpa'
As it turns out, those skeptical of the latest Autism Speaks controversy may have actually been right. First, some background: Recently a blogger designed a shirt with the slogan "Autism Speaks ...
codeman38 06/27/2008 2 3 - 16
Autism Speaks Against Autistic Free Speech and Fair-Use Parody
NOTE: See correction under the fold; turns out Autism Speaks was not responsible for the most recent takedown. You might recall that a while back, I ...
codeman38 06/22/2008 15 9 - 18
An Autistic Speaks About Autism Speaks
Imagine, if you will, that an organization existed by the name of "Womanhood Speaks," which, on the surface, appeared to be in support of women's rights. Now imagine that the governing body of this ...
codeman38 05/19/2007 50 24 1 509
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