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Rest in Peace Joe Cocker
BBC news is reporting singer Joe Cocker has passed away at the age of 70. Singer Joe Cocker dies aged 70 Singer Joe Cocker, best known for his cover of the Beatles' With A Little Help From My ...
cooper888 12/22/2014 151 204 2 -
Ami Bera wins Congressional seat per Sacramento Bee!!
Breaking news! According to the Sacramento Bee, Ami Bera has beat out Republican Doug Ose by 1,432 votes in California's Congressional district 7. This was one of the most expensive races in the ...
cooper888 11/19/2014 19 27 1 -
CA-07 Ose's (R) lead over Bera (D) drops in latest tally
Great news from the California Congressional district 07 race. Democratic candidate Ami Bera is narrowing the early lead held by Republican Doug Ose in the latest election counts update from the ...
cooper888 11/10/2014 6 15 - -
Couples in 6th Circuit Loss Heading to the Supreme Court
Just in... Chris Geidner reporting from BuzzFeed News: Same-Sex Couples Heading To Supreme Court After Appeals Court ...
cooper888 11/07/2014 9 9 - -
Please Don't Vote - A Message From The Republican Party
This.This.THIS!!! I tried to search and didn't see this video shared yet so forgive me if it's already made the rounds. This is such the perfect vehicle of humor wrapped in truth that really ...
cooper888 11/03/2014 4 10 - -
RIP Bernard Mayes | Founder of 1st Suicide Prevention Hotline
It's always sad to me to learn of someone passing away that I would have liked to have known about and promoted as a hero. On October 23, 2014, at the age of 85, Bernard Mayes died. Mr Mayes was the ...
cooper888 10/28/2014 4 23 - -
Have a $1000 bucks to spare? Invest in Solar!
What a great idea. SolarCity is offering bonds starting at $1000 each, giving regular folks a way to invest in solar energy. From ThinkProgress ... It’s a way for a company to build up capital ...
cooper888 10/17/2014 36 19 - -
Google drops ALEC! (Updated x4)
Breaking news... from Forecast the Facts, it was just announced that the pressure worked. Google has decided to drop ALEC. From the press release :
cooper888 09/22/2014 58 184 1 -
I did it... I did it!
In June of this year I rode my bicycle 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days...
cooper888 09/21/2014 25 39 - -
C.U.A Report - Sacramento Meetup
Connect! Unite! Act! Sacramento Meetup Report We had an awesome meetup in Sacramento last Saturday (Sep. 6th) at the home of our host, the lovely and ever gracious kestrel . Unfortunately she was ...
cooper888 09/10/2014 25 36 1 -
Sacramento Kossacks Meetup!
Wow! We are already up to 14 18 participants! We still have room for more though! Please plan to join us Saturday September 6th from 4-7pm for a fun, casual potluck hosted by kestrel . (BYOB if you ...
cooper888 08/22/2014 11 12 - -
BREAKING: CA Supreme Court Boots Prop 49 off Ballot
Just saw a tweet from Derek Cressman who is leading the Yes on Proposition 49 campaign (Money Out Voters In) noting that the CA Supreme Court blocked the proposition from the ballot. Approved by ...
cooper888 08/11/2014 53 169 2 -
Sacramento (area) Kossacks Meetup With Featured Guest!
It's been far too long since we've had a Sacramento (area) Kossacks meetup! Please plan to join us Saturday September 6th from 4-7pm for a fun, casual potluck hosted by kestrel . (BYOB if you ...
cooper888 07/31/2014 20 29 1 -
Governor Brown Announces New Standards to Reduce Toxic Chemicals in Furniture
In November of 2011, during a holiday gathering of the SF Kossacks' hosted by Andrew McGuire, we were treated to a special presentation by Arlene Blum on the important topic of cancer causing ...
cooper888 11/21/2013 7 26 - -
Will Portman Thanks His Dad for ENDA Vote
This is short and pretty self explanatory, but I thought one of the sweetest things a gay son of a Republican U.S. Senator has probably ever had the pleasure of doing. Giving his dad a thumbs up ...
cooper888 11/04/2013 12 16 - -
Political Groups With Ties to Koch Brothers Fined $1 meeelion Dollars!
California FPPC issues record fine for failure to disclose source of mystery money Didn't see this posted yet... from the Sacramento Bee we learn that political groups tied to the Koch brothers ...
cooper888 10/25/2013 4 5 - -
Rep Doyle reads Judd Legum Tweet on Floor of House
Yesterday, Susan Gardner posted: Republican idea of compromise summarized perfectly in one tweet Judd Legum, editor-in-chief of Think Progress, provided the perfect illustration of what it means ...
cooper888 10/04/2013 10 24 1 -
Marriage - The Word Matters
So we received something in the mail on Friday that I never ever dreamed happening in my life. Growing up and knowing in my heart that I was gay, well I knew marriage was out of the picture. Well ...
cooper888 08/18/2013 44 39 - -
Gov. Brown signs AB1266 granting Transgender student protections
This just in! Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB1266 into law! Jerry Brown signs bill empowering transgender students California students will soon be able to use the bathrooms and join the teams ...
cooper888 08/12/2013 5 14 - -
The Death of an Enemy
You will not be ...
cooper888 06/29/2013 3 16 - -
888 - What's in a number?
For me 888 signifies good luck. My husband is Chinese and 8's are considered lucky .The 'cooper' part? We used to own a Mini Cooper. Now we are just Cooper enthusiasts. But I digress.... when I saw ...
cooper888 05/22/2013 19 18 - -
Bowie's 'Space Oddity' like you've never seen it performed before...
For me, a long time space geek, this was probably one of the very top things I've ever seen on the intertubes. Commander Chris Hadfield recorded David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' on the international ...
cooper888 05/13/2013 89 115 1 -
Roll Call: CA Democrats State Convention
Just curious how many Kossacks will be in Sacramento this weekend for the California Democrats State Convention ? We are attending the Red to Blue dinner tonight and volunteering on Saturday ...
cooper888 04/12/2013 6 5 - -
Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change
I'm a member of a private Facebook group (Spectrum) for the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club at the high school I attended. A couple weeks ago, on a Friday, I noticed a post to Spectrum from the ...
cooper888 03/05/2013 19 46 - -
Sacramento Area SOTU Watch Party Photos
We had a cozy turnout for our State of the Union address watch party with lots of good food, beverages, conversation and an excellent address by President Obama!
cooper888 02/13/2013 20 25 - -
State of the Union Watch Party for Sacramento area and Central Valley Kossacks!
Central Valley and Sacramento Kossacks Meetup! State of the Union Watch Party We are excited to host a State of the Union Address watch party on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 5:30pm. Through the ...
cooper888 02/11/2013 9 7 1 -
Calling all Sacramento area and Central Valley Kossacks!
Central Valley and Sacramento Kossacks Meetup! State of the Union Watch Party We are excited to host a State of the Union Address watch party on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 5:30pm. Through the ...
cooper888 02/04/2013 8 12 - -
Calling all Sacramento area and Central Valley Kossacks!
Two Central Valley Kossacks meetup's planned! 1) What better way to launch 2013 and Obama's second term than to watch the inauguration with like-minded friends? Kestrel has once again volunteered ...
cooper888 01/13/2013 13 13 - -
Anti Gay Pastor Removed from Inaugural Program!
Wow, call me gobsmacked! From Think Progress - BREAKING: Anti-Gay Pastor Removed From Inaugural ...
cooper888 01/10/2013 218 111 - -
A hui hou. Madam President, I yield the floor. - Senator Akaka Farewell Remarks
Retiring Senator Daniel K. Akaka, delivered his farewell remarks this morning on the Senate floor. We have a good friend who worked for Senator Akaka and we had the opportunity to meet him briefly ...
cooper888 12/12/2012 9 25 - -
Brilliant! The School Bully (deconstructed)
School bullies don't just happen—they're made.
cooper888 12/04/2012 13 18 - -
Victory! Ami Bera Celebrates win over Lungren
We all know how good an election night victory celebration feels. But what about those close races, the ones that take a week or more to learn the outcome? Today we went to the volunteer victory ...
cooper888 11/18/2012 29 45 1 -
BREAKING: Lungren Concedes to Bera!
Seeing reports that Republican Lungren has conceded to Democrat Ami Bera for CA-07 Congressional district. Halleloo! Dan Lungren concedes race, congratulates Ami Bera in 7th Congressional District ...
cooper888 11/16/2012 98 150 2 -
4 out of 4 Moo's agree, what's one more? (with poll)
So, 'woozle' number five... Here are the four 'Moo's Everything was going along just fine... then I saw this photo on the 'Min Pin Rescue' Facebook page:
cooper888 11/09/2012 21 10 - -
Steve King has a Sad over Marriage Equality
Awww, how about some tiny violins for Steve King who is having a sad about marriage equality? Congressman King says tide may be turning on same-sex marriage Republican Congressman Steve King says ...
cooper888 11/09/2012 12 19 - -
Keep Calm and Trust Nate Silver
Saw this on Twitter. Image credit to Steve Garfield on Pinterest. Pretty much speaks for itself. Now GOTV!!!!
cooper888 11/05/2012 16 9 - -
Sandy Destroys Homeless Shelter for LGBT Youth
Steveningen posted news yesterday about the heartbreaking destruction by hurricane Sandy of the Ali Forney Center (AFC) for homeless LGBT youth. Ali Forney Center destroyed by Hurricane Sandy His ...
cooper888 11/04/2012 14 36 - -
Cher says Romney wants to "turn back time"
Do what Cher says, get out and vote... Transcript: Mourdoch: Life is a gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is uh... something that god ...
cooper888 11/03/2012 6 21 - -
Brutal ad uses Romney RNC Comments against Sandy backdrop
This ad is brutal, using Romney's comments at the RNC about climate change against the back drop of hurricane Sandy. Not much needs to be said here... pretty much speaks for itself...
cooper888 11/02/2012 180 523 8 -
Supreme Court to decide fate of Prop 8 on Nov 20
Haven't seen this posted (it is a slow news day after all) but according to AFER (American Foundation for Equal Rights) the Supreme Court has set November 20th as the date it will decide whether to ...
cooper888 10/29/2012 16 19 - -
North Central Valley Kossack Meetup!
A new wave of real life Daily Kos user meetups have been happening all over the country from the San Francisco bay to the shores of the Atlantic. So... in the spirit of bringing our local ...
cooper888 09/09/2012 7 5 - 45
Toss Steve King - Support Christie Vilsack
Tired of the outrageous and stupid comments coming out of Iowa congressman Steve King? Steve King's office asserts support for 'federal abortion coverage,' even for 'non-forcible' rapes Good! So ...
cooper888 08/21/2012 1 11 - 41
North Central Valley Kossack Meetup!
A new wave of real life Daily Kos user meetups have been happening all over the country from the San Francisco bay to the shores of the Atlantic. So... in the spirit of bringing our local ...
cooper888 08/20/2012 24 5 - 64
Sermon Debunks Biblical Stance Against Homosexuality and Marriage Equality
Let me start by getting this out of the way right up front... I'm an atheist. In no way shape or form am I a religious scholar, I simply don't believe there is a higher power. I'll also add for ...
cooper888 08/16/2012 11 16 1 209
Farm it Maybe - Something Happy
This kid is adorable. It reminds me so much of spending summers on my cousins farm. I needed this little break of happiness today. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
cooper888 07/20/2012 4 5 - 74
Republic of the U.S. of America
We have a new government kids! Did you know? I sure didn't... Turns out that the Republican candidate for Iowa State Senate in the 34th district "has ended her campaign and instead declared herself ...
cooper888 07/13/2012 17 11 - 151
I know what my family is worth.
And in other news from down under, marriage equality is on the move in Australia. According to an article in the Advocate, activists say TV debate was game-changer for marriage in Australia. ...
cooper888 06/02/2012 6 11 - 94
Awww... heart warming proposal.
Not much to say about this except get your tissues... This made my morning, hope it makes yours. Enjoy!
cooper888 04/04/2012 11 9 - 148
What life experience will inform your vote...
This morning as I sat down with my coffee and a donut, I tripped across a video by Janelle and Brian Gehling filmed as part of a project by the American Public Media's Public Insight Network and ...
cooper888 03/10/2012 8 10 - 83
Iowa Justices to receive JFK 'Profiles in Courage' award
One Iowa is announcing that 3 former Iowa Supreme Court justices have been chosen to receive the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award . The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award® is the ...
cooper888 03/07/2012 15 33 - 111
"8" the Play - Live Stream Tonight
Pimping Scott Wooledges excellently titled diary on the same subject: Make a date with Brad Pitt tonight Tonight starting at 7:30pm Pacific: Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Martin Sheen join an all-...
cooper888 03/03/2012 18 16 1 133
Progress - The (hot) Marines Speak Out
Yesterday Kos posted a touching homecoming photo of two Marines embraced in a passionate kiss in a diary/post titled Progress . Today we hear from the two Marines who talk about the kiss....
cooper888 02/28/2012 10 5 - 118
Prop8 Opinion - Waiting Room
Okay, who else is on pins and needles awaiting the 9th Circuits opionion on PropH8? Yeah... me too. Thought I would open up the waiting room to hang out and discuss.
cooper888 02/07/2012 62 17 - 254
9th US Circuit rules Prop8 video to remain sealed
Breaking news... the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the district court decision regarding release of video from the Prop8 trial and ordered the tapes to remain under seal.
cooper888 02/02/2012 26 16 - 168
Action - Urge Your Mayor to join Mayors for Marriage Equality
This will be short, sweet and a quick easy action item. I'm asking for help on a petition asking my Mayor, Kevin Johnson, in Sacramento to join the 80+ Mayors who have already signed ...
cooper888 01/31/2012 20 7 1 53
My heart breaks... again.
I'm just reading of another LGBT teen suicide. Another teen that made an 'It gets better' video just weeks before his death and my heart breaks again.
cooper888 01/12/2012 3 23 - 117
Teh Google launches 'Google Elections'
Today Google launched Google Elections which allows you to track candidates, issues, trends, You Tube political videos, calendar, and much more.
cooper888 01/02/2012 6 3 - 78
Bullied student Jonah Mowry Feels the Love
If you haven't seen this video yet get your tissues. It's absolutely heart wrenching.
cooper888 12/09/2011 5 20 - 111
California Veterans to Receive Retroactive Benefits?
Awesome news out of Sacramento yesterday. California state assembly-member, Dr. Richard Pan is part of a group who will introduce new legislation that ensures homosexual veterans will not be denied ...
cooper888 11/11/2011 2 7 1 50
NOM Occupies Iowa and gets PWND
As expected NOM rolled their 'Values' bus into Marion Iowa today in a show of support for Cyndi Golding, the Republican candidate for the special election in Iowa state Senate district 18. Whats ...
cooper888 11/07/2011 17 35 - 258
NOM Invades my Hometown - Iowa Marriage Equality Hangs in the Balance
This is personal. Yesterday I learned from OneIowa that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has arrived full force in my hometown of Marion, Iowa. ...
cooper888 10/26/2011 16 20 - 128
My Father In-Law - 1 Year Anniversary
Last year I published a diary about my father in-law who had just passed away that evening. Tonight I am sitting here remembering him and comforting my husband who wishes he could be with his family ...
cooper888 09/13/2011 3 3 - 58
'Seth's Law' (Anti-Bullying) passes California Senate
Great news! On Friday, the California State Senate passed AB 9, Seth's Law. The law cleared the Assembly on June 1st. It will now move to the Governor's desk for signing.
cooper888 09/03/2011 17 20 - 162
Happy Anniversary Husband - Marriage Matters!
Happy 3rd (wedding) anniversary today to my honey of 14 years! When marriage equality became legal in California for same sex couples in June of 2008, we decided to get married. Not ...
cooper888 08/18/2011 24 20 - 100
Obama: "Here's the next front, repealing DOMA"
"Here's the next front: repealing the so-called Defense of Marriage Act." After yesterdays fabulous news regarding the certification of the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) I've ...
cooper888 07/23/2011 21 26 - 150
UPDATED: Will NY Senate bring Marriage Equality vote to the floor today?
The NY Senate continues to conference on whether to allow the ME bill to the floor. According to reports, Senator Skelos indicates there are still concerns over unintended consequences for religious ...
cooper888 06/17/2011 18 6 - 132
NM Senator Udall comes out in strong support for repeal of DOMA
I just watched this great video published by New Mexico Senator Tom Udall lending his support to the Respect for Marriage act which would repeal DOMA. In late ...
cooper888 05/17/2011 12 19 - 101
A Single Man - LGBT and Friends Open Thread
Hey kids! Time for a Sunday afternoon LGBT and ...
cooper888 03/27/2011 51 23 2 158
Oh man... that felt GOOD!
Just got off the phone with Citibank. I've called them several times asking for a better interest rate on my credit card to no avail and have been diligently working to pay off the card. Today was ...
cooper888 03/16/2011 155 204 - 1609
Must see video: Always my Son
Okay... I just watched this video and was blown away. This is what parenting is all about. The short was produced by the Family Acceptance Project . ...
cooper888 03/12/2011 11 12 - 143
LGBT and Friends - Open Thread
Just an open thread for LGBT and friends to discuss topics of the day... or whatever! Political Cultural American Idol Survivor Sam Arora (ugh) etc....
cooper888 03/03/2011 71 6 - 158
Sacramento Solidarity Tomorrow?
Any Kossacks going to Sacramento Solidarity tomorrow at noon? Husband and I plan to be there. We will be hanging out in front of the Senator (hotel) building at 12th and L from 11:...
cooper888 02/25/2011 39 13 - 108
SF community raises $200k to save clinic, more help needed.
Lyon-Martin Health Services , a cherished San Francisco health clinic, long providing much needed health care to marginalized women turned away from standard ...
cooper888 02/02/2011 13 19 - 88
Pleasant Plains AR - Pop 271 - Home of Homophobic Schl Bd Member
I've never heard of Pleasant Plains, Arkansas, the hometown of the Midland Mustangs where homophobic Facebook poster Clint McCance hails. ...
cooper888 10/26/2010 18 3 - 178
NOM Using Children as Political Pawns... Again.
This diary is cross posted from The California Majority Report with the permission of author ...
cooper888 10/19/2010 12 5 - 57
My father in-law
I was going to write a follow up diary about our fight to defeat Andrew Pugno who is the republican candidate running for our state assembly district here in California. But not tonight.... instead ...
cooper888 09/13/2010 29 38 - 50
Prop8 lawyer for CA assembly? Not so fast...
Did you know that Prop 8 drafter and lawyer, Andrew Pugno is running for California State Assembly District 05? Who is this Andrew Pugno? Well read this from the Sacramento Stonewall Democrats:
cooper888 08/15/2010 17 24 1 50
CA-AD-05 This is Personal - Help Me Defeat Pugno
Before Meteor Blades left on a well deserved vacation he asked us to write about what we are doing this summer to help elect democrats. Well I hope I'm on the right site to do this (not so sure ...
cooper888 06/18/2010 7 19 - 17
Friday Nite Music - Favorite sing along song? (good nite, need to go)
So it's Friday... a couple of glasses into a bottle of Zin feeling a little melancholy (it's ok, just a nice mellow mood) and wondering what your favorite sing along songs are? Some of my favorite ...
cooper888 06/04/2010 183 9 - 42
Harvey Milk Day - Bill in Jeopardy
According to EQCA California Senator Leno's SB 572 'Harvey Milk Day' bill is in jeapordy. The Governor’s Secretary of Education recently sent a letter opposing the bill that ...
cooper888 08/19/2009 46 8 - 8
TGIF Karaoke - Request Line is Open (live stream now!)
Another hot Friday night, still 102� ugh. Might have to take a midnight dip in the pool later. So... what happened this week? 1) ...
cooper888 07/17/2009 19 - - 6
Friday Karaoke - Request Line is Open (live streaming finished)
Another Friday nite... what a week: 1) Only one bank failed this week (vs 7 last week) 2) I learned ...
cooper888 07/10/2009 67 4 - -
Friday Night Karaoke - Request Line is Open
Yep, time to amaze (ok torture) the neighbors, my husband and the dogs...
cooper888 06/19/2009 54 3 - 4
I've Tortured People Over PROP H8
I know... I'm not proud about what I've done but I think once you learn more I hope you will forgive me. It all started when I was a child (doesn't it always?). I always liked to sing and remember ...
cooper888 05/24/2009 34 4 - 5
Harvey Milk Day passes CA Senate
From the Sacramento Bee , they are reporting that Senator Mark Leno's bill declaring 'Harvey Milk Day' has passed the ...
cooper888 05/14/2009 13 18 - 16
Prop 8 - Relax - It's Friday Night Fun w/ Poll
Things have been pretty intense the past couple of weeks, so sit back, take a deep breath, relax and just enjoy. This is my favorite up and coming comedy duo in the gay ...
cooper888 10/24/2008 9 6 - 12
Former Bank of America Chair Hugh McColl endorses Obama (updated)
From todays Charlotte Observer (link below jump), a very interesting endorsement of Obama from Hugh McColl former chairman of Nations Bank and subsequently Bank of America after the merger between ...
cooper888 10/06/2008 16 17 1 25
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