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Top Comments: Fragile States/Survivor Mashup Edition
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cskendrick 12/13/2014 46 39 - -
Top Comments: That Day A Woman Broke the Three Minute Mile Edition
I do so love pop science articles, especially when by sheer accident they MIGHT actually be on to something. This article is a bit vintage, but because 1. I love number crunching 2. I've actually ...
cskendrick 09/27/2014 43 34 - -
Top Comments: Yes, We Run Cross Country in the Rain Edition
Yesterday we had rain here, something that other parts of the country wouldn't mind sharing. Here. it was something that terrified - not because of flooding, not because of hurricane force winds ...
cskendrick 09/25/2014 30 41 - -
Top Comments: "Sweetie, I Broke The Car" Edition
And here I was worried I wouldn't have something to write about tonight. (Oops, forgot the title sequence... back in a bit.) But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 09/01/2014 179 58 - -
Top Comments: There WILL Be Peace Edition (Really!)
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 08/03/2014 48 39 - -
Corporations Can Be SAVED! Can I Get An "Amen"? :)
Compliments of 'your' Supreme Court, the front line of theological discourse today is whether or not corporations have a path to salvation that trumps yours. The majority ruling yesterday is QUITE ...
cskendrick 07/01/2014 37 27 1 -
The Buried Lede: Hobby Lobby Decision Reserves Right To Deny BC To Our Gods, The Rich
The gist of today's Hobby Lobby decision is that only 'closely held' corporations get to decide if women can or cannot have contraception on their employer-provided health plans. The definition of '...
cskendrick 06/30/2014 3 19 - -
Operation Iraqi South Park!
It's clear to me that the only possible way to save Iraq from complete collapse is to bring in a ringer. Specifically, a Canadian one. When Brian Boitano was in Iraq Looking for Saddam’s gold ...
cskendrick 06/14/2014 1 5 - -
Fishsticks! Brussels Sprouts! Obama! - A Bowe Bergdahl SnarkRant
Until the moment Bowe Bergdahl was rescued, he was a cause to bash Obama for abandoning him to his plight in Taliban captivity. The moment he was no longer a POW, he became a reason to attack Obama ...
cskendrick 06/04/2014 12 13 - -
Top Comments: How To Mine 'Em Edition
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cskendrick 06/02/2014 57 35 1 -
Top Comments - My Turn Standing Watch Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 03/09/2014 49 40 - -
Top Comments - Emancipators Edition
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cskendrick 03/02/2014 55 39 - -
Friday News Dump - I Just Had A Sandwich
On a day when HUGE events are afoot in the world (See: Russian troops in Crimea) and Chris Christie might be the most corrupt US pol since the Teapot Dome Scandal, and all those people telling you ...
cskendrick 02/28/2014 35 9 - -
My Rant on AZ's Turn Away Gayz Bill
The argument behind Arizona's latest cutting to the front of the crazy line is that the proposed Gays Have Cooties, Are Icky And Aren't Welcome Here legislation will pass constitutional muster, ...
cskendrick 02/21/2014 14 19 - -
...and the Carolinas just had an Earthquake (Minor, but widespread tremors)
We're not used to this and I am posting this up swiftly but multiple reports from locations 200 miles apart of a mild tremor in the Carolinas. More text and 'stuff' coming as I get it going. ...
cskendrick 02/14/2014 76 50 1 -
"It's Just Like the Camps!"
Tom Perkins, recently cited as World's Worst Being by kos on the front page, has been inspiring snarktweet after snarktweet all week. I think we should just get a list together of all the things ...
cskendrick 01/29/2014 11 6 - -
Well, Dammit, I Wanna Respond to the SOTU, Too!
Short rant: Good fracking grief. Do I hear right that FIVE Republicans want to respond/rebut to the President's State of the Union Address? A lesson I learned in the corporate world, from ...
cskendrick 01/28/2014 42 25 - -
You Can't Be Both Pro-Biz and Anti-ACA
Short form : Obamacare will save Corporate America tens of billions in 2014 and hundreds of billions a year by 2020, no matter how rough the rollout. And it's not just me saying it. Deloitte is ...
cskendrick 01/18/2014 18 9 - -
Health Insurers Whining About Socialism All The Way to the Bank
(Cross posted first on my Facebook page. Links, amplifications, edits abound in this version.) Not one of the major publicly-traded health insurers' stocks underperforms the S&P500 market index and ...
cskendrick 01/07/2014 8 6 - -
Christmas Star
The Time: A couple of centuries...or a couple of thousand years. It depends on where you are. The place: the star Deneb, an impossible place for life. Too big, too young, a star doomed to go ...
cskendrick 12/25/2013 1 5 - -
The Hunter's Toast - A Yule Tale
The Time: The early 26th Century. The Festival of Jul - Christmas - is nigh. The people are congregating in the old/new traditions. The Place: The land of Heer, in what was once western Norway, a ...
cskendrick 12/24/2013 3 8 1 -
Cleaning Day - A Window on Why Obama Terrifies The GOP
I am here to tell you that one of the best things I ever did for my marriage was to suck it up and agree to start paying for a cleaning service. Arguments over chores? Vastly reduced. The money ...
cskendrick 10/11/2013 116 322 3 -
Fried Green Shutdowns
The movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" features Frank Bennett, one of the most convincingly commonplace and for this reason menacing villains in modern cinema. Frank's stupid, he's violent and he's like ...
cskendrick 10/07/2013 1 3 - -
GOP Wants Nothing We Dems Have To Offer In Trade...
but our political extinction. You cannot look at the standoff in Washington as an exercise in game theory, or in terms of rational self-interest, or even in terms of political gamesmanship. If ...
cskendrick 10/04/2013 44 96 3 -
CPR/AED Instructions in LOLCAT
How did I spend my 9/11? Ashes and sackcloth? Opining about the meaning of it all? Scorning the proceedings because of American this-and-that before, during and after that tragedy? Uh, negative. I ...
cskendrick 09/12/2013 19 18 - -
EQUALITY: Higher Moral Standards? You Say? Challenge Accepted!
As many do, I have ... bless their Grinch-sized heart... the odd hometown acquaintances who aren't taking today's news as well as they took yesterday's. "Gutting the Voting Rights Act? Yay. Striking ...
cskendrick 06/26/2013 6 12 - -
VRA Smackdown: It works, so let's kill it.
Preclearance is outta there. In the words of Kenneth Quinnell, a consultant operating out of Washington DC: "From the ruling: '(3) Nearly 50 years later, things have changed dramatically. Largely ...
cskendrick 06/25/2013 13 7 - -
Everything Went Wrong At NN13!
I had this inchoate dread of attending this year's Netroots Nation. An awful trepidation that someone really bad was going to happen. And something did, so my psychic street cred is now awesome. ...
cskendrick 06/24/2013 133 193 2 -
We'd Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident... But They're Classifed.
BEGIN Short WTF diary. There are games of musical chairs that you just don't want to win. Defending the super surveillance state is one of those games. So, when we hear House Minority Leader Nancy ...
cskendrick 06/22/2013 20 37 1 -
Keystones - More than an #NN13 Diary
Every age has its tugs of war between the appetite for control and the yearning for freedom. This is at the heart of it why human beings are both fundamentally ungovernable and yet determined to ...
cskendrick 06/22/2013 2 10 - -
The Future Will Be Panopticoned
Welcome to the future. It's well-observed, well documented and well-disciplined. And it comes in two primary flavors: One in which you participate in the collective conscience that guides everything ...
cskendrick 06/10/2013 16 17 2 -
Why Reality is Inadmissible Evidence
Every so often - and probably quite often - each of us encounters a story, an anecdote, video, post or tweet that sings resplendent of conservative virtues at the expense of liberal villainy. The ...
cskendrick 05/25/2013 13 18 1 -
Why Wingers Hate Boston Wasn't Worse
Two things leapt out in the musings about the Boston Marathon bombing 1. We on the American left don't trust the American right at all. Our reason: Their violent rhetoric and rallying behind ...
cskendrick 04/20/2013 159 299 9 -
Short form: Wherein I go on a trip to South Carolina and ponder how socialism is just ruining everything... except for all the ways it's doing the Palmetto State a solid. A validating experience, ...
cskendrick 04/02/2013 9 29 - -
Top Comments: And the Band Played On Edition
Wherein I provide extemporaneous commentary on how your planet’s economy nearly died in 2007-08, how this was the outcome of nearly 30 years of willful but at first well-meaning policy, that had a ...
cskendrick 03/07/2013 80 32 - -
Labor, Environmentalism and Wal-Mart
Short form: Wherein I take a suggestion on Twitter from Robert Cruickshank and run with it, and declare (at Wal-Mart's expense) that labor advocacy and environmentalism can save the world. Remember ...
cskendrick 02/19/2013 18 23 1 -
I'm Giving Up Self Doubt for Lent :)
Every time this time of year rolls around, there's a huge one night epidemic of binge drinking and flashing (as opposed to flash) mobs. Then a whole passel of people swear off something fun, ...
cskendrick 02/13/2013 14 7 - -
Dreams of Hello and Goodbye
Crossposted on my FB Wall, without the italics following: Three years ago this community rallied to my family's need. This week, we do the same for several of our fellow Kossacks who are in the ...
cskendrick 02/08/2013 6 16 - -
Top Comments: Rising Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 01/04/2013 87 45 - -
Top Comments: Mass Extinction In Progress Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 01/03/2013 90 46 2 -
Compose the Future
I think a lot about the future, because someone has to keep the torch burning. I know I'm not alone in this, not with the technology and space exploration diaries, not with an abundance of ...
cskendrick 12/31/2012 11 18 2 -
Fail Every Chance You Can (a Christmas Diary)
Casa Kendrick is in Texas for Xmas. Last night, I attended Christmas Eve services at something I once thought was a non sequitur: A large Lutheran church. I mean, it was the size of most Baptist ...
cskendrick 12/25/2012 7 23 1 -
Canaries in the Coal Mine
As a rule the powerful (whether individuals, groups, countries or civilizations) do not change until the wheels fall off. It's not their portion to adapt; the rest of the world is required to adapt ...
cskendrick 12/19/2012 12 10 - -
My wife's near-miss with a school shooting
The shock and horror over Sandy Hook, and the subsequent online gun control food fight have been a diversion from closer reflection for me, to the point that I truly forgot of this incident - ...
cskendrick 12/18/2012 7 4 - -
Life Before Liberty
It's not the Constitution. It's in the Declaration of Independence. Yet the latter document captures the essence of why being free mattered so much to the original Patriots. We hold these truths ...
cskendrick 12/14/2012 15 8 - -
The Hollow Scene of Mass Extinction
This is a natural history diary but nothing quite captures the essence of what Humanity is doing to the rest of the living Earth like the Genesis story of Cain and Abel, where one brother killed ...
cskendrick 12/10/2012 28 34 - -
Binge Eating Bipartisanship
So, a quick glance at my beloved Twitter feed confirms several things 1. We all have relatives across the political spectrum 2. We;re is glad to see them anyway 3. And love them all the more when ...
cskendrick 11/22/2012 3 5 - -
Thanksgivings Dark and Grave
Today you'll see plenty of Thanksgiving theme diaries. This one is mine - and yours, as a place to post your own gratitude messages. Decry willful climate collapse, deadly codependency in the ...
cskendrick 11/22/2012 11 10 - -
Arms Race
The time: The 2030s. The place: Friday night lights, in a small town in South Carolina. Meet Damon Grace. Damon is a giant of a sophomore in high school. He stands six foot four and weighs 225 ...
cskendrick 11/20/2012 6 5 - -
What Sir Paul Said. :)
Now I am sure many here are familiar with Sir Paul McCartney's endorsement of Barack Obama ... “Hi. This is a message to our North American fans mainly. As you know, tomorrow, Nov. 6, is voting ...
cskendrick 11/07/2012 9 10 - -
If Gallup's Right It's Ohio For All the Marbles (and this is GOOD news)
One of the most perplexing details in the bedeviling Gallup tracking poll is the huge disparity between how the South thinks of Romney and the rest of the country's opinion of the man. Ezra Klein ...
cskendrick 10/19/2012 48 17 - -
"What Is (About American Political Culture) Is NOT What Should Be"
An observation about the recent debate: The undecided voters in the CNN focus group slammed personal attacks and rules violations every time. Even the slightest hint of negativity turned them off, ...
cskendrick 10/18/2012 2 2 - -
Cool Hand Luke World
How many of you are familiar with the movie Cool Hand Luke? Even if you answer "no", you probably are familiar with one of the most famous lines in all of cinema: "What we got here is... failure ...
cskendrick 09/19/2012 2 4 - 41
They Hate Us For Our Four Freedoms
Our right-wing brethren had their convention a week ago. We had ours this week. There could not possibly have been two different experiences. This is unsurprising. The politics vary. The ...
cskendrick 09/08/2012 19 41 2 251
Top Comments - Sideways Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 09/05/2012 42 35 - 252
The DNC Volunteers - Fired Up and Ready to Serve
I just returned an hour ago to type up the results of seven short interviews with DNC volunteers, the heart and soul of the convention experience. I also lost the entirety of my original ...
cskendrick 09/03/2012 6 16 - 124
Live From ThePPL Newsoom in Charlotte!
Hai! It's been a long time since I've done a live-blog from -Netroots Nation- a political convention. As a Charlotte resident and longtime DKOS denizen I figure it is my duty to bring some local and ...
cskendrick 09/03/2012 11 15 - 98
Building Republitopia (1) - Franchise For The Deserving
Wherein I launch a series of diaries on different aspects of what our right wing brethren would make of America. Short form: It would be a society where only good Christians of sufficient material ...
cskendrick 08/31/2012 3 6 - 54
What Might Yet Be
I don’t think we are done achieving great things. However, we will need to accept that ‘we’ is a word that now includes everyone – else, no one, because down that course lies war, plague, ...
cskendrick 08/26/2012 9 9 - 66
The Role of Good Will
We live in a world rife with dissension - often for the sake of differentiation, or simply to stick it to opponents. At other times, we encounter disagreement and opposition for its own sake, from ...
cskendrick 08/08/2012 10 7 - 49
Fish Sandwiches and First Contact: An NN Story
I don't have much time to write this but one of the finest memories I will have of NN12 is a heated two-track debate while sitting in the Cuban Revolution restaurant in Providence. The first debate ...
cskendrick 06/16/2012 34 25 - 192
The GOP Agenda: Crazy Works
The title is the modern Republican game plan in a nutshell: It doesn't have to be useful, helpful or advantageous to anyone (even ourselves) if it serves the purpose of keeping the Democrats from ...
cskendrick 06/08/2012 37 81 1 531
Top Comments I'm On FIRE Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 06/06/2012 58 40 - 327
Special Top Comments Pregame Show
I'm writing this waiting to board a plane to Providence. Tonight I will posting the Top Comments diary. I intend to have people present at NN12 to submit top comments. Our normal channels will be ...
cskendrick 06/06/2012 13 11 - 67
Etch-A-Sketchy (apologies to Lewis Carroll)
Etch-A-Sketchy `Twas brillig, and the Seamus dog Did gyre and piddle on the wabe; All mimsy were the well-fed kids, And smiling wife outgrabe. `Beware the Etch-A-Sketch, my son! The dials ...
cskendrick 05/16/2012 9 15 - 68
We are NC: We Voted Against - Cattle Call Diary
I think it's only fair to give North Carolina Kossacks the chance to sound out and stand out and take a bow for standing up to stupid on what regrettably is its home turf. We have to live here, ...
cskendrick 05/10/2012 38 18 - 114
RW defense of Amendment One: Shucks, It Won't Bother Most Folk So Why Not?
I voted AGAINST Amendment One because it’s meddlesome. I don’t need control over who cuddles with whom, nor do I feel anyone else has need for this capability. None of the so-called moral ...
cskendrick 05/08/2012 22 16 - 113
What I've Been Up To: Paradigm Shift Prediction
What if you could estimate not what but when big changes were afoot - in consumer buying preferences, in technological innovation, in politics (our favorite topic here in the Great Orange City)? I ...
cskendrick 05/06/2012 26 10 2 244
Do you want soundtrack with that? :)
I always came up with original songs but it was only in the age of the YouTube that I ever put the craft "out there". Heck, I was even shy about after starting to blog here at DKOS! (I mean, what's ...
cskendrick 05/03/2012 7 13 1 109
Do Not Fear Yourself
I... had a dream. No, no. Not that dream. But, really. Lately, I have had these intermittent "takeaway" dreams on the tail end of the last dream cycle. I wake up, recall the last dream, and I ...
cskendrick 04/12/2012 51 69 1 452
Top Comments: How Porn Saved Christianity Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 04/09/2012 52 45 - 569
Top Comments - Casimir Effect Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
cskendrick 03/22/2012 129 53 - 397
The time: the mid 22nd century The place: at sea, close to the southern coast of the country still known as the United States. The ship's name is Lethe - Forgetfulness. Oblivion. Concealment. Her ...
cskendrick 03/19/2012 26 40 5 395
The Sisters We Never Had
The Time: The year 2100. Actuaries had predicted the United States would have a population between 400 and 500 million. Instead, it's 80 million. A century from now, it's expected to be 14 million.
cskendrick 03/15/2012 18 41 1 212
The year: Unknown, but sooner than you'd like. Welcome to the Citadel. A young man, a survivor of a special ordeal with a special purpose, waits for visitors from the villages in the valley below. ...
cskendrick 03/09/2012 10 28 2 289
For Ourselves. Not For You.
Conservatism has a proper place in the political discourse. Defending rule of law against encroaching police and national security powers is such a thing. Calling for a restrictive definition of ...
cskendrick 03/09/2012 9 12 2 81
Top Comments: Maps, Music and Lots of It Edition
cskendrick 01/08/2012 50 43 2 318
The Use of Power
So. You can reshape the continents. Tame the seas. Re-engineer the very air itself. What are you going to use all this power for? Too often the answer is "We dunno. We just want to haz." Wrong ...
cskendrick 12/20/2011 4 9 - 61
Open Eyes (an OWS fable)
99% covers a vast range of incomes and situations. Trust does not come easy; in a world where class consciousness is quashed - what hope has trans-classism? More than you might think. More than I ...
cskendrick 12/13/2011 13 31 1 171
Regarding Progress
Well mister I'm not in a hurry And I don't want to be like you And all I want from tomorrow Is to get it better than today - from "Jacob's Ladder", by Huey Lewis and the News ...
cskendrick 12/08/2011 4 2 - 18
Where is the anthem, the culture foundation for the conflict that is happening in real time, right before our very eyes? Why are we fighting? What are we fighting for? This is not the life we ...
cskendrick 11/23/2011 5 13 1 89
Top Comments - Dreams Dark and Bright Edition
Wherein we sketch out how the question "What will the future be like?" chances with the passing of time. We've seeing the past and the present-era changes, from the time of Jules Verne to now. What'...
cskendrick 11/21/2011 26 36 1 283
Top Comments: Top Comments All Time Edition
Tonight, I decided to do a shout out to the all-time great Top Comments diarists and diaries – at least the ones with “Top Comments” in the title (which is by custom pretty much all of them). ...
cskendrick 11/14/2011 38 41 1 265
The Real Name of OWS
The Bonus Army . Everything about to happen has happened before. Everything that happened before is about to happen again. Not because of ...
cskendrick 10/21/2011 14 8 - 106
Regarding Wickedness
As a movement, liberals tend to adhere to values such as, oh, facts, scientific principles, empathy, understanding and, oh yes - reality . Well, we hold the pursuit of these objectives ...
cskendrick 10/15/2011 105 146 3 738
Top Comments - Centenarian Edition
Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by ...
cskendrick 09/16/2011 37 42 - 264
Top Comments - We Haz Technology Edition
Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by ...
cskendrick 08/31/2011 79 39 - 288
"I'd Like To Have A Conversation..."
I used to have a friend who often used this preamble. It comes off as a way to say Let us have a conversation. I found that in practice, this friend was actually saying, alternately, ...
cskendrick 08/28/2011 10 8 1 137
The Fiscal Star Chamber = Bush v Gore / Katrina Level Bad
I have this feeling that somewhere along the way, and not so many years ago, our country took (was forced) down a terrible wrong turn as a society. Two events stand clearly in my mind as the two ...
cskendrick 08/01/2011 26 13 - 99
Top Comments - Looking for Clues Edition
Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by ...
cskendrick 07/24/2011 22 39 - 195
Peas, Carrots and Why They Matter So Very Much
What vegetables are good for you? This is of course a question for empirical research. However, what you believe about veggies is in no small amount informed by your tastes and ...
cskendrick 07/20/2011 4 10 - 81
Water Debt
Note: Those familiar with the Dune series will recognize the title and its implications immediately and can probably save themselves a read. Everyone else is going to have to slog through.
cskendrick 07/16/2011 28 49 1 283
The Unsupportable Concessions Arms Race
Many diaries have done the "ZOMG How Can Obama Cave Like That?" thing. And then WHAMMO! Mitch McConnell, of all people, does the most astonishing thing - a Republican leader caves. Only... there's ...
cskendrick 07/13/2011 3 2 - 34
Top Comments: DC Getaway Edition
Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by ...
cskendrick 07/07/2011 46 36 - 256
Filling in the Blanks
I've been thinking a lot about negative space lately. It doesn't mean I am negative - nor that the space is bitter or unethical or bad in any way.
cskendrick 06/16/2011 3 22 - 137
Top Comments: From Wrath to Justice Edition
Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by ...
cskendrick 06/02/2011 34 37 1 197
NFTT: Since you're off to Heaven this evening...
why not leave some cash behind to help us send some helpful items to the men and women who are serving this country overseas? It would be virtuous and I have reliable word that donating to NFTT ...
cskendrick 05/21/2011 20 32 1 116
The Center Holds It Together - A Rant Through Our Party History
Information these days is chaotic, complex and urgent. It comes with the force of a tsunami…and another tsunami …and then another…and it never, ever stops. It’s hard to maintain conceptual ...
cskendrick 05/20/2011 5 2 1 47
The Reverse Rapture (A sort-of true story)
I've been at once bemused and unsettled by all the press being given to the May 21st Rapture prediction . Bemused because, well, ...
cskendrick 05/16/2011 38 34 1 225
Netroots Nation: Living La Vita Live-Blog
As members of the netroots and wider realm of political activism, we have many opportunities to share time, energy and (lest we forget) finances coming together to gather and share knowledge and ...
cskendrick 05/09/2011 18 31 1 147
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