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Gold Star for Suffolk and Mason Dixon
Sorry for the short diary, but it has been a long night. All I can say is Suffolk "We are not polling Florida any more" and Mason Dixon "If the networks do their jobs, they can call Florida as soon ...
dagman 11/06/2012 6 6 - -
The President is in Big Trouble If ...
There is a meme brewing in the media that is not rooted in reality, but must nonetheless be addressed. The meme goes like this - Romney is closing fast, and his improvement in the national and ...
dagman 10/22/2012 42 4 - -
NBC Poll Confirms What We Already Know
Today's NBC poll confirmed what we already know based on the large volume of polling data available: This race is essentially tied at the national level. In fact the Pollster/RCP/538 ... national ...
dagman 10/21/2012 108 18 - -
What is Chuck Todd Smoking?
Chuck was on Hardball tonight pimping a meme straight from the Romney Team that Romney could run away with this thing. The theory goes something like this: Romney made huge gains to bring this ...
dagman 10/19/2012 305 137 3 -
Mr. President - Own your Record on Tuesday
The President has a good story to tell, and he needs to passionatly tell it Tuesday Night. With this debate, he needs to accomplish 4 things: 1) Improve his style and Tactics 2) Passionately ...
dagman 10/13/2012 3 4 - -
We Won Big Time
Some sites and polls say Biden clearly won (MSNBC, Huff Post, CBS Poll), and others say it was a draw (NBC and CNN commentators and CNN Poll). However, lets not forget the objectives of the evening ...
dagman 10/11/2012 9 4 - -
NBC/Marist - The Firewall Holds
Just out FL +1 Obama 48-47 VA +1 Romney 48-47 OH +6 Obama 51-45 Without Ohio and Wisconsin, almost no path to 270 for Romney! Tomorrow's Q polls will be interesting. If they are similar, ...
dagman 10/10/2012 97 24 - 279
Gallup Commits Malpractice
Gallup did something unprecedented today, and while they may have had good intentions, it was egregious nonetheless. As most of you know, they took the extraordinary step of breaking their 7-day ...
dagman 10/08/2012 12 5 - 331
Raison d'ĂȘtre and the Romney Campaign's "Tell"
"Raison d'ĂȘtre" is a French term that means "reason for existence". A "Tell" is a poker term for the subconscious actions or mannerisms that give away ones hand. Throughout the campaign, the ...
dagman 10/07/2012 5 17 - 209
The Unemployment Rate Did Not Artificially Drop This Month
The issue is not that the official unemployment rate artificially dropped this month, it is that it remained artificially too high in prior months. There are two separate data points that support ...
dagman 10/05/2012 7 8 - 87
Clinton, Obama and the Housing Bubble
We have seen endless deconstruction over why certain states go for Obama, and others go for Clinton. Some seem reasonable and some seem downright silly. However, I have seen no acknowledgement of ...
dagman 02/06/2008 33 3 - 1
Anti-media Voter Backlash helped HRC again
Exit polling showed that HRC once again won voters who decided in the last day - just like New Hampshire. In that race, the press was dancing over her grave in the 3 days before the primary. ...
dagman 01/29/2008 24 8 - -
Bush will Fall
dagman 09/06/2005 48 5 - -
Gays for Bush cost us Ohio
dagman 11/04/2004 43 - - -
No Fillibusters
dagman 11/03/2004 14 1 - -
Stewart was right about the Media Whores
dagman 10/18/2004 4 3 - -
My letter to Howard Fineman re Mary Cheney
dagman 10/14/2004 7 3 - -
Something is up in Central Florida
dagman 10/03/2004 20 - - -
Its about turnout, stupid!
dagman 09/18/2004 10 2 - -
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