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Totally despondent.
The Time of the Presidential Racing has begun. For the next 18 months. Non-stop. All hours. All day. All night. About 37.5% of our American lives take place during "Presidential Season," which is ...
daveinchi 04/10/2015 8 4 - -
POWER GRAB: Indiana GOP set to strip Democratic Superintendent of Education of her powers.
Don't like who those pesky voters elected (or whatever)? It's a simple solution if you control all the levers of power . . .
daveinchi 02/08/2015 61 99 - -
On the front lines of Educational Deform: My District v. A New Charter
I'm one lucky teacher. I work in an excellent public school district, Merrillville Community School District, in Lake County, Indiana, located on the outskirts of the greater Chicagoland area. That ...
daveinchi 11/30/2014 7 4 - -
Uber, AirBnB, the "Sharing Economy," and US!
Recently, Uber, the pseudo-taxi ride-sharing service that allows any licensed driver to use their personal vehicle as a money-making pseudo-taxi, has been in the headlines a lot here in Chicago. It ...
daveinchi 10/04/2014 51 6 - -
Nove semanas no Brasil! (Nine weeks in Brazil!)
Ha ha, I feel like Anchower from The Onion . I'm all "Ola amigos. I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya . . . " Dani and I were lucky enough to be able to spend all of nine weeks in ...
daveinchi 09/13/2014 9 13 - -
The Coke Ad & Reverse Political Correctness: "We Won't Call Them Frothing Racists."
The American wrong wing has been screeching about so-called "political correctness" since that fateful day in the early 1990's, when, between tooth-spitting fists to the jaw, a gay man had the ...
daveinchi 02/08/2014 17 15 - -
Banksters to urban centers: "Down with jobs. Up with prisons!"
This important article from Les Leopold at Alternet really connects the dots. HOW WALL STREET TURNED AMERICA INTO INCARCERATION NATION Transforming poorer neighborhoods into desirable real estate ...
daveinchi 11/30/2013 8 23 2 -
'Bama RepubliCon Out-A**holes the Rest: "No overtime pay for you."
Why we can't have nice things. Reason #9,201,123 I've started to really enjoy the show Face Off , so I'll give Alabama Tea Party Republican Representative Martha Roby (R - Zombiefield Estates) this .
daveinchi 11/24/2013 45 10 - -
On Teach For America, Anti-Unionization, and Corporatization of Education
A very happy Labor Day to all. This day is about recognizing the daily, unglamorous hard work and sacrifice made by millions of ordinary Americans, on behalf of each other, and posterity. We tend ...
daveinchi 09/02/2013 3 10 1 -
Engelhardt: Edward Snowden (whistleblower) v. Robert Seldon Lady (torturer)
I'm re-posting this must-read article essentially for its must-be-readacy. I imagine this issue or even this article may have been covered already, but this is my own take on it. If nothing else, ...
daveinchi 07/29/2013 2 7 - -
Anti-Gay Activist Found Guilty of Child Porn
Words fail. ANTI-GAY ZEALOT GUILTY OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AFTER VIDEOTAPING 14-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER HAVING SEX Lisa Biron faces 25 years in prison for filming her 14-year-old having sex with two men on ...
daveinchi 01/13/2013 8 24 - -
STUFF THIS: Let's end gerrymandering.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This article from the always-indispensable really got me thinking. WHY AMERICANS ACTUALLY VOTED FOR A DEMOCRATIC HOUSE By Ian Millhiser on Nov 7, ...
daveinchi 11/22/2012 26 8 - -
Glory in your "Gift From God;" name the child after your attacker.
This is an attempt at the bleakest, blackest and most caustic form of snark. If you're triggered to extreme negativity by issues surrounding sexual assault, this might not be the best piece for ...
daveinchi 10/25/2012 4 1 - -
Rigor mortis sets in on 2012's first presidential "debate. . . "
I know I know I know. It's been done. Nothing particularly earth shaking or mind-blowingly >>!!!BREAKING!!!! Hunter's excellent treatment , and then offered my take on the first presidential "...
daveinchi 10/05/2012 2 1 - 81
The Rover Ranges On
This frightening piece of Capital J Journalism connects all of the dots, painting a disturbing picture of a fat, flabby, balding, TurdBlossom of a Man, whose slithery hands are behind much of the ...
daveinchi 08/25/2012 2 5 - 47
[GOPMADNESS] "Let him die!" / "Booing gay soldier" final - Please!
I am LOVING the GOP Madness "Lowlights of the RepubliCon Primary" Competition, and have voted in a bunch of the contests, if not all. Here's what I'm hoping for the final round. And here's why. ...
daveinchi 05/14/2012 6 3 - 122
Sheesh. Proud Indiana union teacher here, enjoying a day off to celebrate the Man and his Mission. I am not ...
daveinchi 01/16/2012 113 114 1 686
Gov. Walker Accused Of Over 1,000 Campaign Violations, Could Face $557,500 Fine
From the fine folks at GOV. WALKER ACCUSED OF ...
daveinchi 01/11/2012 57 248 1 1412
Poor, Sad, Rick Perry, and His Poor, Sad, Leathery Jawline
Well, this is delicious: PERRY TO RETURN TO TEXAS TO REASSESS CANDIDACY By Ashley Killough,
daveinchi 01/04/2012 6 3 - 68
Darth Cheney to America, the World: Eff all y'all!
This is a pretty caustic rant. You've been warned.
daveinchi 09/08/2011 7 2 - 45
Bad News: Big Loss on Collective Bargaining for Indiana Teachers
I am a proud member of the Indiana State Teachers' Association. I am not acting in any kind of official capacity, however, with this unfortunate diary.
daveinchi 04/20/2011 19 16 - 144
Loud. Proud. Union. Hoosier. Teacher.
Although I reside on the South Side of Chicago, I'm a loud, proud member of the Indiana State Teacher's Union. I am not acting in any official capacity, with this diary here, though.
daveinchi 03/22/2011 4 6 - 35
DESTROY EVERYTHING: Nihilism on the "Right"
So, like many of you, I'm a politics dork . . . like a really, really big politics dork. I can hear your jaw hitting the keyboard is stricken disbelief. A whuh?!? Can it possibly be true?
daveinchi 03/03/2011 88 104 7 871
Indiana: It's FAR from over here.
DISCLAIMER: Although I live in Chicago, I'm a proud member of the Indiana State Teachers' Association. I am not, however, acting in any official capacity with this diary here. I'm going to keep ...
daveinchi 02/23/2011 15 37 4 169
Not Just WI-HOOSIERS! Fight Anti-Union, Anti-Teacher Bills!
DISCLAIMER: I am a proud member of the Indiana State Teacher's Association. I am not, however, acting in any official capacity in this diary. For more in-depth background on what Gov. Mitch "Huge ...
daveinchi 02/18/2011 12 14 - 83
Indiana: They're going for the jugular of the teachers' unions
DISCLAIMER: I am a proud member of the Indiana State Teachers Association. I am not, however, speaking for it in any official capacity here. TEACHERS: GOV. DANIELS SPEECH WAS A "...
daveinchi 01/31/2011 36 35 - 269
GOoPers: Don't Invest in America Right Now
Now this is what I'm talkin about!
daveinchi 01/06/2011 5 5 - 77
Waaaaaooooow: We is left-wing as heeeeyyyll!
daveinchi 01/04/2011 12 4 - 35
"The rich are much richer than you and me"
THE RICH ARE MUCH RICHER THAN YOU AND ME No shit, really? Thank you CNN ! Boy that's a ...
daveinchi 12/31/2010 19 14 2 59
Why President Obama Could Never Have Been An FDR
Although they emerged into the Presidency seventy-six years apart, at first glance, the similarities are there: two cosmopolitan Presidents from large cities coming to power in the midst of ...
daveinchi 12/23/2010 63 3 1 42
Total. Effing. Facepalm
Extreme Caustic Rant You've been warned.
daveinchi 12/02/2010 42 7 - 61
Don't Like Unions? - You'd Better Be Working Right Now
Hi. I'm daveinchi, a.k.a. Downtown Dave, an educator, entertainer, and man of leisure based here in Chicago, IL, where it's a beautiful day. Go White Sox! For money, I teach at a public high ...
daveinchi 09/06/2010 17 9 - 20
Eff You Glenn Beck [Xtreme Caustic Rant]
This is an extremely caustic rant. If you've got a weak stomach; a charitable mind toward Glenn Beck, Sarah Failin', Tea Partiers or the GOoP in general; or if you're one just of them unicorns and ...
daveinchi 08/28/2010 34 10 - 82
Courier Journal: Dr. Paul an uncertified ophthalmologist
Joseph Gerth of the The Louisville Courier-Journal :RAND PAUL'S OPHTHALMOLOGY CERTIFICATION NOT RECOGNIZED BY ...
daveinchi 06/15/2010 71 26 - 156
SC Sen: There is something not right about this.
This was covered on Keith and Rachel tonight, and it's just my brief take on it. In my opinion, this is a story that needs to get out as much as possible. (AMAP)
daveinchi 06/10/2010 167 34 - 78
SB 1070: Who the hell does CNN think they're kidding?
daveinchi 04/30/2010 65 20 - 104
Final Thoughts on the Health Care "Reform" "Debate"
I'm in no way under the impression this topic has not been covered ad nauseam here, nor do I profess to have a deeply profound and new insights, nor any breaking news . . . whatsoever. This is ...
daveinchi 03/27/2010 27 1 - 11
Minority Leader Boehner::GOING APESH** ON THE HOUSE FLOOR
Ok, this isn't much of a diary.
daveinchi 03/21/2010 102 36 - 37
GOoPer-Poopers: America-hating Cowards
I am 100% aware that this issue, and even this angle, has been covered here, in depth. This is just my take on the matter. WARNING: EXPLICIT, OFFENSIVE, AND CAUSTIC ...
daveinchi 11/15/2009 21 3 - 231
Secretary of "Education" Arne Duncan:  Dumbf***
daveinchi 10/22/2009 230 3 1 102
Our robots won't eat corpses
daveinchi 07/18/2009 65 14 - 25
CNN on sex scandals: "They all do it."
daveinchi 07/14/2009 41 13 - 16
Hasta la pasta, Governor Failin'
Yeah yeah yeah . . . I know it's been covered here. This is just my take on it. Warning, extreme snark alert.
daveinchi 07/04/2009 17 2 - 8
The Downside to RepubliCon Self-Immolation
I certainly agree with the jist of Something The Dog Said's currently front-paged essay at DocuDharma, ...
daveinchi 06/03/2009 15 5 - 27
Thesis: Conservatives will lose the Great Plains next
It's already happened in the Northeast, and the Pacific Coast. The process is well under way in the Great Lakes region, the mid-Atlantic region, and the Mountain West (...
daveinchi 05/24/2009 34 23 3 245
I like Texas.
I am sick and tired of seeing diaries on this site which dignify Gov. Rick Perry's & the Texas RepubliCon Legislative Caucus' supremely assholish - and incidentally, terrifically vague - right wing ...
daveinchi 04/22/2009 71 25 - 18
WTF CNN?! What are you really saying re: prosecuting torture?
With all the talk about prosecuting torturers from the Bush "...
daveinchi 04/21/2009 41 19 - 32
I teabagged with hundreds today on the streets of Chicago.
So, my "just the facts" version of the events my lovely girlfriend Jasmine and I witnessed at Chicago's Tax Day Tea Party can be ...
daveinchi 04/15/2009 40 21 - 31
BREAKING: At least four dead at Binghamton Immigration Center
Not much details yet . . . let's hope it's not another Right Wing killing spree.
daveinchi 04/03/2009 57 13 - 17
" . . .the Democrats have a tar baby on their hands."
Oh dear. 'Tar baby?' That's a rather unfortunate turn of phrase , Rep. Ginny Foxx (R - NC): " . . . [best?] way to describe to ...
daveinchi 04/01/2009 118 18 - 40
AIG: Using your bailout $ to sue the Goverment
Your bailout dollars at work: A.I.G. SUES GOVERNMENT FOR RETURN OF $306 MILLION IN TAX PAYMENTS The New York ...
daveinchi 03/21/2009 17 4 - -
An Insider's Guide to the Fall of the "Christian" Right
Wherein Alternet gives us fascinating look at the decline of the Christian Wrong . . . from the perspective of a true believer. This article is ...
daveinchi 03/20/2009 61 26 4 15
Viva John Boehner!
Yeah I said it. This guy is the best leader in the Republican Party. He's going to turn these conservative frowns up-side down, god-damnit. I nominate HIM to be the face of the Republican Party. ...
daveinchi 03/19/2009 5 3 - 72
Big Fat Idiot Provides Big Fat Political Cover
Like a behemoth "oliphaunt" out of Tolkien's The Return of the King, the fearsomely bloated bulk of Rush Limbaugh has once again glommed its way into our nation's collective consciousness, ...
daveinchi 03/05/2009 10 2 - -
Is there a place for sane conservatives?
It appears that possibly, tentatively, there may FINALLY be some semi-rational conservatives emerging from the sullied, amoral morass of Republican politics.
daveinchi 03/01/2009 52 4 - 13
"All hell just broke loose in the Minnesota courtroom . . ."
Oh dear dear dear. It appears that Team Coleman's lawyers have been naughty, and that their case may be in very deep doody!
daveinchi 02/27/2009 407 942 9 42
A long term plan for getting the hell off this planet . . .
GALAXY MAY BE FULL OF 'EARTHS,' ALIEN LIFE ( CNN ) -- As NASA prepares to hunt for Earth-...
daveinchi 02/25/2009 119 19 1 16
Some people are wrong on the internet.
OR . . . THE BEAUTY OF THE BLOOD FOUNTAINS Wherein I eviscerate a wingnut who had cut and paste, in its entirety, over 20 paragraphs ...
daveinchi 02/14/2009 15 6 - 11
Invest in the People! Let the Banks Fail!!
I cannot believe that $ecTrea$ Timothy Geithner is even suggesting that the US Government ought to dump more tax dollars into keeping our toppled megaliths in the finance industry afloat, as ...
daveinchi 02/12/2009 39 7 - 24
Gov. Paterson: I accept your appointment to the US Senate.
Citizens, Kossacks, and Friends: I'm pleased to announced that after careful consideration, I've decided that I will accept Gov. Paterson's appointment to become New York's Junior Senator!
daveinchi 01/22/2009 15 3 - 6
LOCKDOWN! Today's IncarcerNation 2.1
. . . . or RIGHT MOVE, WRONG REASONS This diary represents a reboot of sorts for my brief series of diaries focusing on prison issues here in the USofA, which incidentally has more people ...
daveinchi 01/13/2009 17 12 1 -
Recounts = Sunlight
If (as opposed to coming to DailyKos) you've been holed up in your mother's basement, wearing pajamas and watching Who's the Boss reruns, you may not know that there is still a Senate race that's ...
daveinchi 12/06/2008 7 1 - 4
More great news from Surge-ofied paradise of Iraq - a nation that is surely just as sovereign as a sovereign state can be.
daveinchi 11/29/2008 15 1 1 -
This is my last fix, I promise.
Jesus . . . . As if the $700,000,000,000.00 bailout plan - that's $700 billion if you're not into counting zeroes - couldn't sound any more like a stickup, and/or a fuckup of cosmic proportions, ...
daveinchi 11/12/2008 5 2 - 15
Can we get another love-fest for Howard Dean?
I know it's been done before. It should probably happen again after today. This little diary will be quick and to the point.
daveinchi 11/09/2008 13 8 - 12
I'm VERY concerned about the future of the GOP.
Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear dear dear. It appears that things are not going very well for the RepubliCons these days, and I am concerned about the future of the party.
daveinchi 11/08/2008 59 15 - 24
What I saw at Grant Park last night.
A quick reflection on what I experienced at Chicago's Grant Park last night, at the Obama rally.
daveinchi 11/05/2008 10 16 - 5
UPDATED/BREAKING3: [All diaries require ALL CAPS (& Brackets)]
Or else how will we ever know how important it is?
daveinchi 10/07/2008 24 11 - 2
Red Russia?!?! Can I get me a Cold Warrior?
What was the one thing that the band of pygmies in the GOP Presidential Primary were able to agree upon during their mouth-breathing, liberal-hatin "debates?" I could sum it up in two words: ...
daveinchi 08/19/2008 16 4 1 2
STRATEGERY '08: The Neocons' Caucusus Project
Here's a primer on what has been unfolding in the Caucusus, and how it has affected the political debate here in America. I'm aware this has been blogged about here before, this is just my take on ...
daveinchi 08/17/2008 20 22 1 173
A Brief Rant on John McCain's Turd of a Campaign
Does this doddering old idiot More-of-the-same McCain have anything good to say about himself, or any ideas at all about how to make America a better place? Every single ad this son of a bitch trots ...
daveinchi 08/08/2008 11 1 - -
Pronounced: Trag-i-TAS-tro-bak-el Etymology: a combination of the words tragedy, catastrophe, and debacle Meaning: Our War On Iraq Our country has gone mad in Iraq. Completely, and violently mad.
daveinchi 08/07/2008 16 6 - 1
NOT BREAKING: "The Surge is Working" meme is a horse sh** LIE!
This probably won't come as a surprise to some people, but hey guess what? Turns out, the whole "the Surge is working" thing is a complete fucking lie.
daveinchi 07/16/2008 42 6 1 2
Our Condolences to the Helms Family
I'm not even going to hyperlink to some of the despicable nonsense I've seen on this website today. Apparently some participants here think it's reasonable and even fun to celebrate the death of an ...
daveinchi 07/04/2008 342 31 - 33
I'm disgusted with being disgusted.
I need to vent.
daveinchi 06/25/2008 18 6 - 9
FISA Email to My Junior Senator (Obama - D - IL)
Just thought I'd pass this along . . . .
daveinchi 06/19/2008 4 13 - 10
Our Military is Napalming Iraqi Children
daveinchi 06/11/2008 66 21 1 45
Whither the "Sheeple?"
There is an idea going around - particularly in predominantly left-wing or progressive/liberal circles - that some portion of the American population are not "fully actuallized" people, but are ...
daveinchi 05/20/2008 37 5 - -
CNN: FL, MI can't save Hillary.
Many in the Obama camp have been worried about a potential move by Hillary Clinton to win this nomination by having all of the Michigan and Florida delegations seated. Folks, you can put those ...
daveinchi 05/19/2008 7 6 1 3
Why won't Fox stick to sports & cartoons?
You know, I give Fox a hard time. I do. I give Fox a hard time because its News division DESERVES a hard time. Fox News, of course, pretends to be "Fair and Balanced," but is obviously an unofficial ...
daveinchi 04/05/2008 4 - - -
More-of-the-same McCain.
More-of-the-same McCain. More-of-the-same McCain. More-of-the-same, More-of-the-same, More-of-the-same McCain! Kinda has a ring to it don't it?
daveinchi 03/19/2008 2 1 - -
This drawn-out primary is bitchin' cool!
America's most bloated gas bag, Rush Limbaugh, spewing his usual verbal vomit, has suggested that the GOoPers should do everything they can to keep the long fight to the finish between Sen. Clinton ...
daveinchi 03/10/2008 16 3 - -
The USofA's Criminal "Just-us" system.
If anyone is still under the deluded impression that our criminal just-us system isn't racist, they might want to read up. There is a major-serious problem is this country, and it really makes me ...
daveinchi 02/16/2008 10 3 - -
Limbaugh: I might raise money for Hillary.
I'm not usually one to give two turds in a rat's butt regarding what America's most despicably bloated gasbag has to say about Democrats, but lately his "commentaries" have been more interesting ...
daveinchi 02/08/2008 18 6 - -
Limbaugh: Conservative Base 'Fractured'
Anyone want a little sugar, or perhaps some kahlua in their morning coffee? Stuff like this just makes me giggle!!!!
daveinchi 01/31/2008 32 10 - -
Another Friedman Unit!?!?!?!
My god, these people are beyond redemption. Despite every traditional media and other right wing outlet in the country loudly proclaiming that the Surge Escalation has worked, and "we're ...
daveinchi 01/22/2008 7 5 - 2
IL Gov. - Can we please primary Rod Blagojevich?
To Democrats living outside of Illinois, our state must seem like some kind of paradise. This is probably the bluest state in the Midwest, with Democrats holding all major statewide offices, and ...
daveinchi 01/12/2008 30 9 1 4
... and that was when my head exploded.
You have got to stop reading candidate diaries, and check out these two headlines from the exact same page on CNN (the Middle East desk). Is ...
daveinchi 01/11/2008 15 8 1 -
FRAMESHOP GOP: Surge vs. the Earth is working!
Stop reading candidate diaries, and start learning why me and my good GOoPer friends are ready to shock and awe the Democrat party in both congressional and the Presidential victories this November .
daveinchi 01/09/2008 11 1 - -
I Like Larry Flynt
I see England, I see France, I see Republicans with no pants! Flynt claims he now has evidence about a closeted gay GOP senator who's not Larry Craig. "The other shoe's going to ...
daveinchi 12/22/2007 90 21 1 6
Daaamn! Maliki's Gov't is sovereigning it up!
If you're like me, you're going totally apeshit about how incredibly sovereign the Al-Maliki government in Iraq has been these days. It's like, every day, we think: "Surely the Iraqi government ...
daveinchi 12/20/2007 23 16 - -
POWERGRAB: HR1955 & the end of liberty...
. . . or HR: 1955 and why you've never heard of it. Until quite recently, I hadn't even heard of HR 1955: the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, ...
daveinchi 11/25/2007 32 16 1 249
LOCKDOWN!! Today's IncarcerNation (Pt. 2)
Part 1 of this diary analyzed some of the alarming statistics surrounding our nation's prison systems. To wit: We have more of ...
daveinchi 12/23/2006 26 31 2 175
LOCKDOWN!!! Today's IncarcerNation (Pt. 1)
The fine Americans at the beloved Department of Justice reported last year that as of June 30, 2005: -- 2,186,230 prisoners were ...
daveinchi 12/17/2006 22 18 - 24
The Christian Wrong: F&@K THE POOR!!
daveinchi 07/02/2006 14 4 - -
The Ratcheting-Up of the Rhetoric
daveinchi 06/22/2006 23 1 - -
The tighter you close your fist, Lord Vader . . . .
daveinchi 06/13/2006 5 6 - 11
DAAAAMN! Those Iraqis are FREE AS HELL!
daveinchi 06/05/2006 12 6 2 140
Who profited from 9/11/01?
daveinchi 05/31/2006 191 10 3 20
OUR LEFTY AGENDA: Let's be honest.
daveinchi 05/23/2006 80 7 2 2
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