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G'bye, dKos. I will miss you.
You might recall this. Dimly, if at all. Your Bloguero took a blog hiatus back on October 8, 2012. Why? As your Bloguero stated in his recent TTFN message : Well, I'm going to go off and have an ...
davidseth 11/08/2012 41 31 - -
Turn The NY State Senate Blue!!!
For decades the New York State Senate has been in Republican control. And now, in 2012, it is entirely possible with your help to turn the NY State Senate Blue. It’s really simple. Republicans ...
davidseth 10/22/2012 4 7 - -
I was thinking that I'd just walk away, and stop posting for a while, and that I'd come back in November, after the election, and see whether I felt like posting and/or commenting. I could just go. ...
davidseth 10/07/2012 26 47 - 538
Not Columbus Day: Baracoa, The Beginning
Note: This essay was originally posted at NION in 2008. That site no longer exists. And it was reprised and updated in 2011 at The Dream Antillles . It was expanded to form a central part of my 2011 ...
davidseth 10/07/2012 9 5 - 51
Big Bird And The Safety Net
Apparently, it's nothing personal at all. Willard actually likes Big Bird, or so he says, but ut oh, the aging Avian Television Star learned he might be out of a job during last night's ...
davidseth 10/04/2012 3 7 - 52
I Need A Drinking Game
Tonight, your Bloguero is informed by the voices in his head and emanating incessantly from the television, is a presidential debate. And so, it is incumbent upon your Bloguero, as the host of an ...
davidseth 10/03/2012 18 6 - 96
A Feeling Of Sadness
For many years, the rural hamlet of Ghent, Columbia County, New York, had an iconic house. It was on the main street, State Route 66. It was quirky, and it was an eccentric landmark. It was a small ...
davidseth 09/26/2012 37 59 2 527
This Vigil Needs Your Support Redux
I posted this yesterday and have decided after much thought to rescue it myself so that it might receive wider exposure. Please consider this re-post an invitation to spread this story, and of course,
davidseth 09/23/2012 5 14 - 62
This Vigil Needs Your Support
Martin Baumgold In the wake of 9/11, on Saturday, September 22, 2001, eleven years ago today, my friend Martin Baumgold decided to stand at the Seventh Street Park in Hudson, New York to ...
davidseth 09/22/2012 9 33 1 117
Travel: Shopping For Tequila In Cancun Airport
Blue Agave ( Agave tequilana ) Your Bloguero is a frequent flyer between New York and Cancun’s Airport. It’s an airport designed so that when you are catching a departing flight, you ...
davidseth 09/09/2012 33 41 4 354
Rafalca, The Tax Credit Horse, Fails
OK. I might not be the perfect person to write about Rafalca and dressage and Ann Rmoney. After all, I have piloted a horse exactly once as an adult. That particular horse was alleged to be ...
davidseth 08/07/2012 115 22 1 307
The Importance Of Being Ernesto
This seems now like an annual ritual . I see a map like the one above. I write this essay or one like it. The hurricane projections seem to be pointed directly at my ...
davidseth 08/03/2012 12 17 - 81
Pootie Insurrection Continues
Still on strike, Romietta the Cat refuses management's request to catch mice in the house, insists on sleeping in the house and hunting only in the great outdoors.
davidseth 07/30/2012 42 33 - 256
Willard, You Are So Wonderful. Keep It Up.
Wonderful Willard I know this isn't long enough to be a post. It might not even be long enough to be a comment. No matter. You don't need a lot of space to express delight. I am just so ...
davidseth 07/26/2012 4 4 - 48
Betrayed By The Pootie, The Great Hunter Emerges
For the past week, I have been playing the role of Ramar of the Jungle . The Great Hunter. He who captures fierce, predatory animals. He who stalks at night. He who always ...
davidseth 07/14/2012 118 105 - 685
Willard: Don't Stop At Sesame Street
Evidently, Willard, the Bain Capital Republican Candidate for the Sankaty High Yield Presidency of the Citibank United States of America, wants to put commercials on Sesame Street to help balance ...
davidseth 07/10/2012 9 9 - 90
Amnesia And Election Fraud In Mexico
Yesterday, tens of thousands of Mexicans went into the streets of Mexico City to protest against fraud in the claimed election of Enrique Pena Nieto (EPN), the PRI ...
davidseth 07/08/2012 8 9 - 58
Mexico Votes On Sunday: Will This End The Killing?
Yo Soy 132 demonstrators on May 1 Mexico goes to the polls on Sunday to elect a president. It’s ...
davidseth 06/29/2012 31 28 - 315
That Was No Coup In Paraguay
While the US continues to ruminate about whether what happened in Paraguay is appropriately categorized as a coup, Mercosur is meeting in Mendoza, Argentina. And deposed President Lugo won't be ...
davidseth 06/27/2012 28 15 - 156
Paraguay's Coup, The US's Weak Response
There's a feeling of deja vu about this. Another coup in the Americas, another golpe de estado displaces a left leaning president, another opportunity for the US to shy away from swift condemnation. ...
davidseth 06/26/2012 37 24 - 204
Juarez, I Still Hear You Crying
(I've written about this before, here (fiction), here and here . I confess that I can't get this out of my head. I can't just forget about this and move on. So here is ...
davidseth 06/24/2012 14 17 1 93
Today's Marches In Mexico: Crickets in the US Trad Media
Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. I think I told you that something important was happening today in Mexico. I wrote about it yesterday , and I then rescued my own diary to tell you about it ...
davidseth 06/10/2012 16 27 - 165
Support Today's Marches Throughout Mexico!
I posted this essay yesterday, and it received virtually no attention. I think it's important to tell this story. Especially today. So I suppose I can rescue my own essay. Here it is.
davidseth 06/10/2012 20 19 - 96
Solidarity With YoSoy132!
Something extremely important is happening Sunday in Mexico. I don't think you're going to hear much about it on the Trad Media TM . Especially English language Media. Or on the blogs. So I'm ...
davidseth 06/09/2012 4 6 2 55
Good Bye B of A, Don't Let The Door...
I'm furious. And this isn't the first time I've erupted over BofA and their abysmal level of what they have the temerity to call "customer care." So I'm fulminating. And I'm asking you, dear reader, ...
davidseth 05/30/2012 34 31 - 261
The Count of Monte Cristo and the Scarlet Pimpernel Saved My Life
I know, confessions are so out of style. Forgive me. When I started school, I began my struggle against authority. Put simply, I hated school. I hated my elementary teachers. I hated the rules (...
davidseth 05/28/2012 16 39 1 162
Juarez, I Hear You Crying, Part 3
(This is the third and final post of a series. The first post was fiction . The second was a factual discussion of the political corruption of the narco-dystopia in Mexico. This third post is ...
davidseth 05/23/2012 4 18 1 65
Juarez, I Can Hear You Crying, Part 2
Mexico hates you, EPN This LA ...
davidseth 05/22/2012 2 10 - 74
Juarez, I Hear You Crying
Ciudad Juarez. 1.3 million souls across the Rio Grande from El Paso. The murder rate is supposedly down from a record of 3,000 in 2010. I am waiting for the bus at a bus stop. I don’t have cash ...
davidseth 05/12/2012 26 23 - 153
The Sky Is Crying
Finally. Rain. Maya the Dog is sleeping on her back. Even Romietta the Cat came in. Here in Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts, it's been a long time, and the earth is so thirsty. So while ...
davidseth 04/21/2012 6 10 - 91
The Pootie Fifth Column
There is a lot of shredded paper in the bottom of the closet. I don’t know exactly how that happened. A roll of paper towels is now confetti. And I hear small feet scrambling inside the ...
davidseth 04/18/2012 56 56 1 329
Thanks, Rev. Al
I'm delighted that George Zimmerman is in jail and facing murder 2 charges. And when I think about how that happened, it's clear to me that Rev. Al Sharpton brought this campaign together and ...
davidseth 04/13/2012 25 45 2 214
Face it. The latest political poutrage is completely phony. Do I care if Hilary Rosen (whom I never heard of before) says that Ann Romney (who drives two Cadillacs) "never worked a day in her life? "
davidseth 04/12/2012 6 5 - 62
Grandstanding In Sanford
Waiting for Godot. A clown show. These are facts: Unarmed, wearing a hoodie, and carrying Skittles and a cell phone, 17 year old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on February 26,
davidseth 04/10/2012 18 29 - 222
My Impatience: Where Is Justice For Trayvon?
These are facts: on February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. You already know all about these facts and have been debating their significance for a couple of weeks: ...
davidseth 04/03/2012 41 9 1 119
Mega Zillions Fraud!!
Yesterday, I wrote (in the third person) to tell you with certainty that I had won the Mega Zillions jackport, more than $500 ...
davidseth 03/31/2012 22 10 - 204
Winning At Mega Zillions (Updated)
Your Bloguero has been busy. He went to town and secured not only his own financial future, but his membership in the (almost) 1%. Yes, your Bloguero joined the teaming, unwashed masses at ...
davidseth 03/30/2012 12 6 1 149
George Zimmerman's Disgraceful Press Circus
Well, it's really, really ugly. On two fronts: the racist, unjustified killing of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, black teenager, and then, to make the situation even more grotesque, some really awful, ...
davidseth 03/25/2012 280 225 2 2304
Yet Another Broken Heart
President Obama got it entirely right when he said , “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” That captures it in a sentence. A broken heart, and profound sadness and anger at the shooting ...
davidseth 03/23/2012 11 46 1 244
On The Senseless Killing Of Elephants
A dead elephant in Cameroon This is beyond profoundly disturbing. It’s about the slaughter of elephants in game preserves in Africa. This story is making me sick. Hence, a too ...
davidseth 03/16/2012 15 15 - 70
Oxidation, Part 2
Oxidation was a meditation of sorts about this old truck: When all of us are long gone, this truck may still be sitting in the woods waiting for the archeologists or ...
davidseth 03/10/2012 21 24 - 206
Send Sgt. Rex Home Now!!!
A 2006 photo: Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey with Sgt. Rex in Iraq Have you noticed that sometimes your Bloguero completely loses his equanimity? Yes? Your Bloguero thought you might ...
davidseth 03/09/2012 4 13 - 111
Following Knucklehead Smiff And Not His Ventriloquist
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Call me naïve. Yesterday, Willard Rmoney demonstrated again to most people’s satisfaction, if not their utter delight that he is a terrible candidate. ...
davidseth 02/25/2012 38 43 1 249
Willard Romney's Anagram Problem
First, Salvador Dali. Then, Willard. It’s the anagrams that keep on giving. And oh what strange things, what strange associations the mind makes. Your Bloguero is informed that the surrealist ...
davidseth 02/10/2012 17 6 - 163
Take The Stoopid Out Of The Super Bowl. Please.
Yes, this is too short to be a post. Yes, you probably don't need me to say this because you already know it. And maybe I don't have to say it. But how much can it hurt? Please do not drink and ...
davidseth 02/05/2012 33 41 - 375
Happy Ground Hog Day!
davidseth 02/02/2012 17 9 - 51
davidseth 01/28/2012 34 41 - 471
New York Town Court: What A Travesty
You probably have no idea what a travesty the New York Town Court system is. And the cold statistics just won't get the idea across. It's the anecdotes that help to explain how unfair this court ...
davidseth 01/21/2012 4 8 - 87
Dr. King: Let's Remain "Nonviolent Gadflies"
davidseth 01/15/2012 7 18 1 56
Today: Melchior, Gaspar And Balthazar
davidseth 01/05/2012 53 71 1 453
A Brief Hiatus For Me
davidseth 12/17/2011 16 26 - 251
Noot As Lester Maddox
Oh please forgive your Bloguero his excesses and tantrums. Yesterday your Bloguero was vexed and found himself exploding when Noot Gingrich proposed yet again that poor children (read: poor, urban ...
davidseth 12/02/2011 12 12 - 65
The People's Library Needs Your Help (Updated)
Some sadness. One of the very best parts of Occupy Wall Street at Z park was the People’s Library. It had about 5,500 volumes, and it accepted books from whoever wished to donate them. It didn’...
davidseth 11/16/2011 21 30 3 153
OccupyAlbany: Charges To Be Dismissed
Surprising news this morning from Albany County DA David Soares. In short: all of those arrested for trespass will NOT be prosecuted. Good news for Occupy and savings for the County. When those ...
davidseth 11/14/2011 7 12 - 46
Love And Game 7
davidseth 10/28/2011 52 11 - 91
Calderon's Alternate Reality
davidseth 10/15/2011 26 46 2 338
Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street
davidseth 10/02/2011 77 135 5 719
The Banality Of Death: Manuel Valle
davidseth 09/29/2011 2 4 - 28
George Stinney And The Shame Of State Killing
davidseth 09/27/2011 19 20 - 81
ACTION: White House Death Penalty Petition
davidseth 09/25/2011 23 20 - 140
We Really Are Troy Davis
davidseth 09/23/2011 14 16 - 83
Silence For Troy Davis
davidseth 09/21/2011 64 94 1 518
Fasting With Troy Davis on 9/21
davidseth 09/20/2011 56 75 3 365
Breaking: An Outrage In Georgia
The Georgia Pardon and Parole Board has DENIED clemency to Troy Davis. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:
davidseth 09/20/2011 67 110 1 599
I Am Troy Davis
davidseth 09/17/2011 15 43 - 183
Spare Troy Davis: The Forest And The Trees
On September 21, 2011, the State of Georgia plans to kill Troy Davis by lethal injection. If it happens, this execution will not be an unusual event. In Texas this year there have already been ten ...
davidseth 09/16/2011 13 9 1 50
Put The Labor Back In Labor Day
davidseth 09/05/2011 2 1 - 21
Here's Obama's Labor Day Jobs Speech
I know. I'm dreaming. I don't care. Here's the speech: My fellow Americans. And especially those of you who are unemployed. I have called you to come together today, Labor Day 2011,
davidseth 09/01/2011 8 5 - 90
Rant: The Jobs!! Part II
Yesterday I had a blogsplosion . I erupted at the idiots in both parties and the media ...
davidseth 08/10/2011 29 18 1 155
Rant: The Jobs!!
Please forgive me in advance for this rant. I am trying to “take care of my anger,” as Thich Nhat Hanh teaches, but I’m failing. My hair is totally on fire, and every time I open my mouth ...
davidseth 08/09/2011 22 36 - 200
Look, Ma! No Spending!
Please excuse my brevity. Please riddle me this, if you can: if the US Government cannot raise taxes and has no additional money to spend for an economic stimulus program and/or job programs, how ...
davidseth 08/02/2011 19 6 - 62
Words Still Matter
A humble request. Stop saying, “Entitlement reform.” Just stop it. Never, never, never repeat those two words again in tandem. Say instead, “Efforts to subvert the safety net.” Or “...
davidseth 08/01/2011 9 11 1 54
A Failure To Communicate
”What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” There’s still no deal on the debt ceiling, so at least at this minute Grandma doesn’t have to write monthly ...
davidseth 07/31/2011 2 3 - 31
Today's Exercise In Participatory Democracy (With Poll)
Last night after the President’s speech, I thought I would send a cheerful email to my Republican Congressman. The idea was simple: I want the debt ceiling raised without any preconditions so we ...
davidseth 07/26/2011 4 4 - 48
Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?
davidseth 07/24/2011 3 8 - 57
California Prison Hunger Strike Ends Peacefully
davidseth 07/22/2011 8 20 - 78
Day 21: Support The California Prisoners' Hunger Strike!
davidseth 07/21/2011 27 39 1 171
Day 20: Support The California Prisoners' Hunger Strike!
davidseth 07/20/2011 8 17 - 56
Day 19: Support The California Prison Hunger Strike!
davidseth 07/19/2011 11 21 - 86
Support The California Prisoners' Hunger Strike!!
As you read this, thousands of California prisoners are on a hunger strike. Today is the 18th day of the Strike. This may be the most significant act of prisoner resistance in 40 years, since ...
davidseth 07/18/2011 10 22 - 90
Happy Bloomsday!!
davidseth 06/16/2011 11 14 - 62
Stop The Robo Calls, Please
davidseth 06/15/2011 11 12 - 88
It Was A Hoax. There Is No Amina.
Well, the mystery has now been solved. The latest post at A Gay Girl In Damascus makes it perfectly clear that the ...
davidseth 06/12/2011 25 6 - 272
How Many "L's" Are There In "Gullible"?
gg meet face. Or maybe not. Yesterday, your Bloguero became incensed that Syrian authorities or other bad people had seized or kidnapped Syrian Blogger Amina Abdallah, and your Bloguero ...
davidseth 06/08/2011 19 3 - 144
Free Amina!!!
davidseth 06/07/2011 7 13 - 75
Another Reason To Love DKos (If You Need One)
davidseth 05/28/2011 39 41 - 251
Connecticut Clings To Death Penalty. Barely.
State killing, the death penalty, isn't the product of rational thought. Never has been. It's about raw emotions, and chief among those are anger and revenge. To no one's surprise, despite virtually ...
davidseth 05/12/2011 19 6 - 96
Today Is 420 Day
Today, April 20, that is, 4/20 is now a nationwide celebration . Nationwide. Proof of this assertion ...
davidseth 04/20/2011 20 18 - 177
A Plague Of Forgetting
davidseth 04/10/2011 5 17 1 87
Thank You For Supporting Wisconsin's Public Workers
davidseth 02/27/2011 10 20 - 74
Sorry, Ariana and Markos, No More Free Content For You
I know all too much about writing for free. I do it at my blog all the time. It's a labor of love. I've been at it for more than 900 blog posts and ...
davidseth 02/08/2011 287 49 - 191
AOL/HuffPo Deal Screws Bloguer@s
You know all too much about writing for free. You do it here. You "create content"; you don't get paid for it. So why am I not surprised that free writing is the uncompensated cornerstone of the ...
davidseth 02/07/2011 125 19 - 121
Making The Independent Judiciary A Joke
The independence of the judiciary means that the Courts should be free from improper influence from outside interests. What a great idea for having a transparent, fair judicial system. It's a ...
davidseth 02/05/2011 22 12 1 146
Four Haiku For Egypt
Defy the curfew, Demand real democracy. I support your dream. Solidarity, Non-violence will prevail. I stand with Egypt. Do not be afraid, I can still hear your voices. I link arms ...
davidseth 01/31/2011 10 11 - 272
Egypt Explodes; US Video Media Gape
For the past five days, Egyptians have been in the streets protesting , calling for President Mubarak, who has ...
davidseth 01/29/2011 36 45 - 139
Here Comes GMO Everything
Yesterday Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced that he would approve unrestricted commercial cultivation of GMO alfalfa. Vilsack pulled back from a "compromise" he had previously proposed, and he's now ...
davidseth 01/28/2011 41 22 - 66
For Dr. King
This diary is a re-publication of an essay from April, 2008 . It seems worth publishing again in honor of Dr. King. ...
davidseth 01/16/2011 4 6 - 86
Sarah P's Victim Game Jumps The Shark
Oh spare me. A Jewish congresswoman gets shot in Arizona. Various talking heads wonder aloud whether the level of talk of violence in current US politics, particularly on the right, might have ...
davidseth 01/12/2011 21 18 - 60
After The Shooting The Shadow
I woke up this morning with a profound sadness. The worst part of yesterday's shootings seems to me to be the death of the 9-year old girl. She was apparently at the Congresswoman's political ...
davidseth 01/09/2011 2 7 - 50
Banned Books: Editing Mark Twain
Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain's classic novel, was initially published in 1884 . And it has survived as an important book for ...
davidseth 01/04/2011 121 41 - 233
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