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Offensive wording on transpeople on dKos
There's currently a diary up on the proper accommodations to be providing to transpeople during incarceration. The author tries to be sensitive to the issue and succeeds pretty well (although he ...
demimondian 02/07/2014 22 9 - -
I don't believe in DINOs
There's a diary up right now which gripes that John Barrow is "a DINO". There's no such thing. I know, I know, there are Democrats who aren't good Democrats. Sometimes, in fact, there are ...
demimondian 11/12/2013 18 16 - -
Machiavelli was right
Today's my birthday! My Facebook friends and acquaintances have been filling my time lines with gleeful celebrations of the anniversary of my birth (at midnight, appropriately.) My colleagues at ...
demimondian 10/18/2013 3 3 - -
What's so bad about three months?
OK, OK, this will all be repeated in three months. OK, OK, we're going to have a couple of months of theatre about budget 'negotiations'. We might even get a consensus proposal out of the ...
demimondian 10/17/2013 2 1 - -
I'm against dumb wars
Almost 11 years ago, on October 2, 2002, an up-and-coming state Senator in Illinois gave a powerful and moving speech against the then-incipient Iraq war . Of course, that Senator was Barack Obama, ...
demimondian 08/31/2013 13 12 - -
The MSFT-NSA conspiracy theory
There's a diary on the front page today about a long-discredited theory about security vulnerabilities, the NSA, and Microsoft here . The short form of what I'm going to write is that the story it ...
demimondian 06/15/2013 40 12 1 -
This is not a TTFN -- I'm not going to "take a break for my sanity" or whatever other reasons folks have given -- but it is a "So Long For Lent". Lent starts tomorrow morning, and this year my ...
demimondian 02/12/2013 6 5 - -
After the Filibuster fight -- one man one vote
The Republicans in Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are (or maybe are not -- Virginia seems to be bucking the trend) about to launch one of the most undemocratic gambits in many generations. By ...
demimondian 01/25/2013 3 1 - -
Consensual fantasy
No, no, no. Not *THAT* kind of consensual fantasy. I'm talking about government, money, and democracy, not about sex. I have been thinking a lot about the Platinum coin option, and I think that I ...
demimondian 01/14/2013 3 - - -
What do you mean, nothing?
Look, I don't like tonight's deal. It's...bad. But let's not forget what else the sequester cut. It didn't just cut defense spending. It cut virtually all "discretionary domestic spending". It ...
demimondian 12/31/2012 29 4 - -
Why we should love the filibuster
You'd think, given all the hoorah about filibuster reform on the front page, that we hate the filibuster. Actually, of course, we love it, and will continue to love it until at least January 1st -- ...
demimondian 11/16/2012 27 1 - -
How 2012 is unlike 2004
The new emerging pundit story seems to be that 2012 is like 2004, and, as a result, Democrats had better watch out. The parallels are pretty clear. In 2004, the Democratic candidate for President ...
demimondian 11/11/2012 11 5 - -
Do you know what evisceration looks like?
No, seriously. Do you know what it looks like? If you do, I'm sorry. If you don't -- I won't describe it to you. I recommend you keep it that way; evisceration is one of the few worst ways to die,
demimondian 10/22/2012 18 4 - -
Shoot! Mitt, ya got me. Ya figgerd me out
Well, darned if Mittens didn't figger me out. Ya see, like Mitt said, I'm one of them welfare-mooching, subsidy-grubbing, fully-subsidized Obama voters . Except, gosh, there one thing I don't ...
demimondian 09/17/2012 9 11 1 70
Obama's gonna win this! What do we do now?!?
At this point, it's hard to find a route for Romney to be competitive in the next nine weeks. It's not *impossible* that he can take this in the end, but it's very, very unlikely. Awesome. You ...
demimondian 09/13/2012 16 3 - 138
It aint so, Joe
The frequently (and often justly) maligned Joe Klein has done it again. He written something in Time magazine which he ought to regret -- although, of course, he never will. He's written a piece ...
demimondian 09/02/2012 10 13 - 218
dKos ads from hate groups?
Recently, I've seen a spate of "Obama grants Amnesty" ads show up on daily Kos. My response has been to shrug and laugh, saying "Well, that's a wasted impression, and someday I'll get around to ...
demimondian 08/10/2012 16 1 - 130
Leave the statue up
I keep hearing that Penn State should tear down the Joe Paterno statue. I disagree -- it's a piece of Penn State history, and Penn State should not be forced to bury that history. An artist worked ...
demimondian 07/17/2012 34 1 - 166
Greece, Germany, the EU, Wyoming and Red Counties
OK, I'm fed up with this. There's yet another front page diary pointing out that a Red State or county is a net money sink. (In this case, it's Wyoming, but that's kind of irrelevant. I've ...
demimondian 02/27/2012 25 3 - 80
There will be no Republican White Knight
It seems like everyone here is busily arguing about whether there will be a Republican White Knight if Santorum wins Michigan on Tuesday or wins a majority of the delegates on Super Tuesday, March 6.
demimondian 02/25/2012 19 5 - 169
Seriously, Luntz, couldn't you pick a new dog whistle?
So, Frank Luntz amused us all by telling funny jokes: He joked a bit to warm up the room. [...] "I actually have a 'Run, Barack, Run,' bumper-sticker but I put it on the front of my car," he ...
demimondian 02/21/2012 2 2 - 71
I really am one of the 1%
Sarahproudandtall has a snarky (and very funny) diary up this morning about being a member of the Hated One Percent. It's not meant to be a factual statement, I know, but...well, you see, I am a ...
demimondian 10/08/2011 173 474 13 2385
Take that!
One of the things which I find repulsive are the "press shield" laws which provide protection to 'official' members of the press while claiming that the plebes in their pajamas have no such ...
demimondian 08/29/2011 2 1 - 24
Everybody's favorite misstatement...
There's an important diary up on the rec list right now. I won't point to it, so as not to write a call-out, but it's by someone whose nick refers to the non-existence of eating utensils, and ...
demimondian 02/07/2011 9 5 - 105
Thank you, Sen. Brown (MA)
During the great long healthcare debate, everyone kept asking why the Dems didn't use cloture, even though they could, in principle, win one. Now, when they can not, in principle, win a cloture ...
demimondian 04/22/2010 8 6 - 39
Why we should primary Blanche Lincoln
Let's get something straight right away: Bill Halter, decent fellow that he may be, is not going to win in November. The only Democrat in Arkansas who could possibly hold that seat for us it is ...
demimondian 03/02/2010 21 2 - 25
Fixing the filibuster (5 of 2)
[T]here is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong -- H. L. Mencken I've been trying to convince people that the filibuster must be fixed ...
demimondian 01/24/2010 3 2 - 20
Getting around the Senate rules
I've posted a couple of previous diaries about the Senate rules in the last few days. In the first one , I ...
demimondian 01/15/2010 16 6 - 12
What the rules say.
One of the associate editors has a post on the front page today in which he talks about Reid [doing something at] "the beginning of the next session of Congress when the Senate adopts its new rules".
demimondian 01/12/2010 6 3 - 25
Fixing the filibuster
During the most heated part of the dKos pie fight debate over the Senate HCR bill, I promised someone that I'd write a diary about "fixing" the filibuster, provided that he or she ...
demimondian 01/11/2010 15 11 - 184
"Art therapy" and right wing frames
I wish people would stop making "art therapy" jokes about the leaders of Al Qaeda in Yemen. Yes, they were released to inadequate supervision, and that shouldn't have happened. The problems with ...
demimondian 12/30/2009 7 9 - 16
What now?
OK, the battle is over. We *didn't* get a public option, and we're going to be stuck with a hideous abortion amendment. We *did* get a much better bill than we would have if we hadn't been willing ...
demimondian 12/19/2009 20 - - 10
A conflict
I supported Clinton in the primaries until it became clear that she could not run a campaign. Then, I moved to the candidate who I felt was best able to run a campaign, and, I hoped, the White House:
demimondian 12/14/2009 5 - - 16
The most vulnerable Representatives in the House
Two things struck me as I was looking as the Washington Post's summary of the vote last ...
demimondian 11/08/2009 25 3 - 31
Why I fight for health care...
Today, I got an email which reminds me why I fight for health care for all. It was sent out by the Lake Washington Youth Soccer League as an email blast entitled "Midnight Maddyness - Opportunity ...
demimondian 10/06/2009 3 1 - 14
A dirty story about our rocky times.
You've seen them before -- they have the sign which says "God Bless. Every little bit helps." There are more of them in my neighborhood every day. Today I saw one which perfectly captured the ...
demimondian 09/08/2009 8 6 - 1
I wish -- but I know better
From his dairies, I get the impression that DarkSyde and I are roughly of an age. Like him, I had the requisite Estes D-based model rockets. I had the hand assembled, scale-model Saturn V; Saturn I-
demimondian 01/18/2009 4 - - -
WA-08: An open letter to Stephanie Condon
I live in Washington's First Congressional district, about four hundred yards north of the boundary with the Eighth Congressional district. (In fact, my state legislative district has two half-...
demimondian 10/27/2008 4 2 - 23
My friends hang out with a subversive
I'm calling out rb608 for his wonderful diary here . His friends hang out with (fictional) drug dealers. He's got nuttin.
demimondian 10/11/2008 4 4 - -
Universal healthcare: saving cents makes sense
We're going to lose the argument for universal health care coverage until we stop ceding our best ground to our opponents. There's a simple, straightforward, reason that UHC makes sense -- it saves ...
demimondian 02/03/2008 4 - - -
Politics and first love
Those of you who have had a short first love and then started another courtship will know the odd feeling of falling in love a second time. There's something...missing. It's not the passion, or ...
demimondian 01/21/2008 5 1 - -
Why I am not a progressive
If you looked at my positions on the issues, you'd probably call me a progressive. I've worked for years for gay rights and womens rights, even when that work was unpopular, at least in the case of ...
demimondian 01/20/2008 43 2 - 1
Your turn, Senators Biden, Dodd, and Obama
It turns out the Hillary had already done what I'd asked her to do...last month. According to TPM, she submitted a bill which would ban ...
demimondian 01/15/2008 26 2 - -
Okay, Hillary...
I've supported Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Democratic nomination, despite her votes on the 2003 AUMF and the recent vote on the status of Iran. With the newest step by the Bush administration, ...
demimondian 01/13/2008 18 7 1 1
Burning the Constitution
demimondian 05/27/2005 12 - - -
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