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Dems, Don't tell me to 'Remember 2010 and GOTV' when 2014 rolls around
I'm telling you NOW, YOU better remember 2010. And you better start remembering right now. Seriously, what? You think we just forgot to vote that year or something? Newsflash, that wasn't it. ...
dennis1958 11/10/2012 82 25 - -
Don't try to pull that crap in Minnesota
Or you'll get fired! The Republican/Tea Party wingnuts won majorities in the state House and Senate in 2010. (thanks alot 'stay at home' non-voters). But when thier campaign of jobs, jobs, jobs ...
dennis1958 11/07/2012 98 279 1 -
Sunday Morning Campaign calls MN
In all my years I've never been polled, had an elective candidate at my door or had a campaign contact me, by phone, at home. Until this year that is. First Phyllis Kahn shows up at my apartment ...
dennis1958 11/04/2012 6 2 - -
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