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Just asked my Congressman a question, and the answer was hilarious!
I called my Congresscritter's office just a few moments ago. I asked the very nice man who answered the following question: "I have a publication deadline next week, and I want to you if you think ...
deosullivan3 02/20/2013 114 474 1 -
Erick Erickson tries to turn down the crazy ... and fails
I look in on every few days, especially on politically auspicious days like today, and so after the inauguration, I clicked over there and see what was going on. Erick Erickson writes, "
deosullivan3 01/21/2013 182 261 2 -
Interpreting the sixth amendment as the NRA reads the second
As the NRA and its ghoulish leaders push for a continued extreme and radical interpretation of the second amendment, some people have looked at how such an interpretation might work out in the first ...
deosullivan3 01/15/2013 8 2 - -
Factless Facebook Posts
Why do people think that if something is written, it must be true? This happens especially on Facebook where people find a piece of text or a photo that aligns with their preconceived notions and ...
deosullivan3 01/15/2013 8 2 - -
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