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HRC Goes OWS? 1% Requires Toppling
Well kiss my grits, the HRC for President Campaign REALLY goes populist, with HRC even reportedly calling for the 'toppling' of the 1%!
divineorder 04/23/2015 39 19 1 -
Dems Stop Fast Track in the House ?
For those who want Congress to have more input from constituents on TPP and TTIP there's still time to stop TPP Fast Track Authority in the House!
divineorder 04/23/2015 28 18 - -
Saudis Ending Yemen Bombing Fail
Hey, let's go bomb somebody! Then lets go invade on the ground! Middle East Saudis Announce Halt to Yemen Bombing Campaign By RICK GLADSTONEAPRIL 21, 2015 Civil war. Religious War. GWOT. ...
divineorder 04/21/2015 11 21 - -
TPP: The Fight Against another Bipartisan Fail
The Wall Street Journal is all excited about the latest deal between some Corpadems and Repubs in the Senate: The Wall Street Journal A Lift for Free Trade The Hatch-Wyden ...
divineorder 04/16/2015 24 33 1 -
Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow, Democratic Party Pls Watch
Rachel Maddow had Elizabeth Warren on last night for a great segment where EW talks about issues that should be front and center in campaigns going forward. Warren was clearly a Democratic Party ...
divineorder 04/01/2015 8 18 - -
Clinton on show, 'I'm Not Running For President.' /s
Many times. My apologies for the snarky title. But yes, HRC said she was not running! 'No, I am not running, need time away.' ' Not going to run. ' Remember those times? Lost count of how ...
divineorder 03/31/2015 31 5 - -
The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement: Sherrod Brown Speaks
The fugging Republicans are after granny again, and also her grandson who is profoundly disabled. And they are also after you and me, and anyone who makes less money than their benefactors. You ...
divineorder 01/10/2015 7 33 1 -
Obama Pushes Cromnibus, Hides Blank Check For Wars
Veto veto veto! The Cromnibus sucks in so many ways. To say there are some good things in it as a way to justify it is the height of silliness. Cuts pensions, Pell Grants, allows more money into ...
divineorder 12/12/2014 33 32 1 -
Overseas Frins, Why My Pres Won't Prosecute Torture
Somebody help me here with what should be done as we revisit the horrors brought to light in the release of the Senate torture report. People were hired to force things up people's rectums in order ...
divineorder 12/10/2014 33 18 - -
Go Campus Walkouts 1p EST, #handsupwalkout #Ferguson
#ShutItDown For Mike Brown: Demonstrators in more than 170 U.S. cities stop traffic as they protest. and its not over. #HandsUpWalkOut FB page Monday: Mass Walkout #HandsUpWalkOut We are ...
divineorder 12/01/2014 4 22 - -
LATimes: FBI Crackdown on Ferguson PD Probable
Credit: Lawyers for Michael Brown's family condemn the handling of the grand jury case in the shooting death of the 18-year-old, ...
divineorder 11/27/2014 75 168 2 -
NYTimes: Hagel "Removed" From DOD
That was how the writer from the New York times described it. Of course he will stay around until a replacement is confirmed. Have been frustrated for years at Dem Presidents who appoint Republicans,
divineorder 11/24/2014 37 21 - -
CitizenFour : Drama in Real Life
Remember Readers Digest back in the day? It had a section called 'Drama in Real Life.' This comes to mind when I think back about going to see CitizenFour this past Saturday. Turns out, the drama ...
divineorder 11/18/2014 19 17 1 -
Breaking: #Ferguson Protest Begins, Announces Targets
LOL, saw diaries on the rec list and FP, and no, its not funny, it's sickening-- the Governor has pre-declared a state of emergency in MO. 'There's something happening here, what it is, ain't ...
divineorder 11/17/2014 154 92 - -
AG Holder Under Cloud on Bank Deals
After the stunning release on Net Neutrality I am waiting for the next Mohammed Ali move by the President which will prove we dfhers wrong about his close in work with Republicans, and their ...
divineorder 11/11/2014 15 24 - -
Will DOJ Convict Jamie Dimon Et Al ?
One of the hottest stories to come out since the election is by Matt Taibbi and appeared in Rolling Stone: The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare Read more: http://www....
divineorder 11/09/2014 20 13 - -
MIA on Rec List -Hey Kos, what happened to my friggin' diary?
Hahaha its Saturday night! Yes! How are you and yours? How's the weather? What's cookin', what r u listening to or watching? Nice fall day in Santa Fe, NM today, but going to get chilly tonight.
divineorder 11/08/2014 23 11 - -
Updated: "9 Billion Dollar Witness" Comes Out re: JP Morgan Chase, DOJ, WH
Bankster News I got excited the other day when I read that finally some of those responsible for the financial crisis might be brought to justice. Now that the election is over, surely we will ...
divineorder 11/07/2014 134 187 7 -
Grimes Jumps McConnell: Blue Grass Poll 46 to 44, Young voters 66 to 30 % ???
Here's the link: Grimes surges ahead of McConnell in poll James R. Carroll, 10:45 a.m. EDT October 10, 2014 New poll shows Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell trailing ...
divineorder 10/16/2014 24 14 1 -
Ebola: UN Ban Ki-moon calls for 20X Action
The Wildlife Camp , Zambia, August 2014 by divineorder Our two and a half months camping in three countries in southern Africa recently was awesome as usual. We had amazing wildlife ...
divineorder 10/09/2014 13 13 - -
Austin Alamo Drfthse to Repub: "‘We’ll kick your ass out’"
Before we retired from teaching HS my wife kossack jakkalbessie and I spent most of our entire working life in Austin, TX. We traveled to 40 countries over the years but were always happy to come ...
divineorder 10/06/2014 8 26 1 -
Beheading in Oklahoma, Fox News Will Say What?
The coverage of beheadings of journalists and others in the Middle East have been in the news, and have been used to drum up support for war. A beheading (murder by any other name) is being ...
divineorder 09/26/2014 28 15 - -
Climate Marcher Sanders: Democratic Party or Third Party?
United States Senator Bernie Sanders was in NY recently, somewhere down there among the hundreds of thousands marching for change. Democracy Now Stunning action and scenery, as well as very ...
divineorder 09/26/2014 39 24 - -
US Bombing Kills Children, Should Be Opposed
Civilian casualties from illegal US bombing are growing in Syria including four children in one family. The 'shock and awe' spinning of US into war needs to be countered.
divineorder 09/25/2014 90 31 - -
Wall Street Flooded! #floodwallstreet
Thousands of activists gathered in NYC for the People's Climate March flooded onto Wall Street today, blocking streets and taking other actions which coincided with NY Mayor ordering arrests. ...
divineorder 09/22/2014 80 127 1 -
Updated: Greatest Military Loses Afghan Soldiers - in U.S
In Austin this AM after camping in Africa then stopovers in Europe and my brother has on ABC network 'news.' Fear fear fear ISIL fear fear. What a fucking propaganda mill. Then a report on three ...
divineorder 09/22/2014 36 7 - -
Hope! US Military to Lead US Ebola Efforts
We were recently in southern Africa camping for a couple of months and while we were there we saw posters at the Malawi/Zambia border warning of a new outbreak of Ebola on the continent. Now in ...
divineorder 09/16/2014 39 24 - -
America's Biggest Welfare Recipient?
I have come a long way on my position on US foreign aid, both military and humanitarian, from thinking we should give much more to skepticism of how Congress has been loading US aid down with ...
divineorder 09/16/2014 14 18 - -
HT to Alan Grayson: Jail Time Possible for 'Too Big to Jail' ?
After been stunned reading about the Federal Reserve regs that might lead to asset-stripping of local governments I was very glad to read come potentially awesome good news. H/T to Alan Grayson FB ...
divineorder 09/09/2014 16 32 4 -
Fed Makes Way For 'Detroitization' of Cities, States?
We are on a bucket list stopover on Santorini, in the country that has suffered so much under austerity measures. Hiking around up on the crater rim villages I will occasionally remember the images ...
divineorder 09/09/2014 18 18 2 -
Obama's 'Bait and Switch'
I taught in an inner city HS in Austin where immigrant children from a number of countries south of the US order took ESL classes but also had to perform on the same standardized tests that students ...
divineorder 09/07/2014 64 13 - -
Holy Fishgrease! BP Ruled 'Grossly Negligent' in Gulf Spill
Well son of a gun! Finally. One of largest human caused disasters of recent memory was of course the oil spill tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. Great to finally see a court decide on this! ...
divineorder 09/04/2014 48 64 1 -
Dead in the street 4 hrs: Indictment of Us All?
RIP, Michael Brown. Those of us left behind mourn your passing today, and mourn as well what the circumstances of that passing shows about our society. Will the person who caused your early death ...
divineorder 08/25/2014 23 13 - -
Video for Thought : "Am I Next" Teenager Experiencing Ferguson
HT to Occupy Sandy on Facebook. Credit: + See all Transient Pictures’s videos / Recently viewed / ...
divineorder 08/19/2014 3 9 - -
Updated w pics-- An Amnesty Int US First: Team to Ferguson, MO
Hello from Venice, Italy ! Yesterday spent a long day walking, gawking and photographing yesterday so having a lazy morning this am. Saw this and thought you might be interested.... From my ...
divineorder 08/18/2014 22 28 2 -
Elizabeth Warren: Jamie Dimon Got A Raise -- 74%
One of the most sickening things I have read today is that a [former?] friend of the Whitehouse, Jamie Dimon, just got a huge raise. 74%! 'Now wait a minute here,' I thought to myself, 'why didn'...
divineorder 01/25/2014 46 60 3 -
OMG Romney Says Christie Doing Good Job, Time to #OccupySandygate!
Mitt who? Credit: Had hoped he would stay out of the limelight, maybe stay out of the news forever, you know, stay home keeping his car elevator ...
divineorder 01/18/2014 43 32 - -
Alan Grayson: " The Big Brother is Not Watching You Act, HR 3883"
Hahahahaha, oh yes, this is what we need, a legislative proposal to reign in the NSA! Just in, from the "Congressman with Guts" FB page: Alan Grayson I have introduced the The Big Brother ...
divineorder 01/18/2014 26 29 - -
War Profiteers have a sad, Buck McKeon Retiring! Progressive Running!
Out here this on the Navajo Code Talkers Hwy. , Jakkalbessie driving and I'm surfing. Surely will lose signal soon but who knows? ...
divineorder 01/17/2014 16 21 1 -
AFL-CIO : Fast track ? No Me Gusta
A 'fast track' through Congress for the Trans Pacific Partnership proposals ? Meh. More pollution? More outsourcing? Less Democracy? Fewer worker protections? Less quality control ...
divineorder 01/16/2014 16 14 3 -
Obama Admin's Fcked Up Domestic Drone Fail
Speechless after reading this: AlterNet / By Aaron Cantú Unprecedented: ...
divineorder 01/16/2014 21 8 - -
OMG NSA Spying on Offline Computers
Bad news headlines for you netrooters including the one about U.S. appeals court kills net neutrality . But I don't know which is worse, that one, ...
divineorder 01/15/2014 41 22 3 -
Breaking : Bipartisan Senate/House Fail Or Win? You Decide
Just announced this am: Winners and losers in Congress' $1 trillion spending deal By Lisa Desjardins, CNN updated 11:13 AM EST, Tue January 14, 2014
divineorder 01/14/2014 8 6 - -
Two Seats from Disaster in New Mexico
Rare Santa River Flowing Under Ice. Water is precious to some in New Mexico, others, not so much. Photo by divineorder Dem Governor Bill Richardson being replaced by a Republican has been an ...
divineorder 01/13/2014 14 24 1 -
The Grand Bargain President
WTF? Correct me if I am wrong, but the President made a major speech on inequality last year, right? Then what in the h*ll is this all about? White House offers 'grand bargain' on tax cuts and ...
divineorder 01/06/2014 186 79 1 -
Reid Says Senate Vote But Will WE Help the Unemployed ?
Millions of jobless family members have had less than an optimum Christmas thanks to the bipartisan Budget that passed recently without extending Unemployment Ins for. Great to learn in email this ...
divineorder 01/03/2014 14 18 - -
Selling Pot To Holder -- CO Begins Today
First headline I read in the new year, from The New York Times Colorado Stores Throw Open Their Doors to Pot Buyers By JACK HEALY Published: January 1, 2014 DENVER — Colorado embarked ...
divineorder 01/01/2014 138 61 - -
Kicking Back at Kochs et al Over Keystone XL
Ho ho ho Happy Holidays ! How's the weather where you are ? Its another beautiful sunny winter day here in Santa Fe, NM , hard to believe we are on a highway to hell via climate change. ...
divineorder 12/23/2013 18 17 - -
Updated: Tell Dems in Senate: Budget Deal "Makes Absolutely No Sense"
Enjoying that suck yet? Throw veterans under the bus ? Embrace it ! Use a not a done deal second shutdown as cover for a corpadem austerity budget that still leaves the sequester place for the ...
divineorder 12/16/2013 23 25 2 -
Bill McKibben's Basement of Hate and Love
Bill Mckibben is a humble guy, but don't let that mild demeanor fool you. The founder of is also kossack, and his work to marshall action on climate change is by now legendary. We once ...
divineorder 12/12/2013 12 16 - -
Breaking : Budget Deal -We won, Social Security safe.. for now
Bernie Sanders was interviewed tonight and celebrated the huge effort behind keeping Social Security from being cut in the current budget deal. Sanders acknowledged the huge rally effort against ...
divineorder 12/10/2013 141 58 - -
How Obama Lets ACA Become Single Payer
I don't know about you but I am fighting Republican fail by posting good news about ACA on my FB page. The d*cks will never quit, nor should we. However, at the same time I continue to post about ...
divineorder 12/10/2013 21 16 1 -
Spoiler Alert: Cantor, Dems Amend On Iran Action?
Spoiler alert for those who prefer diplomacy/trust verify over bomb bomb bomb Iran. Okay, Cantor crazy we expect, but can we please fight back the Dems who sign on to this? Will post more info in ...
divineorder 12/10/2013 10 8 - -
Lawmakers Pledge Allegiance to ALEC
WTF? Did you see this? Tell State Sen. Jim Smith: Resign as chair of ALEC in Nebraska. Dear [____] As you may have seen this week, The Guardian newspaper published internal documents ...
divineorder 12/07/2013 2 12 - -
The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement: Sue the State of Illinois Edition
Just in, State of Illinois has passed pension 'reform' bill. ANALYSIS: Liars and thieves vote for 'pension reform'... State pension hopes now rest with lawsuit on constitutionality of what the ...
divineorder 12/05/2013 12 12 - -
PBO Inequality Speech Great? Now Action!
My first clue yesterday that the President was about to give an important speech on the Economy was from Robert Reich's Facebook page post that appear in my news stream. Robert Reich, what a ...
divineorder 12/05/2013 14 7 - -
Going Hungry For The Holidays ? SNAP !
Yesterday as was researching for the rec listed diary Hey kos, Afghanistan 2014 Promise? I was sickened to revisit all the waste that has gone on in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade. ...
divineorder 12/04/2013 9 18 - -
Hey kos, Afghanistan 2014 Promise?
Wow, what a day, kos on the front page THREE times giving them what for. Now we're talking! Okay, okay, what do I know, was out of the country tent camping in African bush doing wildlife ...
divineorder 12/03/2013 118 84 - -
CIA Fesses Up On Area 51 (with poll)
AREA 51 IS FOR THE REALS !!!!!! Finally, here's one conspiracy theory that may just finally be put to rest ! Not snark. (Well, mebbe just a little. ) They did it!!!!
divineorder 08/16/2013 33 11 - -
Update #2 -- Wherein Walmart Shoots Self In Foot
Hahahahahaha. Finally, they may be getting their just deserts. Short post, packing for a long trip to Africa, bought some things in preparation and proud to say did NOT shop at Walmart for them.
divineorder 08/15/2013 212 258 6 -
Raiders of Your Lost Retirement #7 - Birthday Edition
Whether you are retired, retiring or just 'wishing-like-hell-you-could-retire,' this diary is for you. This is the 7th installment of my occasional series. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Birthday,
divineorder 08/14/2013 14 19 - -
Obama's Domestic Drones Run by General
In the 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' column.... The revelations this week that DEA has been getting intel from the NSA with the understanding that DEA would have to hide the source was much on my ...
divineorder 08/07/2013 21 25 - -
Updated~ AFL-CIO: President 'Lost in The Amazon'
Well, you know, not really THE Amazon, but . When I read that the President made one his speeches at that Republican bastion Amazon I was all 'WTF!!!!" . Apparently I was not alone. ...
divineorder 08/01/2013 32 24 - -
Beautiful Day, Single Payer on ballot in NY !!!!
Hello from beautiful Grand Teton National Park! You may now be wondering why I am writing a diary instead of, say, out kayaking the Oxbow and looking for moose and otter? Well we stopped for ...
divineorder 06/22/2013 13 6 - -
It's Official Bush Tortured, And Real Americans Don't Give Bushco A Free Pass
Credit: Have you seen this ? ...
divineorder 04/18/2013 9 22 - -
Feds Arrest Obama Ricin Letter Suspect
Good news, and of course the hope that suspect will be treated well and fairly! US News On NBC (thanks Olinda) , video at the link Feds arrest suspect in ricin-positive letters sent to Obama, ...
divineorder 04/17/2013 84 33 - -
Chained CPI Is Fraud, Need Constant COLA
Constant COLA could contribute to turning our economy around and maybe save our Democratic Brand. See the Democratic Party brand is now at risk, or had you not heard? Well here's Rachel !!!!
divineorder 04/17/2013 39 17 - -
Updated :Arrest Made Suspect in Boston ! "Source" ; Police say no.
Update , HT to ericlewis0 in comments (CNN) -- [Breaking news update at 1:47 p.m. Wednesday ] An arrest has been made in the Boston bombings investigation based on two videos showing images of the ...
divineorder 04/17/2013 37 16 - -
Breaking! Efforts Today To Rah Rah Dem Caucus For Chained CPI Fall Flat
One might think that the Chained CPI was one of the greatest ideas since the invention of sliced bread if one avoided critical sources. But some in Congress are not buying what the Pres is selling, ...
divineorder 04/16/2013 162 259 6 -
Updated: JFK Explosion Not Related To Marathon v Boston Police Commish?
Media has a tough job after disasters like this. Earlier, Meteor Blades who has a long background in reporting had this important caveat to share: Now is a good time to remember that... (55+ / 0-)
divineorder 04/15/2013 22 9 - -
#madashellseniors AARP Tool For Fighting Chained CPI
Many here, and not only seniors, are angry about Chained CPI. According to one poster on DailyKos this morning commented: Based on the ANGRY callers I'm dealing with at Social Security's 800 number,
divineorder 04/14/2013 47 50 2 -
Obama, WTF? Game Changing Attacks on Medicare
I've been gone for a while, traveling and also to take some time away from the world and its problems, lighten up, have a little fun. Started lurking a week or so ago after reading about sequester ...
divineorder 04/12/2013 27 34 1 -
In Santa Fe NM, City Gun Buy Success
While we wait for the President's proposals to work there way through Congress, it great to see local areas taking action on their own. We live part of the year in Santa Fe and though we are not ...
divineorder 01/17/2013 11 14 - -
HR 261 - Public Option Back On The Table !!!!
We are packed for Costa Rica with our free air miles tickets in our hot little hands, and now in Austin for some health stuff before we go. Even with the return to beautiful CR to look forward to I ...
divineorder 01/17/2013 24 39 - -
Salon [re CPI]: "...outraged progressives are organizing in advance "
Sunny day here, need to be out exercising. Have been reading the posts on Chained CPI will he won't , its not that bad, cutting granny instead of War Profitters is effed up..... Where Are Unions ...
divineorder 01/13/2013 143 147 2 -
Updated: President Says No Platinum Coin
Packing for Costa Rica tonight, and my wife keeps telling me that if I would stay away from the computer I would already be finished. After reading various takes on it at dkos, had really hoped ...
divineorder 01/12/2013 187 62 1 -
Reining in the President on Drones; Ed Schulz
We are back at our old antique camp house in the Texas Hill Country. We had a great day , rode our bikes for exercise and enjoyed the scenery of this historic old county seat town. Had to lol at ...
divineorder 01/11/2013 20 17 - -
Occupy Sandy Needs You. Still.
Remember when that huge @ss storm hit a huge area of the East Coast and spread mayhem and disaster? Guess what. All is not miraculously well there it seems, even though it has dropped off ...
divineorder 01/07/2013 3 29 - -
Friday Night Wildlife Whoopee
With so much to lose from climate change, just have to do something. Friday night, so opting for something not too heavy. How about celebrating some of your best times in nature or some wildlife ...
divineorder 01/04/2013 27 21 1 -
Obama's 'Kill List' Policy Stays Secret-- For Now
Recently, from Common Dreams Obama 'Kill List,' Targeted Killings to Remain in the Shadows, Court RulesFederal court rejects Freedom Of Information request - Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer But ...
divineorder 01/02/2013 9 15 1 -
The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement #7: 'The "Atrocius" Fiscal Fail,Protecting Entitlements, #OWS
The Shock Doctrine style dog and pony mini-series we just witnessed in D.C., quite probably choreographed by our recently our recently re-elected President and his neo lib advisor...and whose cast ...
divineorder 01/02/2013 11 12 - -
Updated: CNN- Not over yet , House Repubs Mtg Again
Gah. Is it over, or is it not? WSJ which could be said to be the voice of the 1% just published this story -- that the House might come out with another deal with cuts to offer the Senate. ...
divineorder 01/01/2013 4 7 - -
kos: "What I want for New Years:"
Changed the title because the ref to the 1% and the 99% was apparently confusing to some. Also, Kos has weighed in on twitter. See update below. ----------------------------------------------- ...
divineorder 12/31/2012 50 13 1 -
CBS: "The White House and House Speaker John Boehner have traded a second round of proposals "
As slinkerink pointed out yesterday in her excellent post , lots of kabuki going on around the fiscal fail negotiations. I stand with many who have expressed anger at the negotiations going private,
divineorder 12/11/2012 26 23 - -
Sen. Coburn, R : ' $50-60 billion could be cut each year from the DoD budget'
Read it here everyday, something to the effect that ' you want to balance the budget cut defense spending.' Yeah. Right. What I'm talking about. But who in Congress is singing this sensible tune? ...
divineorder 12/06/2012 36 23 - -
Democracy for America Email: "Big Medicare Cuts On Table"
Was glad to see several rec list posts today supporting the idea that the President was standing strong against cuts to our safety net. OTOH was distressed to read a DFA fundraising email ...
divineorder 12/01/2012 27 14 - -
On The Lands of the Navajo, Ancient Ruins, and Our Civilization's Imminent Collapse
divineorder 11/29/2012 33 52 - -
Please Save Our National Parks from Fiscal Fail #Action
Wahweap Area, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, by divineorder Hello, kossacks!
divineorder 11/28/2012 20 28 - -
Forbes: "Is It Time To Divest From Exxon?"; + Tour Livestream Report
H/T to 350 New Mexico This cartoon for me says it all about our current inadequate action ...
divineorder 11/21/2012 22 26 1 -
Bush Crimes Back On The Table !!!!
Credit: Our society seems to have utterly failed to see to it that our leaders are held accountable. Witness Barack Obama, Nancy ...
divineorder 11/19/2012 41 34 1 -
Hahahahaha GOP Fail : " Most Voters Would Blame GOP if All Bush Tax Cuts Expire"
This is rich, FDL reporting on Americans for Tax Fairness poll in which a whopping 61% agree with the President's position on the cuts and would blame the frigging GOP for ending the Bush Tax Cuts!
divineorder 11/16/2012 8 22 - -
PBO Consoling Sandy Vics; In DC Plans to Cut Our Safety Net?
Great news that the President has not forgotten the people affected by Hurricane Sandy and is there visiting them today, while much of the media coverage had waned. Wonder if he will have time ...
divineorder 11/16/2012 12 7 - -
'The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement #6 -- "Bernie Sanders, Progressive Senators Pressure Obama.."
'The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement' #6 What a strange strange trip its been these last weeks for those of us who really want to see our safety net preserved and improved. After all Social ...
divineorder 11/15/2012 11 30 - -
'The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement' #5: Will PBO Bridle Trojan Horse? "Stop The Grand Swindle"
The last episode of 'The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement' celebrated yesterday's great news that PBO met with labor leaders and some progressive orgs and left them heartened about protecting Social ...
divineorder 11/14/2012 23 33 2 -
Obama May Be Planning on Accepting Raising of Medicare Costs to Seniors
Welcome news that PBO told Labor and leaders of progressive groups that social security was off the table which I diaried about earlier today. 'The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement' #4: Labor ...
divineorder 11/13/2012 99 30 1 -
'The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement' #4: Labor Leaders Say Assured By PBO, Still Taking Action
Whew, what a ride this election season was, steeped high with much fear and loathing about our Dem Party values ..... Look, even kos was worried about Social Security after the first debate: ...
divineorder 11/13/2012 20 22 - -
#OWS / Help Cold, Homeless in a Changed Climate
Tonight as we sit in our warm little place with the wind roaring outside and snow predicted I am thinking of all those affected by Sandy. Occupy Sandy Recovery Occupy Sandy is a coordinated ...
divineorder 11/10/2012 46 31 1 -
"Obamacare the law of the Land" --Finally, That's Great Boehner, 23 Million Still With No Coverage.
You SOB, finally you will let what you contributed to creating, a 'compromise' health insurance reform package that keeps Big Insurance in the driver's seat for our health care delivery. ...
divineorder 11/09/2012 9 8 - -
Obama 'surrogate' Orsag "Pimping Social Security cuts again"
When I first read this story on Alternet I thought I should post it, but hesitated since its so soon after the election etc etc -- not. You see my 82 year old mother depends on Social Security ...
divineorder 11/08/2012 55 24 - -
Scott Brown Concedes, Gets 1% Offers Out The Wazzoo So No Biggie
/snark, but probably not far from the truth. Guess he can get rid of the pickup now and accept the limo. Never have "you people" given money to so many that we could not even vote for : ...
divineorder 11/06/2012 1 2 - -
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