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I Don't Blame Thomas -- He Lies Openly
Look, I'm not a Constitutional Law Professor, I only play one on Monday nights at a local law school. And I don't pretend to have any kind of neutral, non-baised take on what happens in those ...
djayritt 06/25/2013 5 10 - -
Mitch McConnell Is Making The Case For The IRS
I've just finished reading (ok, by "reading" I mean listening on while my fat ass drags itself back and forth to my office on my heLAcious SoCal morning and evening commutes) Thomas Mann ...
djayritt 06/21/2013 40 55 - -
I Am So Lame
Like the World's Most Interesting Liberal Blogger, I don't often blog but when I do, I choose to blog at...Red Why, you ask, would I -- a Berkeley-educated, Reform Jew(ish)y/Agnostic ...
djayritt 04/18/2013 26 41 - -
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