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My thanks to the Vet's I have known
In light of this day, to remember the vets who are and did serve for this country I salute you. My eldest son, Army, still in. 2 tours Iraq, now helping them fall out of airplanes correctly. My dad,
doingbusinessas 11/11/2014 4 2 - -
From a recent conversation with Steve Seattle
Live behind what is the "downtown" part of (2+ / 0-) Columbia City, about where Tuta Bella pizza is. Carol Cobb's place got destroyed by a high speed driver last week, along with the Greek place. ...
doingbusinessas 09/06/2014 2 7 - -
Spotted this morning on my way to work
I observed a young Red Tailed Hawk in my neighborhood on my way to the Columbia City light rail station. It seemed in a bit if distress as it was attempting to maneuver between the houses and the ...
doingbusinessas 09/05/2014 10 1 1 -
Well my co-worker is taking some extra time. He did come in for awhile the past couple of days. He is in a deep funk or depression. I have told him to call me anytime to talk, I have a good ear ...
doingbusinessas 06/14/2014 3 2 - -
I need some prayerful assistance here!!
Well not only for me. But let me explain..... I have a co-worker who has been being abused by his wife. I know that this has been going on for some time. He came in this morning with cuts on the ...
doingbusinessas 06/10/2014 16 15 1 -
Does anyone know if Ericwis0 is ok?
Animal News has not been published yet? Eric are you ok? All of us here on DKos get worried when you are not posting AN? Are you getting ready for Passover/Easter/FSM Spring celebrations? DBA ...
doingbusinessas 04/12/2014 16 17 - -
RIP. Mickey Rooney, age 93
Reported in the Huffington Post: Mickey Rooney, died this evening. Star of Radio, stage, screen, TV. A wonderful talented actor and voice over for animation. He will be missed by all. RIP Mickey,
doingbusinessas 04/06/2014 32 23 - -
Update on Grandma...
As of last night here is what is going on: 1. Her grandson's quick action got her to the hospital within the "golden time". 2. She had multiple small strokes which shows in the MRI. 3. ...
doingbusinessas 02/14/2014 6 11 - -
A prayer for a young man and his grandmother...
His grandmother is the only relative he can trust. He has been living with her longer than we have been here in the PNW. He is the best friend of my oldest at home, I feel like a father at times ...
doingbusinessas 02/13/2014 15 12 - -
Candle lit for TestVet
Just to let everyone know, I have lit a candle in memory of TestVet. I have said a Mourners Kaddish for him. May the light of this candle show him the path to the other side. May his memory be ...
doingbusinessas 10/06/2013 4 6 - -
Republish - Forgiveness for the past year....
I posted this late last night... I don't think anyone saw it.... So I am reposting this again. Thanks, DBA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
doingbusinessas 09/12/2013 4 1 - -
Forgiveness for the past year....
Forgiveness - What is it? What does it mean? Who to? Why? These are questions we are Jews ponder between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
doingbusinessas 09/11/2013 1 - - -
I have landed on my Feet! New Job!
I haven't been on as much as have had. I am working a new job! More below the Orange Kos thingy...
doingbusinessas 07/17/2013 18 27 - -
Notice Today, No Contract in 4 weeks.
As many of you know, I am a contractor at a large employer in the Seattle area. Well today it was made official, my contract will end in mid-June without renewal. This announcement was made ...
doingbusinessas 05/13/2013 26 17 - -
Just got home from work...
and tonight I light up one of my big pillar candles for those who were injured in Boston and for those souls that were lost.
doingbusinessas 04/15/2013 1 1 - -
Cookie went over the bridge last night
Cookie, our last guinea pig, crossed over about 11 pm last night. The vet assisted us in our decision. He had a kidney/bladder/urethra stone, starting kidney failure, and starting pneumonia. The ...
doingbusinessas 03/24/2013 35 30 - -
Where were you 10 yrs ago today?
Since this is the 10th anniversary of the official start of the Iraq War (Shock and Awe), where were you, or what were you doing that fateful day?
doingbusinessas 03/19/2013 29 8 - -
Still lighting candles for GMB02
Commonmass, I am still lighting a candle for GMB02 for his recovery. Please let us know what is happening. We Kossacks do care about you two. Remember we are all family here.
doingbusinessas 01/26/2013 123 190 1 -
In loss of another pet, Fredrick
He was Fred to the family. A wire hair, fritz, sworely dark brown guinea pig. Looking in his face we saw the resemblance to Pres Martin Van Buren with the large fuzzy sideburns. He was about ...
doingbusinessas 12/15/2012 13 24 - -
I gotta get this off my chest...
I just got informed by my employer we got bought out last September... Very quietly, we as employees were not informed.. It was told to us last week. Now we just got informed we have a week ...
doingbusinessas 11/30/2012 32 28 - -
Rosh Hashanna
Welcome to Rosh Hashanna... The start of the Jewish New Year. As we start to reflect on what we have done in the past year to others in our lives, many begin the process of asking for forgiveness ...
doingbusinessas 09/16/2012 5 3 - 53
North West Passage almost clear
I have been following the melt map for the past month since it was initially posted by FishOutOfWater.. Here is the current link: Daily ...
doingbusinessas 08/03/2012 13 7 1 172
2000 in Afganistan, isn't it time to come home yet?
Just reported in the HuffPo: Afghanistan War Death Toll: Operation Enduring Freedom Hits 2,000 U.S. ...
doingbusinessas 06/14/2012 11 8 - 44
Volunteering at the Washington State Democratic Convention - Day 2
Day 2 for me... The schedule of the day: two major events. 1. Pick the delegates to fill the 40 or so at large seats for the national election. 2. Pick the comittee members. My job for today, ...
doingbusinessas 06/03/2012 1 2 - 15
Washington State Convention...
Here I am a volunteer helping out. 6 am: Arrive on time with 10 other people. All different ages. All eager to help. 6:15 am: Start the day by setting up the county id poles. Heavy metal plates ...
doingbusinessas 06/02/2012 5 7 - 41
Against Bullying...
I just got a post on Facebook from a friend: The boy you punched in the hall today - Committed suicide a few minutes ago That girl you called a slut in class today - She's a virgin That boy you ...
doingbusinessas 03/10/2012 26 17 - 163
Happy Purim...
For all of us who are Jewish or any part thereof... I wish you all a Happy Purim (which started last night with the reading of the Book of Esther). I know this is short, but my time today is short.
doingbusinessas 03/08/2012 11 5 - 44
NJ: Disabled Girl Denied Kidney
I got this thru the Seattle PI:
doingbusinessas 01/18/2012 12 2 - 182
Just got a phone call...
My kids are home, I am working from home today. The youngest picks up the ringing phone - "Dad, Dad, phone".
doingbusinessas 12/30/2011 14 8 - 191
I'm a voter...
Are you? I sent in my ballot nearly 2 weeks ago, have you sent yours in? A lot of people feel so blah about voting, nothing ever happens when they vote, it's the wrong issue, nothing is ever fixed,
doingbusinessas 11/08/2011 1 3 - 18
Does anyone know how testvet6778 is Doing?
I have been sending good intentions to the universe for him as he is having heart surgery today... Does anyone know how he is doing? Has anyone contacted Ms. Testvet? Just wanting to know...
doingbusinessas 09/14/2011 12 21 - 140
Updated II: News Just in... Steve Jobs leaves Apple
From MSNBC via news headline push, Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. No other information is available at this time. I will update this as soon as more info is ...
doingbusinessas 08/24/2011 32 13 - 314
The after party of the life of exmearden
I as a rule don't go into churches, being Jewish and all.... So I didn't attend the memorial service. So I went to the life party for Kris. I met her daughters (and friend), Meteor Blades, N in ...
doingbusinessas 05/21/2011 17 54 - 281
Who has info on getting parts for a telecope
I have always dreamed of building my own telescope. I was in a astronomy club out by Randolph AFB back in the mid-80's and we went out on a couple of star parties. Half of the group had built ...
doingbusinessas 02/15/2011 7 2 1 48
Yom Kippur, time for internal/external reflections
If there is anyone I offended this past year, I ask for forgiveness. The Jewish year 5770 has passed, now we are in 5771. What a year we have had. More strife, middle class disappearing, ...
doingbusinessas 09/17/2010 5 4 - 30
Annual Yom Kippur message
This Sunday evening will be the start of Yom Kippur. Those who are Jewish spend the next 24 hours in fasting and prayer for forgiveness for the things we have done wrong in the past year. ...
doingbusinessas 09/25/2009 9 8 - 12
Hate coming to Seattle, WBC from Kansas here this Weekend/Monday
As announced in the Seattle paper, The Stranger, Fred Phelps and the Westwood Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas will be in Seattle Saturday thru Monday to protest GLBT organizations and institutions ...
doingbusinessas 06/12/2009 14 21 - 35
Entering into Yom Kippur
Wednesday evening at sunset starts the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. It is one of our most holiest and solemn days of the year. This is the day that we as both individuals and community ask for ...
doingbusinessas 10/07/2008 63 8 - 3
News Just in... Washington State
Seattle's Rep McDermott endorses Obama today! So add another superdelegate to the Obama list. The news was announced on the Seattle PI just a few minutes ago:
doingbusinessas 05/15/2008 13 12 - 1
My son is coming home
Just got the word, my son is on his way home from Iraq.
doingbusinessas 03/10/2008 253 599 6 33
Oh, Frap.. Boeing loses to NG on Tanker
Just learned, Boeing loses to Northrup Grumman in the new tanker contest.
doingbusinessas 02/29/2008 17 1 - 1
I'm so pissed...
I’m so pissed that I can hardly see straight. My computer went down last night right after I got home. I don’t watch TV, so I did not hear of Libby’s commuted sentence until I ...
doingbusinessas 07/03/2007 2 1 1 2
Accu-nose Weather report
Yes, the weather keeps on changing. Here is the regional weather by a nose for the summer of 2007....
doingbusinessas 05/22/2007 10 3 - 2
The weather keeps on changing... History Update
The first named storm was formed today off the coast of Georgia, 3 weeks early from the "normal" storm season starting - June 1. The name of the storm is Andrea. It will make landfall in or ...
doingbusinessas 05/09/2007 16 4 - 2
I finished my Passover meal, read the Haggada, drank my wine... Alone. I miss my family. First time in 10 years I am not home for them at this time. First time to miss Passover, first time to ...
doingbusinessas 04/02/2007 10 2 - -
Al Gore / Messages to Congress
Just got in a email from the Al Gore site. He has gotten now over 400,000 cards to deliver to Congress on Wednesday.
doingbusinessas 03/19/2007 3 7 - 1
Local Group for Impeachment
I just read this article on the Seattle PI by Robert Jamieson Jr. It's about a local group in Olympia Washington getting the resolutions passed by both local cities and legislature to Impeach Bush.
doingbusinessas 02/01/2007 4 5 - 28
The Surge has started
My eldest son shipped on the evening of the 2nd of January for the "sandbox". They arrived safely with their gear. They will spend the next 2-3 weeks getting accustomed to the area, get "new" gear ...
doingbusinessas 01/04/2007 33 31 - 31
S.O.B. My son is shipping out to Iraq....
I just found out this morning that my oldest's son's unit is being deployed at the end of the month.... to "the sand box". S.O.B. When is this going to end? Why my son's unit? ...
doingbusinessas 12/15/2006 20 20 - 7
What if Dr. Seuss wrote election commercials?
doingbusinessas 10/27/2006 14 4 1 -
Bush has done it again
doingbusinessas 10/18/2006 15 12 1 11
Proof of stolen elections in Oh and Fl
doingbusinessas 09/02/2006 36 11 - 2
My One Year on Kos
doingbusinessas 08/25/2006 11 11 - 1
Congress looks at limiting Medical Choice, AMA involved
doingbusinessas 08/22/2006 11 10 - -
Waiting for Washington State Supreme Court ruling- Update
doingbusinessas 07/26/2006 44 14 1 1
Washington State Anti-Discrimintion Law Goes into Effect
doingbusinessas 06/07/2006 11 4 - 15
Seattle Weekly column
doingbusinessas 04/19/2006 2 1 - -
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