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Salon nails it about Bernie's campaign!
Salon's Bill Curry says it very well here: Bernie Sanders really matters: He doesn’t have to win to build a progressive movement Stop thinking about winners, losers and the dumb horse race. Let's ...
don mikulecky 05/03/2015 384 236 3 -
What Bernie's campaign means to me from a systems perspective
I have said many times that we will never change the system through the electoral process. Now Bernie sanders seems to be contradicting me. But is he? Let's pretend that Bernie wins the ...
don mikulecky 05/02/2015 16 11 - -
In anticipation of Bernie's candidacy
First of all, the fact that Bernie is a Democratic Socialist and has the backing of DSA is just icing on the cake for me. It is what Bernie articulates publicly every day that makes him my choice.
don mikulecky 04/29/2015 37 14 - -
The elephant in the living room: soil
The complexity of our global situation is not easily understood when we approach it piecemeal. It is a system and all of its "parts" are interacting. Carbon is a common thread but we look at it ...
don mikulecky 04/29/2015 12 9 - -
On "tipping points" and oppressive systems
Systems are stable and remain so if they can successfully absorb or destroy any movement that threatens them. When they can no longer do that they become unstable. System instability is a ...
don mikulecky 04/28/2015 4 9 - -
My limited experience with riots for what it is worth
I grew up in Chicago and was exposed to racism from the beginning of my life. My family was racist but would claim otherwise. Mom and Dad were FDR democrats after all. I have lived in the South ...
don mikulecky 04/27/2015 5 9 2 -
I will miss my garden, but I will try to support local producers.
I decided that since I can not stand without aid that I will not plant a garden this year. I fell once in the garden last year and I guess I really decided then. The decision becomes real as I let ...
don mikulecky 04/25/2015 27 28 - -
45 "Earth Days"? Are you serious?
Tokenism is part of our culture. The religious among us have "days" or "seasons" to do theirs. The suicidal path we are on is really something that mocks anyone who would celebrate an "Earth Day".
don mikulecky 04/22/2015 19 1 - -
Climate is a world wide system
Recent articles about the climate have been disturbing not only for their predictions but because they demonstrate the problem that dealing with pieces of the system can create. For example: West ...
don mikulecky 04/14/2015 2 5 - -
Climate change = positive feedback loops galore.
Once again the ability to predict and anticipate depends upon models created by the same species that is at the root of causing the problem. No one seems to seriously question the fallibility of ...
don mikulecky 04/08/2015 13 28 1 -
A ray of hope after all these years.
I am referring to people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I am into my 80th year and have not seen people like these in government. The idea that Bernie might run for president excites me.
don mikulecky 04/08/2015 14 17 1 -
Is religion a cause or an effect?
As we read the news each day, religion plays a central role in almost everything. Religion is a much more common part of human thinking than the more recent science and rational thought that we ...
don mikulecky 04/04/2015 45 10 - -
How many people do the republican voters want to kill?
It looks like we are living with people who want lots of us dead. Tonight's budget victory for them is a death warrant for so very many. I don't know if anyone can calculate the numbers but it ...
don mikulecky 03/25/2015 34 41 - -
Is the planet getting revenge?
I have often stated my support for the Gaia hypothesis The Gaia hypothesis, today also commonly referred to as Gaia theory, proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on ...
don mikulecky 03/24/2015 48 22 - -
More of the planet is in trouble than we seem to realize: Forests
This article by lindsay Abrams in Salon : This is absolutely terrifying: “There are really only two big patches of intact forest left on Earth” brings some obvious but inconvenient truths to ...
don mikulecky 03/23/2015 31 25 - -
My 79th and the ACA's 5th birthday.
I looked back on the diaries I wrote the last few years on my birthday. I find this year's a bit different. Once again I am glad to have made it this far and as long as I can keep learning, ...
don mikulecky 03/22/2015 15 11 2 -
The Weather Channel: Warmest winter on record
The headline startled me. Living in the Eastern US I had no idea. But here's what they say: Earth Records Its Warmest Winter on Record The winter of 2014-15 was the warmest on record worldwide, ...
don mikulecky 03/18/2015 12 22 - -
Another author talks about mass extinction and the end of Homo sapiens.
The list is growing. When our book came out in November 2012 we were among a small group. A lot has happened in those two years and some months. Most of it is along the lines of accelerating ...
don mikulecky 03/14/2015 142 122 2 -
Happy Women's Day!
Today is International Women’s Day In 2015, International Women’s Day will highlight the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a historic roadmap signed by 189 governments 20 years ago ...
don mikulecky 03/08/2015 4 2 - -
Are you a Warrior of the Rainbow?
There seems to be a bit of controversy about this legend: The Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy One day... there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being ...
don mikulecky 03/07/2015 25 10 - -
From the Amazon: Our planet's "lungs" are now not working well.
And the onset of El Niño makes it even worse. I'm very tired of bad news. I am especially tired of news of more tipping points being passed and of more positive feedback loops kicking in. Here'...
don mikulecky 03/06/2015 10 23 - -
The Guardian putting threat to Earth front and center
It has reached the point where some people can no longer sit still. The editor of the Guardian is one. Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre The climate ...
don mikulecky 03/06/2015 43 137 3 -
Update: Here comes El Niño. Greenland passes tipping points. Positive feedback accelerates.
It has been only a matter of time but things are happening faster than most anticipated. Greenland Reels: Climate Disrupting Feedbacks Have Begun Greenland is warmer than it has been in more than ...
don mikulecky 03/05/2015 142 262 8 -
Are we experiencing irreversible changes?
The answer seems clear: These are the impacts of climate change we will never be able to fix The IPCC's latest report states: "Warming caused by CO2 emissions is effectively irreversible over ...
don mikulecky 03/02/2015 37 21 - -
Cooking and Global warming; is there some analogy?
The earth system is a very complex self organizing system. Human activity on earth has been a factor that has created a need for the system to respond and we are seeing that response. A lot of time ...
don mikulecky 03/01/2015 8 3 - -
Politics as theater hits a new low
The voters have had their brains scrambled by Tee Vee for years. You have to entertain them to get whatever attention they are capable of paying. So we have evolved into government as theater and ...
don mikulecky 02/27/2015 7 12 - -
Happy Birthday Michael Harrington!
I am proud to honor a great man. He was a big influence on my life as well as on leaders of our country. These are some of the things Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Had to say on his ...
don mikulecky 02/24/2015 7 10 - -
New insights into evolution: resurrection ecology and global warming
The anti-evolution nuts have another whole crisis on their hands thanks to global warming. The new field of resurrection ecology is allowing scientists to have a window into Earth's past. What's ...
don mikulecky 02/23/2015 12 17 1 -
Happy birthday peace symbol! Semaphor for "N" and "D"
The Peace Symbol Celebrates Its 57th Birthday, But Still No Peace Gerald Holtom, an artist and conscientious objector, created the Peace Symbol on February 21,1958. According to Christopher Driver, ...
don mikulecky 02/21/2015 4 9 - -
Updated after the power went back on: A breakthrough or plagiarism? Science has God on the ropes?
Here's an article in Salon that has a catchy title: God is on the ropes: The brilliant new science that has creationists and the Christian right terrified . The central idea, as far as I can see ...
don mikulecky 02/19/2015 66 34 - -
Science and our political brain
Brain function is hard to study but there is progress being made. Many recent books have collected the evidence about the differing roles of the right and left brain and we exploit this in our own ...
don mikulecky 02/17/2015 10 12 1 -
The artificial compartmentalization of political reality
As a systems theory person I like to look for what is lost when complex systems are reduced to their parts to supposedly help us to understand them. Politics is replete with examples of this. The ...
don mikulecky 02/12/2015 41 9 - -
How do you like your world? If you don't you can change it.
For starters, where did you get your world? That's right, I'm asking you where your idea of what the world is like came from. It had to come from somewhere. Have you ever wondered where you got it?
don mikulecky 02/11/2015 13 5 - -
The "big bang" never happened? We have said that physics is just a model of reality.
This New theory suggests the Big Bang never occurred Instead, the Universe has simply been going forever. A new quantum equation suggests that the Universe has no beginning or end, and it could also ...
don mikulecky 02/10/2015 91 25 1 -
Another Koch victory and the system grinds on
It is just a matter of time until we see the Koch family enthroned. The funny part to me is that with the system they rode to the top it need not be them. Someone would be there. A lot has been ...
don mikulecky 01/29/2015 14 2 1 -
Who needs the middle class?
That's right. Who needs the middle class? I have a suspicion that I know the answer. I wonder if yours is anything like mine. First, why is there a middle class in the first place? What exactly ...
don mikulecky 01/28/2015 31 9 - -
Glaciers melting from the bottom is not good news
How many more surprises can we handle? It seems that every time we look we find more bad news. This one certainly surprises me. Scientists Drill through 2,400 Feet of Antarctic Ice for Climate ...
don mikulecky 01/19/2015 24 33 - -
Will we ever "cure" cancer?
This article about Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer is an interesting read. It raises many questions and challenges some of my deep seated beliefs about the disease. It starts with some grim ...
don mikulecky 01/18/2015 40 13 1 -
If you believe in science you should understand tipping points
Change in the real world is most often nonlinear unless we are speaking of the rare system near equilibrium. The 1970s brought a time of excitement for those of us engaged in modeling real world ...
don mikulecky 01/16/2015 26 43 1 -
So the cancer came back. Yet I have lots to be thankful about it.
I got scoped again Tuesday and was able to see the two small tumors in my bladder. It will take ten minutes to remove them and my doctor likens the situation to having a skin lesion. I have to go ...
don mikulecky 01/15/2015 22 56 - -
Freedom is a word that has many meanings.
We use the word "freedom" very much in politics. It is a central theme of most political programs. It is ironic because the word's meaning is context dependent yet too often no context is ...
don mikulecky 01/14/2015 47 4 - -
Will the poor always be with us?
I am amazed when the Bible is used to justify oppression of masses of people. The expression The poor you will have with you always. is often brought up in this context. One way of interpreting ...
don mikulecky 01/13/2015 26 6 1 -
Climate disruption and agriculture
After my last two diaries I get the impression that the tight link between climate disruption (climate change) and agriculture is not clearly understood by many. Let's look at this more closely. ...
don mikulecky 01/07/2015 8 7 1 -
What is wrong with industrial agriculture?
This may seem like a silly question since this is the agriculture we have. On the other hand, when a growing number of scientific and other groups claim that it is a problem it probably is worth a ...
don mikulecky 01/06/2015 25 14 - -
Is Monsanto a bigger threat than global warming?
I doubt that we can really answer this for both are about to do us in. The combination is a case of the whole being more than a sum of its parts. The question is muddied with all sorts of ...
don mikulecky 01/04/2015 79 12 - -
Playing games with our food again? or still?
The simple sugar fructose has become quite an item in nutrition. Back in the 1980s when I collaborated with a biochemist to make computer models of metabolic pathways we used to chuckle about the ...
don mikulecky 01/03/2015 19 24 1 -
Have you ever seen a Kalliroscope? Art meets science in a strange way.
The Kalliroscope is a creation of Paul Matisse Paul Matisse (born 1933) is an artist and inventor. He is known especially for his public art installations, many of which are interactive. He is also ...
don mikulecky 01/01/2015 20 26 1 -
So another year has passed. Where are we?
There are many answers to the question out there. I may as well supply mine. If you are looking for good news this is the wrong diary. In my not so humble opinion we have progressed toward a ...
don mikulecky 12/31/2014 20 10 - -
Is climate change a spiritual issue?
That is the question asked as introduction to this article: Pope Francis Expected to Instruct One Billion Catholics to Act on Climate Change At the end of 2015, the nations of the world will meet ...
don mikulecky 12/30/2014 18 2 - -
They keep moving the end forward: Will human beings be extinct by about 2030?
The predictions just keep coming. The scientific conspiracy to boondoggle people about Global Warming seems to be growing. At least it is growing louder. This one is really grim: Why is Near ...
don mikulecky 12/21/2014 36 15 1 -
The connection between the Winter Solstice and Global Warming
How is this possible? Let me try to show you. Last night I wrote about the Winter solstice asking How will you celebrate the Winter Solstice? In a very helpful comment veritas curat sent us to a ...
don mikulecky 12/20/2014 13 7 - -
How will you celebrate the Winter Solstice?
This is my holiday for it precedes all the others that have come to be during this season of shortening days. This year December solstice 2014 is coming up this Sunday, December 21 at 23:03 UTC. ...
don mikulecky 12/19/2014 37 17 - -
The magnificent failure of the phony "two party system" to act like two parties.
How many time do we have to be swindled until we realize that this oligarchy is not even a two party system? Politics as theater has sunk to a new low and yet we are having to cope with more denial.
don mikulecky 12/13/2014 28 9 - -
How do you repair a broken government?
First of all you have to identify the problem. It might just be that there is where the problem lies. Does that sound circular? I hope so because we are dealing with a complex system and ...
don mikulecky 12/11/2014 9 9 1 -
Outraged by torture? It is consistent with imperialism
The logical extension of a long standing morality that justifies imperialistic war and militarism is that the imperial power will use any means it sees fit to hold and expand power. Yet we see a ...
don mikulecky 12/10/2014 7 11 - -
Another day to remember. Another life determining day.
I was five when they attacked. I don't remember much other than it took everyone away from what they were doing and glued them to the radio. Those were the days weren't they? Everything was simple.
don mikulecky 12/07/2014 5 13 1 -
Guess who is worried about climate change? It is getting close to home.
I live in Mathews County Virginia which is a part of Hampton Roads . Hampton Roads is the name of both a body of water and a metropolitan region in Southeastern Virginia, United States. Comprising ...
don mikulecky 12/05/2014 21 44 1 -
You will feel the effect of today's CO2 emission in about ten years.
This is really an important study: CO2 warming effects felt just a decade after being emitted This is according to researchers at the Carnegie Institute for Science who have dispelled a common ...
don mikulecky 12/04/2014 18 23 2 -
The origins of the Tea Party: Care for a cigarette anyone?
This should not surprise anyone yet there seems to be a lot of ignorance about it out there. Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers It seemed clear to me ...
don mikulecky 12/03/2014 10 10 - -
The role of the mind in politics
George Lakoff has an interview: George Lakoff: In Politics, Progressives Need to Frame Their Values that makes some very important points. The inability to understand what he is saying is, to me, ...
don mikulecky 12/01/2014 7 8 1 -
What I am thankful for
I have lots to be thankful for. I am thankful that I was born when I was (1936) because any later would have made me live through even more of what is happening now. I am very afraid for those who ...
don mikulecky 11/27/2014 3 8 - -
Will you stand up before they come for you?
The famous quote by Martin Niemöller is more relevant after Ferguson than ever: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the ...
don mikulecky 11/26/2014 22 13 - -
Words are a trap if you do not understand framing
"Framing" is a term used often by Lakoff and others and if you want a nice example of circularity and a word trap start with that word. There is only one really good way to deal with the word ...
don mikulecky 11/22/2014 18 14 3 -
I got this email: Write more diaries about what's on your mind. You asked for it.
So you want to know what is on my mind? You want more diaries? You shall have them. For starters, it is funny you should ask because my ideas are not in line with the present democratic party. I ...
don mikulecky 11/19/2014 32 31 2 -
The pipe line fails in the Senate. Some democrats were repugs
The pipeline failed by a small margin. It could have bee3n larger if some democrats had not been bought out. I can't prove that that is the reason but why else? The vote: Senate Democrats, by a ...
don mikulecky 11/18/2014 20 12 - -
Tomorrow is the Marine Corps birthday
The commandant issues The 239th Birthday Message . I got my USMC commission in June 1957 after graduating from IIT in Chicago in the NROTC program that paid for my education. I'll say more about ...
don mikulecky 11/09/2014 18 14 - -
A question for George Lakoff
My book with Jim Coffman is built on many of your ideas. I am also convinced that we go further. The framing our society (Western culture) has incorporated does not stop at politics and elections.
don mikulecky 11/06/2014 9 10 2 -
No more gridlock?
I have this nagging feeling of relief. I know, they are scoundrels and bad for the people. On he other hand we do need a government and there were a lot of folk who got off their buts and went to ...
don mikulecky 11/04/2014 10 2 - -
Linear vs nonlinear thinking:the natural philosophy of natural philosophy
Twas the night before election and all through the house (and senate) creatures were shaking in their boots. So what better time to get one's mind on other things? Last night I had the strangest ...
don mikulecky 11/03/2014 18 9 1 -
Monday Night Cancer Club: Mind and matter
Wednesday I got my bladder scoped and there were no tumors. What a relief to put it mildly.I am a new person as a result. Is it just me or is this general? The interplay between mind and cancer ...
don mikulecky 10/13/2014 22 14 - -
Are you really a denier?
About Global Warming? Of course not. I am talking about the system that has helped produce Global Warming. The system that has also brought us inequality, endless war, agribusiness, fracking, ...
don mikulecky 10/12/2014 32 21 2 -
Ebola and the famous "Hot Zone" quote
I am writing this as a half serious half snark exercise. I feel a bit frivolous since my doctor found me cancer free yesterday. I read The Hot Zone when it first came out and this quote struck ...
don mikulecky 10/09/2014 13 16 2 -
How do we reach the majority?
The Party of Nonvoters seems to be the majority in the US. Almost certainly, however, there will be far more nonvoters than voters this year. Turnout in midterm elections typically is less than 40%
don mikulecky 10/07/2014 8 9 - -
More unexpected consequences...changing gravity
Isn't science full of surprises? We know that mass is the way gravity is manifest. Shouldn't shifting mass change it? The simple physics talks about bodies as point masses at some distance from ...
don mikulecky 09/30/2014 34 7 - -
Some historical comments on the two party system
The two party system has been called many things by many people. In my own systems view of how things work it is what stabilizes the system we live under. Depending on how you view the world this ...
don mikulecky 09/28/2014 9 4 - -
I think we have a problem we can't run from.
I'll warn you from the start that criticizing those of us who are genuinely having problems with our president is not going to get us anywhere. I see too many "hard core" democrats who will ...
don mikulecky 09/27/2014 34 37 - -
Back to business as usual?
Well we have marched either in person or in spirit and flooded Wall Street. Now what? As I read news and blogs I have the feeling it is just plain over. What is the next step? Has any momentum ...
don mikulecky 09/24/2014 7 2 - -
Demanding action means taking action.
It was great! Now it has begun. The people demanded action. Now the people must act. Once you take the first step there is no going back. Denial is not possible. Each of us has some real ...
don mikulecky 09/21/2014 4 3 - -
Power to the people. Tomorrow we change the world!
I can't be there. I remember all the Marches of the sixties and seventies I was at. My spirit will be there. As I approach the end of my time here I am more and more concerned about what we are ...
don mikulecky 09/20/2014 8 17 - -
Was 9/11 a turning point for America?
I had left my job teaching medical school and was now Professor Emeritus. I decided to try teaching algebra in high school and had a job in Gloucester Virginia. That morning the Tee Vee came on ...
don mikulecky 09/11/2014 9 5 - -
Is it my attitude or was that a different Obama tonight?
This is the first time I have watched Obama speak in all these years that he seemed to not believe in what he was saying. Many times he has said things I disagree with but his sincerity was never ...
don mikulecky 09/10/2014 70 24 - -
I am against war. Do we need to repeat the 1960s?
I'll make this as short as possible but I never dreamed that all that time and effort I spent in 2008 and 2012 would end up with my having to relive the horror of the 1960s. I was on post doc in ...
don mikulecky 09/10/2014 89 11 1 -
This is the people speaking! Listen up.
BREAKING: The Senate has just voted to move forward on the Democracy For All constitutional amendment to rein in out-of-control political spending. It will get a full debate on the Senate floor this ...
don mikulecky 09/08/2014 17 6 - -
the US and war
Are we about to go to war again? I see the question being asked more frequently and it gives me the creeps. Here is a List of wars involving the United States If you count them there are around ...
don mikulecky 09/07/2014 3 18 2 -
"Labor Day" and symbols
Symbols are important in our lives and today is no exception. Every day should be Labor Day in this oligarchy to keep us aware of where all wealth originates. I have trouble with the symbolism ...
don mikulecky 09/01/2014 2 - - -
History is rich if we are willing to explore it. The Balfour Declaration
The problem with history, of course, is that it is written by humans and we know what they are like. I became an amateur student of the history of Israel, and therefore Zionism, in 1963 as I ...
don mikulecky 08/23/2014 7 5 1 -
The role of the police in an oligarchy
It's getting harder and harder to believe people are so naive as to be surprised by he state of our Nation's police force. They are here for one purpose and that is to protect the oligarchy. They ...
don mikulecky 08/22/2014 9 10 1 -
So the police supressed the part of the video where Michael Brown paid for the cigars.
That is clearly criminal behavior on the part of the police. Will it be followed up? One wonders. Here's the story: Ferguson Police Busted – Attempt To Defame Shooting Victim Blows Up In Their ...
don mikulecky 08/21/2014 20 34 1 -
The "answer" to my letter on Global Warming
Last week I sent a letter to our local weekly paper: My letter to the editor This week there was an "answer" from a denier: Creating a ‘State of Fear’ about climate change I find the very idea ...
don mikulecky 08/20/2014 6 12 - -
Virginia Senate under republican control
It looks like it was a rout! Rebublicans win handily in the 38th Precincts Reporting: 108 of 109 (99.08%) Ben Chafin (R)WINNER 17,215 59.11% Mike Hymes (D) 9,400 32.27% Rick Mullins (I) 2,499 8.58%
don mikulecky 08/19/2014 6 15 - -
Shooting of unarmed protesters goes back quite a way. One example was Jackson State.
One event that stands out in my mind was the Jackson State killings The Jackson State killings occurred on Friday May 15, 1970, at Jackson State College (now Jackson State University) in Jackson, ...
don mikulecky 08/15/2014 6 10 - -
We need a new meaning for "lynching" in "Post Racial America"
Oh yes, guns are so much more efficient. Times have changed since these days: Lynching in the United States or at least the methods have. I have read about more unjustified killing of black ...
don mikulecky 08/14/2014 6 3 - -
Is it time to re read "The Iron Heel"?
Jack London was one of my favorites as a kid. It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I discovered The Iron Heel .The Iron Heel is a dystopian novel by American writer Jack London, first ...
don mikulecky 08/13/2014 11 22 1 -
Suicide? We are doing it as a species
Lots of talk about suicide since a great man chose to end his life recently. Before I get into this I want to relate my own personal story. My son Joel was born at the base hospital in Camp ...
don mikulecky 08/12/2014 14 16 - -
Do we need a new definition of "functionally extinct"?
Functional extinction Functional extinction is the extinction of a species or other taxon such that: it disappears from the fossil record, or historic reports of its existence cease; the reduced ...
don mikulecky 08/11/2014 3 13 - -
My letter to the editor
Apparently this has been accepted: Climate scientists were not accurate I have to admit that climate science fell behind reality not too long ago. The effects of the man made global warming that ...
don mikulecky 08/10/2014 9 10 - -
Methane release...not just the permafrost
This news is very disturbing: Vast methane plumes spotted bubbling up from the Arctic Ocean floor An international team of scientists, who are studying the vast deposits of methane trapped on ...
don mikulecky 08/06/2014 24 35 2 -
What does cognitive dissonance have to do with politics?
First of all, what is Cognitive dissonance ?In music, a dissonance (Latin dis-, "apart" + sonare, "to sound") — considered unstable (or temporary, transitional)as opposed to a consonance (Latin com-
don mikulecky 08/04/2014 8 5 1 -
Let's talk about melting permafrost
A lot has been said about this lately (and earlier) yet I sense that in spite of that most folks are whistling in the dark. Here is a good place to get schooled on the phenomenon even if you are an ...
don mikulecky 08/03/2014 36 38 2 -
Was the Malaysian Airliner shot down by a military plane? UPDATED
I usually don't get into speculation but this seems more than speculation: Revelations of German Pilot: Shocking Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17. “Aircraft Was Not Hit by a ...
don mikulecky 08/02/2014 157 6 1 -
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