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Misogyny Is the Real Killer
I was going to write about the misogyny behind the murders in Santa Barbara, the literal war on women. Then I saw someone did it better.
esby 05/25/2014 58 22 - -
Limbaugh on Crossfire in 1990: Apartheid Fight Wasn't Racial
Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh mentioned how horrible conditions were for Mandela under apartheid. Oh how things have changed in 20 years...
esby 12/07/2013 11 20 1 -
Yeah, Right. Chris Christie Has Not Evolved
I've been reading how Chris Christie is now God's gift to moderates. Guess what? I don't believe in God.
esby 10/24/2013 13 10 - -
TEN THOUSAND turn out to protest GOP in Asheville, NC
You've heard of the Moral Monday protests in Raleigh, NC over the tyrannical control over the state legislature? Well since they the legislative session is over, the NAACP took it on the road to ...
esby 08/05/2013 244 456 5 -
Operation Hilarity Will Help Pass Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
This won't be long. But it might be the most important reason that this is the worst idea ever. And I am fucking pissed.
esby 02/15/2012 50 73 - 355
Quote the Ravin' 52: One Year Anniversary
Welcome to the last edition of Quote the Ravin'. After a full year of quote compiling I'm calling it quits and moving on to another project. It's bittersweet: although it was a lot of work with not ...
esby 07/26/2011 3 5 - 16
Quote the Ravin' 51: Steal This Blog
Just a note that next week will be the last Quote the Ravin'. I've done it diligently for a year, and I don't regret it. But it never seemed to catch on on DK. I got some nice comments from Meteor ...
esby 07/19/2011 2 3 - 23
Quote the Ravin' 50: Happiness in Slavery
No snark this week, kind of a slow news week except for NOTW. Quotes below the fold.
esby 07/12/2011 1 1 - 26
Quote the Ravin' 49: Mittens in July
esby 07/05/2011 1 4 - 18
Quote the Ravin' 48: Waterloo Sunset
Hello everybody. Just wanted to say I am going to wrap QTR up in a few weeks and move on to other things. It takes a lot of time to compile all of this, I've done it for almost a year, but it's ...
esby 06/28/2011 2 4 - 29
Quote the Ravin' 47: Weiners and Losers
Esby here, and I'm holding a press conference to announce that the Well of Anthony Weiner has apparently run dry. That's right, media, those of you who are sucking on the teat of tabloidism, drunk ...
esby 06/21/2011 8 2 - 24
Quote the Ravin' 46: Debate Props (snark)
Esby here, just back from the debates. For those of you who don't know, certain parts of the debate were not shown during commercials or internet black outs. I am providing a transcript from memory ...
esby 06/14/2011 4 5 - 39
Quote the Ravin' 45: Weinerhate
Esby here, and I have a confession to make. I did not post Quote the Ravin' last ...
esby 06/07/2011 6 6 - 62
Quote the Ravin' 44: Belle on Wheels
Esby here, and I'm finally getting around to telling you about the **AWESOME** motorcycle rally I went to on Sunday. Some of you may remember when I briefly worked for the Sarah campaign (
esby 05/31/2011 3 1 - 31
World Net Daily's Hilarious Birther Meltdown
World Net Daily's Joseph Farah threatens to sue Esquire. For lack of journalistic standards. Wipe the soda off of your computer screen and follow me below the fold.
esby 05/25/2011 7 38 - 394
Quote the Ravin' 43: October Surprise Camping Trip
Hey everybody. Kind of a downer here at Camp Camping at the new temp job. Boring even. I sold my Left Behind video games and Amy Grant CDs when I had the huge Rapture yard sale last week when I sold ...
esby 05/24/2011 1 2 - 48
Quote the Ravin' 42: Bored Again Christians
Esby here, and I finally got a job, selling Jerome Corsi's new book Where's The Birth ...
esby 05/17/2011 3 5 - 52
Birther Book Plummets
Shocking news, I say.
esby 05/16/2011 27 38 - 376
Quote the Ravin' 41: Blame It On Cain
esby 05/10/2011 7 12 3 124
Herman Cain's Big Problem
Herman Cain is about the make the biggest mistake of his life.
esby 05/08/2011 52 16 - 319
I Saw Atlas Shrugged
★★★ 1/2 The best comedy of the year so far. —...
esby 05/06/2011 192 174 3 1588
Mr. President, Release Bin Laden's DNA Results
Tonight, the third string Republican candidates for the 2012 political Super Bowl will have their first debate. Who will be the first one to ask Obama to show his birth certificate show the ...
esby 05/05/2011 17 3 - 126
Quote the Ravin' 40: Obama Said "Knock U. Out"
esby 05/03/2011 2 7 - 78
Andrew Breitbart Bombs on Bill Maher (Video)
Andrew Breitbart appeared on Bill Maher's Realtime panel on Friday. And, despite progressive fears of how he would perform, he completely bombed and then went into an immature meltdown. Read my blow ...
esby 05/01/2011 17 14 - 259
Quote the Ravin' 39: The Looney is a Trump
esby 04/26/2011 6 5 - 36
Quote the Ravin' 38: Birther of a Nation
No snark today, so let the ravin' begin:
esby 04/19/2011 3 6 - 49
LOL: National Review Accidentally Sends Out Porn on Email List
When National Review readers on the email list this morning got their morning news, ("The Morning Jolt") in their inboxes, they really received a morning jolt: porn in their inbox, and it wasn't ...
esby 04/18/2011 10 8 - 164
Quote the Ravin' 37: Hawaii, Oh Why?
Esby, here, and I'm on a "junket" in Hawaii to see if I can find Barack Obama's birth certificate. I'm on the beach doing my "investigation." Oh, wait, let me ask this young man: "Have you seen ...
esby 04/12/2011 3 6 - 42
Government Shutdown: A One Act Play
The following one act play was inspired from real life events.
esby 04/08/2011 2 1 - 21
Quote the Ravin' 36: Hare Net
Esby here, and I'm in jail again. I was going undercover for the White House Easter Roll. I'm being paid by the Koch funded Prosperous Americans for American Prosperity. We call our work PAAP smears.
esby 04/05/2011 1 3 - 15
Daily Show "Senior Black Correspondent" Kills at Congressional Correspondents Dinner
I really wanted to title this diary "Larry Wilmore Kills at Correspondent's Dinner" but some people might not know Larry Wilmore's name. Hopefully, you will now.
esby 03/31/2011 26 31 - 401
Quote the Ravin' 35: In the Closet
Esby here, and I'm at a Republican fundraiser at a mansion in Rio Villa, CA. I scored the press pool for the event, and I'm excited because there's actually a pool. The only thing is, there's a ...
esby 03/29/2011 1 4 - 23
Quote the Ravin' 34: Bye Bye, Bayh
No snark today, running late again, let the quotes begin:
esby 03/22/2011 2 3 - 41
Anthony Weiner Shuts Down Sean Hannity *Updated*
Anthony Weiner appeared on Sean Hannity last night, and, as usual, provided an unflappable foil to the tag team of Hannity and Bachmann.
esby 03/17/2011 20 23 1 427
Quote the Ravin' 33: It Takes O'Keefe
Esby here, and I've got exclusive media clips showing bias that I am sure will bring down NPR and PBS! I will post the audio and video later, here's a brief transcript of what clearly is bias coming ...
esby 03/15/2011 5 6 1 59
O'Keefe Caught Editing NPR Tapes
Oh, come on. Were you surprised?
esby 03/11/2011 44 54 - 705
Quote the Ravin' 32: Death and Texas
Esby here, and I'm excited to tell you about attending the rally on Saturday to help Texas secede from the United States. Me and the 43 Texans who showed up (not Americans! Shame on you!) came ...
esby 03/08/2011 1 2 1 29
Quote the Ravin' 31: He's Just Not That Into Unions
Esby here, and I just got off the phone with Scott Walker. Here's a little transcript: Me: Scott, Ronald Reagan here. SW: Mr. Reagan, I'm a big fan. Me: I'm dead. SW: I'm a little tired, too. ...
esby 03/01/2011 3 4 - 50
Louis CK to Rumsfeld: Are You a Flesh Eating Lizard From Outer Space?
Donald Rumsfeld is not having a good book tour outside of the DC bubble. Following the sheltered days in the Bush administration, but perhaps still exhibiting the cockiness from not believing he ...
esby 02/26/2011 2 6 - 76
Quote the Ravin' 30: Bully Madison
Esby, here, in Madison, Wisconsin to go to the Tea Party rally. And it looks like there has been some kind of communication error. Again! There's just 50,000 progressives here. When Justin "Thomas" ...
esby 02/22/2011 1 4 - 26
Quote the Ravin '29: CPAC Your Teabags
Esby here, just got back form CPAC. Now I now you've heard some people were booed, and I just wanted to give the background on what happened. In one part of the Marriott Wardman Park was CPAC, but ...
esby 02/15/2011 5 6 - 64
Quote the Ravin' 28: Pimp and Circumstance
Hey everybody, I'm back with an exclusive video sting that I did with the help of a good friend of mine who must remain anonymous so as not to break his probation. Let's call him "Kames O'Jeefe". ...
esby 02/08/2011 1 1 - 90
Planned Parenthood Video Manipulated
When you're planning to do a James O'Keefe-style video takedown of Planned Parenthood, you need to do two things: hope they don't call the cops, and have your videos withstand media scrutiny. Well, ...
esby 02/04/2011 39 15 1 327
Quote the Ravin' 27: Cairo Fractic
Esby, here, your Egyptian correspondent with a breaking story about what we've always feared here in the United States is now coming true in Egypt: Muslims may be overthrowing the government! Here's ...
esby 02/01/2011 3 2 - 86
Quote the Ravin' 26: Complicated Keith
Esby here, with an exclusive on Keith Olbermann's show on Fox News! Apparently a deal has been made and the TV ban has been lifted. You're hearing it here first. Just wanted to let you know of the ...
esby 01/25/2011 4 4 - 67
Rachel Maddow Gets Her Point Across on Bill Maher (clip)
Rachel Maddow was on Real Time with Bill Maher last night. In this clip watch her do two things really well: create one of the most entertaining analogies of the week, and do anything, anything, to ...
esby 01/22/2011 275 419 6 253
Quote the Ravin' 25: Glocked and Loaded
Esby here, and I'll have to say it's been a great day! I kind of found my gun! I couldn't remember where I had left it on Sunday, somewhere between church service and the Chuck E Cheese. But there'...
esby 01/18/2011 4 6 - 66
Quote the Ravin' 24: Talkin' 'Bout a Devolution
Esby here. Not really in the mood to satire the news this week, even reading it wore me down. I'll let the words speak for themselves.
esby 01/11/2011 3 2 - 58
Frank Luntz's Huge Fail on Imus
Frank Luntz went on Imus attacking left wingers for their violent comment threads. One problem: doesn't have a comment section.
esby 01/10/2011 51 33 - 74
Quote the Ravin' 23: Vick's Medicine
Esby here, and Fred Phelps posted my bail! You may remember last week I was arrested in ...
esby 01/04/2011 1 - - 65
Quote the Ravin' 22: Now We're Ready to START
Esby here, just back from the front lines at the War on Christmas, which of course was at the mall. The day? December 26th, because it's never too early to start. Our base camp was a Chick fil-A, ...
esby 12/28/2010 4 5 - 66
Quote the Ravin' 21: Haley's Comment
Motherf—oh, sorry. I didn't see you come in. Just working on the pun machine I use for my titles, looks like that last one knocked out the Thesaurusator. Just looking online to see how other ...
esby 12/21/2010 3 5 - 39
Quote the Ravin' 20: Between Barack and a Hard Place
Esby here, blogging in Kanchipurmam silk pajamas and smoking a Cohiba Behike cee-gar. Lucked out and won the lottery last week, yes sir. So I'm making a few changes with QTR this week in light of ...
esby 12/14/2010 2 1 - 62
Quote the Ravin' 19: Is Sarah Problem Here?
Hello everybody, I've got bad news. Last week I reported that I got a job with the Palin 2012 ...
esby 12/07/2010 1 2 - 45
Quote the Ravin' 18: ¿Que? Sarah, Sarah
After 22 weeks, I'm finally employed. Yep, got a job with the Palin '12 campaign. Have to say it's the easiest job I've ever had. Just called the World VHS Convention and told them we had to cancel, ...
esby 11/30/2010 1 5 - 49
Quote the Ravin' 17: Gropes of Wrath
Esby here, and I've been detained at the airport by the TSA. Apparently, when I went through, I was flagged for hiding metal in my molars. Then I was accused of trying to transport a full human ...
esby 11/23/2010 6 4 - 28
Quote the Ravin' 16: Give Me Just a Little Moore Time
Whew! Just got back from a nightmare cruise you probably heard about. First, Andrew McCarthy was worrying that I might wrap my towel around my head. ...
esby 11/16/2010 2 5 - 87
Quote the Ravin' 15: Suspension of the Keith
Welcome to this week's Quote the Ravin'. Man, did you see the game last Tuesday? What a rout! I was definitely rooting for the underdog. It definitely was a strange game. Only three players showed ...
esby 11/09/2010 1 8 - 20
Quote the Ravin' 14: Republican Devolution
So I'm driving through town today and I see this line coming out of a building. Aha, I think, where there's a line there has to be a cutting edge technological device that I can buy and brag to my ...
esby 11/02/2010 3 3 - 21
Quote the Ravin' 13: Another Juan Bites the Dust
Greetings, kossacks. I'm currently entrenched at Captain Kangaroo Elementary School out here on the outskirts of Dunn, NC looking for voter irregularities at the polls. Unfortunately, my costume was ...
esby 10/26/2010 5 4 - 64
Quote the Ravin' 12: Arrested Developments
Esby here, and I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a pickle. I was at Coles Coin Op in Anchorage about to wash some doilies and other elitist washables, when in walks Joe Miller. He proceeds to stuff a ...
esby 10/19/2010 2 3 - 52
Quote the Ravin' 11: I Did Nazi That One Coming
THIS IS CRAZY CARL'S TEA PARTY SHOP WHERE THE PRICES ARE INSANE! Come on down to where the "real" people live and ALL NAZI UNIFORMS ARE 50% off this week! I'm not kidding! And even though I'm ...
esby 10/12/2010 4 6 - 112
Quote the Ravin' 10: Burning Down the Rouse
Welcome to the 10th edition of Quote the Ravin', a roundup of quotes from the week. I'm esby, your leader in all things quotable, and, I'm fired up because I didn't pay my $75 do-not-burn-my-house ...
esby 10/05/2010 3 4 - 30
Quote the Ravin' 9: Pledge of Malfeasance
This week Republicans took out some Pledge and dusted off the Contract With America, Stephen Colbert farmed Congress, and The Orange One said he uses no tanning products. Me, I 'm not so chatty this ...
esby 09/28/2010 3 - - 50
Quote the Ravin' 8: ♫ 'Cause It's Witchcraft... ♫
Welcome to this week's Quote the Ravin', which deals with masturbation, prestidigitation, indignation, a divided nation, indigestion, immigration, and Sarah Palin. God, I need a vacation. And after ...
esby 09/21/2010 1 - 1 17
Quote the Ravin' 7: Quick, Somebody Call 9/11
Welcome to Issue 7 of Quote the Ravin: Somebody Call 9/11. We're in emergency need of a proctologist, all I see are assholes, and they are doing a lot of talking. I'm your host esby: I'm unemployed, ...
esby 09/14/2010 3 3 - 30
Andrew Breitbart: "I tricked you."
Yesterday, Andrew Breitbart spoke at the Tea Party's Washington DC annual rally. His message? That he's not to be trusted.
esby 09/13/2010 174 346 3 198
Quote the Ravin' 6: Palin Around With Terrorists
It's this week's Quote the Ravin', a roundup and snarky commentary about what's been said in the news and around the blogosphere. Today marks exactly three months since I've been unemployed. ...
esby 09/07/2010 3 1 - 127
Quote the Ravin' 5: To Hell and Beck
Welcome to this week's Quote the Ravin', quotes from the period August 23-29, 2010. This week marks 11 weeks that I've been unemployed. I'm blogging to you from an aged Ford Pinto with blacked out ...
esby 08/31/2010 7 4 - 27
Quote the Ravin' 4: Mission to Mosque (ow!)
Welcome to Quote the Ravin' #4, a collection of quotes from August 17-23. Here you will find plenty of quotes from people that believe that Muslims have Constitutional rights that we all have, but ...
esby 08/24/2010 1 - - 40
Quote the Ravin': Quotes of the Week 8/17/2010
It's this week's Quote the Ravin' , featuring quotes culled from the period 8/10-8/16. Today marks my 10th week of unemployment, and while I haven't yet gotten on the dole,
esby 08/17/2010 2 2 - 99
Quote the Ravin', 8/10/2010
Welcome to this week's Quote the Ravin', a round-up of amusing and inspirational quotes that were augered out from these here series of tubes on the internets. Just remember when you clear a drain, ...
esby 08/10/2010 4 2 - 17
OMFG: The Basil Marceaux Gubernatorial Debate
If there's one benefit of our Web 2.0 society, it's that there's a chance for independent candidates' voices to be heard, those championing beliefs not poisoned by politicians beholden by corporate ...
esby 08/05/2010 31 8 1 72
Quote the Ravin', 8/3/2010
Welcome to Quote the Ravin', where quotes are rounded up from the internets which are too long to write on your hand. Most of these quotes are pulled from the best and brightest blogs or aggregates ...
esby 08/03/2010 8 8 - 37
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