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The Little Boy is home
Snug and smiling and happy, and his parents can finally get some sleep.
escapee 03/20/2015 15 31 - -
Update on the Little Boy
Simon had kind of a rough weekend.
escapee 03/17/2015 10 31 - -
Best news ever about the Little Boy
The surgery it over, it was completely successful, and he should be conscious and being weaned off the respirator (again) within a couple of days.
escapee 03/13/2015 16 42 - -
Little Boy News - Important
Simon's surgery has been bumped up to this Friday.
escapee 03/11/2015 5 18 - -
The latest on the Little Boy
Hi. My name is Simon.
escapee 03/10/2015 18 38 - -
Update on the Little Boy
Guess who this adorable charming Mr. Chubbles is?
escapee 02/15/2015 28 105 - -
Car accident
All he was doing was going out to get pizza.
escapee 01/31/2015 136 127 - -
Good news on the little boy
He's adorable. I haven't seen him yet; he was in the hospital and I got pneumonia as soon as he got out.
escapee 01/14/2015 15 22 - -
The little boy is doing well
I wish I could post a picture of him, but his parents don't want me to.
escapee 01/08/2015 14 54 - -
The little boy is home!
He was released this afternoon.
escapee 12/24/2014 12 42 - -
Good news about the little boy
It sounds like he's coming home soon.
escapee 12/24/2014 31 103 - -
The little boy's first few weeks
The little boy is my great-nephew. He was due on Christmas, born early in the month, and born with serious problems.
escapee 12/22/2014 24 73 - -
The broken bridge in Delaware
You can take this story with a grain of salt, or not. All I can tell you is that it's true.
escapee 06/09/2014 4 8 - -
Down I go
The way Concussionland goes is that you have a good day, sometimes several good days. And then you have a bad day. I had a couple of really good days this week. Didn't need to use my cane, ran ...
escapee 07/20/2013 34 71 - -
Go away, derecho! A picture diary
It's not the contractor's fault. Who could expect a tropical storm in June? Or that for no particular reason a few days later we'd have five more inches of rain? He dug in preparation for concrete.
escapee 06/11/2013 6 22 - -
End of the last three years
As many of you may know from my continuous whining, three years ago my life changed. First my eye doctor stabbed me in the eye, resulting in corneal surgery that didn't work, and left me with a ...
escapee 06/02/2013 47 46 - -
Why I Hate Surgery, Part 3
When we last talked, I had had sinus surgery on March 21st, come home on the 22nd, and fallen flat on my face, gaining a concussion and a broken nose, on the 25th. My doctor said he thought that ...
escapee 04/03/2013 4 12 - -
Why I Hate Surgery, Part II
in which escapee learns things. SHE DIDN'T WANT LEARN ANY OF THEM, but you can skip past the orange kadoodle to learn them along with her.
escapee 03/25/2013 12 18 - -
Things I Hate About Surgery
As some of you may know (I've certainly whined about it enough) my husband and I caught whooping cough in November. We recovered - it really does take a hundred days - but I was left with an ...
escapee 03/20/2013 52 38 - -
I owe myself this diary
It's completely personal, but even if only one person reads it, it will be one more person who sees the way it was with me, and with my family.
escapee 02/07/2013 29 105 1 -
Whooping Cough: Public Safety Message
Whooping cough (pertussis) vaccines wear off. Especially the ones you had if you were born before the nineties. If you were born in the 50s, yours has substantially worn off. Contact your doctor ...
escapee 01/03/2013 195 181 1 -
The Martian Death Virus
Purely personal diary. If you don't like that, move on. How many of us have the chest-coldy virus that hangs on and on and on? The one that makes you cough until you whimper, steals your senses ...
escapee 01/02/2013 18 13 - -
When I was ten years old, my mother got married to a guy who belonged to a sect I call the Church of the Final Thunder. Very rigid, very sexist, very authoritarian. Very much of a pain in my ass. ...
escapee 10/22/2012 5 14 - -
Wednesday at Undisclosed Location
Breakfast at Uncle Bill's. Every morning I see piles of fruit and whipped cream and pancakes carried past. I have eggs over easy; Mr. escapee has blueberry pancakes. He says they're the best in ...
escapee 08/22/2012 19 43 - 306
Look at Penn State
When I worked at Big State U., there was this locked drawer. Once in a while someone would go into it. It was the Drawer of Exceptions and Big Secrets. Famous peoples' names were in there, 99% of ...
escapee 07/17/2012 486 393 7 1918
We need some relaxation
Maybe even fun. Things are too tight around here lately. Follow me over the squiggle.
escapee 07/09/2012 43 9 - 102
Head Trauma
Too many football players, too many hockey players and high school kids, taking what are called 'minor concussions' and going right back into the game like I saw at least twice last year with the ...
escapee 05/02/2012 56 83 1 355
Italian-speaking Kossacks? Help!!
This is totally personal. I don't speak Italian and I have an urgent need to translate a phrase.
escapee 02/02/2012 19 2 - 159
School Janitor
When I was little, my mother and I lived with my grandparents. My grandfather was a welder, and my grandmother was a housewife. But she hadn't always been.
escapee 12/11/2011 61 143 2 556
The best person I know here
is boycotting. My heart is telling me to boycott. My brain is telling me that Kos is liable to ban everybody who does, but if he does, then I don't belong here anymore. BiPM, WYFP, all the places ...
escapee 09/11/2011 18 30 1 232
He's coming home
My friend Alice has a son. He's a grown-up now, a Marine, married with children. I used to take him to Star Trek conventions when he was a teenager.
escapee 06/09/2011 8 21 - 99
The Apocalypse and me
This is a little story about how people are different, and how things you start don't turn out at all like you intended.
escapee 05/20/2011 73 49 - 385
Poor you. I've been thinking all day. Now you get to endure the results. Has anybody noticed that blue jersey mom is gone? What kind of person do we want this community (and it sure doesn't ...
escapee 04/23/2011 238 111 3 1464
The Technician, Her Income, and Her Benefits
I had to go to the ophthalmologist today for glaucoma tests (my gigantic optic nerves make me a permanent suspect), and since I'm still fighting the concussion, Mr. escapee drove me and went in with ...
escapee 03/21/2011 9 14 - 125
Cracking your head and the bills therefrom
As some of you may know, I went out to dinner on February 13th, a Sunday. We drove from Delaware, where we live, to a big lobster place in Cape May, New Jersey. It was very crowded, and the ...
escapee 02/28/2011 9 7 - 58
Around the neighborhood
Errands this morning, driving all around the outskirts of Wilmington for this and that. (I haven't been in downtown Wilmington for at least two years. The last time I was down there, I was ...
escapee 02/26/2011 16 19 - 140
Completely personal diary about my eye
Back on July 13th, an ophthalmologist accidentally injured my cornea. I developed recurrent corneal erosion, which means your cornea is prone to suffering erosions (like scrapes), and they hurt ...
escapee 01/17/2011 29 29 - 59
My quilt is here!
escapee 11/10/2010 63 190 1 78
22,000 Social Security numbers??
So my little state wanted to find a better deal on vision insurance for its retirees. I support that. I'm a state retiree, and I use the vision insurance. But then, this morning, this shows up on ...
escapee 08/31/2010 10 16 - 70
About my mom
I think I may have posted this in 2005. I spent the morning in the garden, and the forget-me-nots she gave me and the irises I split to give her some are all in bloom. It made me think of this, ...
escapee 05/09/2010 16 14 - 14
Look What They Did To Me! (A Photo Diary by Ben the Cat)
This is how I looked yesterday. And this is how I look now.
escapee 07/07/2009 110 24 2 19
He died
I don't know if this is an appropriate subject for a diary. Oh, well. I don't know any other way to thank all the C&Jers, and friends and well-wishers who have offered their mental support to my ...
escapee 08/10/2007 177 428 2 37
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