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fenway49's groups.

Group Last Diary
Boston Kossacks
Boston-based Daily Kos group for facilitating meatspace, in-person meetups of local Kossacks. Also open for any drop-in visiting Kossacks. A smaller subset of the folks who are likely also members of New England Kossacks - don't be shy! You can join both, and participate when/where convenient!
Genealogy and Family History Community
We are a Group interested in the research, analysis and discussion of genealogy and family histories, our own and others. We invite all those who desire guidance in getting started in their research, those who are looking for suggestions for getting past a problem in their on-going projects (brick walls), those willing to share resources, or those who simply want to talk about their projects (and we KNOW how family historians love to talk about their projects). All family backgrounds welcome an...
Shamrock American Kossacks
Kossacks who take their Great Orange Satan with a bit o' the Green. If your appreciation of Irish geneaology, history, culture or politics informs your views, this might be the group for you.

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