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Why do some mean by REJECT nonviolent protest?
There was a protest in Birmingham. Echoes of the past keep reverberating don't they? A few days before Christmas a group organized through facebook called "black lives matter" like many other groups ...
futurebird 12/29/2014 7 3 - -
Who are these people who approve of the police?
New Yorkers are divided by race on performance of the Police Department (67 percent of whites positive, 76 percent of blacks negative) A majority said minorities are not treated fairly by the ...
futurebird 12/12/2014 2 3 - -
When the freedom and dignity of all black people is conditional.
The freedom and dignity of all black people is conditional on good behavior which must be better than the behavior of white people. If too many of us have emotions (emotions like anger, emotions ...
futurebird 12/11/2014 4 6 - -
Ferguson is not about a "new" issue. And peace didn't cut it.
What's new is the media attention. There were protests before. But they were never integrated before. Why did it take so long for (more) white people to see this was real?
futurebird 12/10/2014 15 8 - -
I would never let any black child I know get that close to a cop.
This photo makes me physically ill. I experience a jolt of emotional trauma looking at it because it is erasing so much with it's imagery.
futurebird 12/01/2014 54 15 2 -
Going after the KKK is a distraction from real systemic racism.
There has been a lot of celebration and glee over the exposure of a few members of the KKK. This action has been framed as fighting back against racism in the context of #Ferguson. Emotionally ...
futurebird 11/18/2014 70 4 - -
Non-driver's ID
There are other more serious issues with voter ID laws than this. But, it is always something that has bothered me. Those of us who do not drive (and there are a great many in some states like NY) ...
futurebird 11/06/2014 10 8 - -
Risk Perception
Risk perception is a fascinating field it seeks to study the reasons for rifts between the opinions of experts on a subject and the general public. Notable example include: * The Safety of Nuclear ...
futurebird 10/29/2014 26 32 2 -
NYC: action item:rescind the deadly quarantine
From the New York Times: There will be a rally outside Bellevue calling for completely rescinding the quarantine rules , led by public health experts and AIDS activists. Noon. http://cityroom....
futurebird 10/27/2014 2 4 - -
Profiling of Africans for Ebola
Roslyn Gray is Liberian-American and she has not been to Liberia since March, yet when she sought medical care for an allergic reaction to an antibiotic she had been prescribed she was meet with ...
futurebird 10/26/2014 7 12 1 -
Are some lives worth more than others?: Quarantine and Consequences
It is clear that my Governor Cuomo has rushed into this decision to quarantine returning aid workers from the countries affected most by this epidemic. This is very much a populist decision caving ...
futurebird 10/25/2014 43 23 1 -
Crime, cars and the illusion of safety in NYC.
New York City can be dangerous, but most people do not correctly assess what the true dangers are. Murders, muggings, rapes and assaults can be random but just as often those crimes are the result ...
futurebird 12/11/2013 42 56 - -
Has life "gotten worse" in America since the 60s?
I find I can tell a great deal about a person and the political lens they view the world through by simply asking if they think that things have "gotten worse in America" since the 60s. Now many ...
futurebird 10/05/2013 39 5 - -
How to stay safe as a black man in America
In essence you can be safe in America as a young black man... as long as you are not too "street" even as a teen, even if it's just clothes and a little rap music. 13 year old Darius Simmons was a ...
futurebird 07/16/2013 12 11 - -
Thinking about our next mayor (NYC edition.)
I don't know who to vote for. Part of the problem is an embarrassment of riches, in a way, in any other race the rather liberal democrats we have in NYC would be exciting-- but, when compared to ...
futurebird 07/09/2013 6 3 - -
Police arrest a man for videotaping/playing music ... then they shoot his dog.
An officer previously involved in a police corruption and brutality lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department which resulted in a $1,000,000 settlement** has shot and killed a dog. There are ...
futurebird 07/02/2013 161 139 2 -
stoping people en mass in hopes that something will turn up
I think a lot of people who still support stop and frisk are mistaken about how it really works. They think that people, like myself, who object to it want to cripple the police so that they will be ...
futurebird 07/01/2013 11 4 - -
It's like the law was written by a jerk who was worried that he'd get a ticket.
8 million people and only 20 measly speed cameras to catch reckless and dangerous drivers AND they can only be turned on for a few hours a day!! This is a joke! It's like the law was written by a ...
futurebird 06/28/2013 4 1 - -
Saying nothing is silent endorsement?
I think the end of the 80s crime wave has a lot of people having this unspoken feeling that this whole thing where we arrest more people than other nations and keep them locked up much longer is the ...
futurebird 06/27/2013 2 4 - -
But, I still want a powerful NSA...
Hypothetical: In a parallel universe where, as chief executive, Obama refused to use the full power of the patriot act and tied the (many octopus-like) hands of the NSA behind its back and let's ...
futurebird 06/25/2013 9 1 - -
Would you text while driving?
Well, this is just as bad. Would you text while driving? Of course not! most people will say. But, many of those same people use "hands-free" devices while ...
futurebird 06/17/2013 82 22 - -
Privacy is dead, but what we have now might be better than privacy.
Metadata - Literally data about data. It could be as coarse grained as the number of emails sent from one country's domains to another, or as fine grained as a list of emails that have sent an email ...
futurebird 06/15/2013 30 5 - -
Hands off our databases!
Being a hardliner on privacy seems like an easy choice until some thug snatches your camera and says " you can't record that because it's a violation of privacy " -- in the old days when only ...
futurebird 06/10/2013 1 2 - -
Living with worms in a small apartment.
( This is the view on our roof in the South Bronx, we have a small garden out here already but I dream of covering it ...
futurebird 06/08/2013 40 66 1 -
Lazy ideas about New York
This article in the Times is phoned-in and lazy. Nothing in it is really untrue, but nothing in it is news either. The trouble with the Bronx (especially the South Bronx) is it fails to fit in to ...
futurebird 06/03/2013 3 1 - -
Bike Share Comes to New York ... but, only for some people.
If not in NYC you might not have heard the news, but New York City has a bike share program at long last! The bikes are sturdy, with adjustable seats and are firmly locked in stations all over ...
futurebird 06/02/2013 204 43 - -
Planned Parenthood trashes NYC’s ‘Cost of Teen Pregnancy’ PSAs (bravo!)
Thank you Planned Parenthood. “The latest NYC ad campaign creates stigma, hostility and negative public opinions about teen pregnancy and parenthood rather than offering alternative aspirations ...
futurebird 03/09/2013 111 9 - -
Who should be allowed to breed?
On the face of it it is an absurd question. But, it speaks to an often ignored aspect of reproductive rights. The right to have a child when one is ready.
futurebird 03/03/2013 55 10 - -
Killing the black body.
Abortion itself is not reproductive freedom, abortion is one of many technologies that can help make reproductive freedom a reality. Some other technologies are other types of contraception and ...
futurebird 03/02/2013 45 1 - -
Good schools, no great mystery.
One of the biggest problems in education (that no one seems to think about) is the negative impact of constantly reorganizing schools and curriculum and tests. Change itself may be making our ...
futurebird 02/09/2013 5 8 - -
The problem with "background checks" ...
Criminal background checks for guns aren't as good of an idea as they sound. When a person has served time for a crime (especially for the largely "victimless crimes" of prostitution and drugs) we ...
futurebird 12/22/2012 35 2 1 -
Electronic cigarettes: new laws prompted by hysteria and misinformation
My uncle smoked himself to death. And like so many people in our families and communities, he wanted to quit so very badly for years and years. He had tried over and over for 20 years and ...
futurebird 11/30/2011 202 147 15 1266
Starbucks steps up to fight unemployment, a good corporation?
Starbucks has just launched its Create Jobs for USA program, the coffee chain’s official response to America’s unemployment crisis. The program will donate money to a loan fund ...
futurebird 11/22/2011 5 4 - 79
Have you ever heard of a "failing" public school in a wealthy neighborhood?
Have you ever heard of a "failing" public school in a wealthy neighborhood? The worst schools in wealthy areas tend to be better than those rare flash-in-a-pan cases of "good" schools in poor ...
futurebird 11/18/2011 18 14 - 85
How to keep women out of public places.
Verbal sexual harassment is the most often mentioned reason why other women I know don't go running outside. The harassment effectively blocks women from enjoying public spaces in the same way as men.
futurebird 05/13/2011 16 23 1 163
The class politics of shaming fat kids.
Here's what the state of Georgia is doing to "fight obesity" putting up ads like this one.:
futurebird 05/03/2011 522 134 6 1382
Don't leave the city.
WASHINGTON (AP)—According to data released March 24, African-Americans in search of wider spaces increasingly left big cities such as Detroit, Chicago and New York for the ...
futurebird 04/26/2011 55 35 1 561
Not fearless.
Running in the city is one of the best ways to learn a neighborhood, and the surrounding neighborhoods and then the whole borough… and then the whole town and then the county. As day by day I ...
futurebird 04/19/2011 9 21 1 138
Homogenized everything: of dairy and economies.
There are many kinds of yogurt, but by far the most enjoyable and satisfying are those made from non-homogenized, whole milk. Homogenized milk has an unnaturally even consistency that prevents the ...
futurebird 04/16/2011 4 3 - 37
Two choices: retain your dignity & get arrested, or bow and scrape and walk away.
Why are some people so hostile and angry at cops? Cops risk their lives to keep our cities and towns safe, their jobs are not easy. So, why the hate? The poor relations start at a granular level: ...
futurebird 04/15/2011 7 11 1 128
Obama is addressing immigration, and I love his plan.
My dad is a bit more conservative than I am. I guess you could call him a an independent-- he has a rather dim view of both political parties and with good reason in some cases. He's older than me ...
futurebird 01/22/2011 57 11 - 103
Powerful, deadly machines-- raw emotions, no consequences.
Human beings are emotional and those emotions spill over in to the way that people drive. Emotions naturally also have an impact on the way that a pedestrian walks or a cyclist bikes, but I choose ...
futurebird 01/20/2011 6 6 - 61
She's so, dark, fat, nappy and big lipped.
This article is sort of clumsy. It seems like she's about to make the point that far too many of ...
futurebird 12/20/2010 33 39 2 238
Beautiful. Why not female bodybuilders?
I have a whole set of questions on this, and related topics:
futurebird 10/14/2010 36 3 - 106
She runs in a plain dress.
This memory came to me, with all of the talk of religious tolerance. Christian heavy metal? Really? "No it's Awesome" Rebeckah, insisted as we went down in to the ...
futurebird 10/02/2010 15 30 1 227
Everyone is physically beautiful? The naked ugly truth
So, he says to me: I have never known a little girl that was not physically beautiful. You see, I HATE this kind of talk. I mean it sounds so nice right? Everyone is beautiful! Not ...
futurebird 09/30/2010 54 6 - 46
Being beautiful would mean ...
It would be amazing to be beautiful. Not just pretty, or "put-together" but truly, really, beautiful. To have long graceful limbs and smooth perfect skin and large arresting eyes. Being beautiful ...
futurebird 09/16/2010 13 4 - 28
OBVIOUS LIE about poll workers in the NY Post.
I've found a blatant falsehood in a New York Post article:
futurebird 09/15/2010 8 6 - 94
ACTION! "Are you a citizen?" say: "I decline to respond."
Did you know that if you are on a train that is not in the process of crossing any international border, and then US. border patrol gets on the train and asks " Are you a U.S. citizen?
futurebird 08/30/2010 56 31 1 45
The world's simplest academic assessment test.
If you took a groups of 7th or 8th graders and simply asked them "What will you be doing in 7 years?" they might say things like: 1. Going to college. 2. Working at my first job. 3. Starting a ...
futurebird 08/22/2010 32 14 - 41
Raising the retirement age = raiding social capital
I have been thinking about social security a great deal. Depending on who you ask it is either "in great danger!" or "one of the greatest success of liberalism!" I'm not one to assume that the truth ...
futurebird 08/21/2010 51 17 1 75
tiny little blue flowers
It's hard to grow things in NYC. But not as hard as one might think. For two summers I have been growing all kinds of plants on the roof of our building. Sugar peas, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries.
futurebird 08/16/2010 8 17 - 196
Can you have a great relationship, a great marriage or a great life without sex? I think there is a whole lot of pressure to have sex from the time one is a teen and all through adulthood. But, not ...
futurebird 08/14/2010 126 13 - 50
The Rangel rub-off.
No this post is NOT about any of the charges that he is dealing with through the house ethics committee. This is about the anatomy of an additional totally made-up ...
futurebird 08/13/2010 6 2 - 42
Sloppy right-wing math and our national debt.
I hate sloppy mathematics. Sloppy mathematics gives good mathematics a bad name. Some of the time people will try to toss out a whole lot of numbers to impress and confuse others. And that's just ...
futurebird 08/08/2010 21 22 4 233
Early warning signs at Digg.
Four years ago I began posting here and in other communities about disturbing trends I had noticed in a rather new website for sharing links called "Digg."�Digg is a social news website. The ...
futurebird 08/06/2010 58 22 1 70
Hard work, self-confidence.
( Justin Hudson, who used his graduation speech to challenge the admissions process for the school. Photo ...
futurebird 08/05/2010 2 13 1 115
What would YOU tax?
You are a part of the legislator of a large well-populated state with a few small towns and one big vibrant city. Due to excessive borrowing by previous administrations, and due to a poor economy, ...
futurebird 08/05/2010 115 7 - 40
New York is an ISLAND.
It never fails to amaze me how disconnected New Yorkers are from their local rivers and tidal estuaries. It amazes me, yet I used to be one of them. Only dimly aware that I lived on an island at all.
futurebird 08/04/2010 79 33 1 44
The boy who cried racism.
The claim: Discussing minor or "borderline" instances of racism diminishes the impact of serious instances of racism. In effect, it is like the boy who cries wolf. I ...
futurebird 08/03/2010 37 19 1 223
This is nothing new. Where were you?
I listened to Olbermann's Special comment and I have read diaries here that express similar frustrations: anger and disappointment that Obama is not decisive and bold! That he and those around him, ...
futurebird 07/21/2010 18 11 - 28
To me, being a black black woman is ALL ABOUT doing mathematics.
A guy I know said that black kids are raised to think of themselves as oppressed and that this was what was holding black people back, not racism. But "too much attitude." I found ...
futurebird 07/20/2010 46 27 - 62
If you always, 100% of the time, disagree when a black person says "hmmm that's racist!"
Most people consciously or unconsciously buy in to the dominant racist paradigm at least some of the time. If you take little kids and show them a black doll and a white doll, regardless of the race ...
futurebird 07/18/2010 112 28 1 45
An anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobia conservative?
Are there any anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobia conservatives who: * Acknowledge the oppression and racism minorities, transgendered and gay people and or women and people with ...
futurebird 07/15/2010 42 1 - 23
Immodest? Where to draw the line?
For years, the Hasidic Jews in part of Brooklyn have complained that the new bike lanes in their neighborhood ...
futurebird 05/22/2010 82 17 - 80
American Apparel parody ads by Jes Sachse, I wish they were real.
A lot of people are saying these parody ads by Jes Sachse have "shock value." I think that says something about how aggressively hidden "abnormal" bodies are in ...
futurebird 05/21/2010 4 5 - 47
This sounds like a war zone, but it is happening in America
... she was alive yesterday, 7 years old. she went to bed on a couch in a first floor room with her grandmother last night. The early in morning, they raided her house. A man outside ...
futurebird 05/17/2010 15 33 - 36
You know what's regressive? subsidizing driving.
Whenever someone proposes a much needed measure like a gas tax the immediate response is: " That's regressive !" But, what many forget, is that the poorest people in this nation do ...
futurebird 05/02/2010 50 27 - 71
A driver first, an American second.
Why is the DMV the primary source for identification in this country? American culture is so heavily auto-centric that people who cannot drive, and people who choose not to drive ...
futurebird 05/01/2010 27 7 1 29
Why more people support the AZ law.
According to the survey, nearly eight out of ten Americans have heard about the law. Of those, 51 percent support the measure and 39 percent oppose the law. (
futurebird 04/30/2010 218 15 1 166
Erosion of freedom, for *all* of us.
By now most of you have heard of what has happened in Arizona. The new immigration law will require anyone whom police suspect of being in the country illegally to produce "...
futurebird 04/23/2010 66 10 - 37
Educated people can’t be racist?
There is some buzz on this site an others about the poll result published in the NY Times that says that tea party members are more well-off and more educated than average Americans. Some folks have ...
futurebird 04/15/2010 150 30 - 106
The divide on the left.
Some of the time I feel like things like "net neutrality" and issues of freedom of expression and surveillance take center-stage in our progressive communities and issues like public ...
futurebird 04/09/2010 30 13 - 35
if something happened
When Dr. King was shot the protests, riots and chaos in the days that followed in many of Americas major cities were used by opponents of Dr.King as a kind of justification for why you can't let ...
futurebird 04/09/2010 20 1 - 13
A simple 3-step plan to fix inner-city schools.
Inner-city schools that serve majority poor minority populations like those found in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and many other cities have had chronically low graduation ...
futurebird 04/08/2010 146 9 - 35
"Teabagga please." and "Teabonics."
There is a pretty important diary on the rec-list now with the playful title " ...
futurebird 04/07/2010 89 10 1 28
The invention of truth.
( The opinions made some people seem wrong and other people seem right. ) One day a person writes a new ...
futurebird 04/03/2010 11 2 - 52
ha ha.
I remember back in 2002 when Abercrombie & Fitch put out some tee-shirts with a picture of two Asian men at the "Wongs Brothers Laundry Service" it read “Two Wongs Can Make It White.” ...
futurebird 04/01/2010 22 14 - 19
Race, gender, and families in the 2010 Census.
Every time the census is conducted big questions arise about the questions about race, family relationships, and gender. In some ways the options we are given in the census define who we are willing ...
futurebird 03/31/2010 24 2 - 98
Can you tell a person's race by their voice? (In the video a caller complains that there are too many Black people calling in to the show.) Here is an interesting question: how did this man know the ...
futurebird 03/30/2010 263 57 1 110
What about the gap?
In grade school we learn that racism is bad and that people who are racist are bad people. The lesson is something like fairy tale. Bad slave owners "from The South" fight the good abolitionists ...
futurebird 03/28/2010 14 5 - 9
Police chief exposes profiling.
Former Ladue police chief Larry White claims in a lawsuit filed Monday that he lost his job last year for refusing to crack down on black drivers and for disobeying requests that he look ...
futurebird 03/28/2010 31 25 1 41
Solving the race disparity issues in education.
This is the same thing I posted yesterday. But, I have trimmed it down and made some major changes based on errors that some of you pointed out to me. I felt that my diary was sidetracked, due, ...
futurebird 03/21/2010 24 1 - 89
Racism and the problem of teaching "critical thinking" in public schools.
Most agree "critical thinking" is more powerful than memorizing disconnected facts. Every year I attend at least one faculty development where I'm told to teach my students to think critically. "...
futurebird 03/20/2010 78 11 1 34
poverty and the politics of fat
I spend some my time at a forum devoted to long distance running. I enjoy talking about politics with the people there, though there is one topic that always sparks endless debates, and that ...
futurebird 03/17/2010 27 13 - 34
Race disparities in sentencing.
In 2005 the Supreme Court case United States v. Booker struck down the provision of the sentencing statute that required judges to impose a sentence within the Federal Guidelines range. So,
futurebird 03/15/2010 8 9 1 28
Why is the Black Church so political?
History of the Black church. The history of the Black church as a political force goes back to the days of slavery. Initially Christianity was imposed on African slaves, the stated ...
futurebird 03/13/2010 10 1 - 9
Religion and the death penalty.
I'm pretty religious and also pretty liberal (in the American sense of the word) I became liberal (I used to be a Libertarian when I was younger) gradually as I've gotten older and generally been ...
futurebird 03/08/2010 25 3 - 21
Math and baseball.
My husband was looking at World Series stats with me last night and we have noticed the following fact: When a team wins the first game of the world series they win the whole ...
futurebird 02/21/2010 21 3 - 24
David Brooks: a warped vision of a past that never was.
David Brooks makes my face hurt. In his column he pines for the good-old common sense of oligarchy, using increased criticism as evidence of poor performance. Never once will it occur to him that ...
futurebird 02/20/2010 63 20 - 42
Where's your global warming now!? (political cartoons)
Stop and take a look at this collection of political cartoons. Are these funny?
futurebird 02/12/2010 25 8 - 25
Why the obsession with making baby smart?
A few months ago Disney, who sells� "Baby Einstein" a series of DVDs designed, presumably, to turn babies who watched them in to little geniuses offered refunds for the DVDs. The videos have ...
futurebird 01/14/2010 105 2 - 9
Building bikes for women that don't exist.
Is this the most pressing issue in feminism? No. Is it interesting or illustrative of how sexism works? Maybe. It is annoying? YES.
futurebird 01/13/2010 43 16 - 60
Need your help.
( This is how we play chess! ) This is my niece, Diana . She ...
futurebird 08/10/2009 17 13 - 1
White culture?
futurebird 07/29/2009 78 9 - 87
I don't want to have a beer.
Obama is too diplomatic. I can't decide if I think (cynically) that he's doing this thinking of reelection and politics, or if he really thinks this will work. Good luck, I guess. And I'm ...
futurebird 07/28/2009 160 18 1 465
How to end racism.
I have the solution!!! Whenever someone mentions racism or says something is racist just arrest them. I mean the real problem is all of these people who keep crying racism and playing their race ...
futurebird 07/25/2009 23 3 - 9
Obama Speaks about the Gates Arrest.
( This booking photo released by the Cambridge, Mass., Police Dept., shows Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, ...
futurebird 07/22/2009 69 28 1 145
When is race/ethnicity important in cases of harassment?
I hang out in a number of forums for runners. A common topic is women being harassed by men while running. On the one hand, these discussions are something I'm glad to see. Women should not be the ...
futurebird 07/21/2009 139 2 - 26
Harvard Prof. arrested in his own home: Racial profiling?
( This booking photo released by the Cambridge, Mass., Police Dept., shows Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who ...
futurebird 07/20/2009 143 62 - 52
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