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Please don't use The Weather Channel storm names.
I've seen at least one diary using the name "Juno" to refer to the Great Blizzard of 2015 and felt I should chime in with my own diary rather than hijacking someone else's. The Weather Channel, not ...
gasorg 01/27/2015 134 138 1 -
Bryan Fischer wrong about Newtown - surprise!
Once again, this isn't much of a diary, but I'm putting it up anyway because I just found some information that might help inform the public discourse. Predictably, the religious right is ...
gasorg 12/14/2012 1 3 - -
Why is Ted Nugent getting a show on Discovery Channel?
Seemingly lost in the hoopla over Joe Biden's smackdown of Paul Ryan yesterday was a one-hour special on the Discovery Channel called Ted Nugent's Gun Country . This is beyond outrageous. Why is a ...
gasorg 10/12/2012 31 18 - -
Atlas Shrugged, The Movie, Part II is being released.
Yesterday afternoon I went to see The Dark Knight Rises. The ever-longer previews were rudely interrupted by what was not so much a trailer but a brief image of Atlas holding up the world and a ...
gasorg 07/31/2012 44 5 - 271
Lack of Rmoney bumper stickers in the heartland
This is my first attempt at a diary and I don't know if it really counts since it's meant to follow up on Mikelawyr2s diary of 5/21/12. I just got back from two weeks of storm chasing on the Great ...
gasorg 06/19/2012 33 6 - 152
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