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Top Comments: Spring Vermin Edition
It's still a little hard to tell, but despite the occasional late snowstorm, it appears spring has sprung in northwestern Pennsylvania. Most of the snow on the open fields has melted, leaving ...
gizmo59 04/04/2015 52 40 - -
Nebraska: Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down, State Appeals Immediately
Via Joe.My.God From KETV , Omaha's ABC affiliate: According to an injunction filed in federal court Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon said "all relevant state officials are ...
gizmo59 03/02/2015 9 17 - -
Top Comments: My Small, Height-Weight Proportionate, Gay Wedding
I have stated in various places around Daily Kos that my partner of 19 years and I got married in August of last year, and I have promised a diary on the topic. This is it, a mere 5 months after ...
gizmo59 01/31/2015 67 46 - -
Top Comments: An Evangelical Theologian Speaks Up for LGBT Rights
For the record, despite my Catholic upbringing, I am not a religious person. Indeed, you might describe me as the opposite of a religious person. I just don't have the capacity for faith in ...
gizmo59 01/07/2015 49 43 2 -
Top Comments: Music for a Christmas Eve
Christmas is mere hours away. By now, for those who celebrate the holiday, even the worst of the procrastinators are as prepared as they're going to get. Anyone who has gone shopping in the past ...
gizmo59 12/24/2014 89 45 1 -
Top Comments: Unedited Continuous Shot Video Edition
I'm not someone who burrows through youtube on a regular basis sampling music videos looking for interesting stuff. In fact, I'm completely out of touch with current pop music, except for the ...
gizmo59 10/30/2014 40 29 2 -
Top Comments: Scottish Festival Edition
Today, there was a Scottish festival on the campus of my university. In the more than a decade that I've been here, I've never attended it, usually because I was committed to be somewhere else ...
gizmo59 09/06/2014 68 42 - -
Top Comments: The End of Summer Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
gizmo59 08/06/2014 56 41 1 -
Top Comments: The Difference a Year Makes Edition
So let's start in the year 2012. At that time, marriage equality was the law of the land in six states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Iowa) and the District of ...
gizmo59 08/01/2014 52 38 - -
Top Comments: Can You Stand One More NN14 Diary?
Netroots Nation 2014 was my fourth NN experience, and I found it to be both informative and uplifting. In some ways, this year's conference was the most uplifting because our actions had a direct ...
gizmo59 07/24/2014 82 54 - -
Northwest Pennsylvania Meet-Up Tomorrow Night
Tomorrow evening there will be a meet-up of area kossacks and other progressives in my home. We'll have a cook-out. Featured guest is *Dave in Northridge*, who is spending a few days as our house ...
gizmo59 07/21/2014 13 7 - -
Top Comments: Delusional Gay Republican Edition
This item from *Greg Dworkin*'...
gizmo59 07/15/2014 94 40 - -
Top Comments: Do I Have a Problem? Edition
Approximately two years ago, I wrote a Top Comments diary entitled My New Obsession , in which I told the story of how I purchased a ukulele and began ...
gizmo59 07/13/2014 86 37 - -
Top Comments: Far from the Tree Edition
In 2013, writer Andrew Solomon published a book entitled _Far from the Tree_ . I have not read it. The book is an impressive tome, and if I had more free time, I would read it, particularly ...
gizmo59 06/11/2014 67 45 - -
Top Comments: On Cecil Williams, Nelson Mandela, and LGBT Rights
It has been two weeks since Nelson Mandela, the father of the modern free and democratic South Africa, passed away. The achievement for which he will always be remembered is the obliteration of ...
gizmo59 12/20/2013 94 43 - -
Top Comments: Caga Tio Edition
There have been a few Top Comments diaries that have featured the Christmas traditions of various European countries. The ones that spring to my mind are two by *Steveningen*, one on Sinterklaas (...
gizmo59 12/12/2013 98 53 - -
Tea Party Negotiating Tactics: Video
gizmo59 10/17/2013 8 19 2 -
Top Comments: Technology Failure and Obsolescence Edition
This month we have been plagued by the failure and obsolescence of certain technology associated with our computers. It all started when we got back from a trip over Labor Day weekend to find the ...
gizmo59 09/19/2013 81 40 - -
Top Comments: Louisa Jo (nee Louis) Killen Edition
This morning, I heard an item on NPR's _Morning Edition_ that I found both sad and surprising. It was sad because it announced the passing of a venerated folk musician and scholar, Louisa Jo ...
gizmo59 08/15/2013 48 35 - -
It's 1972 Again: Man Diagnosed with Chronic Condition of "Homosexual Behavior"
It is well known that in 1973 homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which was a significant early milestone on the way to equal rights for ...
gizmo59 08/09/2013 87 123 - -
LGBT Literature: American Savage
Gay commentator, author, and sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage published a new book of essays earlier this year. It's entitled _American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on ...
gizmo59 08/06/2013 14 26 - -
Top Comments: Trip to California Edition
My diary about Netroots Nation 2013 is still incubating (read notes collecting still more dust). However, I thought I would take this opportunity to describe those parts of our California trip ...
gizmo59 07/25/2013 70 35 - -
Top Comments: Mystery Tree Edition
And now for something completely different... What with the recently released Supreme Court decisions, the filibuster in Texas saving choice, and Edward Snowden's peripatetic quest for asylum, ...
gizmo59 06/26/2013 131 43 - -
Top Comments: Ruh-Roh Edition
The time when I drink my morning coffee is a time when my mind wanders all over the place. Usually NPR news is on the radio, but that doesn't mean I'm paying any attention. Normally, I don't ...
gizmo59 06/02/2013 71 37 - -
Top Comments: Minimalist Improvisation Edition.
I _really did_ have a great idea for a diary tonight. I really did! But it involved photos. Ones I took on Sunday, and I had to download them to the computer. I couldn't find the damned cord ...
gizmo59 05/16/2013 64 32 - -
South Carolina Christian School Fourth Grade Science Quiz
Via Joe.My.God :
gizmo59 04/26/2013 440 473 18 -
Top Comments: What Was I Thinking? Edition
So last week, a colleague of mine from Philosophy approached me with an odd request. He is organizing a philosophy conference in a couple weeks, and one of the events is a panel discussion about ...
gizmo59 04/06/2013 32 32 - -
Top Comments: Coda to the Regnerus Study--It Was All to Influence the Supreme Court
In June of last year, a study was published in the Elsevier journal _Social Science Research_, authored by a sociology professor at the University of Texas named Mark Regnerus.
gizmo59 03/21/2013 76 42 2 -
BREAKING: Pope Benedict XVI to Resign
From the _Telegraph_ Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28th, according to reports on Italian news agency ANSA. Is it his health or did he actually have an attack of conscience? Your ...
gizmo59 02/11/2013 372 149 2 -
Top Comments: Negative Absolute Temperature Edition
So last week, one of my colleagues came up to me and said "What's all this about negative absolute temperature?" She caught me completely off-guard. Even among scientists, it's not a topic that ...
gizmo59 02/10/2013 100 36 - -
David Blankenhorn (and Kathleen Parker) Change Their Minds about Marriage Equality
A friend of mine brought one of Kathleen Parker's columns from last week to my attention: Same-sex marriage can help save the institution . Briefly, the column gives an account of the conversion ...
gizmo59 02/08/2013 19 31 - -
Top Comments: LGBT Ho-Hum Edition
The number of people who set their hair on fire in hate-induced rage at the mere mention of any aspect of LGBT rights has been continuously dropping, and the rate of decrease has been accelerating ...
gizmo59 01/31/2013 84 49 - -
Annapolis Trolley Company Ends Wedding Business to Avoid Accommodation of Same-Sex Weddings
From the Baltimore _Sun_ : An Annapolis company whose old-fashioned trolleys are iconic in the city's wedding scene has abandoned the nuptial industry rather than serve same-sex couples. The owner ...
gizmo59 12/26/2012 148 188 1 -
Top Comments: Marriage Options Edition
On election day this year, the voters of Maryland, Maine and Washington approved ballot initiatives permitting people of the same sex to marry each other, and the voters of Minnesota beat back an ...
gizmo59 12/20/2012 114 36 - -
Top Comments: Father's Birthday Edition
Today is my father's birthday. If he were still alive, he would be 98. He passed away thirty years ago from the heart problems that plagued the last two decade of his life. He was a hard-...
gizmo59 10/04/2012 43 27 - 227
Top Comments: Silent Witness Edition
Most colleges and universities are back in session. For my own institution, we are in our fourth week, and we are pretty much in the groove. However, during this time, there are other ...
gizmo59 09/20/2012 50 35 - 227
Top Comments: Wood Splitting Edition
So around the Fourth of July, a strong storm passed through, an a couple very large trees (and a few smaller ones) fell. In addition to that, we had some dead and sickly ash trees that I had ...
gizmo59 08/16/2012 68 32 - 326
Top Comments: My New Obsession Edition
So here it is, my new obsession:
gizmo59 07/19/2012 71 44 - 349
Top Comments: Vacation Photos Edition
As I have done since I've done TC diaries, I'm going to subject you to a sampling of the photos I took while on vacation last week, in Quebec City and in Montreal. So get out the NoDoz. From ...
gizmo59 07/06/2012 52 40 - 206
What I Learned at Netroots Nation 2012
I came to Netroots Nation this year with vague goals. I wanted to know what I could do to help progressive candidates get elected, to help President Obama to be re-elected, and to meet more ...
gizmo59 06/15/2012 83 114 7 561
Top Comments: Small Flow Treatment Facility Edition
Some years ago, I posted the photo below in a Saturday Morning Garden Blog, for the purposes of showing the newly blooming hyacinth. Somebody (I no longer recall whom) looked beyond the flower ...
gizmo59 06/13/2012 132 31 - 402
Social Science Malpractice: Slandering Same Sex Couples as Parents
We've been here before. In 2003, Psychiatrist Robert Spitzer published a study that suggested that a significant proportion of gay men and lesbians could change their sexual orientation if they ...
gizmo59 06/12/2012 15 16 - 155
Top Comments: Home Maintenance Edition
Now that my classes are over, and I'm not teaching this summer, I have more time to attend to a backlog of home maintenance projects. However, the backlog is rather daunting, and there are ...
gizmo59 05/26/2012 108 35 - 323
Top Comments: Cruel April Edition
Spring appears to have taken up residence around these parts. Despite waking to a snow-covered tableau last week, the winter snow is long gone, and while this region has historically gotten ...
gizmo59 04/19/2012 38 35 - 285
Top Comments: Giant Faceless Corporate Edition
We live in a rural area outside of a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania. I had only ever lived in more populated cities and towns before, and so I had to learn a few new things about how ...
gizmo59 04/05/2012 55 34 - 221
Top Comments: Local Pol Follies--Republican Update
So my previous two diaries were about the odd and sometimes illegal behavior of two members of Erie (PA) County Council, one a ...
gizmo59 03/21/2012 53 34 - 291
Top Comments: Local Pol Follies--Democratic Edition
Last week, I wrote about the outrageous behavior of a certain Republican member of the Erie County Council of Pennsylvania, Ebert G. ...
gizmo59 03/08/2012 56 41 1 273
Top Comments: Local Pol Follies--Republican Edition
This is the first of two TC diaries to feature the behavior of a couple of politicians in Erie County, PA, where I live. This behavior ranges from odd to downright illegal. To be completely ...
gizmo59 03/01/2012 43 36 - 232
Top Comments: Fireplace Edition
It wasn't very long after we bought our house in 2005 that my partner started lobbying for putting a fireplace in the living room. I was in favor of the idea. There was an obvious place to put ...
gizmo59 02/16/2012 56 37 - 286
Top Comments: A Trip to San Francisco (with some photos)
gizmo59 02/02/2012 76 48 1 297
Top Comments (1-28-2012): An Unexpected Encounter
The fact that my partner is from California means that under normal circumstances, I ...
gizmo59 01/28/2012 29 36 - 253
Northwestern Pennsylvania DailyKos Meet-up on Monday, January 9.
For those who might be in the area, we'll be hosting a meet-up at our house in Erie County, PA. This is ...
gizmo59 12/30/2011 4 4 - 27
Top Comments (12-21-2011): Cesaria Evora Memorial Edition
Cesaria Evora, a singer from Cape Verde, passed away on December 17,
gizmo59 12/21/2011 40 31 - 260
Top Comments (11-27-2011): Random Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts, and a Recipe
I returned home last night from visiting with my family over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I didn't have any big epiphanies, and I haven't had much in the way of inspiration recently with regard to ...
gizmo59 11/27/2011 34 30 - 248
Top Comments (10-30-2011): Ig Nobel Prize Edition
About a week before the Swedish Academy announces the Nobel Prizes, the editors of the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) announce what they call ...
gizmo59 10/30/2011 39 28 - 349
Top Comments (9-7-2011): Fallingwater Edition (photo heavy)
A month ago, my partner and I took a trip to Fallingwater . Located on a large, relatively undisturbed tract on a creek called Bear Run, east of Pittsburgh,
gizmo59 09/07/2011 102 61 - 659
Top Comments (8-14-2011): The Disappearance of LGBT Books
So yesterday, I happened to be in the Cleveland area, and I took that opportunity to visit Trader Joe's in Chagrin Falls. We don't make it out to Cleveland as often as we'd like, and both my ...
gizmo59 08/14/2011 43 26 1 179
Kossack Meet-up in Northwestern Pennsylvania Tomorrow for Lunch!
My partner and I are hosting a lunch at our house for kossacks in northwestern Pennsylvania and environs, which would include northeastern Ohio and extreme western New York. The only kossacks that ...
gizmo59 07/25/2011 21 8 - 76
Top Comments (7-17-2011): The Magic of Dance
We just got back from a regional folk music festival. Yesterday at the festival, a friend of ours who is a budding contradance caller taught a workshop on contradance, and called a dance later in ...
gizmo59 07/17/2011 27 34 - 203
Top Comments (7-10-2011): Midwest Vacation Edition
Having spent the first half of the year in Indiana, it was natural to consider taking a vacation in the area. Now, myself, I'm from the east coast, and my partner is from the west coast. With only ...
gizmo59 07/10/2011 57 37 - 221
Top Comments (6-12-2011): Intermittency Edition
I bought my car, a Subaru Forester, new in February 2004. Now, more than 7 years and 136,000 miles later, it's starting to show signs of age. Nothing serious is wrong with the car, but a few items ...
gizmo59 06/12/2011 41 33 - 190
Top Comments (6-5-2011): The Art of Thornton Dial
On Thursday, my partner and I took a turn around the Indianapolis Museum of Art . There was a special exhibition there on the art of Thornton Dial ...
gizmo59 06/05/2011 17 33 - 190
Top Comments 5-15-2011: A Cooking Memoir
Let me start off by warning away those who think this might be a diary with a recipe in it, particularly of the sort that asimbagirl has posted in the past, featuring detailed photos of how to ...
gizmo59 05/15/2011 44 35 - 251
Top Comments (5-8-2011): Mother's Day
For those who might not have noticed, today was Mother's Day. I sent much of today thinking about my mother, who passed ...
gizmo59 05/08/2011 23 34 - 163
Top Comments (4-18-2011): Republican Philosophy Revealed!
I have a friend I see only over Christmas. Every year, we exchange books as gifts. This year, it turned out we got the same book for each other: Patti Smith's beautiful and heartbreaking ...
gizmo59 04/18/2011 27 29 - 193
Top Comments (4-11-2011): Sixty Six Years Ago Tomorrow
The year was 1945. The place was the French city of Lyon. The date was April 12. Allied troops had recently liberated the city, and after years of privation and curfews, life was starting to ...
gizmo59 04/11/2011 51 42 - 234
Top Comments (3-16-2011): Me and My Laptop
I am on sabbatical at a particular institution of higher learning in Indiana. I have never lived in Indiana before, so I really don’t have any friends here. Since my goal is to get a significant ...
gizmo59 03/16/2011 68 26 - 237
Persuading Republicans: My Letter to PA State Legislators on Budget Cuts to Higher Ed
As a progressive Pennsylvanian and an educator, I was appalled by the budget proposal made by our brand spanking new Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, the other day. Corbett has proposed cutting ...
gizmo59 03/10/2011 42 22 - 200
Top Comments (2-28-2011): Misapprehension Edition
Conversation between an Englishman and an American, overheard in a gymn shower: Brit: In two weeks I'm going to Vegas. Yank: What? Brit: In two weeks I'm going to Vegas. Yank: In ...
gizmo59 02/28/2011 37 25 - 198
Top Comments (1-26-2011):  Living in Flatland
There is a wonderful book entitled _Flatland_ , written by Edwin A. Abbott and published in 1884. Abbott conceived of a two-dimensional world ...
gizmo59 01/26/2011 54 43 1 266
Top Comments (12-31-2010) - My Republican Friend Discovers White Privilege
As a good number of my close relatives are Republican, it is, unfortunately, impossible for me to avoid them during the holidays. I make it a point to avoid talking about politics, and I don't ...
gizmo59 12/31/2010 63 47 2 262
Top Comments (12-12-2010) - Selenium Substitution Edition
On Thursday, December 2, NASA scientist announced the discovery of bacteria in Mono Lake in California that,
gizmo59 12/12/2010 42 38 1 210
Top Comments (11-21-2010) - Silencing a Gay Catholic Teen
I ran into this item on Andrew Sullivan's blog, but have not seen it here yet. Sean Simonson, editor of the student newspaper at his Catholic high school wrote ...
gizmo59 11/21/2010 32 54 3 266
PA-03:  Bill Clinton for Kathy Dahlkemper (Plus Onorato!)
I received an e-mail invitation from the Dahlkemper campaign a few days ago to a rally in Erie featuring Bill Clinton. That happened today, and it was an interesting experience. Also, unexpectedly,
gizmo59 10/28/2010 14 6 - 113
Top Comments (10-21-2010) - My Secret Place: A Photo Diary
I imagine that most people have a particular place that they like to go to and spend time alone. Most such places possess some aspect of beauty that can calm the mind and refresh the spirit. I ...
gizmo59 10/21/2010 61 54 1 224
"It Gets Better"--Video to Help Stop LGBT Teen Suicide
Every year, many LGBT teens end their own lives because out of despair at having to face daily harassment in high school. Dan Savage and his boyfriend, Terry Miller, have produced a video with an ...
gizmo59 09/22/2010 12 31 1 69
Top Comments (9-16-2010) - Donations for Joe Sestak Edition
Joe Sestak is the Democratic nominee for Senate from Pennsylvania, running for what is currently Arlen Specter's seat. He's a true progressive, and came to visit Netroots Nation 2009 in Pittsburgh ...
gizmo59 09/16/2010 47 42 1 205
Top Comments (8-19-2010) - Vacation Photos Edition
My partner and I took a vacation out to the Pacific Northwest back in late May and early June. We visited Vacourver, B. C. (and kossack and occasional TC diarist Light Emitting Pickle), Seattle, WA,
gizmo59 08/19/2010 85 43 - 207
Top Comments (7-8-2010) -  Alliance Defense Fund Edition
For the past couple of election cycles, I gave a significant amount of money to various politicians (all Democrats) and groups (all progressive). I have gotten quite used to the mailings from the ...
gizmo59 07/08/2010 60 44 - 197
Top Comments (6/24/10) – Sacred Harp Edition
For more than twenty years now I have been obsessed with Sacred Harp singing. Comparing who I am (politically liberal, gay ex-Catholic agnostic scientist who grew up in the city) and the content ...
gizmo59 06/24/2010 82 49 1 96
March for Equality: My Photo Diary
Last Saturday evening, my partner and I drove down to the Washington, DC area so that we could participate in the March for Equality. We stayed at a hotel in Montgomery Country and took the Metro ...
gizmo59 10/12/2009 23 26 - 101
The Unbearable Stupidity of Wingnut:  Town Hall in Warren, PA
Two days ago, using the at FireDogLake, I discovered that my Congressional Representative, Kathy Dahlkemper (D PA-03) was having a town hall in the town of Warren, PA, in the eastern side of her ...
gizmo59 08/19/2009 414 581 8 108
What I Learned at Netroots Nation 2009
I have just finished my first Netroots Nation. I came to Pittsburgh without really knowing what was in store, or what I was going to do there. I attended panel discussions, political speeches, ...
gizmo59 08/16/2009 141 287 7 50
PA ACTION!  GLBT Rights Bill in State House!  Call Your Rep!
Being a gay man living in Pennsylvania can be discouraging. In my opinion, Pennsylvania is the most politically backward of the northeastern states, a view I hold partly because Pennsylvania is one ...
gizmo59 03/26/2009 19 21 - 20
PA-03: Please Help Me Pick a Candidate
For the last 14 years, the Congressman ostensibly representing the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania has been Phil English, a Republican who personifies all that is wrong with the modern ...
gizmo59 03/05/2008 13 7 - 13
My Friend Katie on BlogTalkRadio
On Thursday, eminent DKos diarists clammyc and thereisnospoon will be interviewing Rev. Katie White, one of the Erie Six, on their BlogTalkRadio ...
gizmo59 11/07/2007 13 34 - 17
My Friend Katie Goes to Jail
My friend Katie is a remarkable woman and a pillar of society here in northwestern Pennsylvania. She is the mother of ten children and has, in recent years, become a grandmother. She is a minister ...
gizmo59 10/25/2007 206 535 10 43
California Wildfires: Liveblog XVII
gizmo59 10/23/2007 238 2 1 31
The End of the Beans: A Reminiscence with Two Recipes
Courgettes Italiennes 4-5 lb Italian zucchini--long, thin and green (If larger squash are used, peel and remove seeds.) 4 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, sliced 4 large tomates, ...
gizmo59 08/23/2007 69 27 - 21
The Next President's Dilemma
gizmo59 11/11/2006 3 - - 11
Please, Sir, may I have a Casey lawn sign?
gizmo59 10/24/2006 30 7 - 1
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