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The #1 National Health Threat
No, it's not Ebola. It's not Coronary Artery Disease. It's not even all the cancers put together. The biggest threat to public health in the US is the denial of care to everyone.
gtomkins 10/01/2014 58 72 1 -
Manual Recounts and Random Drift Hell
As today's Morning Election Digest on the VA-AG race points out, we may have some sort of manual recount of optically scanned ballots in that race. I'm not familiar enough with the new law to know ...
gtomkins 11/14/2013 13 3 - -
Voter Suppression by Ad Buys on dKos
You may have noticed a series of ads by American Crossroads that often run in what I assume is the premium ad space at the top of this site, or top right sidebar. They urge you to vote against the ...
gtomkins 10/12/2013 44 41 1 -
Clarity on the Platinum Coin
The idea of using an obscure provision of a 1996 law about platinum coinage to defang the debt ceiling was aired back in 2011 during the first ceiling crisis, but it never attracted much mainstream ...
gtomkins 01/07/2013 214 59 1 -
Suppressing the votes of the demographic tide
Voter ID laws are only the beginning. Voter ID is the least of what they have in store to suppress the vote. They only did it first to test the waters, see just how far SCOTUS will let them go in ...
gtomkins 10/26/2012 10 5 - -
Will the Rs have a brokered convention this year?
One of the items cited in this morning's Abbreviated ...
gtomkins 10/19/2011 132 54 2 965
Alligator Wrestling the Deficit
Vintage dem has a powerful warning for us in his spotlighted (spotlit?) ...
gtomkins 08/09/2011 1 - - 10
The Truth in Budgeting Act of 2011
There is a simple legislative fix for all of this country's fake veto point and legislative hostage taking problems. It will rescue us from what we have already lost in the recent budget ceiling ...
gtomkins 08/07/2011 9 2 - 48
Common Sense and the Debt Ceiling
The fight over the debt ceiling is shaping up to be the defining political struggle of our time. While it may yet end with a whimper rather than a bang, it looks increasingly like the House ...
gtomkins 08/01/2011 1 - - 22
Painted into a Corner
Most of us on the progressive side have relied on a strategy for dealing with this Teahadist putsch, this use of the debt ceiling as a veto point, that involves painting that as horribly ...
gtomkins 07/31/2011 10 1 - 47
National Bankruptcy
The conventional wisdom about the Republican threat to refuse to raise the debt ceiling is that this is just another hostage-taking scenario. They can't actually want to force the US into default, ...
gtomkins 06/07/2011 7 1 - 50
Full Faith and Credit
Now that we have let the hostage-takers gain an advantage in the budget reconciliation battle, there is the obvious threat that the other side will take hostages again over the needed raise in the ...
gtomkins 04/11/2011 13 17 - 200
Negotiating with Terrorists
You don’t negotiate with hostage-takers. In all the happiness of our having narrowly averted a government shutdown, with all its serious consequences, let's not forget the price we paid by ...
gtomkins 04/09/2011 2 1 - 14
Public Reaction to a Shutdown
There is quite a bit of worry and concern about our side potentially being blamed for a shutdown. The polls don't show the public, at this point, clearly blaming the Republicans more than our side.
gtomkins 04/08/2011 1 - - 22
Keep your Eye on the Prize
A frontpage item today, Immigration: How the GOP is killing the GOP , makes the case very ...
gtomkins 02/21/2011 10 26 - 179
Tentherism 101: It's not about Secession Anymore
A frontpager yesterday talked about the nullification initiative in the AZ Senate .
gtomkins 02/04/2011 21 21 1 113
The Power of the Purse
We have been hearing since before the last election that the new Republican House plans to assert its unilateral will to effectively repeal the ACA by denying it annual discretionary funds. They won'
gtomkins 01/04/2011 2 1 - 31
Filibuster Reform: the Legal Option
In the last two Congresses, Republicans have abused the filibuster to the point of creating an effective extra-Constitutional 60-vote requirement for any Senate action. Despite this, few Democrats ...
gtomkins 12/20/2010 13 2 - 59
There won't be a government shutdown
We have had in the past week the grotty specter of Dick Morris threatening us with another government shutdown ( Dick Morris - We'll win this ...
gtomkins 09/02/2010 18 16 1 218
Managing Medical Care, Part I: The Dilemma
Our side needed to win last night's vote on health care financing reform to stave off short-term political disaster. But now that we're past that hurdle, we can and must start on the real task, the ...
gtomkins 03/22/2010 35 7 - 20
Dems win VA Special Election
All the attention tonight is on TX, but we had a special election for a seat in the House of Delegates left vacant when the incumbent won a special election a month ago to our Senate.
gtomkins 03/02/2010 112 270 3 48
Trust Busting
Breaking up the monopolies and cartels in health care insurance, and in health care itself, is the only health care reform we need. Further, no such reform, except Single Payer, which gets around ...
gtomkins 02/24/2010 8 1 - -
How can anyone be against a public option?
So now it seems that, even as one-time "wets" on the issue in the Senate are turning around to accept a public option, and the leadership is finally coming around to doing this by reconciliation, so ...
gtomkins 02/22/2010 28 9 2 10
The Illusion and Reality of Revolution
Even after you make the maximum allowance for the fact that the elections since November 2008 have been state/local elections, often special elections, and therefore reflect the choices of a reduced,
gtomkins 01/20/2010 2 3 - 2
A step in the wrong direction
While this diary was originally written as a response to DemfromCT's item today ( Senate Makes ...
gtomkins 12/24/2009 12 10 - 17
Path Dependence
C&L has an item today about the administration walking back its commitment to any robust public option, Sebelius:
gtomkins 06/17/2009 9 3 - -
Opening the Black Box: VA election promises court challenge
One of the special elections held yesterday in Virginia had a result so close that there are enough votes to change the outcome on one touch-screen from which the officials have not yet been able to ...
gtomkins 03/11/2009 12 6 - 33
Shooting the Moon, again
I rant about this conspiracy theory of mine every few months, whenever something new comes out that makes it appear a little less crazy. Kos's data-driven post,
gtomkins 02/14/2009 4 - - 3
The "Investor" Class is the Underlying Problem
We shouldn't let the immediate struggle over this stimulus package make us forget the wider and underlying problem with our economy. Yes, the opposition to the kind of stimulus that would save jobs ...
gtomkins 02/09/2009 21 9 1 11
Scapegoating the Scapegoaters
Ramesh Ponnuru has an article up at NRO, "Scapegoating the Religious Right" , that I think deserves ...
gtomkins 12/03/2008 14 9 - 19
Spoofing the Election
The chances of McCain winning the normal way recede day by day. Yet the Republican machine's need to win only grows, because losing control of the federal prosecutors and the evidence now, in the ...
gtomkins 10/20/2008 6 1 - -
Time for a Constitutional Convention
If Congress approves anything remotely resembling this relief package, we need to pursue means for peaceful revolution that our Constitution gives us that are more radical than biennial elections ...
gtomkins 09/21/2008 22 4 - -
Why momentum failed
The theme set for today was analysis of why Hillary failed, or Obama succeeded. And while both of these are interesting questions, with many valuable lessons to learn from even trying to answer, I ...
gtomkins 06/08/2008 13 10 - 154
Decoupling the nomination process
The front page has an item today about the complicated delegate allocation process in TX threatening to bring the courts into the nomnation process,
gtomkins 02/29/2008 3 3 - 25
The General's Generals
I assumed that this story ( Petraeus Helping Pick New Generals ) would get considerable play here, ...
gtomkins 11/19/2007 4 3 - 1
Hillary Clinton's kind offer to return power to Congress
Hillary Clinton used an interview with the Boston Globe reported on October 11, ( Clinton vows ...
gtomkins 10/14/2007 38 18 3 130
The only way to end the war
"The Democrats in Congress read the same polls we do. They know that the majority of the people want them to take control in Iraq, want this war to end.", ...
gtomkins 09/20/2007 11 1 - 7
The Counter-Insurgency Fallacy, Part 2
My last diary was substantially word-for-word a comment in a thread on Lawyers, Guns and Money. I like this site, finding their items usually convincing, and always informative, but I sometimes ...
gtomkins 04/30/2007 2 1 - -
The counter-insurgency fallacy
An article in the Armed Forces Journal by a LTC Yingling, A failure in generalship , has been getting a lot of attention the past few ...
gtomkins 04/28/2007 7 7 1 1
Congress can't call federal prisoners to hearings?
NPR reports this morning, in a story so new, or so obscure, that it's not yet up in print on their website (but you can listen ...
gtomkins 04/12/2007 20 14 1 7
Gonzalez will not resign
The soundness of any prediction rests on two factors. It has to be based on a sound theory of how the decision process works that’s driving the events in question. But the prognosticator ...
gtomkins 03/19/2007 11 4 - 14
The Iraq War and Election 2008
I am anatomically ill-equipped to venture much into the Right blogosphere (a weak bladder, and a spleen too easly depleted), but occasionally take a stroll over to more "centrist technocrat" sites ...
gtomkins 03/17/2007 10 9 1 12
The Imperial Presidency: All the King's Men
The always interesting Cenk Uygur had a diary yesterday asking why we the people tolerate having a political operative like Karl Rove on our payroll (
gtomkins 03/16/2007 6 1 1 -
January 2009: The Presidential Records Act
It was announced today that CREW is seeking Congressional oversight of the administration's adherence to the provisions of the Presidential Records Act (
gtomkins 03/15/2007 11 10 - -
January 2009: Custody of the Evidence
I have not bought one of those little clocks that count down the days left in the Bush administration. This is certainly not because I am any less eager than anyone else to see the worst Presidency ...
gtomkins 03/12/2007 8 4 - -
Surging into Iran: Banking on another 9/11
It was immediately obvious, when escalation in Iraq was first hinted at as as the President's vaunted change of course a few weeks after the midterms, that the idea made no sense in terms of the ...
gtomkins 02/16/2007 16 6 - 22
Opening the Gates of Hell: Repudiating the National Debt
Had the invasion of Iraq merely been a mistake, Bush would have responded to the loss of Congress in the midterms, and the ISG report, by working with the new majority in Congress on a sensible, sane,
gtomkins 02/12/2007 21 10 1 7
Surging into Iran: The Slow Start to Expanding the War
Four weeks after the President rolled out his plan for escalating the Iraq War, it has proven, politically, to be an utterly predictable disaster (as predicted right here!.
gtomkins 02/05/2007 7 3 1 28
Setting a troop ceiling
A ceiling, or cap, on troop levels in Iraq would only be a means to an end, and the just the beginning of a process that would be useless, even harmful, if not carried forward to its end. So yes, ...
gtomkins 01/10/2007 - - - -
The Heart of Darkness isn't in far off Somalia
Like that gunboat in Heart of Darkness, just firing away at random, deserted jungle, the AC-130 we used in Somalia is excellent at making big booms, and leaving large smoking holes. This is thought ...
gtomkins 01/09/2007 11 2 1 211
Why all the hype over a surge?
It is certainly possible that the President has convinced himself that an escalation involving sending more troops to Iraq will turn the occupation around. He has convinced himself of odder things ...
gtomkins 01/08/2007 16 1 - 10
Surging into Iran
A 20,000-40,000 "surge" of additional troops into Iraq makes no more sense politically than it does militarily. Militarily, there is absolutely no chance of such a small number even improving the ...
gtomkins 12/22/2006 16 4 - 10
Avoiding a bruising Republican nomination fight
To put it mildly, 2008 looks like it will be a struggle for the other side. Their options to improve the situation seem few, and they might be game for some unorthodox strategies that, even if ...
gtomkins 12/09/2006 14 1 - 7
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