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Psycho Rabbit Torture by the fashion industry
Years ago, wildlife advocates made a huge effort to stop the massive slaughter of minks and other small animals destined for haute couture., The strategy included throwing cola, or whatever liquid ...
hamm 08/22/2014 33 4 1 -
Fox News Comes Through, by God
I didn't hear it on MSNBC. They are usually too busy politicking to mess with mere news. And for SURE, not a word on CNN, with it's "news" reduced to one story a week, punctuated with an occasional ...
hamm 05/16/2014 13 32 1 -
Harry Reid is a Sleaze
I was conned into making a donation to Harry Reid's personal campaign fund. He won't refund it. I live in New York, and limited means prevents me from helping campaigns in other states. When our ...
hamm 04/21/2014 42 3 - -
According to ABC news, Caroline Kennedy, ambassador to Japan, is courageously speaking out against the dolphin massacre that is taking place. This seems to be an annual event - luring bottle-nose ...
hamm 01/20/2014 4 19 - -
Coca Cola really IS out to Kill Me
I was ambivalent when Mayor Bloomberg tried to end the Big Gulp. But now that his attempt has failed, Coca Cola is introducing new mega cans of their addictive syrupy s*t. I've been a 2-Coke a day ...
hamm 05/19/2013 88 7 - -
We spend our lives working hard, and making payments toward social security. The right wing distorts this to imply that recipients are moochers, out to impoverish the billionaires who are trying to ...
hamm 04/09/2013 9 8 1 -
Web Extortion Hits Bigtime (thanks Google)
For the past 2 years, people are unpleasantly surprised to find private info, such as age, children, even what they paid for their house, popping up when their name is googled. And are relieved to ...
hamm 02/07/2013 16 6 - -
As expected, our gun industry is using the Sandyhook tragedy to churn up the megabucks. Today, its whores-for-hire are all over cable news shows, selling guns and related products. Megan Kelly ...
hamm 12/21/2012 14 9 - -
Glory Hallelujah. Two pieces of good news in one glorious day. I'm about to pop. I don't know about you guys, but the Sandy catastrophes, back to back, put me in the worst holiday funk. (Here in ...
hamm 12/18/2012 63 454 4 -
Long, Strong and HOT
Today, I checked out the magazine racks at Barnes and Noble. I was curious to see what is available to the gun enthusiast. Actually, I expected to find that the store removed these magazines out ...
hamm 12/16/2012 7 6 - -
Reframe "Pro Life"
No, you are not "pro life." Right now, you can have all the babies you want, when you want. Nobody tries to prevent you from living your life according to your faith. But your faith is not my faith.
hamm 08/22/2012 19 8 - 103
Help! Dumb Repug Joke Needed!
OK so we're at this stuffy family event, and the family republican is telling us that he stopped attending their meetings, because he is starting to (catch on) feel like he doesn't belong. This is ...
hamm 07/31/2012 25 2 - 153
The LEAD in your garden hose
I've been feeling really mellow about Obama since the supreme court ruling. The bill is an O-compromise, but there is good, and it is a start. Today, my elation changed to depression. It started ...
hamm 06/30/2012 19 22 - 163
Will Bio Fraud Kill off the Dogwood Tree?
It's 1350. The Bubonic Plague is raging. People are dropping left and right. The clever scientists at Rutgers University have the solution. Don't bother finding a cure. Breed up a heartier human.
hamm 04/18/2012 44 12 - 300
The Dogwood Tree that Isn't
Last month, my good friend, Richard, passed away. He was a champion of wildlife, and an activist to save wildlife habitat. Yesterday, we planted a Dogwood tree in his honor (we thought) We chose ...
hamm 04/17/2012 31 5 - 182
Pay your Taxes, Apple
.Yesterday, Fox News commented that Apple is hoarding over 66 billion offshore. The reason is that Apple isn't interested in paying taxes.
hamm 03/20/2012 29 1 - 117
EZ Fix for Insane CEO Salaries
For the last few years, we have watched helplessly as a few leeches suck up America's resources for themselves. Moving this country perilously toward Czarist Russia. "Why the hell isn't somebody ...
hamm 11/25/2011 22 7 - 188
ID theft enabling is Legal
A complete stranger walked up to me today, and asked about my sons. He knew their names and ages. He went on to tell me my age. And that of my spouse. I was raking leaves in the front yard, at ...
hamm 11/09/2011 4 7 - 151
Warren Bludgeoned by Obama and Geithner
After successfully establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, politics came into play. According to the NYT, Warren locked horns with little Timmy, who got his feelings hurt and his ...
hamm 07/18/2011 35 3 - 321
Amazon Strong-Arms Customers for Personal Banking Info
I am in shock. Amazon is strong-arming my Aunt. They want her personal checking account number. Aunt B. is a loyal Amazon customer. She spends over $1,000 a year there. Yet they are waging a ...
hamm 07/03/2011 93 8 - 400
This President is Dangerous
The reviled Bill Clinton did so very much for the environment during his presidency. He gave Al Gore powers that, at the time, were unprecedented. Obama, on the other hand, is giving us one ...
hamm 03/09/2011 35 2 - 314
A Proposal to Fox's Megyn Kelly
Yesterday, I caught the end of a Megyn Kelly show. Megyn is the pseudo newscaster with the scary hooker make-up. Her thick cosmetic mask is so weirdly out of place, that combined with her ...
hamm 03/02/2011 7 3 - 97
How's your Credit Rating? (Are you Sure?)
We went to get a mortgage only to find that our pristine credit rating has dropped 40 points After paying bills on time for 40 years, this is quite a hell of a note. Nobody seems to know how or why ...
hamm 01/25/2011 28 5 - 54
Holy F*k. A friend googled my name, and up came a website called MyLife that posted my name, age, city and every city that I've lived in, plus names of my immediate family members. I went to ...
hamm 12/18/2010 36 8 - 57
TAX THE RICH demonstrations let's do it
This is simple. I just modified it so that it doesn't sound like "socialism." I would like to propose a STOP WELFARE FOR THE RICH demonstrations nationwide. Every town, every college campus large ...
hamm 12/10/2010 31 16 - 59
Nader was stellar today
on Lawrence O'donnell's fantastical MSNBC Show "The Last Word." (The Ed Show was also not to be missed. Both of these guys are up there with Olbermann).
hamm 12/09/2010 317 22 - 103
I'd like to honor Elizabeth Edwards
by making a small donation to one of her pet projects. I hope that someone who knows her well will let me know what those might be. She has done a tremendous service to our democracy, Her ...
hamm 12/07/2010 18 18 - 52
Tom Tomorrow - Best Political Cartoon in the History of the World I realize link diaries are frowned on, but this is the gem of tems, and it would be a tragedy if it were ...
hamm 02/05/2010 26 9 1 54
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